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Jon Gosselin: Fame Canceled Out Conviction

Jon Gosselin: Fame Canceled Out Conviction

Jon Gosselin meets with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a former adviser to Michael Jackson, at a West Side Synagogue on Sunday (November 1).

“I think I’m just misunderstood. I’m not a fame seeker. Everyday I look in the mirror and I wonder [why I'm famous]. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I’m not a Nobel Peace Prizewinner. I just had eight kids and I had a show on TLC,” Jon said at the event, according to People. “Half the stuff I’ve done, if I look at my moral compass, I shouldn’t have done,” explained Jon. “I know that but I did it anyway. It’s like fame canceled out conviction.”

“It’s hard for me because I can’t forgive myself for the things I’ve done,” Jon said. “So to ask for forgiveness from someone who may never forgive me is tough for me. I do apologize to Kate. I’m sorry for doing the things I did. I do ask for her forgiveness.”

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  • Amanda Dubs

    hahahhaa yeah right. nice try.

  • g!na

    Fame Wh*ore !!!!!!!!!

  • amy ann

    ah, that’s sweet but unfortunately totally staged.
    Why go through the media and not tell her directly? Once a one trick pony always a one trick pony I guess

  • daadsada

    he is fcuking ridiculous. he has NO shame.

  • ommmz

    Wow, whoever writes his statements is very eloquent, I have to say, I almost bought the statement!

  • sienna

    Rabbi is teaching him good.

  • shakira

    Holy Shmoly! Doesn’t this guy have a heart? Doesn’t he ever get real? For god’s sake, apologize to your wife, in private and straighten up and behave like a man. Stop being so silly and such a fame seeker.


    Grossssss, get out of my memories

  • ugh

    they are both fame whoores. let’s hope shmuley is tape recording jon’s convos

  • becareful

    If you are ashamed and your “compass” is off, just shut up and walk away from fame. I can guarantee we will all leave you alone.

  • on

    For the sake of the entire humanity, STOP WRITING ABOUT THESE NOBODYS!!!!!!! I can’t believe one can get publicity for acting like complete douchebags. No one cares about these famewhores!

  • Terrier

    Didn’t he say he was Protestant at one point? Why is he seeking advice from a rabbi?

  • Silver

    SHUT UP!! I can’t stand him!

  • redistributethis

    If he really wants to apologize to anyone it should be the viewers who watched this moron for 5 seasons. And another group due an apology might be his kid’s. But if he apologized to them it would be admitting he is a selfish low-life and he wouldn’t want anyone thinking that. Don’t put this jackass on!

  • Pandora

    If he really wanted help he’d see a Psychiatrist in private practice. Doesn’t want to be in the public eye my ass! Is anyone naieve enough to buy this?

  • annab

    Just another way to redeem and justify his actions. Don’t believe a word of it.

  • Lisa2

    hmmmm,,,,, “I’m not a fame whore”…… But then he has the cameras here for this stunt.??? Looks like a fame whore to me!!!

  • Lisa2

    Oh…. I used the wrong word….. “whore= seeker”……

  • Say it like it is

    @Say it like it is:

    Where is my post?

  • Beach Lover

    Khate is the one who is addicted to fame and fortune! But nooooo, that isn’t one of the things she said on “the Khate show” last night, was it?

    I think Jon just was pulled along. He isn’t an attention-seeker half as much as she is. I think Jon would go back to being dad and only dad if the poor kids could have a different mommy.

    Sad to say, they are stuck with old possum head for a mother and I fear for them.

  • jo

    I would believe this not for publicity if were not for the almost theatrical, drama setting using the large, obviously religuous toned chairs. Please. If he was sincere he would do it what he always says he’s going to do and not continue to make public announcements through the media for $$$$.

  • Jan

    Another HOAX by Jon Gosselin. He needs money$$$ so is playing out his fame by creating more FAKE statements. He & Hailey planned her tears about him abusing her on The Insider, too. Jon was standing off stage watching it all. Jon is like balloon boy. IT IS ALL FOR A SHOW!!!

  • Jenny

    During this speech Jon also stated how hard it was for him to stay home and change diapers and do the things that “you expect your wife to do.” He makes me sick. He is nothing but a sexist, self-absorbed pig.

  • Say it like it is

    Both ,Jon and Kate, need to go away and raise those 8,EIGHTLITTLEINNOCETFACES,8 kids.
    They each have had enough fame,face time,and fortune.
    The kids have had enough tvt ime.Both parents have made millions.ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  • watch

    Jon needs to STFU and stop talking to the media. Why does he feel like the public needs to forgive him. I don’t give a damn who he sleeps with. Why does it matter what the public thinks. He can talk until the cows come home and he still won’t get the publics sympathy. Jon just doesn’t get it……he will never be able to change public opinions. Yes, he made mistakes…the first one was marrying that lazy eyed bitch. The second mistake was letting her ass talk him into more fertility treatments. The third and fatal mistake was selling his soul and his childrens souls to TLC!!!

