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Jude Law: Only Make Believe

Jude Law: Only Make Believe

Jude Law comes to support the Only Make Believe 10th Anniversary after party at Sardi’s on Monday (November 2) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor posed with the founder for Only Make Believe, a non-profit organization that creates and performs interactive theater for children in hospitals and care facilities.

A rep for Jude shot down recent rumors that he and Sienna Miller have rekindled their romance now that they’re both in the Big Apple to perform on Broadway. “Jude and Sienna are just friends and are seeing each other socially occasionally as they are both on Broadway, performing just one block apart,” she told UK’s Glamour.

15+ pictures inside of Jude Law helping Only Make Believe…

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Photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    somebody needs sleep.

  • thatgirl

    he looks thin and tired. hope he gets some much-needed rest in December.

  • cvb

    Male slut.

  • cvb

    Male s l u t.

  • Fiona

    he looks tired and gaunt in the face. I think he really needs to change his ways though, I mean he makes Colin Farrell look tame which is saying something! Was he not out chatting up women in a bar last month? Can he not learn the errors of his ways?! I think he’s a good actor and very attractive but it’s just not funny the way he behaves!

  • Sandy

    Thank you for the coverage of this worthwhile charity. He does look tired and yet revitalized by the occasion which he obviousloy gave up his one day off to do. He never says “no” to the worthwhile charities
    and in a few of these lovely pictures looks spectacular. I love the
    outfit, so good to see nice clothes and let the tees and jeans rest for
    a change.. I salute you , Jude – a man beautiful of face, charming and graceful and who can be counted on for charitable work and thoughts.
    I’m looking forward to your upcoming films and anything else you deign to do. I support you 1000% (not a typo) all my love, Sandy.

  • Sandy

    I don’t think the tiredness and weight loss come from chatting up women in a bar or anythig else afterward. Tthey come very honestly through the amazing athlentic performance he gives in HAMLET on
    stage in 8 performances a week in the longest and most wearying role in Shakespear’s whole work for a male performer. He barely stays still for a moment, and holds our attention every moment he is on stage. tHAT’S HARD WORK but obviously given in his love for the medium and then look at the smiles in the photos of the curtain calls.

  • elle

    Thank you Jared

  • Kate


  • Kate

    He’s such a SEX ADDICT
    He was making out with a hot blonde at The Box on Saturday night!
    Pretty soon Jude is gonna’ have MORE illegitimate kids running around than M ick Jagger!


  • Fiona

    #7 I look pale and tired after work most days but I’m sure he’s making enough for it to be worthwhile! The point I was trying to make was that he was out chatting up girls when he had an illegitimate baby on the way. Then there’s all this talk of him going to see the baby…I mean why would he she looks like a total redneck who is so classy that she posts pics of her baby bump online for everyone to see!

  • afri

    Someone should Jude that he can take his halloween mask off now. Maybe Sienna, his sl*ut in crime, can have a word.

  • thatgirl

    it’s true that JL has made some questionable choices in his private life. Private choices that have become public knowledge. It’s also true that a lot of folk who don’t know him pass very critical judgment on him. After all this time, I’m sure he’s used to it and has a very thick skin about it.

    However, his ex-wife just made a very strong statement of support for Jude. You can find it at monsters & critics. With that going for him, really …how bad a guy can he be? He’s a complicated man but he’s a good man.

  • mery

    Congratulations for Hamlet, Jude!

    Good luck for you life. You deserves good luck. I think you are a good man and a great actor.

  • Pole

    Thanks for the pictures Jared. It’s great to see Jude taking his time supporting what seems to be a worthy cause.

    The poor man looks tried. He must really be in need of a break after Hamlet. I also wonder if the kids have left NY yet – I’m sure he’ll miss them when they’re gone.

    Love you Jude! Stay out of trouble *blows Jude kisses*

  • sleek

    What the ‘h’ has he done to deserve more luck than what he’s had already. He’s an average actor yet lands parts. His looks are fading fast yet he seems to bed different women on a regular basis, albeit these ‘women’ seem to be publicity seeking ho’es anyway. I can no longer stand the sight of him and his haggered and old face.

  • annieRich

    Go Jude! He must be really tired from performing 8 times a week. Hope he gets some rest after Hamlet. I can t wait to see him in Sherlock Holmes. I think he is an amazing actor and I also believe he has a good heart. Love ya Jude!!!!!

    Wonder why people believe anything thats written.

  • dolorescraeg

    thanks for giving us these pics of my love jude law. he is always involved in charities…just looking at that lovely face makes my day.

  • sheryl

    @annieRich: Annie, tabloids thrive on people who believe what they write. It’s crucial to their survival. But if were were to believe everything written by them, Angie and Brad would be split up and Brad would be back with Jen…but that isn’t so, is it? It’s a little more than interesting now that Samantha has released her story, that Jude is seen “chatting up ladies in bars” while his child is crying for him in Florida…that’s the kind of shit people eat right up. And the tabloids get their paycheck everytime their site is clicked. So there you go.
    Jude, wonderful Hamlet, enjoyed it immensely! Looking forward to Sherlock in theaters. Get some rest.
    *hugs Jude*

  • Pole


    The only thing that woman is crying for is attention. If she really wanted him around she should keep it private as he wanted. It’s really not that hard to figure out but the tabloids will never write that obviously. As you say the thrive on crap.

