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Dakota Fanning Crowned Homecoming Princess

Dakota Fanning Crowned Homecoming Princess

Dakota Fanning is crowned Homecoming Princess during her football team’s away game at Crespi Carmelite High School on Friday (October 30) in Encino, Calif.

The 15-year-old actress is used to walking the red carpet at film premieres but after being crowned homecoming royalty, she got to walk the red carpet on the football field!

Dakota and her fellow Vikings on the cheerleading squad — from The Campbell Hall Episcopal in North Hollywood — stepped up the school spirit during the football game for their high school football team.

15+ pictures inside of cheerleader Dakota Fanning being crowned Homecoming Princess

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dakota fanning homcoming princess 01
dakota fanning homcoming princess 02
dakota fanning homcoming princess 03
dakota fanning homcoming princess 04
dakota fanning homcoming princess 05
dakota fanning homcoming princess 06
dakota fanning homcoming princess 07
dakota fanning homcoming princess 08
dakota fanning homcoming princess 09
dakota fanning homcoming princess 10
dakota fanning homcoming princess 11
dakota fanning homcoming princess 12
dakota fanning homcoming princess 13
dakota fanning homcoming princess 14
dakota fanning homcoming princess 15

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  • liz


  • Poop

    That shot of her crotch is creepy. There are creepy pedos out there that want to see her pussay hanging out.

  • Jonathan

    You guys are pathetic. She was crowned because she the student body voted her. Whether it be because she is famous doesn’t matter. She didn’t pay them to vote for her. She’s a smart and very talented young girl. Quit being so jealous. and you know you are.

  • anna

    WOW, she’s 15 already!!!! that’s scary! she’s so tiny in all her films! she’s only 2 years younger than me!

  • asha

    Good for her. I am a bit jealous that she is probably the most popular person at her school and she is famous all before the age of 16. In high school I was nobody and I just graduated from college and can’t get a job.

  • nat

    I think is very inappropriate that the paparazzi goes to her school and takes pictures of her in school activities. I know she is a public personality, but still, give her a break.

  • Lola

    “She will grow up to live a healithy and productive live kinda like Nitilie Portman and Reese. ”
    I hope Dakota will never be fake-nice phony and b*tch like Reese Witherspoon.

  • jaquie

    I don’t like her after taking part of Twilight because I don’t like that movie and its cast at all. But I have to admit that her life is fabulous. I have to add that it’s hilarious the way you manipulate some comments. Seriously, have you done media studies??? lol it’s amazing!!!

  • **Jamie**


    yeh im sure she is getting the “real life school experience” *rolls eyes*

  • Carly

    DUH. She’s famous.

  • lakers fan in boston

    is that for real or for a movie
    im surprised she even goes 2 a school, thought she was home schooled just like every other teen celeb

  • NelsBK

    Whatever dude. She seems like a sweet and normal girl, especially for all her success and fame. Kudos to her parents and her character. Do not be a cynical ass.

  • Matt

    ummm LuckyL, stfu and get over it! you are a faker cuz u don’t know what the hell you talking about! It don’t matter what kind of cameras everyone use and it don’t matter where they stand and take pictures at any place! So, cameras don’t lie either duhhhhhh!

    so guess what LuckyL, you are NOT “lucky” at all cuz you fail, epic fail :) So, go back to 1st grade school and come back in 20 years when you finished graduation!

  • anon

    She looks adorable. :)

    @DakotaFanningN Dakota Fanning Twitter News Page.

  • Santa

    I don’t really care if she won because she’s famous or because she just did. All I care about is the fact that that footy guy is ON FIRE!

  • pookie

    Wow, some of the people on this thread sound very jealous of a 15 year old. Maybe she won because people like her. Not every girl in high school is a jealous cow.

  • Maddie

    … Maybe she did win cause she is famous, but usually if you’re famous in a school… wouldn’t they not pick you? Wouldn’t most people be like, pfft… as if we’d vote for the Hollywood princess! I dunno. I just think… maybe she could have got it on her own merit and she is a lovely, down to earth person, who does well in school and is popular, not just cause she’s famous but cause she’s a genuinely nice person. Maybe I’m far too optimistic. Did anyone else see the way the guy holding her arm was looking at her? Looks like he has a crush on her. Hehe. Why wouldn’t he. She’s stunning!

  • Melodee

    Did Kathy Griffin say she went to rehab?

  • Lowest denominator


    As a joke.
    On a red carpet.
    Then caught HELL for making that type of a joke about a minor.
    A minor who, by most accounts, has nothing to do with that lifestyle.

  • larime

    Oh, good for her! She is so awesome! Love Dakota.

  • lol

    Wow there are so many losers jealous of a popular teen. Kudos for her parents for letting her be a kid and enjoy it. The student body voted for her so eveyone just STFU. People act like most girls in high school are model beautiful so there is no way they’d find Dakota cute. lol I MAYBE had 8 really cute girls out of 150 in my high school year I’m sure competition wasnot that strong Dakota.

  • ่ำjennifer

    shes so cute! love her

  • Two

    And you know this for sure how, #26?

