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Brad Pitt: Tok-Yo Gabba Gabba!

Brad Pitt: Tok-Yo Gabba Gabba!

Brad Pitt makes his way through Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Tuesday (November 3).

The 45-year-old actor, who’s in town to promote Inglourious Basterds, made his way through the terminal relatively unnoticed, even going straight past a group of fans that had hoped to spot him leaving the airport!

After Brad‘s fun Halloween, Yo Gabba Gabba!‘s DJ Lance Rock made an open invitation to the family: “If he, Angelina and the kids want to come hang out in Gabba land, they’re welcome anytime!” Lance told Us Weekly.

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  • stop the botox

    Lmao at the rpatz/zac efron wannabe. Newsflash, Brad Pitt … you are about to be 50.

    anyway, did anyone else watch the trailer for SALT? OMG! I can’t believe Angie flashed her cross tattoo. I think she might look better after 2 pregnancies.

  • Jordan

    Brad looks so cool and hot. So much for his hater to be first in his thread. ain’t it Half Blood Prince aka Assley? :rolling my eyes:
    I think it’s obvious they have decided not to bother their kids with short trips to Different premieres locations for their movies if it’s only going to take afew days.
    You can expect to see Angie promoting Salt in different countries on her own next year as well if it’s only going to take 2 or 3 days. Brad may stay longer in Japan if he needs to be there but you can be sure he will be back to his family when his work is finished.
    Last year in December for one week before his birthday he went to Berlin to shoot IB but he came back in time for his birthday to celebrate it with his family.
    If Brad stayed in that childless relationship for 7 years what makes you to think he wouldn’t stay in this relationship longer even if it’s only for their kids sake?
    Although knowing Angie through her past , She won’t waste anyone’s and her time on a relationship if she has stopped growing up with him or has stopped loving that person and having the same goal with him. She doesn’t rule that way.

  • Cristobal

    I love him

  • elizabeth

    Glad to see Brad in Japan. Hmmmmmm he’s smilling on the 3rd pictures… handsome guy. Hello to all JP fans. Hope to see the children when he arrive back and of course Mama Angie.

  • elizabeth

    To Passing Through —where are you?…. the man is in Japan need your total balance for IB boy can’t wait for the total and predictions.

  • wendy

    I just love this look on him, the beard suits him so well.

  • British

    Major LOL that people who turned up to see him managed to competely MISS him. Either he was well disguised – doesn’t seem so – or they were useless Pitt fans

  • addds

    loveeeee youu braaaaaad

  • Nina

    LOVE this HUNK!!!!!

    lovin the beads in the beard too :)

  • Sofia


  • to Brit

    @British: I think they are useless. see him waving and smiling? And apparently Tarrantino is with him. tarrentino probably told brad to go ahead because of the screaming fans and it turns out the fans didn’t scream. You don’t notice Brad these days unless he has at least two kids in his arms :duh

  • to Brit

    he even has Angelina’s long time bodyguard (pic 4 dude with big nose) there to protect him. from the oh so wild fans. rotflmao

  • Catsup

    Oh man i wish i had of been there i would have got an autograph and a peek.
    Brad Pitt is about the only man i would give the time of day to same as his sweet lady Angie Jolie.
    It was so sweet when they got together and it turned out to be a beautiful relationship..meant to be.

  • andamentothat

    great to see Brad… and thanks for all the Halloween pics as well Jared.. Yo’ Gabba Gabba!!!!

  • teri

    Brad looks really happy, Angelina knows how to put that smile on his face before leaving for a couple days. WOW, that invitation will make the kids day also.

  • Jeannified

    So handsome! Also…who’s the hottie standing next to him in picture four? A body guard or airport security, I’d guess.

  • Amy

    He looks amazing and thats a fact, you can talk and talk whatever you want and in the end the result is that HE IS AMAZIIIIINNNGG!!

  • Spongebob :P

    stop the botox @ 11/03/2009 at 11:26 am

    You tell that to your wanna be Miley Cyrus Fugniston, no more botox, your cheeks are getting bigger than you chin. Ugniston, your are in your 40′s, mini skirt is for the young ones. Brangelina is going for 5 years and more, longer than Brad’s marriage life to that selfish botox face. Salt is going to be a hit all over the world, we’re talking about the only one *Lara Croft”

  • teri

    I wouldn’t worry to much about fugastin either, her knees are looking pretty handsome as of lately. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • stop the botox

    @Spongebob :P: good for Brangelina. I still think brad has overdone look just like his ex he has the puffer cheeks. Maybe they are sending secret messages to each other through their cheeks and by trying to look like the younger stars?

    by the way, after watching the salt trailer I think Angelina can pretty much get it with any man/woman whenever she wants one :-) if Brad doesn’t want it. ha!

