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Taylor Swift: Longest Charting Album of This Century!

Taylor Swift: Longest Charting Album of This Century!

Taylor Swift is solidifying her spot in history books this week, claiming the Billboard record for the longest charting album of this CENTURY.

Released in October of 2006, the 19-year-old country singer’s self-titled debut CD now spends its 157th week on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart, more weeks on the chart than any album this decade, surpassing the record previously held by Nickelback. That’s AMAZING!

Swifty will also be the host AND musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Don’t forget to tune in at 11:30PM ET/PT this Saturday on NBC!

Congrats, T!!! Lovelovelove, -JJ-

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  • camille

    Love her!!!
    It couldn’t happen to a sweeter girl.

  • Aqua

    Even though all the awards she won she is still so modest & seems very sweet in interviews.

    She’s awesome.

  • Joseph Adam Daniels

    Daughtry’s got took off the list when he was #133, he was almost ahead of her, why did he get taken off? this is bullshizer.

  • Jennifer

    As much as I love Taylor Swift, I don’t understand how she’s getting all this. I mean, she’s a great singer, but I think everything’s being taken overboard. People are starting to act like she is drop dead amazing, and, to me, it’s getting annoying.

    Her music is cute, but I wouldn’t consider it to be world changing. She is singing about basically the same thing many other teens sing about these days: and it’s mostly about heartbreak if you read her lyrics.

    But this is my own opinion, so I won’t expect anyone else to agree with me.

  • Ashley

    She sucks! She can’t sing, she’s cocky, and she looks like a chipmunk. She needs to go away!

  • LolaSvelt

    I’m just glad she took Nickelback’s title. Man they suck.

  • lucy

    awh; this is awesome. she totally deserves this, i love her to pieces (:

  • Joanne

    congrats Taylor. both your albums are really good

  • mailey

    she seems cool and all, but she is suffering from overexposure now. really getting sick of her. just sayin.

  • ConcernedSoul

    Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Thank you for that. As you said, she’s a talented singer-songwriter, especially given her age, however I don’t believe she’s anything special, she’s precisely like all the other teens out there singing about boys.

  • :)

    love love love taylor swift :). to the haters- at least she’s better than nickelback.

  • Everyone Wants My Lucky Charms

    I love Taylor!!! She is a real role model for girls. It’s very nice to see such a good person becoming successful. She really deserves it.

  • Babe_luv_ya

    She is overrated

  • Alice

    @Jennifer: It’s not just her music, or lyrics, it’s the fact that she’s a new kind of artist. She is also a human being, a person who is reachable by the people. That’s new. That’s why she’s getting all this.

  • dundies

    i agree with all the level headed bitches on this board. a new of kind of artist? great! can she sing? no. the end

  • fattypantz

    She seems sweet but I don’t understand all the attention :(

  • Jess

    i HATE her.

  • Jess


    haha. i so agree.

  • Sunshine


    She is a new kind of artist and she seems to have a very sweet personality but she can not sing very well at all.

  • awurbii


    I would have to disagree. I like Taylor’s music as well but it is not groundbreaking. She’s a good artist but I don’t see anything unique or amazing in her voice and what she has produced. People in the past that used to receive these titles were people like Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, unique and groundbreaking artists who shook the industry. Taylor is not one of them. I do like her though, I can see her appeal but I am being as honest as possible. I don’t want to offend anybody but people really need to take the time to think about her music. Not how cute she is, how pretty she is or how nice she is but her music. Because that is what being a musician is about, producing great songs.

  • lokomotor

    @Jennifer: @Jennifer:

    You’re right:I don’t agree with you at all.
    Why is she popular and having so much success? Simple : people like her music and LOVE her so they keep buying her music and keeping her albums in the charts.The people have spoken by voting with their wallets and pushing Taylor into the record books.
    Why does it bother you how successful she is–since you claim you like her?If you think someone else is more deserving, here’s a suggestion : go buy that artist’s album and help them break Taylor’s record of 157 weeks..

