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Kim Kardashian's Halloween Costume: Princess Jasmine!

Kim Kardashian's Halloween Costume: Princess Jasmine!

Kim Kardashian shows off her tight tummy in her Halloween costume – she makes a convincing Princess Jasmine!

“I’ve been wanting to go as [Jasmine] for years and found the perfect costume,” Kim, 29, wrote on her blog. “I went all out with my Disney theme this year and also got a Snow White outfit that I wore to Kendall‘s birthday!”

Tyra Banks dressed up as Kim flanked by her sisters on Friday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

Sounds like Kim was flattered by it, as she wrote “Omg!! Tyra Banks dressed up as me…I love you Tyra!!” on her blog.

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  • AutumnM

    For so long I’ve been saying that if Disney or any company/studio were to do a real life version of “Aladdin” w/ people that they should cast Kim Kardashian. Seriously, Kim looks so much like Princess Jasmine. Great costume choice for Kim, she looks just like her.

  • runnergirl

    Kim is so attractive but I think the top is way too revealing. It makes her look sleazy.


    she is Jasmine long lost cousin. she looks great!

  • TR

    Famous for a sex tape. Classy girl for sure. She has accomplished NOTHING in life other than being the poster girl for s-l-u-t-s and w-h-o-r-e-s. Congrats to Kim for all that grossness she has blessed this country with.

  • Missy

    Nice slutty outfit to wear in front of her tween/teen sisters.

  • tealeaf

    She looks like a nasty, trashy, slutty, plastic face Jasmine. Jasmine never wore such a low cut outfit.This Famewhore will do anything for attention

  • T-pain

    Are those implants?

  • Iris

    Great costume choice for her, but she still could’ve made it work covered up a little more…
    Halloween=Excuse to Dress Like a Whore Day nowadays and honestly you know you’ve seen worse…

  • bev

    @TR: AGREE!!

  • bev

    @tealeaf: 100% agree she famous because of a nasty SEX TAPE

  • 100mph

    Ho Hum*

  • xxx

    Okay, so she has acheiving jack’s sh!t in her life… made a sex tape, been on a reality show…. the end. But you gotta give her props for her amazing face + bod… fake or not she always looks AMAZING.

  • Ct

    Haha i agree with most of you! These sisters are nothing but trash and low class. There younger sisters are 13 and 12…way to be great ROLE models for them!

  • Ct

    @runnergirl: But she is ALREADY sleazy?lol

  • Nessa

    Kendall and Kylie are going to be the next ho bags in the making ;)

  • Beth

    Not a KIm fan.. but she looks real hot and looks like she must have shed almost 20 pounds so good for her

  • taylor

    HOLD UP! Your going to tell me this girl seriously denies any plastic surgery? To have breasts and a behind like that? PUH-leez. I know her cup size was never small, but these pics prove that she had to at least get them somewhat bigger…………

  • mmmmk

    is she proud of who she is or something?? sheesh, this skank will do anything to get attention

  • Padme

    Wow! I want her diet and her fitness program. She looks amazing.

  • Ella

    Did she lose weight or something?

  • Joanne

    she can be jasmine, she looks like her anyway. isn’t she part arabian

  • river

    I’d like to know what is holding up her pants. One wrong move, and she’d be revealing too much.

  • Fyn


    Completely agree with TR!
    This girl is a publicity whore. Her claim to fame is a disgusting sex tape. Her mother must be so proud that the world can watch her little girl blowing her boyfriend!

  • cutie pie

    She wanted to drees like that so she can show her fake plastic surgery body!! of course dhe did!!!

  • cutie pie

    her butt looks flatter on this pic, now watch next time you see her it will be and all stuck out, this trick is fake as ever, and if she was so pretty she wouldnt have got plastic surgery. average looking before but too fake for my taste ! Hope reggie gets what he deserves with this broad!!

  • jessie

    shes gorgeous no doubt.. and she makes a beautiful jasmine but seriously isn’t revealing that much crossing the line especially with your younger sisters around?? and she disrespects the character of jasmine by making herself look like a complete sl*t.. to be dressed like that is not acceptable in Eastern culture. And please dont tell me she thinks she can get away with calling her chest real.. anyways i wish she would’ve wore something that covered her body up more but instead she comes off as a cheap, sleazy wh*re .. pity

  • vmars111

    I would say that I’m tired of these stupid sexy/$lutty versions of characters, but in this case, that’s exactly how Princess Jasmine would look like!

  • pretty young girl

    HAHAHA I even before she dressed as Jasmine I thought she looked like her but Jasmine is classy not slutty.

  • Tiffany

    She is so pretty

  • Lesley Smarts

    Wow she looks amazing! Reggie Bush is a lucky guy and she’ll make a great wife!

  • Kell

    trash trash trash trash trash! so sadddddddddddd!

  • giuliano


  • Leah

    @Lesley Smarts: Ummmmm, it takes more than looks (and sex tape not to mention) to be a great wife thanks.

  • kateg

    Great! I see the two youngest sluts are slutting it up as well. Won’t be long before a bunch of black athletes are pissing on them on video. Can’t wait to buy that one.

  • Kim

    “Look everyone, I got my new boobs today.”

  • Erin

    she’s not on a special workout program.. she takes a freakin pill! so unhealthy and so NOT the right way to represent weight loss. also i agree, top is way to revealing for younger siblings and just the public even. halloween isnt an excuse to show us what we’ve already seen, kim. overflowing boobs = nasty. and that low waist on the pants? wtf?! i almost see her vagina!!

  • Ria

    She really is a bad role model for her younger sisters. And Halloween is simply a good excuse for girls like Kim to dress sluttyy. She is a very attractive girl, YES, but is a NOBODY, and should get lost and disappear a-s-a-p….but that’s unless she wants to continue humiliating herself.

  • j

    When did the Hooch Owls come out…oh duuuhh its Halloween hehehe

  • joe

    The first place a woman loses weight is in the breasts, so if they are still big and yet she’s lost weight, then it’s pretty obvious that she’s had implants in.

  • Whoever

    Slut or not, she is undeniably beautiful! THE END.

  • Lisa2

    I think she looks great. I know she has a bigger bootie, but how did she keep the panties on? Look like they are pretty low!

  • jangkrikjr

    I see the video too….


  • lala

    Beautiful or not who cares???? She is garbage and is always going to be known for a sex tape. THE END.

  • mytwocents


    TR, spot on and best comment so far…

  • Ashley Sparkle

    She looks great, they are real and wonderful. She is just a naturally blessed woman!

  • KimK always looks like a Tramp

    Where’s the costume?

  • doggy

    heh pornostar :DDD

  • phatwisha

    Why are you people hating on her? She’s so put together and professional all the time. She looks great and good for her for showing it off.

  • henriyardy

    I was Wonder Woman for Halloween last year
    I got the costume from Spencers.
    It had the cape, head piece, strapless dress, arm covers, and leg warmer things.

    Absolute Acai Berry

  • christine

    Maybe Kim should go for Acting.