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Rihanna: It Can Happen To Anyone

Rihanna: It Can Happen To Anyone

Rihanna leaves her hotel and heads to 40/40 Club in New York City on Monday (November 2).

The 21-year-old Barbadian beauty will speak to Diane Sawyer for the first time about what happened with Chris Brown on Good Morning America and on 20/20.

On the show, Rihanna shares how difficult things were.

“He was definitely my first big love,” Rihanna said in the interview. “This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone.”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna headed to 40/40 club in New York City…

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  • ugly

    OMG ewwwwwwwwww she is sooooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • liv

    Man I covet those sunglasses. She isn’t ugly, she just needs to shoot her hairsylist.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i hate the hair. she looks like a fcuking idiot. ahahahahaha..

  • aqua

    She looks awful.

  • Angie

    Now we get an interview with her album coming out to help stop domestic abuse. Self promoting.

  • asha

    I would respect Rihanna more if she hadn’t chose to speak about her issues with Chris Brown a few weeks before her next album is suppose to drop. Clearly she is speaking up to get more people to buy her C.D. and not to help other women in need.

  • Jo

    Wow she is a lot bigger than Britney Spears and hasn’t had any children! There is a comparison.

  • Say it like it is

    No,it can’t happen to anyone because we all don’t date thuggish people or from absuive backgrounds.
    Not all men are like ChrisBrown.Not all women are like Rhuiana.She is wrong wrong on that statement.

  • twisted

    Who dresses like that in this weather?
    She is just showing her body off for another photo-op.

  • Villa

    Agree, it smacks of self-promotion instead of a genuine desire to help people.

  • marissa

    @Say it like it is:

    That’s a sterotype, and YES it can happen to anyone. you are no different

    It can to all women and men. Not just people who date” thugs”

  • tasty

    What has she done to her hair?

  • zzzz

    Shut the ‘F’ up, Rhianna. To think, I used to appreciate you…… when it was all about the music and not being a clothes horse and a victim. Get over your mediocre self!

  • zzzz

    Shut the ‘F’ up, Rhianna. To think, I used to appreciate you…… when it was all about the music and not being a clothes horse and a victim. Get over your mediocre self!

  • zzzz

    Shut the ‘F’ up, Rhianna. To think, I used to appreciate you…… when it was all about the music and not being a clothes horse and a victim. Get over your mediocre self!

  • vids

    This one again? Her label must pay well.
    Please give us some artists on here who can actually sing.

  • LA

    her hair is all fried up

  • Adam

    Too bad about the hair. She would look cute if she wasn’t going bald.

  • enoughalready

    This Amber Rose wanna be needs to stop! Now was not the time to bring forth lies. Rihanna was not a victim of Domestic Violence that’s why she did not come out before and if she tries using she was shy about it, then what was all those I’m training to be the Next Top Prostitute for? When she was walking the streets of New York, partying in L.A. or laughing at people because you think you are better. Did she ever, I mean ever!!! visit an Abused Women shelters at least just for the sake of? No! So now the album is coming out so now she wants to hollar her lie on top of the world!

    Young ladies who have been in an actual abusive relationship, dont buy into this lie, she is just trying to sale something and it’s not worth buying..Riahnna and that Label should be ashamed of their selves for using this one for her marketing tool… Actual women that have been in an abusive relationship should know the difference and this is not a good example! I dont believe they stooped this low. You can tell she lying she cant even keep good eye contact going! Oh! I dont believe them!!

  • toonces

    I don’t know what she could do about her hair…shave her head?

  • kdots

    rihanna could probably avoid some of this press if she stayed at an apartment or house. she is in ny often enough that she could rent a place. instead she stays at a high profile hotel that all the paps know about. that tells me she courts the media.

  • shangrila

    Rihanna, please, drop dthat do!

  • pouty

    chris brown is a disgusting pig. NO I’M NOT GONNA BUY YOUR CD AND NO I DON’T LIKE RIHANNA’S HAIR TOO! GO RIRI





  • Catalina

    I love how these people give interviews almost a year after the fact just because they are promoting a new album. Whatever Rhianna. We are not like you and do not date thugs. We also don’t beat up our significant others. We trust them and build a relationship with them. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have class.

