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Cam Gigandet Sucks On A Pacififer

Cam Gigandet Sucks On A Pacififer

Cam Gigandet sucks on his daughter Everleigh‘s a pacifier on his way to hairstylist sister Kelsie‘s wedding in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 2).

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old and his family went shopping together in Beverly Hills.

Expect to see Cam all over the silver screen next year – he recently wrapped up work on The Roommate with Leighton Meester, Easy A with Penn Badgley and Kerosene Cowboys with Shane West and Rachael Leigh Cook. Sounds like 2010 is going to be going to be a huge year for him!

25+ pictures inside of Cam Gigandet sucking on a pacifier…

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cam gigandet pacifier 01
cam gigandet pacifier 02
cam gigandet pacifier 03
cam gigandet pacifier 04
cam gigandet pacifier 05
cam gigandet pacifier 06
cam gigandet pacifier 07
cam gigandet pacifier 08
cam gigandet pacifier 09
cam gigandet pacifier 10
cam gigandet pacifier 11
cam gigandet pacifier 12
cam gigandet pacifier 13
cam gigandet pacifier 14
cam gigandet pacifier 15
cam gigandet pacifier 16
cam gigandet pacifier 17
cam gigandet pacifier 18
cam gigandet pacifier 19
cam gigandet pacifier 20
cam gigandet pacifier 21
cam gigandet pacifier 22
cam gigandet pacifier 23
cam gigandet pacifier 24
cam gigandet pacifier 25

Credit: Scott/Chris; Photos: Agent 47/WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Luca

    Does anybody know what Kelsie’s husband’s name is? I also heard that they have a daughter together, she’s supposedly around two, but I haven’t seen her mentioned at all, so maybe it was just a rumor.

    Cam looks like a mix of both his parents, it’s kind of funny! He and his mom have the same nose, the same one Everleigh has!

  • Miss Anonymous

    *Waits for all the JA haters to invade, as they never shut up. Idiots*

  • AutumnM

    How come you changed the original post which was about Jennifer Aniston being at a wedding to this? hmmmm

  • b

    how cute!!! : )

  • call me addicted


  • **JAMIE**


  • kris

    awww, this is so cute.

    @Luca: no name on husband and the daughter thing for kelsie i think is just a rumor

  • Luca

    @kris: Thanks! A friend mentioned that she’d seen an interview Cam did during the Twilight days, a montage video that had several interviews with the different actors, and he’d mentioned something about missing out on the first few months of his niece’s life because he was so busy doing Twilight but I could never find the video!

  • cici

    love kelsie’s wedding dress she looks beautiful

    congrats to her

  • Alisa

    Ahhh this is so much better. Here is the whole beauty of the afternoon.

  • kris


    i have never heard of that, i have seen lots of videos cam had about twilight if not all of them and i have never heard him say that.

  • Sandi

    Little Everleigh is so adorable with her thumb in her mouth. I would much rather see these pictures.

  • Pam

    Look at the cutie pie. She is adorable. I’m happy now.

  • mnm

    cograts to kelsie

    and DAMN OMG LOOK AT AM GIGANDET HE ALWAYS LOOKS SEXY BUT I LOVING THE SUIT, but i love he more w/out the suit and just plain ass naked. but damn he is looking yummy.
    everleigh is so cute love her lil black and white dress and kelsie looks amazing as well.

  • asdfjkl;

    Cam is ridiculously good looking…..his daughter is a cutie too.

  • tara

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is he really sucking on that? thank god his gf isn’t pictured. i can’t stand her.

  • georgia

    i hope cam doesn’t marry dominique. poor guy already has to have a kid that looks like her. i can’t believe he has a baby and worse a gf! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it sux!

  • kara

    Finally the man is hotter standing alone in a picture rather than a baby and a wife by his side. he is sooooo much hotter alone in pictures.@georgia, maybe he will leave her ugly ass one day and date a real actress. not someone who gets pregnant to keep a man.

  • quita

    too late, cam already married her. he looks really happy to be with his parents. much happier than anyone else.

  • Jen

    Nice wedding dress.

    I think Cam has a cute family, he shouldnt pay attention to haters. The baby is adorable.

  • heather

    i think cam publicist has a relationship with jj. he is always on here. i dont’ care! where is ROB P?????

