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Gerard Butler: GQ Men Of The Year 2009!

Gerard Butler: GQ Men Of The Year 2009!

Gerard Butler hams it up for the cameras per usual and flexes his muscles at the GQ Men Of The Year 2009 award ceremony on November 3, 2009 in Munich, Germany.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud and Lindsay Lohan reportedly got cozy at the Sol Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort launch in El Jadida, Morocco, on Sunday night. Linds addressed the Gerry rumor as well as rumors she dated model Petey Wright in a Twitter post: “WHO HAS THE TIME! such lies – it keeps me laughing.”

Also spotted on the red carpet: Designer Tom Ford.

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Photos: Miguel Villagran/Getty
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  • True Fug

    Too much make-up, his rosy cheeks make him look like Santa Claus!!!

  • Flisbeth

    First Jessica, now Lindsay…Gerry, Gerry, Gerry please say it isn’t so!

  • Kate

    I hope Gerard has a lot of time for men – sex is important!

  • Mia

    He wins an international film award and JJ talks about the Lilo junk!

    There are pictures from the award show up on dot net that are drop dead gorgeous of him. These aren’t the best and also not indicative of how he really looked tonight. The pics from inside the ceremony are great.


    Great, but he is the man of the Century.
    I love Gerry Butler! He´s a very special guy.

  • OMG!!!!!

    Another day
    Another bad make- up job

  • Downlowinfo

    Lilo has a flat ass, and I seriously doubt that Gerry likes a flat a*ss. JMO.


    Mia, thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right!

  • Dawn9476

    The Lindsey and Gerry stuff is NOT True. Please stop posting it.

  • ……..
  • pudintame

    JJ come on, we all know the Lohan story was pure crap. (Not to mention her peeps have disavowed it and his are threatening litigation) I don’t care who he’s doing or not doing but he’s not that stupid! Let’s give it a rest shall we?

  • LiveJ. Luvver

    A guy posted on LJ that he saw Gerry with some girl he was dating like a month ago and even talked to gerry. Do any of the so-called know everything about gerry fans know if she is still in the picture and if he is “looking?”
    :) :)

  • WTF is LJ abouthy so hard to g

    Maybe the girl gerry is seeing has a man already i.e. a big fat cheater…and therefore can’t be public. Are tyratwin and bootyshorts the same person? In ny or la?
    why is it so hard to get on Ljo jeebus.
    Gerry would go for a taken woman i think. He’d get the s*ex without having to worry about her wanting or expecting more.
    I know men like him. They want women who are taken so they don’t ever have to “take her” himself.

  • Picture….?

    Why did you post that picture #10??? A reasob behind it…?

  • Grace


  • Okra Olive

    Oh I think he looks hot as ever. Ok wtf heard of bootyshort on here a few therads ago who the hell is tyratwin??? I lose track of all of gerry’s pieces of a@@ LOL

    He just looks a little fat and he is wearing circus clown makeup. I would never date this guy bc he is very full of himself, but he tries and works very hard. he is not gay in my opinion. he just doesnt want a “public” woman – something we fans have known all along. The minute the woman is “public” as being with him in any way (usually something of his stupidity or of her doing??) – I doubt it will last even as FWB situation.



  • framo

    @Kate = HATER:

    just bc he didnt want you or even flirt back doesnt make him gay hunny.
    just means you werent his type. tsk tsk too bad!


    THANK YOU #10!




  • chyckzzz

    Ok why does gerry always ham it up just stand there and look handsome I think he looks best in a suit congrats gerry on the award !!!! You look great and i agree he is not with lindsay shes so not his type no boobs not dark enought and no a@@!!!!!!!

  • skyblue

    Nothing but a pure sell out. I’m tired of Gerry threads and seeing how disgustingly old and bloated he looks. Seriously folks… it’s time to move on to someone who is actually media worthy.

  • Mardi

    @chyckzzz: And how would you know what his type is, you wrinkly, old nut-sack?

    As long as it has a pulse, baps and a snatch, a man is likely to fu© k it

  • alphaba

    skyblue, why aren’t you going on to someone you think is media worthy and not post here if that’s how you feel? I think Gerard is amazing, funny, handsome and fascinating. What do you mean by a sell out? Being successful and being honored with an international award? Isn’t being a success in one’s field many people’s end game? Should he have wanted to be in a string of vanity projects and fail in his career? I don’t understand your point.

  • Mr. Giggles

    More pix from GQ……..
    Peeps who saw G except his award say he ran at the mouth —– Shocking !!!! LOL

  • gbfan

    @True Fug:

    Perhaps it’s having just been in Morocco and getting a little sun?

  • mia

    Thanks for posting that link here. I’m no good at that sort of thing.

    From what I gather, it wasn’t Gerry’s speech that put people to sleep, it was Sir Bob Geldof going on and on and on and on with a lecture about giving to charity.

  • mia

    Thanks for posting that link here. I’m no good at that sort of thing.

    From what I gather, it wasn’t Gerry’s speech that put people to sleep, it was Sir Bob Geldof going on and on and on and on with a lecture about giving to charity.

  • Framolamdu


    Sorry @framo aint me. But whoever you are its nice you know so much about what I do – if a little icky actually. Now I know what it feels like to be stalked!!!. And if trying to help the guy come to Glasgow which he actually wants is a sin then so be it.