    You can do both, #29.

    Miley Cyrus isn’t getting an education, #34? Really? She seemed so wholesome…

    Right, #45.

    Agreed, #56.

    How do you knows Reese Witherspoon is like that, #57?

  • liza

    @Jenny: She went to high school right before she became famous, I remember watching her biography and she lived life like any other girl after the mickey mouse club ended. Then she went to High school like a normal girl would until she was 15 and then started again with her career in music. Who knows if she even finished high school after her fist single came out in the late 90′s. You never hear about it at all.

    But anyways good to see that Dakota is living life more normal than that Hannah Montana girl everyone is talking about. The annoying girl with the weird looking face and teeth.

  • Lowest denominator

    You know what sucks?
    We assume that pics like these are exclusive to “professional” paps.
    These could have been taken by anyone in attendance, then sold.
    Any of us here can sell an unflattering/private pic with no credentials.
    All you need is eyes, equipment, and opportunity.

    I do agree that INSIDE a school/school function should be off limits.
    ESPECIALLY when they are still minors.


    YOU CANNOT be “crowned” a princess.

    YOU can only be crowned a Queen.

    Dakoata was voted to be ONE OF several princesses, by her fellow sudents, to be on the Homecoming Court.

    She was not selected Queen.

    That is another day and ceremony.

    Where did you morons attend High School?

  • becca

    Good for her… to have some sense of normalcy must be great.

    She seems like a normal teen. And the prom king is a cutie!

  • lakida

    Is this America all about? hahahaha!!!
    You’d better say Thanks Dakota for saving our faces from likes of Brit Brit and other waste-of-space HOOLLLYYWEIRDS!

  • Chloe

    Holy crud. For people saying that she got on court just because she’s famous: isn’t is the trend that the most known/popular people get on court anyway? Whoever said, “IT’S NOT FAIR”… it ever fair at any school, DF or not? :P

  • J

    Why would she be crowned homecoming queen at an AWAY game?

    And those hating don’t you have something better to do then rag on a 15 year old, pretty sad.

  • LilyX13

    OMG What a bunch of bitter jealous people in the world! Dakota has always shown herself to be a sweet down to earth girl. The fact that she was voted Homecoming Queen in a world of jealous bitter people means to me her class mates feel she is a sweet, humble person who deserved it. Congrats to Dakota!

  • robin

    isn’t the homecoming queen supposed to be a senior? this has to be wrong..

  • Sensible

    One of a very few ‘kid’ actress/celebrities who’s managing to make her adolescent years look normal. Appears she’s got her head on straight and probably has parents who actually give a damn about HER as a person and don’t see her as just a fat paycheck.

  • Stacy

    fyi, at some schools you can be crowned princess. at my high school, the seniors were voted king & queen and then every other grade had a prince & princess so it is very likely that her school has something similar to this.

  • Angie

    Congrats to Dakota! I can’t belive how much of you guys HATE her! What did she do to you?

  • AutumnM

    She was just crowned homecoming ’cause shes famous

  • Two

    Prove it or shut up, #86

  • Harmonee

    Screen Door!!! Thats her catch phrase

  • Nassau Nell

    When i read THE LOVELY BONES, she was my Suzy Salmon.

    Peter Jackson’e decision not to cast her will prove to be a huge mistake.

    Dakota will be this generation’s Meryl Strepp.

  • anon

    Dakota Fanning Youtube Video here.

  • Lucas

    @LuckyL: actually there can be. there’s no one set of rules for Homecoming, Prom etc. each school picks their own. and at her school there are Homecoming Princesses. simple as that.

    as for the photos, they were clearly taken by someone at the game who then decided to send them to Jared. not hard to figure out

  • Lucas

    @alexa: if that school is anything like mine, the students vote for homecoming. so blame the students who voted for her, not Dakota.

  • Lucas

    @Lisa2: again. Homecoming isn’t some universal law issue. each school has their own rules. YOUR school might have done it on the “Seniors only,top vote is the Queen, the rest are ‘the court’” game but Dakota’s does not. end of the issue

  • Lucas

    @christine: Just a little tip. If you want to be taken as a serious and mature person, drop the bold print, all caps ‘shouting’ and stop with the text talk. Write like an adult and not a 14 year old and folks will treat you like an adult and not a 14 year old. And a childish one at that

  • charmedone

    she looks like a young cameron diaz

  • charmedone

    she looks like a young cameron diaz

  • CheerQueen

    She is a CHEERLEADER??? I really wanna know how she got on the team! She can’t even do the splits all the way. Plus whe works to hard in her stunts….probally bribed someone….. this girl has no talent…. the only reason she is famous is because of her parents and she was at the right place at the right time…..

  • she shall remain nameless

    I think she is popular at her high school because she’s famous. That’s why a lot of her fellow peers nominated her.

  • keri

    i can not believe how small minded some of you are. Give the kid a break. She has it all together and that should be enough. But no, you have to bad mouth others to make yourself seem better. Grow up and get a life.


    @CheerQueen: I smell Winnie from Bring It On:All Or Nothing..