  • 245


    yea his entire family is great, the reason people so called “hate” her is b/c they are stupid enough to believe false rumors online. when really there is no problem what so ever with cam and dom@heather:

    he isnt always on here there have been tons of sightings that have been on other sites but not here. looks like u do care u took the time to read and comment on him. jj post sightings of celebs and as much of u can hate or love it cam gigandet is a celeb and he is only going to get bigger.

    no he isnt married
    dom didnt want to get married since kelsie was alright getting married, dom didnt want to take away from that.

    always jumping on a celebs mate. so what he was with a normal girl (dominique) b4 he started off big in acting. now his is known and big and should dump that normal girl (dominique) just b/c she isnt a celeb. how shallow and a**hole would he be if he did that. so what he is still with the same girl when he wasnt known and still with her now that he is known.

    please some of u people are so shallow, going off people’s looks. most of so called “telling” a celeb that he should be single, that isnt the girl for him. who r u or anyone to tell cam who he should or shouldnt be with. that is his choice to make not urs or anyone elses. and he picks dominique.

    just drop it and get over cause all this stupid ass commenting about it, isnt going to do a damn thing.

  • Calin

    Explain me… last year I saw him with Odette Yustman in MAY in a casino, they were kissing (French kiss :-D) and they were not anymore on set (The Unborn) so tell me???

  • rachel

    cam gigandet is so damn sexy omg look at that he is just to damn sexy.
    little angel everleigh omg she is sooooo cute
    dominque was already in the building, i think she was a bride maid if not the maid of honor. i betting that dominique looked beautiful, as always.
    love kelsie’s wedding dress, the sparkling on it.
    the GIGANDET family so beautiful.

    so true with everything u said.

  • 245


    he broke up with odette to get back together with dominique, duh how hard is it to figure out that answer.
    dominique would have gotten preg sometime in july 2008, cam was with dominique at that time, there is a pic of them together shortly after july 4, 2008 because cam’s leg was in a cast which he broke on july 4 2008, so bottom line is CAM AND DOMINIQUE WERE A COUPLE WHEN SHE GOT PREG.

    hell if cam wanted to leave dominique he could, he knows he can take care of everleigh and be a great father without be involved with dominique, come on now cam wants to be with dominique and raise their beautiful daughter.
    friends and family tell both cam and dom what is being said, and cam and dom go out and about holding their heads up high, not giving a damn of what is being said about them, this is their lives they know what problems they have and know how to work them out.

  • heather

    he had to get back together with dominique because she got pregnant. odette is much more beatiful and although they broke up, dominique didnt want him with another girl ever again so she di what she had to do. who cares anyways. i feel bad for the guy but its what he has to do. its his mistake not ours.

  • Calin

    OK THANKS for your answer. (I just think that a baby just after a break is a real bad thing but that’s their life.)

  • meow


    right on 245

    k i have a question for the ones who care about looks:

    u meet a guy who is sweet, lovable, makes u laugh, treats u right, but he is bag over the head ugly.
    then there is a guy who is an a**hole, hateful, makes u cry, treats u like sh*t, but he is SO DAMN HOT.
    who do u pick?

    looks arent the greatest thing, looks sure as hell arent the most important thing, i say more power to cam and dominique for holding together and being together.
    @Calin: so he dated odette, here is what he would have done, cheated on odette with dominique, broke up with odette for dominique, anyway u look at it he wanted to get back together with dominique.
    for what i heard he and dom took a break when twilight filming came along, odette happen, june 08 cam broke up with odette to get back together with dominique. i guy that goes back to the same girl truely wants to be with that girl, and i hope that it conts to work out for cam and dominique it seems the daughter has made their relationship stronger.

    but like others above me said

    nothing u say will change anything, get over it.

  • josh


    he got back together with dominique, then she got preg. he was already back with her b4 she got preg.

    and cam doesnt see holding his beautiful daughter as a mistaken, how about u worry about all the mistakens u are going to make in life, and let a GROWN MAN care, love, and be happy with his girl and their daughter.

  • sue

    u people going off looks and what happen with cam and dom having a baby:


    from what i have seen and heard cam and dominique are doing great together, look great together and are just one big happy family.
    i wish them nothing be great happiness and the best of wishes.

