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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Halloween Run

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Halloween Run

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes hold hands after taking a jog together through the streets of Boston, Mass., on Saturday (October 31).

Hopefully we’ll get to see Suri‘s cute Halloween costume this year!

Katie has been in town to support Tom, who has been in town shooting his hew movie Knight and Day – formerly Wichita – co-starring Cameron Diaz.

20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Halloween run..

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tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 01
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 02
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 03
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 04
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 05
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 06
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 07
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 08
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 09
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 10
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 11
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 12
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 13
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 14
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 15
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 16
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 17
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 18
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 19
tom cruise katie holmes halloween run 20

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  • sandra

    Katie looks she has been crying it could be cause she has no make up on but still..tommy looks his age 47 which is not a bad complement.

  • celia

    AWWW!! They’re so cute together!! I love these two!

  • whatever

    Is there such a thing as a “bad complement”…

  • LuckyL

    I wonder when they leave Boston.

  • tweety

    crying? nah- that is what she really looks like- a pug

  • ugly

    looking so fugly CUTE together…lol

  • tidbit

    Disgusting show offs. Tom is showing his man-boobs.

  • Kate

    wife Katie Holmes looks like sh*t.
    What is wrong with her?
    Bearding for Tom is too much for her?

  • Angie

    Tommy Girl needs a breast lift!

  • bebe

    They look cute and happy.
    Love these two.

  • boycott

    Tom is the best

  • Jen

    Tom is gorgeous!…………

  • jess

    tom is crazy LOL

  • teabag

    tom is sexy and i bet he has a big sausage

  • rocknmovies

    They both look horrible. He is fat, she looks old.

  • Bertha Widend

    Tom has child bearing hips

  • cuckoo

    - Katie looks as if she spent a week in a dark padded room.

  • Sonia0404


    Tommy Girl needs a breast lift!,

    LOL!! so does his beard!!! Maybe very soon their publicity pawn too!

  • Ange

    She’s soooo annoying with that trout-pout when she’s running.

  • Fyn

    Her eyes are getting droopier by the day!
    Not a nice-looking woman.
    I still wonder about their marriage—-something just doesn’t seem right!

  • Melodee

    They are the perfect couple, but he’s old enough to be her dad

  • plez

    For all Tom’s running, why does he have boobs?

  • pr person

    Ewwww… these two are just gross.

  • dani

    I wonder if Tom is wearing a waist girdle or something. He has a fat roll right above his where his waist is.

    Also, wonder how far these two go for their pap pic opportunities. They certainly don’t run fast enough, hard enough or long enough to work up a sweat like normal joggers would.

  • elsa

    Kate seems like to have a tendency to be fat . . . she is big boned. Good for her that she runs it will help her keep trim. Hmmm . . . her legs look awfully big in all her pics. And she got thick neck.

  • ellen

    Katie has mental patient eyes.

  • peter

    Katie’s face looks pudgy and bloated.

  • Two

    Of course there is, #3.

    Get a life, #24.

    Must you criticize every person’s physical attribute that they have no control over, #25? Who gave you the right?

    Just like your mom, #27.

  • Sunnie

    Unbelievable how critical some people are….like to see their pics when they are running (NOT! would break my ‘puter….LOL!)

    I think it’s cool these two just say “hey…let’s go for a nice run” — my family LOVES the outdoors…and we spend as much time as possible outside.

    Do people on here have a problem with the outdoors cuz’ they’re stuck in mommy’s basement monitoring just jared? get a life…and some exercise of your own while you are at it — it’s BEAUTIFUL out — MMMMMM!! Fresh Air!!

  • just sayin’

    is that pink?

  • just sayin’

    my word, that is pink!

