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Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise: B. Good!

Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise: B. Good!

Katie Holmes whispers into husband Tom Cruise‘s ear and keeps her arm wrapped around him as they take a romantic walk together on Sunday afternoon (November 1) in Boston, Mass.

Earlier in the day, Katie was seen picking up food for her and Tom at the burger and sandwich joint B. Good. Tom was busy shooting his hew movie Knight and Day co-starring Cameron Diaz.

Love the orange lining of Katie‘s jeans!

10+ pictures inside of B. Good buddies Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

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katie holmes tom cruise b good 02
katie holmes tom cruise b good 03
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Credit: Jackson Lee, PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    I love tom and his family I cant wait to see tom’s new movie

  • hehehe

    Tom on tip-toe getting his kiss,he looks like the chick.

  • coco

    ERROR spotted – it is burger and sandwich joint NOT burgers and sandwich join. Proofreader is fired.

  • kara

    Katie Holmes looks bloated and awful without make up.

  • Elena

    Isn’t it funny that Tom’s jeans are tighter than Katie’s?

  • um

    For some reason she looks like she is with her dad. There is no chemistry between them.

  • heidi

    Can’t decide which one of these two is the most gross!!!

    Kankle Homely or Tiny Crazy!

  • john boy

    Now, I’m not gay but I’d rather “be with” Tom than his homely snaggled-tooth robot.

    Yes…”be with” equals sexually

    That’s how much Katie Homely turns a real man off. She could turn Mr. Testosterone into a homosexual.

  • trish

    She looks like a homeless women who is so strung out she forgot to button her pants. Totally classless and disgusting!

  • m.

    she’s obviously a ‘real’ country girl at heart who doesn’t obsess over her looks when it doesn’t matter. she’s obviosuly not going to any functions in these photos.

    we’ve all seen her dolled up and she looks great when she does.
    i say good on her for not caring, at least she’s being herself. it makes her more real.

  • casey

    She has grey bulimia teeth.

  • Puzzled

    If Katie is grinning from side to side, Tom is otherwise. While Tom is grinning from side to side, Katie is otherwise. Are they coordinating or trying to make fun of each other? Katie seems happier in recent months, wonder what made the changes.

  • Harmonee

    B good is okay, i like u-burger

  • dena

    Looks like Katie is trying to put on a show (bad acting as usual) and act like she’s giving Tom a smooch. Problem is..Tom looks like he’d rather be kissing a bulldog’s ass. lmao lol lmao

  • tidbit

    What a slob she is. Lord she looks awful.

  • kate

    NO halloween for the family ?

  • blah


    oh no of course not, they are scientologists! but of course they do christmas…. o_0

  • marla

    He looks like the chick in the relationship lol It is time for the designer baby good luck tomkats.

  • its robo bride

    You can tell ol’ robo bride is thinkin’ she looks hot. What a mess, not even a hot mess. Out of style boots, dirty, ill-fitting jeans, top is for a teenager, and pilled sweater. Her hair looks filthy. Yet she is there prancin’ and dancin’ around the little midget like she is every man’s dream.
    Nightmare more like it.

  • my happy

    Tom rocks my socks off

  • annab

    These two are pathetic.

  • lena

    Pathetic. Nothing more than a photo op and even when they try they can’t look like a real couple. Yuck.

    Also Katie looks like a homeless person. Those jeans are horrendous and nobody needs to see her pudgy stomach. NOT CLASSY AT ALL. Tom’s pants are too tight and u can see he’s gained alot of weight. They both look horrible.

  • ellie’

    I happen to think there such a loving family… Tom still looks like a young man still gorgeous and I was always a big fan of Tom and looking forward to see the movie..

  • seriously?

    @blah: scientologist don’t celebrate Halloween?

  • LuckyL

    God, she’s so unfortunate-looking =(

  • lol

    katie looks like she swallowed suri with her bloated face and trunk neck.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it really looks like she’s the “man” in this relationship
    he has the tighter jeans, while she has jeans that are kinda falling down
    i guess that’s why they call him tommy girl

  • lisa


    OMG.. I was just going to say the samething.. I think they are probably happy together.. and good for them.

    But I don’t know Tom wears his jeans so tight.. I mean just too tight.. I think he would look better if they were loose, but the tight jeans make him look shorter.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, and I love B.Good. Great, organic burgers!

  • One Word


  • EagleEye

    They do not look like a real couple at all. As someone already commented, they have absolutely no chemistry. Katie looks like she’s palling around with her best gay friend. Is anybody, but the hard core fans(all 3 of them) and their fellow scientologists, buying this strange, fake relationship?

  • LA

    my god she gotten uglier everyday
    is not even funny anymore

  • Nina

    Tom Thumb is so closet.
    Katie ios beginning to be mega butch
    and fug ! omg..that lovely young lady is long
    gone w/Xenu.

    I never see him tenderly touch her. Never.

  • NY NY

    Katie = major S.L.O.B and where’s their high heel wearing kid accessory that she carries around all the time? Seeing them together where Katie is wearing dirty grunge that looks like it came from a dumpster and that knitted hat pulled over her greasy hair vs the kid in thousand $$ silk dresses and high heels with her blanket is just ridiculous.

  • tweety

    Katie simply has no class.

    That’s the real problem.

  • dani

    Wow, does she look horrendous. You can tell she thinks she looks sexy by the tummy reveal. Jeans are awful. Dirty. Don’t fit. Unbelievable that she would go out looking so dreadful.

  • Pippa

    She’s so Jackie O!

  • peter

    Katie’s jeans look so dirty and so unattractive. Boy, she sure does look bad without makeup. Bloated is a good word.

  • uh

    is she preggers?

  • Hmmm?

    Guess they are into the Brokeback Mountain look>

  • pr person

    She SHOULD be mortified to be photographed looking like she does… and yet there she is smiling like a loon. WHY does she have those horrible red, bulgy bags under her eyes?! Take a nap, go to a spa, WEAR SOME CONCEALER… Take some pride in yourself and your appearance… for pete’s sake! Uggghhhh!

    It looks like Crazy may be packing on the pounds once again.

  • cassie

    pippa- you are one crazy fool.

    NEVEr ever compare Katie Holmes to Jackie O.

    only a really stupid person would even do that, Katie has no class whatsoever….

    you lack taste pippa!

  • AutumnM

    Tom is getting so fat these days

  • Pooter


  • Sheri

    Skanky ho, and lil gayboy!! Where’e the lil high-heeled BRAT? Where are the closet children? Fugly fake couple!

  • categorial

    I don’t care that she is a mess, but what is wrong with her? She is in dirty pants and has filthy hair. YUCK. Bet she reeks of stink and BO.

  • LuckyL

    Tom must feel so safe in her arms at night.

  • dido

    ı hope she is pregnant again, ı want to see another cute suri

  • amway

    Beautiful and no pretentious

  • LOL

    the trolls are sad and scary…really pathetic to see so few using different names and answering and spreading hate only to themselves