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Mel Gibson Welcomes Daughter, Eighth Child?

Mel Gibson Welcomes Daughter, Eighth Child?

Mel Gibson and his girlfriend, musican Oksana Grigorieva, welcomed their first child together on Friday (October 30), according to several reports.

According to Radar, the baby, who was due in December, arrived a few weeks earlier than anticipated.

This is Mel‘s 8th child. He and his estranged Robyn have one daughter, six sons, and two grandchildren. Meanwhile, Oksana has a son with her former boyfriend, James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

Congrats to the happy couple — if the rumors are true!

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  • first

    Congrats No Yuk Yes

  • ellie’

    Congratulations hope the baby is well …if this is true..

  • ehehehe

    I love her teeties….

  • LuckyL

    My God, how disturbing.

  • one of mel’s many kids

    Mel your a disgusting weirdo pig your a grandfather for crist sakes and that baby mama is fugly

  • Fyn

    This is such a sad story for Mel’s children by his first wife.
    I used to like Mel Gibson–not anymore!
    He pretends to be this big faithful Catholic—meanwhile he is out whoring around.
    Not a good role model for his 6 sons–tha’ts for sure!

  • peggy

    i suppose congrats are in order for mel and what’s her name. my only hope is that robyn has taken half of everything; money, property etc that she and mel accumulated during their marriage. serve him right to loose 1/2 of his billion dollar fortune. as for oksana, i hope mel does to her what he did to robyn.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dang, i thought it was a bit soon that she had the baby
    i remember that she was due in dec like most of the other pregnant chicks
    i hope that baby is ok, it’s like 4 weeks soon

  • rhonda

    Mel Gibson is my favorite actor, his movies, my favorites. Having said that I’m sad for Robyn and his children. They are grown-ups and he deserves what he gets! Congratulations Mel, hope the baby is well and hope for your sake the witch your with doesn’t take you for everything. half-assed congrats.

    Watched the Patriot last week-end, Mel Gibson, the actor is the best. Heath Ledger, you broke our hearts!

  • Evelyn

    Ugh. That poor kid! She has a drunken lunatic for a father and an opportunist for a mother. Plus, under Catholic doctrine, she’s considered a bastard. Well done Mel, you douche!

  • Subliminal

    What a cool post thanks for sharing.

  • my happy


  • lisa

    If this is true I hope the baby is fine. that is really early.. OR she was further along then was reported.

    anyway.. interesting news for me.. I had no idea she was involved with Timothy Dalton.. whom I loved for a long time. I thought she was just a random.. but it seems she has been around a bit. Had no idea she had a child from Timothy..

    Funny the stuff that comes out. But maybe everyone else knew this.. I sure did not.

  • Beast

    OMG, his girlfriend looks like Octomom! What a beast! He left his wife for that???

  • ha

    this must be difficult for the child that was his only daughter for years. he has new favorite kid.

  • Lenny

    The problem that you have in Hollyweird is everything goes. There is no wrong or right, screw over your wife or husband and everyone make believe if didn’t happen. Rape a 13 old girl and everyone defends the rapist because they think he makes good movies. This truly is the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • bla85

    Ew he looks like he should be her dad! Well lucky her gets him all old and wrinkled and needing viagara and his wife – well she had him when he was hot!

  • flo

    Let theis be a lesson to All those men out screwing around.

  • liverwurst

    How embarrassing.

  • oy

    Good luck to that poor child. It won’t be easy to be raised by a golddigger and a bigoted, cheating preacher.

  • TR

    Mel Gibson is a woman-hating, alcoholic, anti-semite Nazi. Who gives a rats a-s-s if his mistress/whore had his bastard child. This guy is a class A moron with no class. I hope the kid grows up to hate him as much as anyone with a brain does these days.

  • double yuck

    that picture is disgusting! What the hell is she wearing?…or almost not wearing? Mel, you’re a disgusting horny turd.

  • bla85

    Ew he looks like he is her dad. Well she can have him all old, wrinkled and in need of viagara. His wife Robyn had him when he was hot!

  • Sandy

    Wait, so his new daugher is younger than his two grandchildren? Does anyone else find that disturbing? What a disgusting old man. His children must be so proud.

  • Jey3

    Inheritance, how do I love thee; let me count the ways.

  • n

    Say what you want about her parents, but calling a newborn a bas***d is disgusting, shame on you all. It’s not the child’s fault her parents are morons.

  • TR


    A b-a-s-t-a-r-d is defined as a child born out of wedlock. Read a dictionary if you don’t understand it’s true meaning.

  • n


    I know what a bastard is, but it’s still harsh, and today people use it to curse. It’s vile to call a baby this regardless of it’s ‘true meaning’. But, whatever, bash on a child if you want . . .

  • TR


    Is what is so deal with it. Gibson is a Class A d-o-u-c-h-e bag and he deserves ZERO congrats, respect or good wishes.

  • Ignorance is dangerous

    @TR: TR, you moron, a good percentage of babies are born “out of wedlock” these days. Naomi Watts/Liv Schrieber, Brangelina, etc., plus women don’t even have to sleep with men to get pregnant, they can get their sperm at a bank if they choose to be a single parent. Assigning labels like that to people is absolutely wrong…it’s in the past, just like derogatory references to gay people, to African-Americans, etc. How about clean up your own hateful mind?

  • Ignorance is dangerous

    @TR: I’m talking about your comment about the baby, not about Mel.

  • Taylo

    They don’t look happy.

  • Taylo

    As a matter of fact, he looks hauntingly unhappy, like he’s gotten into something he can’t extract himself from.

  • LuckyL

    Mel is a troubled man and looking for love in all the wrong places. Do his children contact him regularly? He seems like he lives a life of quiet desperation despite all that money. His DUIs and erratic behavior and antisemitic outburst all reflect that. It’s almost like Kramer.

  • TR

    @Ignorance is dangerous:

    Dear “Ignorant” – call it whatever you want, but a b-a-s-t-a-r-d child is what it is and I don’t really care what you are some dolt named N think. Gibson is a disgusting, Nazi loving misogynist so he deserves ZERO respect. Get a life.

  • Ruth

    I hope that all is well with the baby who is certainly an innocent in this entire mess.

    I expect that she was due much earlier but they had to change the timing in accordance with the official separation from his wife who undoubtedly decided to divorce him after she was informed that his mistress was going to give birth. He has treated his wife and children very badly and should have proceeded with the divorce much earlier before humiliating them with this public affair.

  • someone

    I hope hes getting a paternity test!!

  • lizzie

    Congrrats to them then !

  • mailey

    anybody else notice how this woman looks like octo-mom?? theyre both GROSS. they look like aliens!! creepy!!

  • nofan

    Has she had plastic surgery or botox? Her face doesn’t look natural. Almost ghoulish.

  • miapocca

    of course she is a digger…she dug him good..the first digging she went about did not go so well, no marriage from popping out that kid, so she sets her eyes on a bigger bank balance…beware of eastern europeans tricking on your frint steps..both men and women have limited morals, if any at all

  • Anti-B*tch

    Mel Gibson is a hypocrite. He criticizes others for falling short of a Christian ideal that he comes nowhere near. How could he do this to the mother of his 7 children? Plus, his girlfriend is a no talent skank. Boooooo.

  • Laura Ginger

    Wow, Mel should be the next james bond. He’s australian right?

  • Stone

    Is that one of his daughters?

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Poster boy for abortion rights!