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Rihanna: Glamour Cover Girl December 2009

Rihanna: Glamour Cover Girl December 2009

Rihanna graces the December 2009 cover of Glamour, on stands November 10.

The 21-year-old “Woman of the Year” opens up about how she coped after the Chris Brown incident, her message to young women and her new album. Some interview highlights:

On the photo of her bruised face being leaked after being assaulted by Chris Brown: “It was humiliating; that is not a photo you would show to anybody. I felt completely taken advantage of. I felt like people were making it into a fun topic on the Internet, and it’s my life. I was disappointed, especially when I found out the photo was [supposedly leaked by] two women.”

On her message to young women: “My story was broadcast all over the world for people to see, and they have followed every step of my recovery. The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. I want to give as much insight as I can to young women, because I feel like I represent a voice that really isn’t heard. Now I can help speak for those women.”

On her personal growth over the past year: “I am stronger, wiser and more aware. You don’t realize how much your decisions affect people you don’t even know, like fans.”

On her new album: “I’ve put everything I’ve wanted to say for the past eight months into my music. [My new album Rated R] is super fearless-which is exactly how I feel right now. I am in a really good place.”

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Photos: Matthias Vriens-McGrath/Glamour
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  • salma

    People will do anything for money.

  • Rihanna 411

    She looks cute but there doesn’t seem to be much to back up what she’s saying. All we’ve seen for almost a year are constant pics of her partying and shopping.

  • katy

    They should have put someone who actually is an activist against domestic violence on the cover.

  • marissa

    she looks cute and Im glad she is talking. That f– loser chris brown have been talking so why cant she?

  • marissa

    They both have albums to promote, so of course she is going to talk about it. there was no way she was going to escape from people asking her what happen.

    Chris brown had his chance, now it’s her turn

  • Khristi

    Good for her, you can’t just stop living your life just because someone decides to be a jerk. To all of you bitches that says something negative about her-you should have someone to beat you. Please let go of your own insecurities for a split second and be supportive.

  • gemini

    I don’t like Brown but he has been apologizing for months. She is only talking now cause she has a CD to promote.

  • Halo

    This is low for Glamour. They should only put accomplished women on their cover instead of non-achieving celebs.

  • what ???

    there are many children in Barbados who needs help not only in america. she has all these charities in the united states and can’t afford to take some time from here to go see the sick children in her homeland ? rihanna what is wrong with you and who are you trying to fool the label probably told them what questions should be ask and you just revised the answers given to you. just like you just walk around the street and party and only hit the studio when someone has finish write a song for you then you just “talk them”. what a contribution.
    i don’t hate rihanna but she’s no battered woman she’s a battered puppet starved for money.

    “congratulations on being a woman of the year” for what? rehearsing the interview question paper?

  • bailey

    Agree, I find her inclusion on a Woman of the Year cover baffling. She has not spoken out until now and doesn’t appear to have done any work to help other women in her situation. I guess they were looking to capitalize on her celebrity to sell mags.

  • Chris

    They gave her the cover because she was willing to give them the scoop on what happened.

  • jesse

    are those rihanna’s actual replies or did someone write them for her like her songs? she is not coming across as very genuine lately.

  • incognito

    Amazing what good photoshop and a push-up bra can do.
    Why doesn’t she look this cute in her candids?

  • liza

    @Chris: I agree. Poeple want to know more about what happened and talking about this story for her new album doesnt hurt either.

  • Wilson

    Rihanna could be an activist for female pattern baldness.
    A lot of women would benefit if she spoke publicly about losing her hair.

  • gigi

    she should go back to the dark hair she has here.
    blonde washes her out.

  • popcrunch

    Women of the Year awards & titles should be given to women who’ve made contributions to society. If she had been touring schools and advising young women that it was ok to speak out, I could understand the cover. Based on her recent behavior, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Racquel

    To all the naysayers that are saying that she’s doing this for publicity have anyone of you ever been publicly humiliated? Beaten? No one the recovery process it takes for any individual to heal from something like this. And yes maybe her way of healing is putting her self out there to be photographed and such. We are so QUICK to judge others but really we need to stop. Just because she has a record deal doesn’t make her less human than the rest of us.