  • teri

    I also say keep the beads Brad show the haters you don’t give a royal fvck what they think!!!!!
    JP rule.

  • drainbreath

    Lmao at the rpatz/zac efron wannabe. Newsflash, Brad Pitt … you are about to be 50

    Huhauhahahah…..that would be the equivalent of a lion ‘aspiring’ to be like a gnat….even old lions are still better than young gnats…lions can roar gnats hmm well they are good at buzzing a bit.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    what the fcuk has jolie done to this poor basturd.

  • karen

    love my Brad.. love the beads.. saying to the haters.. FU(L you.. I do what I want..

    Six beads.. one for each child? hmmm and one at the lip for Angie..LOL.. just kidding.. who cares.. his goatee..

    Dang he looks great in that jacket..

    Saw the trailer for Salt..and YEAH her tats are there too.. She looked great for someone who had twins just a few months earlier.. the movie looks really dramatic and Action packed.. PERFECT.. glad the trailer is out and the movie will get some early Buzz..

    I for one will be there OPENING DAY… Rock it Angie.. Rock It..

  • pokeman

    drainbreath @ 11/03/2009 at 12:38 pm

    brad worn something similar when he was with angie in 2005. rpatz/zac are the ones are copying brad.

  • JPrules

    Brad Pitt is loved all over the world. IB is doing great in the BOX OFFICE!!!!

  • teri

    Aww I can see Shiloh and Z having a hayday with Brads beard, betcha they are behind this. Simply love this guy, he adores his children and his life.

  • pokeman

    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 11/03/2009 at 12:41 pm what the fcuk has jolie done to this poor basturd.

    i know. i can’t not believe what she has done to him. he has never look better. angie did a great job. better than that old useless piece of sh!t MANiston. I am so proud of angie. I am sure she is proud of herself for saving this man’s life and keep him looking so hot.

  • marina

    @stop the botox:
    ha,! yeah sure he’s sending puffy secret messages through his gabba orange costume, he tried to match her skin color!!!
    I’d ask you to go away, but of course that would be asking too much of your parked a*ss
    great that he is in japan, and loving the beads, he’s loco!! I bet his kids loved those :D

  • Not Impressed by JA

    IB daily sales figures : Foreign updated

    Domestic: $119,596,251 (box office mojo)
    + Foreign: $179,656,253 (uip)


    = Worldwide: $299,252,504

  • Ha!

    He look gross. You people are blind.


    Ha! @ 11/03/2009 at 12:58 pm



  • pokeman

    Ha! @ 11/03/2009 at 12:58 pm He look gross. You people are blind.

    his looks hasn’t changed for a few months but you still bother to look at this gross man.

  • drainbreath

    pokeman @ 11/03/2009 at 12:46 pm

    Poke yes that would figure.

    He grows a beard and wears a hat and every celeb starts growing a beard and sporting hats…he just puts on whatever takes his fancy and all the rest follow. I love the beads in the beard…it’s like saying to the all the jealous people; you don’t like my beard, well I’m going to adorn it then.

  • nancy

    @stop the botox: Thanks, I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • califan

    Brad is still super sexy, full of charisma no matter what kind of hair, beard or no beard, goatee or no goatee, whatever clothes he wears he still oozes sex appeal. No wonder the trolls are going bat crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The trolls are so jealous that Brad is with AJ and not with the fake hag. Bwahahahahahhahahahahahha!!!!

  • Brad Fan

    It’s been nice seeing these new pics of Brad and his family.

  • Orchid

    Phillip Noyce, Salt’s director said in an interview that Angie “can kick as as good as any man,” and that in Salt she gets to do that “in a way I think will startle audiences.”
    He said, “It’s highly dramatic, it’s higly emotional. It’s a thrill a minute. People are going to be very, very surprised by what they see, and by what they see her do. As I have been.”

  • Orchid

    kick ass

  • Not Impressed by JA

    I can’t wait to see SALT, not can’t wait for Angie to do ‘The Tourist’.

  • um

    Sorry but Brad isn’t available. He’s Angie’s husband.

  • kelly

    looks like a mall vagrant who looks through trash cans for uneaten bagels…and I do see crumbs in that stringy beard

  • sissysissy

    ah~ i do expect to see Angie and the kids go with him to Tokyo…

  • dineen

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, he looks so rediculous. You losers who love him can have him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • fun fact

    - most Asians can’t grow a real full beard either mister Brad

  • j

    Yea,……he’s sexy, …….if you’re a bag lady looking for some action

  • wow

    the salt trailer was very interesting,seem angie did a lot of things,full of thrilling actions,drama,sexiness ,disguises and maybe a bit of skin?…… salute to the one and only angelina jolie!

  • wow

    and that face wow!!!

  • elizabeth

    @Not Impressed by JA:
    there you are…thanks for the update.