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Brad Pitt's Halloween Costume: Yo Gabba Gabba!

Brad Pitt's Halloween Costume: Yo Gabba Gabba!

For Halloween this year, Brad Pitt dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from the hit children’s television show Yo Gabba Gabba! on Nick Jr.

The 45-year-old dad and Angelina Jolie took their oldest kids trick-or-treating in Los Angeles on Saturday night (October 31).

Angie was dressed as the walking dead, Maddox was a dead army soldier, Zahara was Batgirl and Shiloh was a jet fighter. No pics of Pax!

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  • aeg


  • Jill

    LOL, cute! Hope they had fun.

  • aeg

    FYI: She’s NOT his wife yet.

  • http://justjared dina#1

    Good morning to all BAMPZSKV fans. I hope everyone had a safe night last night. Hello to everyone.

    I wanted to see if there were any pictures this morning and they didn’t disappoint. For the love of their children. Brad is having a good, good time. Love the joliepitts. Peace

  • Mary


  • LenLT

    SUPER CUTE! I wonder who did the makeup for Maddy. He’s a dead army soldier. LOL

  • sharon

    Brad looks so hot.

  • brado

    he makes himself look ridicules to often the last time.. first this beard, the motorcycle accident is he on drugs lately?

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    That beard has got to go. It’s matting up for christs sake.

  • LenLT

    Them glasses are look-killer. Even BP who looks cool most of the time looks dorky with those glasses on (no offense, guys) LOLOLOLOLOL

  • gothic to extreme

    It must be difficult to dedicate all your life to help others lol. At least they have fun too

  • Jorden

    Thanks Jared. (:

  • Jill

    LOL looks like Brad put beads in his beard.
    Radar Online says Pax was there too but you can’t see him in the pictures.

  • hmmmm

    Brad is hilarious. You gotta love him.

  • lieKel

    He looks good to me! Love the glasses, love the beard

  • Not Impressed by JA

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    Domestic: $119,580,000 (box office mojo – estimations)
    + Foreign: $175,741,426 (uip – NO weekend updated YET)


    = Worldwide: $296,221,426

  • sissysissy


  • well

    The family is adorable.

  • mj

    Angelina was dressed as the walking dead? So she didn’t wear a costume?

  • alexanderina

    awwwwwwwwwww so cute

  • to mj

    She wore what YOU wear everyday!

  • Jill

    Sotheysenthimback @ 11/01/2009 at 12:50 pm
    Once again, WHERE’S PAX. Left out AGAIN. This family is so prejudice.

    Prejudiced against what, you dumb cúnt? Asians? In that case, why is Maddox with them?
    God, these Jenhags act like they are trying to outdo each other in stupidity.
    According to Radar Online all the older kids were there. Pax is probably walking behind Shiloh.
    Now watch some dumb hag accuse Brad and Angie of neglecting the twins because they didn’t take a pair of one-year-olds trick or treating.

  • Brad luvs being big daddy

    Brad is clearly luving being Daddy with Mommy Angie. The kids are so cute, allowed to dress up as the characters of their choice. Brad’s rockin the beads in the beard, he is quite a character. Shiloh has a purse and a goody bag, she is serious about the business of treat collecting. LOL

  • how bad

    Maybe Pax was punished because he took shiloh’s tooth out

  • cee

    Folks let’s not start the meaness. The family was out trick or treating. Paxwas there walking behind Angie and Shiloh. Radar saw him and you can almost see him in one pic. But more to the point they were out with their kids for Halloween. Good for them. The second most humanitarian A listers according to Parade magazine are loving parents too. Why anyone would want to disparage that is beyond me.

  • marina

    hope they had fun if it weren’t too much because of the papz, even the twins could have come, but i bet they did the trck or treat game at home! my nephew ia 1 yr old and he goes carrying his litlle bag behind the older kids, laughing and screaming as if he were older like them.

  • Jill

    cee @ 11/01/2009 at 2:45 pm
    The second most humanitarian A listers according to Parade magazine are loving parents too. Why anyone would want to disparage that is beyond me.

