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Gabriel Aubry: New Face of Louis Vuitton

Gabriel Aubry: New Face of Louis Vuitton

Gabriel Aubry and his adorable daughter Nahla leave a taxi in New York City’s Soho on Friday (October 30). That evening, longtime love Halle Berry left a business meeting and headed back to her hotel in midtown Manhattan.

The 33-year-old model kept Nahla, 19 months, bundled up in a fleece zip-up jacket and a warm hat while Halle rocked a cropped leather jacket and fierce black Botkier booties.

The New York Post reported that Gabriel will be the new face of Louis Vuitton. Gabriel recently shot photos for the fashion house’s spring campaign in Ibiza.

20+ pictures inside of Gabriel Aubry, Nahla and Halle Berry around NYC…

FYI: Halle is carrying her swag in a “Kristin” leather tote by Coach.

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gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 02
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 03
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 04
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 05
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 06
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gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 09
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 10
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 11
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 12
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 13
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 14
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 15
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 16
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 17
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 18
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 19
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 20
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 21
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 22
gabriel aubry halle berry nyc 23

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN, INFDaily
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  • Sakura M

    Halle is beautiful,Gabriel is a hottie and their baby,Nahla is a cutie.Some of you guys are full of hatred and jealousy,it’s quite pathetic really!!

  • http://JUSTJARED beautiful

    what is beautiful got to do with stealing your money for those rotten movies she make, who cares how they look, those looks are fading faster than a falling star, #52 lives in a loddy pop land, she must have eating to much candy for holloween

  • Mz. Thang

    Saw all the pictures, find it amusing that Halle didn’t have the pappis follow them at the airport, since Halle appears to be one of the most photographed celebs at LAX, we never see them leave/arrive at JFK etc.Does she think she can keep her charade going on much longer with her inept sperm donor baby daddy? True, he seemed a little more animated when having lunch in Soho with Nahla and her nanny, but he still looked it was forced especially when he’s cuddling with her–he’s look at the pappis cameras.Halle’s trying to revive her career or what’s left of it, she doesn’t need the bad PR of folks not buying to her arrangement or how wonderful things are at home. Body language doesn’t lie from Gabe or Nahla. Seems she’s more comfortable when Halle holds her.Wasn’t convinced by all of the staged vacation photos from this summer. Who knows he may actually be a good father? Don’t buy the bit either about him always hating the pappis etc. Who vacations at a posh hotel when their “bf” supposedly owns a place there? Unless she was there for business? The pappis happen to be around when the family goes golfing? Or some art fair out side of LA? Not buying it. Not saying they shouldn’t go out or be seen, since it’s part of being a celebrity, but Halle needs to stop tipping them off just to show how wonderful the family is or how to stay relevant since her career is at a standstill. Frankly, think Halle always looks pissed is bc things at home aren’t as wonderful as she makes it out to be and is worried about her career. Plus, Gabe looks like a time bomb waiting to go off–he’s already gone off several times with the pappis. Whether he’s been on her payroll or not, I frankly don’t think he knew what he was getting into. All of this for more fame ,a failed restaurant and playing in celeb golf tournaments when he’s not a celebrity? So, much for the bogus house Halle bought outside of Montreal that she never goes to?

    We still don’t have a release date for Frankie & Alice since being in post production since January. No updates on the Tyler Perry she may in since Perry said he was taking the rest of the year off after the Precious premiere. No word on The Surrogate/s, if that’s a go or any of her other projects that she’s producing, etc.that have been on hold for several years which are costing her money. What about Dark Tide is it a done deal and will it start in the next few months. The only thing that might be doing well is her fragrance, which all we hear about are the few awards it has won.

  • Halle on MSNBC Friday

    Halle may have been back in NYC to film her segment for MSNBC on that abused women’s shelter which airs this Friday and trying to solidify her other projects? She could have even had a meeting with Coty to discuss “Halle” or other projects?

  • Halle March of Dimes Nov.

    She also is among the celebrities who have signed on to help with this month’s March of Dimes campaign as well as that teen mentoring program from awhile back. Seems like Halle’s going the charity cause route to help her career, but she’s always been active in support various causes throughout her career.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    So what.