  • lokomotor


    Stop being naive.Image/looks contributes just as much to the success of an artist as the music.If not,all artists would not bother releasing music videos.Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox became popular not just due to their music but also due to their groundbreaking music videos.
    And don’t forget MJ/Annie Lennox reached their artistic peak at age 30-40 years.So it’s a bit unfair to compare 19 yr old Taylor’s work to their best work at age 35.Let’s give Taylor some time to develop as an artist before comparing their music.

  • Abby

    She can’t sing? Haha, that’s funny.

    She writes her music, plays guitar and sings, and has managed to successfully cross pop and country. THAT’S why she has all this. Whether you like country music or pop music, Taylor Swift covers it, and she does it with relateable lyrics, catchy tunes, and charm. She’s a really talented artist. She’s not the greatest singer, but she truly has a gift with music.

  • awurbii


    I never said that I didn’t understand why she is famous. I am aware of how image and looks contribute to an artist but many people are confusing her talent with her appeal. There are some people out there that are still passionate about music. I don’t believe that looks contribute completely to the appeal of an artist because I believe that there are people out there who see through that. Let me explain.

    Many people say they love Taylor because she appears to be down to earth and easier to relate to. When I made my comment I was not talking about her appeal as a celebrity, I was talking about her appeal as a musician. It was on the basis of that that I was creating my opinion. That is why I said that people need to take a second to look past the popularity. If I was not aware do you honestly think I would have made that statement?

    It is true, Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox’s music videos did contribute to their successes but isn’t that part of the art? Annie Lennox did reach her peak at an older age. Michael Jackson on the other hand received some success at the age in his childhood and early twenties. Yes, Taylor is younger and maybe I should not be comparing her to those artists but that is exactly my point. Those artists had to grow to reach their success. Taylor received hers before her growth. At the moment she is still a beginner artist. There are many artist who have been through those stages and are producing amazing songs but they can not reach that status because artists like Taylor Swift are producing songs that appeal to teenagers and young crowds (my generation) who these days are usually more interested in the celebrity than the artist. But like I said there are some people out there who still care about music. Her appeal being great does not make her deserving of her title as a musician. Believe it or not, there is a difference between the two.

    Of course that is a personal opinion of mine and not everybody has to agree with it.

  • koa

    #5 post your pic here. i bet u look like a pig. go buy some cds of your idol paris hilton. maybe you can help break taylor’s record.
    #20 obviously you have no idea what the music industry is all about. lol now tell me what “groundbreaking” artists’ cds u have actually bought.
    don’t you just love teenagers? they are always bitter. ha

  • awurbii


    Sorry. When I said ” does not make her deserving of her title as a musician.” That was incorrect. I was typing too fast. I meant to say deserving of her achievement of “the longest charting album of the century.”

    P.S This does not mean that I do not like Taylor Swift.

  • TY

    I agree with #24. The girl can not sing at all. She is all over the place at her concerts-the studio techs fix her vocals to make her sound better on records. It is the tweens that has made her popular. She always sings in the same keys and about breakups, etc.. Annoying and boring. She should NEVER win as female vocalist of any genre. Vote for Beyonce and Carrie Underwood—they are REAL Vocalists.

  • David

    I think she deserves the record way more than Nickleback, man do they suck.

  • dj

    she’s the sweetest girl out there, she’s a real artist & writes her own songs unlike a certain Beyonce

  • TSwiftFan

    Taylor may not reach high notes like Leona Lewis but I think she can sing. I actually enjoy listening to her songs. The reason why she’s so huge is because she’s one of the few young artists who can writes songs by her own and let younger people listen to country music. In my opinion, her music is unique. I never heard something likes Taylor’s music before. Ofcourse she can’t be bigger than Michael Jackson etc but her music did change my life and at least she’s a real artist and not like Disney stars who got an easily record deal because of the succes of their tv shows.

    @#20 Even though I’m a huge fan I agree, but I do think there’s something special about her voice (in my opinion). That’s the main reason why I started searching more info about her. The reasons why she’s huge is because she writes own music and make people listen to country music. That’s what I think. She may not have the best songs written but what I like about her is that she wrote/co-wrote them all and all her songs have a story behind it. I think most people forget is that Taylor is a teenager. The songs on her second album were written when she was 16/17/18 years old. Teenagers write about these kind of stuffs like breakups. She also has very good written songs like “You’re Not Sorry” and “Sparks Fly”. I hope her writting skills will grow and we will hear that on her third album.