    Being mean and stupid by definition, haters will disparage anything.

  • briseis

    Thanks for the new thread, Jared. Brad and Angelina are really cool parents, they want their children to enjoy the fun of Halloween. I fondly remember when my son and I used to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood when he was dressed as the Power Rangers, later on Darth Maul, and then Stone Cold Steve Austin/The Rock before he outgrew the whole costume thingie. The JPs should enjoy doing this as a family before the kids grow up.
    Sigh, someone always has to be an idiot. Just because they didn’t see Pax in one picture … Jill is right, jenhens are not the brightest posters.

  • observer

    I wish there were more pictures of Shiloh and Pax. Shiloh has 2 bags, so she came well prepared to stock up on the goodies.

  • smellycat

    Brad is sporting a beard for a role. Some actors are actually willing to change their looks for a movie role while others wouldn’t bother because they do not want to “uglify” themselves.

    It seems that whatever this family does people are always finding something negative about it. It has been what 4 years since they’ve hooked up and decided to build a family together and people still have something to say.

  • Brad luvs being big daddy

    Shiloh actually looks like a Ghost Buster. Pax is walking behind Shiloh and Angie.

  • sick redneck

    I hate that incultured family uhhh

  • marina

    mommy is a pilot and wore a pilot costume in a movie, so shi is going after her mom here, of course Halloween is a lot about horromovies and ghosts, so it is cute that the kids get into that. lve the batgirl costume, maybe pax was dressed as a zombie too, or some kind of soldier or warrior.
    Brad… errr, he a hands on dad, that’s for sure, and that damn costume could have been tighter, please????? it is too loose for my liking!!!!!!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I can’t believe how cool these parents are. I love that they support their kids activities 110% even dressing up. Brad and Angie are the COOLEST PARENTS EVER!

  • Zombie Angie

    “The walking dead “…Angie….. BWAAAAHAAAHAA…. how apropos

  • hehehe

    …so Angie didn’t bother to dress up

  • LuckyL

    Umm I wanna seeee =)

  • LuckyL

    Lol, loves it

  • ellen

    Angelina dressed up as a stay-at-home mother….how creative

  • ayj6m6l


  • Karla

    WOW—We the Jolie-Pitt fans are so lucky. What a beautiful and loving family to rave about. Can you imagine, even, the haters are worried because they can”t see Pax HAHAHAHA.

  • gem15

    Pitt seems to have a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself for the pleasure of his children. Now that’s a good parent! Glad they were able to have an almost normal night (although as a fan I’m glad for the pictures).

  • jillybilly

    rotflmfao!! I guess Angie isn’t as oblivious to what is said about her after all.

    This reminds of the time she went out in a pencil skirt and bright red top with her hair pulled back after Perez Hilton referred to her as Olive Oyl.

  • coco

    They look hot. It is always cool to bring alcoholic beverages when you take your kids out tricking. Angie has jack and coke while Brad gets a vodka on the rocks. Peepaw Pitt does not look as happy as the character his costume is representing. He needs to turn that frown upside down. Angie’s costume is low budget becuz she does not give a fcuk.

  • to aeg

    Not only IS she a wife to him, she is MORE THAN than a wife to him!
    SHE IS the mother of his children. So STFU until you know what you are talking about.
    Brad said…”it is ALL the same!”

  • danny

    Love Brad and Angie, it just shows what great parents they are.
    Nothing stops them from letting their kids have a fun filled Halloween
    Love Brad costume

  • anja

    Sure, they probably hate her, and Pax is left alone, they hate him too and we all know they hate Shiloh, Viv and Knox…
    God, is it really possible that people can be soooo stupid and believe in such nonsense

  • http://deleted vickifromtexas

    so cute.

  • to ellen


    That is how you and your mother dress every day! Only you are not wearing a costume.

  • Sister Mary

    Brad’s beard is soaked in liquor…….irresponsible lush… I hope he can at least walk without falling over…but at least he is not driving a motor vehicle..praise be