  • Jen

    while he’s doing charity for children he’s also doing sex with random women. sure there will be more kids coming.
    hhm this charity seems appropriate for him.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    BEAUTIFUL!! I will see you Jude in Hamlet next week. I am very excited! Love you, Jude..

  • Sofia


    You’ve said all that I want to say.

    I’ve just watched <> recently. And after that I’ve watched almost 30 films of his. I love him so much. I think he’s a great great actor.
    His privacy is none of my business. Those people who always judge others with their own philosophy and play God are so disgusting. He’s a single man. Why can’t he flirt with a woman? Do anything you want, I’ll support you 10000%, Jude. I’m looking forward to your new film.

  • Ashlee Glam

    His hair looks good. They are just benefits with friends. thats all, nothing to see here.

  • Daphne

    I adore him so much. A lovely talented man. I’ve watched him for many years. He has his faults (don’t we all) but still, he is a good man with a great heart.



    Charitable Jude Law Caught Kissing Mystery Blonde — told the news

    u huh yeah I was the blonde girl. it was good sex. ****

  • Sara

    Love Jude!

  • mayte

    @BLONDEGIRL: keep dreaming!

  • vinnyblue

    I love the two last pics of him.
    He looks good with that suit.
    though he looks a bit tired.
    Love Jude.

  • Sakura M

    Oh Jude!

  • Ivana


  • Pole


    Have a great time! I wish I could see it again but alas..

  • azlyn

    the baby sofia is beautiful.jude must have a very strong reason for not seeing the baby just yet.nobody knows thr reason why..only samantha n he knows.anyway jude looks gorgeous as suit jude.u will always be the most handsome man who ever walked the earth in my well.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Looks like the Talking Heads David Byrne after a really bad night out.

  • dolorescraeg

    i totally agree. he is a lovely sweet man…i met him and was very impressed with his charisma, beauty and just general niceness. he’s very interested in whomever he is talking to and very bright.

  • Stone

    Too bad he’s not only make believe!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Let’s hope so!

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    I like to see more pictures of Jude!! JJ Thank you

  • natalie smith

    Hello everyone! Does anybody know what are his plans after Hamlet??

  • dolorescraeg

    natalie, he’s portraying dr. watson opposite robert downey and rachel mcadams in sherlock holmes. that will be released on christmas day. he is starring opposite forrest whitaker in repo men which will be released in april i believe… after hamlet he will be taking a much needed vacation with his children rafferty, iris and rudy….no plans to make another film right now….he’s really tired. doing hamlet for 6 months requires alot of stamina as he’s on stage most of the time and has most of the lines. it’s a performance everyone should see….a master class in acting..

  • natalie smith

    …Thanks Dolorescraeg!!…by the way I have been trying to follow some on the discussions on imdb and ….I don’t know it is abit confusing…have you got any tip on that??? …as for Hamlet I totaly agree….I was there and it was really an experience!!! …..but you got to meet him didn’t you??…not just sign an autogtaph kinda thing….:):)

  • dolorescraeg

    what’s confusing about imdb? maybe i can help….i did get to spend time with jude and i have to tell you not only is he extraordinarily beautiful but so sweet and nice. what a lovely man…i cannot get over how unaffected he is. i don’t think he’s aware that he;s a movie star. he;s so down to earth….

  • natalie smith

    …well I try to follow a conversation and often I can’t understand what they are talking about…I click let’s say on the latest posting and i try to follow but it gets confusing…I don’t know maybe it’s me…I will try to text you over there…:)…you got to spend time with him?? that’s so cool…as in what?…like had a drink or something?? not only you must be very confident but surely lucky as well..:)

  • dolorescraeg

    back stage at the wyndham theatre in london where he was playing in hamlet. a memory i will always treasure. such a lovely man…..

  • azlyn

    natalie dont give up yet on imdb..its actually not easy..tho i tried many times..but still find it hard i almost gave up..jude is beautiful inside out.hi dolores….sory ive not been around at fb.

  • JaneB

    Only just caught these pics. (Been a bit lackadaisical lately) Jude does look pale, tired and drawn and he’s lost his glow. Think things are taking their toll on him. I bet he can’t wait to come home. I love it when he’s home in England too. He seems to thrive when he’s back where he belongs with his family and in his own beautiful Victorian house. Who wouldn’t?

    Come back home soon Jude. Love and kisses to you.

  • Pole

    I ‘m sure he’s really looking forward to getting back to his kids – and the other way around. It’s been such a long run for him – I hope he gets a looooong holiday after this *blows Jude some kisses*

  • Daphne

    @Natalie Smith and Azlyn: When you click on the latest posting at IMDb, click “Nest” at the top. This lets you see who is responding to whom. Otherwise it’s very confusing. Hope that helps.

  • natalie smith

    Daphne thanks so much!! I will do that….:):)

    Azlyn, I will keep trying…good to hear it doesn’t appear confusing only to me!! :)

  • dolorescraeg

    always love hearing from you….