    @# 27: Taylor doesn’t let her voice fix. I have to admit when she’s with the whole band she’s less better. She jumps to much around etc but if you listen to performances like this you can hear she can sing. I know for fact that she has lots of older fans as well.

  • Tina


  • Tina

    TAYLOR SWIFT SUCKS, JUST LIKE MILEY CYRUS…….It’s ALL ABOUT NICKELBACK they RULE!!! That’s coming from a black girl.

  • Meadow

    She better be thanking Kanye West for letting his blunder become her fortune! That situation gave her an extra push. Everybody has to love/feel sorry for the abused kitten.

  • hmm

    that’s awesome. good for her. she deserves it.
    hard work paid off.

  • Laura Ginger

    She is so awesome. Luv her to pieces!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she makes awesome music
    i dont really listen 2 her but the few songs i do are great
    congrats on the achievement!
    jared, u do only know that this century has only gone on for like 10 yrs…..
    ur making it seem like if she’ll hold that title on for the next 90 yrs

  • nashville music row

    taylor swift isnt a solo artist and her record label makes sure they fix the award shows

  • serena

    congratulation…she deserves it…both her albums are amazing… and i’ve got both her albums and including that fearless platinum edition… they are a keeper… u go girl…

  • serena


    agree… hard work paid off

  • Ashley Sparkle

    She has such a presence, wise beyond her years

  • christine


    she deserves it !

  • She’s O.K.

    Her voice is pretty lightweight but she’s a cutie and she’s sweet. I like her. Her voice is no worse than most of the other crop of young female ‘pop’ stars. Not everybody can be an Alicia Keyes.

  • Yelena

    that’s cool, but it hasn’t even been 9 years in the 21st centuary!

  • Izzah

    Why does it bother you so much that she gets all these attentions? She breaks these records because people like her songs and they want to buy her album.. Doesn’t have anything to do with you, does it? If you think someone else is more deserving, then why don’t you go to music stores or iTunes and buy their albums multiple times??
    I think most people who buys her albums are inspired and motivated by her success that she’s got at a very early age.. The fact that she could sing, play instruments and write songs amazingly at 19 is what made people fascinated, and make people believe in themselves that they could achieve anything if they think they have talents and they try hard enough. Now, some people aren’t like that. (And YES, I’m talking about you, haters!) They think that a singer should be able to sing very high notes, and not necessarily sing songs that could inspire people, that have real meanings to them. I personally think that a singer should be able to send a message to their fans, through their songs. And for some people, they need music to get them through their peoblems in life, so what should singers or songwriters do? Write a song that has an effect on people.And I’m definitely confident that Taylor has delivered that.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    This century isn’t that old yet.


    hahaha. totally agree that this century isnt even that old. haha. it’s only 2009….

  • Stone

    That should be true for about another month!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    When she could brag about the thickest, I’ll be impressed!

  • Jessica

    @Jennifer: I agree with you, but think about it. Say you said “hey this is a reeally catchy album” so you buy it. Think about how many other people out there think the same thing. She sings about a lot of things that young kids can relate to. And she’s a positive role model, unlike people like Britney, Miley, or Lady GaGa.

  • srgaag

    @Joseph Adam Daniels:

    all the right reasons, nickelback- 166 weeks

    taylor swift (self titlted)- 197 weeks

    both are pretty damn good.
    and to the hate comments on how taylor got this,
    because she worked her ass off,
    and made music that appealed to a wide audience,
    and gave the people what they wanted
    and her hard work paid off
    she deserves it
    she may not have a big bold voice like christina aguilera or whitney houston
    but she still knows how to captivate an audience using her heart and soul in songs. and people can feel what shes composing in her music. and a big part is that she writes her own songs so ppl have respect for her for that. thats part of being a good artist. she has that it factor ppl want more of. and i cant get enough!
    and lately, her voice has been getting bigger and improving
    i love this girl!!!!
    team taylor!