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Rihanna Will Break Her Silence on Thursday

Rihanna Will Break Her Silence on Thursday

Rihanna will speak out for the first time about what happened with Chris Brown on ABC beginning this Thursday.

Starting on Good Morning America on November 5 (Thursday) and 6 (Friday), then on 20/20 Friday evening, Rihanna will speak candidly to Diane Sawyer about her relationship with Chris, what happened and how she’s been doing since the incident nine months ago.

Tune in and see Rihanna speak out!

Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Ida Astute/ABC News
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  • Wilson

    She should talk about female pattern baldness too.
    She could help a lot of women.

  • enoughalready

    She is so fake, why come out now? casue those terrible songs are not playing out great? cause they did not sky rocket to the #1 spot? Her marketing team is now on shock mode… Fake and so overrated!

  • me(:


  • meme

    Nice but it smacks of promotion for the new album.

  • ROSE

    I wonder why she did not go on Oprah?

  • yelvmen

    Is she sick?

  • yelvmen

    She is very young to have so little hair left.

  • Sasha

    What a timing!! She decides to open up 9 months after right before her album comes out? Geez, these celebs would do anything to make a few bucks.

  • is it a joke?

    lmao at her hair

  • ewwwwww

    LOL, it’s been almost a year and now she wants to talk about it?

    Why? Because the ho wants to sell records.

    cant stand her

  • dundies

    LOL @ number 1

    she shouldn’t even be talking about it, because shes a terrible role model. her and miley cyrus should hang out

  • donna

    Oh for god sake rhianna! can you just go and disapear alreadi, NO ONE CARES NO MORE WHAT HAPPEN WITH YOU AND CHRIS! you are yesterday news! hahahah record not selling that well?

  • http://justjared leo

    She wants 2 talk now that her album is coming out! Rihanna is DISGUSTING I’VE LOST ALL RESPECT 4 HER !!!!!

  • voodoo

    Rihanna looks like that creature from Alien 4.

  • is it a joke?

    I hope she talks a lot of stuff about Beat em down chris brown. He needs to be smacked for that album cover and shiteous music he puts out. kids these days have shit taste in music.

  • tealeaf

    Her hair looks stupid and she isn’t going to tell the truth about her lover Fist Brown. Why waste a interveiw on the so-called “Fashion Icon”

  • Mikz

    So much for publicity.

  • Cristobal

    What has happen to her? Hollywood has taken over her mind and I guess now she will do just about anything to stay in the spotlight. -smh-

  • bird

    She is acting strange lately. It would not surprise me if her and Brown appeared on Oprah together. They both seem to want the publicity.

  • qwe

    Publicity w h o r e. Why now? New album is coming.

  • tadow

    tell everything Rihanna!!! These hating little girls don’t buy music records anyway. Tell every single thing so that people who actually buy albums won’t buy his stupid CD.

  • tadow

    tell everything Rihanna!!! These hating little girls don’t buy music records anyway. Tell every single thing so that people who actually buy albums won’t buy his stupid CD.

  • candy

    Blonde is not RiRi’s color.
    Looks like a mustard head.

  • Jonny


  • t

    i think brown and her are still dating. he twitters like they’re still together.

  • anna

    what’s up with her hair?!?!

  • Terrier

    Don’t we already know what happened? It’s not like Chris Brown denied anything. Some hussy tried to holla at him, Rihanna got jealous, Chris Brown smacked the crap out of her. How’s she coping since the incident? Cruising around the town dressing up like a freak. that’s how. If Diane Sawyer was a good journalist, she should ask Rihanna why she’s opening up now.

  • ann

    Ha! Shes so doing this to promote her album. And with a hairstyle like that I don’t think I could take her seriously about anything she say.

  • :)

    None of you criticized Chris Brown for doing interviews even though he too has an album coming out and singles released. You are a bunch of hypocrites! Just because you all have something against Rihanna because ‘she stole your man’ you do not need to criticize her. He doesn’t want you, and never will. FYI Her record is not selling well because it hasn’t released yet, only on radio. You excuse the same thing Chris Brown has been doing, by doing interviews about the incident to prove he is sensitive so everyone buys his album. You all make me laugh!!!!

  • mickey

    Rihanna is as dumb as a box of rocks (actually the rocks might be smarter). The only reason to watch this is…no…there is no reason to watch this.

  • Lara

    I wonder if she finds herself beautiful when looking in the mirror these days…cause she definitely is not….what’s up with her hair???