  • Tsk Tsk

    Jennifer @33 you sound like an ugly black woman who is a 2-ton tessie. Am I right? No wonder you are filled with so much evil hatred for the beautiful Halle Berry. Yes, she’s with a fine Caucasian man and you are probably stuck dating ugly low-life thugs who don’t want to marry you. Become a better person and maybe you will get lucky.

  • Tsk Tsk

    And for the rest of you haters who are not Jennifer, when you see a Halle Berry thread, just skip over it if you can. I doubt you can because you are so JEALOUS of her that you can’t stand it. You probably wait everyday for a thread on Halle or Gabriel so that you can let out your vile ugliness. Halle Berry doesn’t have to be a great actress. I rarely see her films, but she’s not like you low life people on this thread who don’t have hope or a prayer for their lives. At least she’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and she is enjoying her life and moving forward, which is much more than you can say. Get out of the ghetto and get a life!!!!!

  • http://JUSTJARED jan

    hi #57, i am not black nor white, but i do agree with the rest of the comments, halle lies to much in advancing her tire old career, yes now she is trying to join more charities to be seen, and to revive it, because those movies are not worth it, keep your money in your pocket. yes she can not hold our attention, go away, #55, you are so right, you are to good, you sound like you know the inside scoop, but we can see through her phony relationship, she only had the baby because his looks, not much, he looks retarded, and #53 you are so right. halle is tide, nothing to her acting, if you want to call it that,

  • http://JUSTJARED kim

    what the ……………., teach your man, boy, or fake boyfriend how to hold your kid, it looks like he carring lougage or dog, and she looks like she knows something, kids always express the truth in their face

  • http://JUSTJARED just for attention

    halle will be on the nbc news “making a difference” talking about domestic violence, what do she really know about that, she has made that one hit she got from someone who caught her with another man, and now she making it into a career, to keep her tied career going, don’t fall for it. remember those boring movies save your money

  • http://JUSTJARED mark

    we want go see frankie and alice, dark tide, waste of film, she is a horrible actress, forget about it, making movies with halle, she almost brought down benicio career, and bruce willis must have went to bed with her, than moved, they know she is nuts, who she haven’t sleep with, warren beatty maybe

  • She already did WB

    @mark: No Mark she did Warren when doing Bulworth. There were photos of her sneaking out of his house at all hours while she was dating/engaged to Eric.

  • Yep

    @jan: of course, the charity work and interviews are another way for her to stay relevant.

  • 59-62 same person

    59-62 same person posting….

  • lol

    35 & 37 are also the same as 59-62….

  • Halle who ya keep fooling?

    Halle who ya keep fooling? It’s so frickin’ obvious that your gay paid sperm donor doesn’t like holding the kid, if it’s actually his, with everyone you have slept with in Hollywood to get ahead.

    No wonder your past relationships don’t work, even if you did it for business. No wonder you’re career is washed up, for doing the casting couch bit and stepping on actresses toes–karma’s a bitch isn’t it.

    Do you really think all of the photo ops of Gaybriel and Nahla are going to make posters think he’s actually straight or you actually have a loving relationship? Biatch please. Even the unshaven look and the periodic waxing buff pix scream out he’s more gay.

  • neil

    What a gorgeous family they are!

  • akweley

    @giveitabreak: THANK YOU!





  • HOT!!!!!!

    Aubry is hotter than a serrano chili pepper! I love his face. It’s quite a masterpiece. Congrats to him. He’s got “The Look” that makes him perfect for any fashion gig.

  • Stone

    Was there something wrong with his old face?

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Soon to be old!

  • huh?

    LV is probably the only thing Gaybriel is bagging. Ya know he ain’t bagging Halle.

  • Aliyah

    God it sucks to be a celebrity people always taking your pictures I’d be angry in every photo too Gabriel is HOT!!!! Halle is GORGEOUS!!! and they make a cute kid stop being haters because you guys don’t know them and haven’t been in their shoes

  • louis vuitton sale

    there goes that old fat man looking after his money he is stealing from halle, what business, who want to see her tired played out same old same old. Thandie newton at least has an education from a very good university and is a wife and mother, who is a very good actress and more. What is halle, one of the worst actress i have ever seen, paying a man to have a baby, get real, The only reason Bruce willis was in that rotten movie she must have slept with him, because is was so bad, i wanted to slap someone

  • patch

    Are you have an account in twitter? Write it here, please and I will follow you.