  • toots

    Sadly this is the only way she could get a cover.

  • Pining for Chris

    I don’t see how she can talk about this (the assault), then her album; has anyone seen her single/album covers? Makes no sense to me.

    Oh and she needs to stop pretending all she’s been doing is shopping, partying and walking out of doors for lord knows how many months.

  • passerby

    @Racquel: The problem is she didn’t put herself out there when it counted. She had an opportunity to make a difference and was silent. Now she has a record due out and she’s hitting the publicity trail. We’ll see if she walks the walk instead of just talking the talking and starts speaking out on the issue instead of doing a few magazine/tv interviews. If she becomes a regular activist on the issue, she’ll earn people’s respect.

  • marissa



  • Racquel

    To all the naysayers that are saying that she’s doing this for publicity have anyone of you ever been publicly humiliated? Beaten? No one the recovery process it takes for any individual to heal from something like this. And yes maybe her way of healing is putting her self out there to be photographed and such. We are so QUICK to judge others but really we need to stop. Just because she has a record deal doesn’t make her less human than the rest of us.@passerby:

    But are we waiting and see if she’s gonna walk the walk? No we’ve already judged her and condemned her I mean just because she didn’t publicly went out and did any talks on domestic violence doesn’t mean she hasn’t.

  • lily

    This is almost as bad as putting Katie Holmes on the cover.

  • Racquel

    And again EVERY artist only talks about drama that has occured with them when they are promoting something what makes Rihanna any different? Britney did it, Beyonce, Madonna recently Whitney so please give Rihanna a break she’s only doing the norm.

  • pink sugar

    Go Rihanna

  • Raven

    @Racquel: If she had been speaking out, it would have hit the news. Right now she is capitalizing on her situation to sell records and magazine covers. That is not admirable.

  • clay

    I used to admire this girl. Now, not so much. She gets waaaaay too much attention for nothing.

  • elle

    go away rihanna please, she had her moment when it mattered to stand up for herself and she didn’t but she chooses to stand up for herself when she can cash in on being beaten up… disgraceful.

  • lexy

    Thank God I cancelled my subscription. I’m not saying CB should have laid a hand on her but I think the reason she’s been silent is b/c she picked a fight. They are both ghetto and were probably getting all heated and arguing and she threw the car keys out the window but didn’t think to lock the doors….and he got pissed and we know the rest of the story. Suddenly she’s going to “talk” now that her album is coming out – if she wanted to help women she should have spoke out long ago. She could have stood up not only for domestic violence (if she was an actual victim) but on the whole privacy issue. Celebs are always complaining about their privacy and she’s right – they had no releasing her pics. I’m wondering if she’ll have the balls to say he beat her up b/c he felt like it.
    Woman of the Year my behind! And Glamour doesn’t have an exclusive – that’s Diane Sawyer. Another high bidder!

  • Ashlee Glam

    She looks great, Stay strong. We are behind you!

  • christine

    I’m wondering if she’ll have the balls to say he beat her up b/c he felt like it.
    Woa, woa, woa… no male w/ real balls has the right to even touch a female in a harmful way, EVEN if she did provoke it.

  • ehh…

    What’s irritating is that a few commenting here keep saying,”you dont know what she went thru and how she got thru it, blah blah blah!”
    Everyone saw how she went through it! She was first in hiding, and then she was out EVERYWHERE! Like she said in third person mind you, “I went to bed rihanna, and I woke up britney”. If she hadn’t gone out so much and showed the world&the judge in CB’s case, he would have had a harsher sentence and she would have come out of this in a more positive light. Then she had the naked pics she just acknowledged! She should have released something far sooner doing what would benefit all those who go through more difficult situation of the same general nature but dont always come out of it alive. She has money which alot of abuse victims don’t she would have done well if she truly cared for the same people who go through it..&I have gone through it so don’t say I don’t know anything about abuse. She is nothing more than a puppet and I refuse to believe otherwise.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    When did wallpaper come into fashion?

