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Katie Holmes & Adam Brody Hug It Out

Katie Holmes & Adam Brody Hug It Out

Katie Holmes and co-star Adam Brody hug each other on the New York set of their new movie The Romantics on Tuesday (November 3).

The comedy revolves around eight friends from college who reunite for a wedding. Katie will play Laura, the maid of honor to Anna Paquin‘s Lila, the bride. Laura and Lila are best friends who both have a past with the groom (Josh Duhamel).

Katie, who replaced Liv Tyler, will star in and exec produce the pic, which also stars Malin Akerman and Elijah Wood (pictured below).

Also spotted on set: Katie‘s daughter Suri!

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katie holmes adam brody the romantics 01
katie holmes adam brody the romantics 02
katie holmes adam brody the romantics 03
katie holmes adam brody the romantics 04

Photos: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto
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  • Zoe

    Sweet. Katie’s playing the mom.

  • ??

    Does Kate play the role of his mother?

  • Poor Katie

    So unfair that she has to wear something sexy when she’s at the heaviest she’s been in years.

  • Suri’s Halloween

    New pic of Suri on her Dad’s movie set on Halloween.

  • Danni

    Katie’s legs are odd. Sort of guy-ish.

  • to #4

    G R O S S ! !
    Is Suri drinking from a bottle?

  • JuJuBee

    I think that Katie knows better than to touch or talk to or even look at another man or Tom will have her memory erased again

  • Leave Katie Alone!

    It’s nobody’s business if Suri still drinks from a baby bottle! Suri and Katie will decide when it is time to drink out of a cup.

  • um…

    is kate filming another horror film? she looks really scary.

  • Two

    Yes, she is actually playing Anna Paquin’s mother, not the maid of honor JJ

  • to #4

    G R O S S ! !
    Is Suri drinking from a bottle?

    sorry to say this but suri is not your child. the only two people whose opinion matters are tom and katie.

  • Shawna

    Oh yeah right she is playing the mother. She is 30 years old! She is NOT playing the mother. Until someone can post proof of that I will not believe it.

  • tree trunk legs!

    Geez! On picture 3 Katie has HUGE LEGS!!!

  • Babe

    This is a blog where people can and do share their opinions. I think that Suri drinking out of a newborn baby bottle at age 3 and a half concerning. Then again, I think it’s odd that she’s not potty train either. I also think Tom and Katie should pay more attention to their child’s developement rather than shoving more cruddy films down the movie studios’ throats.

  • Will

    The baby bottle is bad, that’s why hey hide it. Suri looks frightened in the photo.

  • GoodGirl

    To me she looks pregnant (for the film)!

    M’I the only one who see a belly on the picture 2 & 4?!

  • To 15

    Suri is stimming. They probably give her a bottle to comfort her. Also, it is extremely difficult to potty train an autistic child. They have a lot of regression. That is why Suri is out of diapers for a long time and then suddenly back in them. They use the blankets to cover the bottles and the diapers.

  • sammy

    She bought her part. No wonder she was hugging tommy last time . We never seen her doing that before so I knew something is up. Get him as much as you can . Your carrier is the only thing that will be with you. Your current world will end with him. Don’t you forget that.

  • **JAMIE**

    that little dress underneath looks really cute

  • rosemary


  • puuuke

    white elephant legs

  • Liv

    “Yes, it was unbelievably painful when Tom bought my role for his wife. Since he has acquired financial control of the film, there isn’t much I can do. I wish the entire cast great success and happiness.”

  • Sonia0404

    @To 15: Suri is never out of diapers.

  • LuckyL

    I see she’s hungering for true male affection

  • LuckyL

    I’m pretty sure, if anything, I believe #22 or Liv Tyler “gave up” the role due to Scientology pressure. Kate-bot is not a good enough actress to “replace” ANYONE.

  • Question.

    Is Liv Tyler a Scientologist?

  • To Die For

    To Die For was Nic’s breakout role. Very cool. Brilliant. Nic was in her 20′s. Kate is obsessed with Nic. She better find her breakout role soon.

  • LEGS

    oh my god
    lookat her FAT legs
    they are like GIGANTIC trees trunks
    this woman needs to go back to the midwest

  • pr person

    Oh No!!!! Another movie that she will ruin with her craptastic acting skills! Feel bad for the actors who are actually talented having to deal with Mrs. Crazy. Would have see this movie with Liv in it… won’t be seeing it now. What a shame!