  • lakers fan in boston

    who even cares about this anymore
    she’s a couple months late talking about it
    @Wilson: lmao, ive never really noticed she’s balding

  • mdc87

    her hair styles are questionable sometimes… on another note–publicity stunt or not, lets not forget that this young lady was a victim, if she had spoken out earlier people might have said “why is she talking now?! it’s too soon” she can’t please everybody, so she might as well do something positive for herself and remind people that she is a singer and her altercation with chris brown doesn’t define her

  • waffle bowl

    Agree with everyone here, she’s only talking about it now because she has to promote her album, and she wants the public to be sympathetic enough to buy her record. Fake-ass opportunist. And she might wanna do something about her fading hairline or she will wind up looking like Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  • elle

    the album is out soon right rihanna, WON’T BE BUYING IT

  • xxx

    Wow, just in time for the new album release!
    Nobody cares about something that happened almost a year ago anyway… seriously, what is she even gonna say that we dont’ already know?
    They were dating, he smacked the sh!t outta her, they broke up, she went nuts and started wearing ridiculous outfits, hair and make up. The end….

  • **JAMIE**

    i don’t think it is a good idea for her to open up after this long. she should have just left it. I hope this is not a stunt to make Chris Brown look bad because his new songs are doing so well.

    I still love Riri and Chris though.

  • marissa


    I agree and I bet all of you will still watch :) so keep talking

  • Marieme

    Jared did it again, didn’t he? Puttin Chris and Rhianna right on top of each other. He’s really become so classless.

  • black beauty

    im noticing both chris and rihanna are receiving a lot of unnecessary hate on this site. they must be doing something right.

  • jessie

    yuck i hate her hair

  • Ashley Sparkle

    She needs to share her story with the world and let other women know its not okay

  • guest

    @mdc87: Chris Brown is an abuser. He should be apologizing for his behavior…and he’s been doing interviews for a while now..not just when it’s convenient and when he has a new CD about to drop. Rihanna’s silence spoke volunes, especially in light of her trying to get the protective order removed. Thank God the judge has good sense and wouldn’t allow it. If she had spoken out sooner, she would have been a great role model to young women. Now it just feels like a pr opportunity.

  • christine

    Who knows y she didnt speak up before. It could be due to cultural reasons. Abuses like this are not to be spoken of so candidly in some populations. She was probably advised not to say a word about this in the beginning. But that could have been to her detriment, if not now, but later.
    She supposedly didnt go on the red carpet for 3 months right after the incident. She was probably suffering inside.
    And at such a young age you dont know any better and are probably blamng yourself without realizing it b/c ur so naive to these things on what the hell to do.
    When I got assaulted, my father said not to talk about it, suffer the consequences, and let the boy who asaulted me go. And at the time I was afraid of any negativity toward me from others if I did say something. On the outside I looked perfectly normal. It’s like when those wives get abused on a daily basis at home and no 1 knows about it.
    When Oprah spoke up about Rihanna aloud on her show in such a show-stopping, demanding way, w/out discussing it w/ Rihanna 1st, Rihanna or her family probably thought it was insensitive b/c they didnt want to bring more attention to it than there already was. They probably just wanted 2b left alone.
    It is fear & self-blame that these victims go through. They don’t know what to do & out of protection some parents will misguide them or won’t speak out on it.
    It can be a psychological warfare. Lucky if she doesnt allow post-traumatic stress to interfere.

  • doggy


  • xomajesty

    She had bruises and hid out for several months. That’s why she didn’t go on the red carpet. Initially they even tried to cover it up and told the press they had a car accident. She didn’t want to press charges but didn’t have any choice because the Los Angeles police take domestic abuse seriously. If she had her way, there’s be no restraining order and she’d still be on tour with that dope.

    Now we see her out just about every night. Something is not right with the girl. It is a shame they are exploiting her situation for CD sales.

  • inzee64

    I so agree..this is just a way to get ppl to say AWE and as a gift to her, buy her stupid album..that just shows, shes a bigger player !

  • Carter

    The umberlla lady looks hilarious with her stupid hairdo.
    I never understand why she didnot dump that woman hitter afterwords!

  • oh well…

    her talking to the press about this will either ruin his career again or end hers. nothing good can come of this… unless she wants to reveal that she hit him first (which is the rumor). the timing of all this seems spiteful.

  • Babe_luv_ya

    First of all , I love Michael Jackson . He was talented , beautiful and caring. On the other hand you have Rihanna, she can’t sing or dance either , she has no class, she is no ‘fashion fcking icon’ , she is mediocre at best. she is average and all she has made earlier months was walking around, to get some attention! GOD SHE SUCKS ! no talent what’s so ever. She deserves to FLOP ! I want her to be BROKE cuz she doesn’t deserve all the hype. I don’t understand the appeal. SHE SUCKS SHE SUCKS! I don’t buy it, now she is trying to be the victim just because of her fcking album. DAMN ! boyctt rihann, people, boycott Rihanna !