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Lucia Gibson: Mel Gibson's New Daughter!

Lucia Gibson: Mel Gibson's New Daughter!

Mel Gibson and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva are now the parents of a baby girl, Entertainment Tonight confirms.

Lucia Gibson was born in a Los Angeles hospital on Friday (October 30).

This is the eighth child for Mel, 53 – he has seven children from his marriage to ex-wife Robyn Gibson.

“I guess I’m Octo-Mel now,” Mel joked on Jay Leno‘s show after announcing Oksana was expecting.

Congratulations to the happy family!!

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  • You/Me

    I read somewhere that Mel’s sons were sueing him to “protect” their inheritance from this baby and any other kids Mel might have. Talk about greedy! If I were Mel I would cut them off and out of the will! He doens’t owe them anything and if they want to make it so obvious that it’s his money they love then he ought to hit them where it hurts.

  • Sandy

    I find this whole thing disgusting! His grandchildren are older than his new daughter. Does he have no shame? He cheats on Robyn and impregnates another woman, very religious of him. That poor baby!

  • anna

    WOW! 8 KIDS!!

  • Say it like it is

    Good for Oksana! Way to go and congrats to her.

    One child for Timothly Dalton is good because that child is set and then she got from him. Mel is the mother load and this child should be worth 8 million when they spilt. Oh, maybe I am wrong. Maybe Oksana will stay with the old goat for the rest of his life.
    This Eastern block girl is smart and hats off to her.

    And Robyn Gibson,hopefully is not stupid and will take her cut,1/2,about 300 million at least from Oksana and Mel.

  • Sandra

    his girlfriend resembles octomom IMO

  • pop

    Early onset Alzheimer’s would explain his drastic behavioural changes. Sadly no money in the world can save him now. He’s ripe and prime prey for all the vultures out there starting with her.

  • pop

    His sons probably know that mentally their father is mentally losing it unfortunately. Its sad all the way around. I’ve seen this played out time and time again and its not always because he’s a selfish old goat. Its really because they have lost the capacity to reason.

  • Jack

    Sandy- Mel and his ex-wife haven’t lived together for 2 years.

    That was brought up in April when she filed for divorce .

  • ace11a

    #2 believe it or not…a lot of men have grand kids older than kids..especially in (divorce haven like california)at

    it happens

  • pop

    Dear Mel, if only you knew what a fool you look like to your fans and especially your family. This girl loves one thing about you and it starts with a $ sign!!!

  • Sandy


    It’s still adultery, especially under Catholic doctrine.

  • carrie

    @Sandra: same idea! and congrats for the new girl

  • pop

    P.S. I bet this woman enjoys having Mel call her Sugart*ts too! ;0)

  • lakers fan in boston

    8 kids??!!
    i cant hate on her, i gotta respect a good golddigger

  • LuckyL

    Jared, why the f*ck are you posting this again? You keep DOING this.

  • **JAMIE**


    Ofcourse he does!!

    He is their father, he publicly humiliated them over the years by cheating on their mother, being a drunk and saying the most ridiculous things.

    What a contradiction this man is. He directed Passion of the Christ, and has been passionate with other women that aren’t his wife.

  • ltr

    Gosh, I still cannot believe how beautiful Mel Gibson USED TO be. He must have made a lot of expressions in his face. Plus the smoking certainly did not help. He’s not that old, yet he has very deep lines.

  • inane

    “Congratulations to the happy family.” What? Is this the 1950′s where having a baby automatically means “happy” and “family”. Dude. The woman he was having an affair with behind his wife’s back got knocked up to entrap him which does not a “happy family” make. LOL

  • bev

    Mel Gibson looks like a fool, I think he has been drinking his self stupid, the young girl looks like Octomom

  • Carol

    Mel Gibson = hypocrite

  • kel

    This is disgusting. Of course, the baby is in no way responsible for the bad behavior of her parents, but I can’t be happy for those two adulturers…ever!

  • Maria

    I think his behavior is very disgusting. Not going to see any movies by this hypocrite any more. He think he can just have all his crimes wipe away.

  • BJ

    Happy Birthday to Lucia Gibson. She is a baby.. innocent and did not asked to be born…So that is that. As for the parents they will give account to the living God for their actions…Not to people even though Adultery is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. So, how many of us break the Ten Commandments… Are we perfect… The Bible says not one of us….Repent to God sincerely…. and be Forgiven…Rom 10:9

  • BJ

    Happy Birthday to Lucia Gibson. She is a baby.. innocent and did not asked to be born…So that is that. As for the parents they will give account to the living God for their actions…Not to people even though Adultery is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. So, how many of us break the Ten Commandments… Are we perfect… The Bible says not one of us….Repent to God sincerely…. and be Forgiven…Rom 10:9

  • http://yahii susan cooper

    He drives drunk. He uses terrible words to condemn Jewish people, He got his girlfriend pregnant. I guess he has done it all. Disgusting man.

  • http://justjared Jc

    I don’t condone what is has done, However no one knows what his home life was like. Everyone deserves happiness. Even if his judgement is in guestion on his young girl friend. People are so fast to judge.Everybody sins.

  • Ashley Sparkle

    He’s a very potent man. I’m sure she will lead a normal life

  • AQQ

    Good for them-a healthy baby girl. Mel was separated from his wife before he met Oksana,so should he have stayed with his wife and been miserable forever.Robyn is prob just as happy with out him!
    If it is true about his son’s calling lawyers,he should cut them out of his will completely.Just b/c your Dad is rich-there is no gaurentee that the money is automatically your’s. Look at Tori Spelling-Dad was a billionaire and all she got was less than a Million!
    So,boy’s be nice to Daddy or get yourselves a real job!!!!!!!!

  • http://hotmailaustralia roger

    Mel she looks like your daughter, you look like a silly old man, I will never be convinced she loves you,you look too old for her.

  • pop

    Judging by the lack of responses, nobody cares what Mel does anymore. He’s toast!

  • ayrin

    I am so sad about what you said … not i would not have been born, my catholic father divorced and years later he married again, but with no easy dissolution of catholic marriages, we would not have been born… please, asking to celebs such moral standards is too much, they are only human, and mel seems a normal person with flaws, but at the same time, he is not the most terrible one around, when he was in Mexico for Apocalypto, he made donations to the poor people in Veracruz, he was sensible about that, and not just content with giving jobs to some during the filming of the movie.

  • lessmore

    Amazing. The guy who made Passion of The Christ has a bastard child.
    It’s quite evident he made a good choice cashing in on Christ. He laughed all the way to the bank with naive Christian’s money. Genius.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    I guess beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder!

  • Stone

    Where do they let you marry horses?

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    I guess money can’t buy much anymore!

  • Marie

    These unknown non famous young women that they think that by falling pregnant to very famous men they will make a name for themselves, well they must be prepared to put up with all the abuse because this is a part of getting some money from these famous america NOTHING is free, and ”love” is very relative..

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