  • Kristina

    she looks great! ;)

  • Khristi

    @lexy: Honey please don’t call someone ghetto because it’s not like white men and hispanic men don’t ever beat women. It’s not your situation to be commenting on and so why are you being so negative about something you so obviously haven’t gone through yourself. I have been a witness to domestic violence and you can’t honestly asy what you would have done in that situation because you don’t know. I would suggest just shuting the hell up and not make such ignorant ass comments.

  • dj

    she looks cute

  • lakers fan in boston

    why is this stupid bitzch suddenly talking about this
    she should have been a good role model and done something about it when it 1st happened
    eff u riri, i hope ur album bombs!

  • christine

    THIS IS CHRIS BROWN’s TWITTER–> @MechanicalDummy
    Remembered.. the first name of the guy who assaulted & bloodied me up was also CHRIS. Strange, isnt it?

    –> In the first portion of her ABC interview, Rihanna tells Diane Sawyer that she went back to Chris Brown “eight or nine” times following domestic violence incidents, and that she was blinded by love and made the wrong choices. “Don’t react off of love. F love,” Rihanna emotionally pleads to young girls who may be in her situation. Rihanna also says it was “embarrassing that’s the type of person that I fell in love with,” referring to Brown.

    During the portion of the interview, Rihanna says that she had troubles coming out with her side of the story because “there are a lot of women who experienced what I did, but not in public. It made it really difficult. Here it goes, my little bit of privacy was exposed. It’s something nobody wants anybody to know. So here I am.”

    She says she was “embarrassed” by the situation because she “didn’t want people to think that’s the kind of person… I fell in love with that person,” a love “so unconditional that I went back,” Rihanna said, adding that it’s “humiliating to say this happened. To accept that? It’s a traumatizing experience.” When Sawyer said many women often go back to their abusive boyfriends several times, Rihanna chimes in with her own personal number: “Eight or nine, actually.”

    There had been reports of previous domestic violence instances between Brown and Rihanna via her police report from that February night, but this is the first time she’s acknowledged such a high number.

    “I stayed. I even went back after he beat me, which was wrong … I’m a human being and people put me on a very unrealistic pedestal,” Rihanna tells Sawyer. “I’m not perfect. It’s pretty natural for that to be the first reaction. It’s completely normal to go back and start lying to yourself. The minute the physical wounds go away, you want this thing to go away. This is a memory you don’t want to have again.”

    So what made Rihanna finally see that going back to Brown wasn’t the answer? The fact that she has such an influence on the public thanks to her fame.

    “When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part. I couldn’t be responsible … If Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t … kill these girls? These are young girls. I just didn’t realize how much of an impact I had on these girls until that happened. It was a wake-up call for me, big time, especially when I took myself out of the situation,” Rihanna says emotionally.

    She also offers advice to “any girl who is going through domestic violence: Don’t react off of love. F love. To come out of the situation and look at it third-person and for what it really is, you then make your decision. Because love is so blinding.”

    Brown is currently serving five years probation after pleading guilty to felony assault charges stemming from the February 8 attack on Rihanna.

    The full Rihanna interview will air on ABC’s ‘20/20′ on Friday night. Brown will also be doing an interview of his own, which will air on MTV on Thursday night.

  • christine
  • amanda

    I’m glad she’s finally talking about it but she’s done nothing for victims of domestic violence over the past year so I don’t understand why Glamour is giving her a Woman of the Year award. The celeb factor probably boosts their magazine sales but it’s a shame they aren’t giving the award to someone who actually made a contribution to such a serious cause.

  • Stone

    Maybe Chris was right.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    She should’ve beat Chris back with her tree-trunk legs!