  • flo

    Kate Gosselin’s Blaming Others, Self Righteousness, Hypocrisy ,and Too Many Tears In TLC’s Latest Attempt To Repair Kate’s Image for Her Own Show

  • Eva

    This person is completely clueless… Yuck…

  • donna

    here is two idiots trying to promote each other! if he really need spiritual guide do it secretly or just consult and old happy married families, they can give more realistic adivse! JON can you please just go and disapear!!!! No one interested hearing a full grown man telling us his problem!! poor thing he misses his mummy kate, he is lost like a small puppy! i bet he miss being scolded by her! loser!

  • Okay Jon

    You can stop talking now. When people talk too much, that’s all it is ——-TALK. Actions speak louder than words any day. If Jon is sincere, he should just shut the heck up and and start doing right by his children. They matter the most — not what the public thinks. If Jon keeps up the yakking, he’s going to run off the little bit of fans he has left. Hopefully they’ll see him for who he really is — immoral.

  • victoria #1

    Who believes such crap-o-la ???? Jon stated he was not ” media
    hungry, ” and I thought, SURE THING BOY. Just read in an issue
    of US Magazine that Jon’s lawyer was coming out of his Apt. Building
    with Jon, and there was over 50 photographer’s screaming at Jon
    to take his picture or ask him question’s about Kate. The next thing
    he knew, Jon was slicking back his hair, and fluffing up those wind-
    tunnel – looking hair pieces in the front of his head.
    His attorney said, ” Jon smiled and smiled and waved
    and it was very clear, that, ” he loved every minute of it, and felt quite
    at home with the paparazzi. ” Kate just made a remark to Ellen DeGeneres ( will be shown Wednesday ) that she is buying a piece of jewerly with 8 little diamonds around it ( necklace ) (? ), to represent
    a new beginning with her children.

    When Ellen asked if the children get one also, because they wanted
    a piece of kid’s jewerly to wear also, she laughed and said, ” NO. ”
    ” They have to get jobs first and pay for their own, when they are older.
    I thought, WHY? Their parents are spending the children’s money
    that they would NOT have if it was not for them anyway, and NOW, they
    are fighting over the money. That money belongs to them, and those precious children should not have to work to get a piece of jewerly
    like their mother’s. What does she expect them to do ? ( or similiar. ) They want it now, to look like their
    mother, and move on with her, said Mady. Maybe Jon and Kate
    need REAL JOBS, to see how hard it is.

  • Ashlee Glam

    He has nothing to apologize for. She should apologize to him

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Maybe having a reality tv show has something to do with it?

  • Zoe

    Could Jon Gosselin say any of this without a Rabbi holding his little hand? I think not. In fact, he said he despises Kate just weeks ago. This man can’t even decide which way is North, he changes his mind more times than anyone I’ve ever seen. You can’t blame fame for your lack of morality. You also can’t say you never wanted fame when you did a reality TV show, quit your job, and non-stop give interviews every second you get. Liars are SO unattractive. No rabbi is going to be able to help this man at all, nonetheless the fame-whoring one that sold out Michael Jackson.

  • Why

    Why did JJ not moderate a relative’s comments earlier. Gosh, picky.

  • Why

    That is, JJ said they would moderate my cousin’s remarks and then JJ did not post them. Hmm…

  • sweet

    @shakira: -Apologizing to coon do,is the last thing he needs to do. They are equal partners in this circus they have created. __________________________________________________@becareful: – Isn’t walking away what TLC’s suing him for?

  • sweet


    Why should he apologize to the viewers? I’m guessing that since you can type on a computer that your motor skills are OK & could handle using your finger to change the channel. Were you forced by someone to watch the show? Are you paralyzed from the neck down & couldn’t use the remote to change the channel? The viewers aren’t victims. Jon & Kate are way too wrapped up in themselves right now to be able to focus 100% on the real victims…the kids.

  • sweet


    Do you think Kate’s doing all her interviews out of the kindness of her heart? Ummmm…Don’t think so!

  • Team Kate!


  • lakers fan in boston

    how is this douche still relevant
    i honestly cant stand him
    i have 2 say im starting 2 be a team kate person, since she’s not constantly asking for attention like this loser

  • TerriJohnson08

    Beach Lover: You need to get a life. Kate had 8 kids and yes she can be a little too organized but Jon was screwing around on her. Kate has to support herself and her kids now. What should she do go work at Walmart? That would help feed 8 kids

  • sweet

    @lakers fan in boston: Kate’s not constantly asking for attention? Are you serious? Kate’s whole life right now,is trying to market herself & she will do whatever it takes to succeed. Kate’s not only riding the victim train,she’s now the driver of the train,seeing as how she’s perfected her act. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ @TerriJohnson08: Kate’s issues are way past being “a little too organized”. She’s a manipulating,scheming,good for nothing bi*ch! You think she’s too good to be working at Walmart or something? Kate’s not the only single parent in the world that has 8 kids. A lot of people have 8 kids or more & they are able to make it without pimping out their kids for profit. Jon & Kate are equally to blame for what’s happening to their family.

  • Stone

    I wonder, too.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    What a piece of shit!