  • orange

    He is still orange.

  • dot net pics

    looks like jizzm is dribbling out of his mouth in some of those pics.. gross!

  • lavender1960

    You got that right Mia and actually the Germans are a talky bunch, Gerry was relatively short in his speech and he was funny. The one German guy was killing the audience but he looked like he was the German Jay Leno/Letterman or perhaps better yet Craig Ferguson, and yes those photos do not look as good as he did on the live feed. Yes I watched it, shoot me down, go ahead. He is not orange on the live feed if I must spell it out.

  • butlerfan

    I am concerned that some of you are seeing orange. You may want to go to the doctor. He is not orange and if you are seeing orange, you may have a serious health problem. I am a nurse…

  • lavender1960

    Now Tom Ford was being a diva on the red carpet if you want some real scoop.

  • framo


    You ugly effed up hag. Take your crap back to IMDb where someone gives a sh**.
    Gerry is not as much of a wh*re as you dumb skan*s want to think sorrrry he wouldn’t eff you if his life depended on it.

    Dumb stupid losers who should just jump off the next bridge. Go kill yourself.

  • jules

    God some of you people are so boringly repetitive. How many times do you have to post that you think he’s gay? Unless you know for a fact, STFU! Funny people bitch out equality, equal rights for everyone, gay people are the same but the minute some guy in Hollywood get popular, he’s gay and some nut job goes on and on posting stupid little comments without any real facts. EVERY hot popular MALE star in Hollywood has at one time or another been labeled gay. So give it a bleedin rest already. WTFC…figure that one out. Unless you’re going to sleep with the guy, which is highly doubtful, give it a rest.
    OMG, he is so straight….Funny you never see that post..

  • LaVerite

    Watch this video at 2:13, Gerry’s friend Ariel Vromen talks about a girl that Gerry used to date. So there you go folks, Gerry’s married best friend says Gerry dates women. I conclude that Gerry is probably straight. By the way, Ariel is married to actress/model Olga Fonda.

    Read more:

  • LaVerite

    jules you’re right, I agree with you completely. Gerry’s had many girlfriends. If you go to the GALS site and you can see their pics for god sakes. Gerry Butler gay, please. I have never seen a straighter man in my life.

  • Penn&Teller

    Most definitely gay.

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    Penn &Teller are gay? I thought this thread was for gerard Butler. Go figure…

  • framo

    UM MY name is Frances M, so i dont know what you are talking about caps user loser from hell ON page one. Forget your lithium?

    JULES forget it – none of the hagged out fa*gs on this board will even get close enough to gerry ROMANTICALLY to sniff his farts.

    Though theymay stalk fan events and premieres. Romantically speaking, these people have a snowballs chance in hell of gb burping in their faces.
    How come i can accept that and don;t even want sir orange your highness anywhere near me in that sense.
    —HELLO FANS LOSERS maybe just maybe he is “getting down” with a new chick somewhere and i do hope that she IS wearing the shortest bootyshorts that ride up her ass and he eats them off

    As a true fan, I dont gve a horses left s*hit what or who gerry is screwing right now. as long as its not a DUDE.

  • I.L.G.A

    Fans know as much about his sexuality as a piece of dogsh*t on the sidewalk knows about existence. If Gerry and Nick want to plug each others asssholes til kingdom come, then let them. What is it to you? Why are you forcing him to live a lie and pretend he’s straight in public?.

  • LaVerite

    I.L.G.A. no one is forcing him to be straight, he just is. He’s had girlfriends. Don’t you know about Bianca Christians? She was even at the 300 premiere.

  • GreenGo


    BIANCA AINT JACK SH*T HUN. she is olddddd news and five years ago and she got on his everlasting nerve.
    Of course he has woma(e)n. Hes a man stop trying to make him gay so you size 10 and abovers can feel better about yourselves.


    AND ILGA shut your trap. You just want Gerry gay because you know your fat cheeto eating a** wouldnt have a chance with him

  • GreenGo

    #31 are you retarded??

  • GQ award ceremony

    I watched the livestream of the award ceremony. GB was one of the very few non-Germans receiving awards. Among the serious Germans GB’s accepting speech was the funniest and the audience burst into laughs several times at his jokes which to my relief were all clean. None of the foot-in-mouth disease flare-ups. GB looked absolutely gorgeous sitting near the center on the first row next to the German actor who was in The Glorious Basterds.

  • **JAMIE**

    i think he looks very cute in these pictures

  • Chanice

    @LaVerite: Actually that model Bianca was a paid beard and not a girlfriend. He has always been gay.

  • Fat & Homely

    The fat and ugly chicks want him gay so that NO ONE can have him.
    Also the chicks he jilted and maybe gave hope to but never hooked up with want him gay bc it makes them feel better about there own useless, pathetic existences.

    I mean every guy should want sex anyway he can right?
    WRONG. Gerry can afford to be picky. Because he is amazing – and he should be.

    He’s a flirt – maybe he took your number, smiled at you…but he dont wantcha. sorry doesnt mean hes gay it just means he doesnt want YOU.
    If you did hit it, you’d all be on here singing his praises.

  • you existence is questionable

    watch it. the sh!*t spewing oy is baaackkkk!!!!!