  • sue


    answering ur question about the looks, i’d pick the bag over the head one.
    i mean what’s the point in being with a sexy man if he treats u like sh*t

  • katie

    i guess he likes the feeling of being able to take care of his family and be with a girl who likes being a mom and doesn’t feel the need to be with a successful, beautiful woman. his bank account, not ours.

  • vicky


    from what i seen with guys, i have seen alot.

    guys what to support their family, guys want to be the ones making money. i guess guys hate it when a woman can help with the support, must make a guy feel weird.

    but i do think dom has money of her own. dont ask.

    and yep she sure likes being a mom and he loves being a father

  • mimi

    cant ppl just shut up and let cam and dominique raise their daughter together in peace.

  • Weezer

    Cam Gigandet is really handsome and I don’t care of his private life but these pictures are just awful!!!

    Cam smokes! A smoker has his mouth CONSTANTLY (and I insist on that word!) full of toxins even when he is not smoking!!! Cam sucks on a pacifier that he give to his baby then! so he passes on his germs and toxins to his daughter. Hello, baby is a passive smoker! What a real shame! No one can defend that! Am I the only scientist here!?

  • unknown

    what an UGLY brat!

  • mimi


    what a shallow no good person u r

  • mimi


    i noticed that.

    but he breaths on her and kisses her, i havent seen a pic with him smoking in awhile, this is the first in a long time. i talk he is calming down on the smoking, being as big as a smoker cam was/is it is going to take time for him to stop completely

  • mimi


    whoa at the type-os i made in my #38 comment

  • lisa


    i agree with mimi, you are a very no good person to be talking about people like that.

  • sven

    dom is really ugly and the daughter looks just like her mom…poor Cam he is in deep trouble

  • steph34

    i hear she is pretty expensive. redoing their home, buying clothes, car, etc. he better have movies lined up since he is the only source of income. how unattractive is he with a baby bag and pacifier? i wish he stayed with odette. good points on the cigarette toxins in a pacifier. i think his wife smokes too .

  • jj

    oh please,
    so u hear that, u dont know that, and how do you know that she doesnt bring in income.
    i think he is very attractive with the baby, it is so cute, no his wife doesnt smoke, because he isnt married. she stopped last year when she got preg ever seen her with a cig, i havent.
    and cam didnt want to be with odette or he wouldnt have went back to dominique, he goes back to same girl he wants to be with that girl.
    he does have lots of movie in the works

    @sven: if all u look at is looks u are going to be alone and disappointed. stop being so shallow, u thoughts on her looks dont mean a damn thing, cam’s r the only ones that matter. everleigh is a good mix of both cam and dom. and how the hell do u know he is in deep trouble, o right he is a happy loving father to a beautiful daughter and he is with the loving beautiful girl who he loves being with. yea he is in big trouble (hahaha, yea right his life is going great)

    please i just think most of u are just jealous or just want someone to talk sh*t about.


  • cici

    right on jj

  • LuckyL

    That baby is so cuuute =)

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    And his mama wears army boots!

  • diana

    @245 i think the baby already takes away all of the attention from his sister. jennifer anniston also takes the cake. i don’t think dominique should worry about herself. she isn’t that special. the baby and jen are. i wish cam would date jen!!! that would be a beautiful couple!!! I dont think he and dominique make a beautiful couple. odette and cam were also beautiful together. hot couples make hot babies. look at angie and brad.

  • angel


    o please
    everleigh is a baby she takes away attention, please she is just a baby.
    dominique is a special person to cam, and it doesnt matter that u dont find dom and cam a beautiful couple, cam and dom find each other hot and r together and many people do find dominique beautiful and think that cam and dom are a great looking couple. and everleigh is a beautiful lil baby.
    be jealous about the fact that dom has cam and that they have a baby girl together

    brad and angie WTF is so special about them, i dont find brad hot i never have found him hot. and angie please she is so overhyped.

    not everyone sees the same way in beauty, u find someone sexy someone else may not.
    cam finds dominique beautiful, lots of people do, i found her beautiful. and they lil angel everleigh is a beautiful little girl and is just going to get more beautiful and beautiful each day.

  • Stone


  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    So he’s coming out of the closet, eh?