  • zzzz

    # 17, what is “stimming”? I have to agree, any doubts that I had before about this kid having autism have been put to rest. Between the dresses and blankies which cover up the diapers, the bottle, and the strange demeanor, Suri does have the signs. Poor kid-I think it would have been much easier for her if she were not born to such image concious parents, and Scientologists, eeesh.

  • peter

    It’s convenient to put yourself as one of the leads of a movie when basically your husband is financing it.

  • all smiles

    shes’ all smiles and hugs with crazy tommy
    and now the same thing with her fellow cast members
    she is soooo BIPOLAR and NUTS
    she’s either a sour puss/banked faced loser or over the top – i guess it has to do with getting her way
    she suks

  • LIV do tell

    hope someone finds out what happened there, gotta be a big story there she just got squeezed out

  • “Stimming”

    Stimming, an autistic behavior exhibited to calm a person (i.e., the person’s sense is hypersensitive). That is, the environment is too stimulating and the person is in a state of sensory-overload. As a result, the individual engages in these behaviors to block-out the over-stimulating environment; and his/her attention becomes focused inwardly. Suri often has her hands in fists or strained positions. That is when they give her things to hold or cover her with a blanket to hide it.

  • Suri Stimming
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will you people shut up about Suri being autistic, you lot are the autistic ones!!.
    I’m tellin ya, the more you hate , the more envy or jealousy you show ,the more it bothers you that they are better than Brangelina, the more treasures are going to be bestowed on them ,wait and see. One day you will have to give up and shut up!!!!!!!!

  • wanna see

    sounds like an interesting movie. Great cast. Can’t wait.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And who cares about Nicole Kidman, you pretenders thats who!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once upon a time she was covered in freckles from top to toe , now her skin is whiter, and freckleless.
    Pathetic fat Sods, thats what you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise

    The is something strange going on with this family. The child is almost four years old, and she is still sucking on a baby bottle, she is till in diapers, and she uses an infant blanket.

  • Denise

    Corrections: There is something strange going on with this family. The child is almost four years old, and she is still sucking on a baby bottle, she is still in diapers, and she uses an infant blanket.

  • to #36

    lol! you’re all over the place. take a chill pill and try again.

  • Chaz Holmes

    Katie looks half way through a sex change

  • stimming – PICS of hands
  • Ashlee Glam

    Wow it looks like a great movie. Katie should then marry the father of the groom, like in real life!

  • puff

    she looks puffy and chubby
    u can tell she eats crap food, burgers and fries

    she’s just a redneck frumpy old hillbilly from the midwest

  • its robo-bride

    She’ll ruin another movie with her poor acting skills. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark has been pushed back to 2011. Guess it is going to take a full year to finish and edit! Can’t be easy working around a no-talent Holmes in the lead role.

  • Two

    That couldn’t be less true, #7.

    Exactly, #8 and #11.

    He was lying, #12.

    Stop telling other people how to raise their kids, #14. Quit using that forum excuse.

    What the hell is stimming, #17? And she’s not autistic.

    Stop accusing EVERY, SINGLE ROLE she gets as being bought for her, #18.

    Stop with the conspiracy theories, #22. Cruise hasn’t acquired financial control of any film.

    Holmes replaced Tyler because Tyler left the project, #25. She wasn’t replaced because a producer thought Holmes was better.

    Of course not, #26.

    Holmes’ break-out role was in Dawson’s Creek and how is Holmes obsessed with Kidman, #27?

    Like YOU’RE perfect, #28…

    It’s paranoid and just plain idiotic of you that TomKat would futiely use a blanket to hide bottle and diapers, #30.

    Cruise isn’t involved with this production, #31. Why can’t you believe Holmes got their on her own merit? Why always conspiracy theories?

    How much do you wanna bet that if Tyler ever does speak out about such ludicrous allegations, she’ll deny that fiction, #33?

    She’s not autistic, #34.

    That link is dead, #35.

    There are ‘infant’ blankets, #39? Nothing strange. The family just wants to ween her on THEIR own time, not yours. And she’s not almost 4.

    Where did you hear that, #46?

  • Piper

    TWO- You are one strange obsessive creature!

    I have observed your funny comments to what others post.

    You for sure are suffering from some kind of disease of the mind.

    Better run to the nearest shrink !

  • http://deleted lisa

    adam brody,i love him.

  • emmaa

    Holy shit! I didn’t even know about this with Adam! YAY!
    Thankyou Jared.