  • say no to drugs lilo

    ummm, to the people who think this is a photo-op… you really think Tom wants people seeing them looking like this? they look like normal ugly people. .. not super stars

  • **Jamie**

    she is always exercising, she doesnt need to loose weight.

    i love her but she should invest in some nicer work out gear expecially because shes photographed all the time.

    love them :)

  • say no to drugs lilo

    @**Jamie**: I am guessing that she doesn’t like her giant legs. they are big. but running will only make them bigger. I’m not sure what one can do for giant legs.

  • dido

    they look so cute and tom ı love you baby

  • Susie#1

    I look at this couple and don’t see any attractive attributes for either of them. They look asexual and not emotionally connected to each other.

  • sweetness

    perhap you nimcompoops she’s not outright running and getting exercise…is because she is pregnant.

  • gross

    Oh my word. Folks look at pic number 12 in the group shots. Katie looks like an ugly haggard grandmother. Furthermore, she has a fat masculine neck and Tommygurl has the feminine boobs. Lol. In addition, TomKat please take off your halloween masks. Your faces are effing scary! Pretty please Jared, don’t torture us with pics of these two jogging buffoons over and over.

  • Lilac

    what the hell is wrong with her. my grandma looks more hip than Katie. it is just ridiculous what she has become.

  • tweety

    # 37 sweetness

    YOU are the nincompoop. What do you think Tom and Katie are doing ?

    In the photos its obvious they are out running. Maybe you should read JJ’s title and view his photos before commenting stupid things.

    Oh by the way….Tom and Katie do not need another kid to turn into a brat. They can’t even raise the one they have. It would not be bright to bring another poor child in their world,

  • lizzie

    shoulders of a man! she used to be the big crush of everyone in her school ahah.

  • a non mouse

    LOL another staged photo op. Tom was keeping his head down last week so as not to be hit with the scientology dung. Now he thinks it all over out he pops (with his obvious man boobs and extra layers).

    Why does he keep on touching his wife when she is trying to run, it’s like he is trying to control her even when she is running. What a freak he is. No wonder she wears an i-pod during her jogging sessions it means she doesn’t have to listen to his panting and wheezing.

  • ummahyk

    Tom looks like a scary old woman…especially in pic no 2,with that weaving hair.

  • Shurly

    They really don’t look well here. Tom has man boobs, eeek !! And she looks way older than she really is (and ugly too !!)

  • Dakota

    Katie is going as a zombie for Halloween I see. No, wait…..

  • peapo

    I wonder if barley water comes out of Tom’s moobs!

  • Sonia0404

    What else do you expect people to talk about the Beard?
    Her acting? if you like zombies.
    Her singing? if you like broken glass.
    Her dancing? Good laugh!

    Her movies? you really don’t want to go there.
    What can you talk about a no talent wannabe? Not much there.

    The only things left may be her infantile bratty tot in wearing high heels and makeup and her thick, thick, tree trunk legs, droopy eyes, of course.

    Maybe throw in some disastrous wardrobe choices from time to time.

  • Tom


  • Lydia

    OMG! Tom is getting fat again!! He must eat when he’s stressed and after all that crap publicity last week, I’m sure he’s really stressed! LOL! He’s really starting to look his age. As for his wife, her legs are bigger than her husbands!! So are her hands! LOL!! She looks much older than her age.

    The best part is all the bodyguards they need to run. COME ON!! Can’t Tommy defend his little wifey if someone comes up to them? Or maybe, with the size of her, she could defend poor little Tommy. LOL! Nobody cares enough about either of them to go up to them so whats the deal with the bodyguards? No other actor needs so many! I think Tom needs them for his EGO not for protection. LOL!

    These two are has beens. Forget it. His movie isn’t gonna do that well and she’s more like a never was. LOL

  • Danni

    Isn’t Katie sweet? She’s out running with her husband and she has an ipod in so she doesn’t have to listen to him. Hell if I was married to that creep I wouldnt want to listen to him either. His cult was just busted in france and now people are running from it including famous people. Everybody except him. What a freak! Run AWAY from him, not with him Katie! He’s gonna take u down with him!!