  • Bella

    I really want those jeans, but they aren’t what the site claims they are, the front pockets are different…where can i find them????

  • Bella

    I really want those jeans, but they aren’t what the site claims they are, the front pockets are different…where can i find them????

  • Khristi

    You guys are beyond disgusting on this site. Just complete and utter losers-you’re just pissed off that people are making money and you’re sitting here behind your damn computer and don’t give me that sh*t that you don’t give a damn about these people because otherwise you wouldn’t bother to go on celeb gossip sites.

  • she turned into a ram!!

    With that hair style, she’s impersonating a ram. Google male sheep (a ram), and see if you don’t see the similarity.

  • Babe_luv_ya


  • lololol

    @Khristi: Rihanna’s stan/publicist is just pissed cause her girl does not look good anymore. lol

  • Anti-B*tch

    Wow. The hate from these comments is palpable. She was a victim, and it is great that she’s speaking up about it. Young girls need to know that it is not ‘okay’ for a man to strike a woman no matter what album he has out or how popular he is. Rihanna is an artist in her own right, so she is a fine example to young women that one is not defined by her man. Also, she’s Black so her hair is not going to look good everyday.
    Rihanna, you are fabulous.

  • Latrice


    I might buy that victim mess if she didn’t run back to the dude the next day. Or even if her lawyer and his wasn’t standing side by side at the hearings. Or even if she didn’t try to get that protective order dropped. It’s too late to play the victim now

  • DahKay

    Ugh…that hair!!! She looks like a ram or a billy goat or something… Like she could portray “Aries” anytime!!! Maybe if she cut it a little bit shorter and dyed it a little bit darker (if she wants to go honey blonde, which doesn’t suit her AT ALL -tjhe lightest hair color that suits her is the SOS vid hair color -)

    ^ Yep…Looks like RiRi to me

  • whydowecare

    its like she trying to be ugly on purpose

  • **JAMIE**


    But i adore the rest of the outfit.

    oh and rihanna why oh why did u do this interview!!

  • Ashlee Glam

    She is such a strong woman. I’m proud of her!

  • anon

    I would just like to encourage more big breasted women to walk around hollywood without bra support. Go whores we love ya!

  • pincakes

    Good God wtf is up with her hair?

  • interneta pieslÄ“gums


  • are you serious

    @Latrice: where the hell was the proof that she ran back to him. I never saw any photos etc. The only time they were within cooey of each other was when the judge handed the sentence to Brown and even then they werent in the same room. Do you people seriously believe everything your stupid gossip mags and sites tell you…give me a link to a pic of her and C Brown after the incident-actually together-and perhaps Ill change my tune. But I havent seen any evidence to point to that ever having happened. And if youve been in a relationship thats abusive in any respect, you can appreciate that more often than not its a lot more twisted and complicated than you are all making it out to be. Its not just cut and dry, up and leave because these people twist it around, make you feel as though you are worthy of no more than them, like they are the only person who could ever love you, they are your only chance at love, that theyll never do it again etc etc. Have any of you been in a abusive relationship…I can bet the vast majority spewing hate comments here have no idea what its like…And just because shes famous she should come out and speak about such a thing mere months after experiencing it. It wasnt the only time it happened, that Im sure we can all verify. It takes more than a few months to recover fom such a thing..and then to come out and speak to the world about it, knowing people will, if they havent already, judge you, after millions have seen a photo of your battered face…whatever her reason for speaking out now, personally I dont really care, atleast she is. Those who dont know what its like cant really comment..especially not the judgemental, assumptive bullsht thats on here. seriously, you all need to get a new day job. Maybe one that involves you disappearing off the face of the planet. And enoughalready, your name is too perfect for words…ENOUGH ALREADY. If you hate rihanna so much, why on earth are you on almost every post of her on this site, typing a rant about how awful you think she is. You people must be be quite mentally ill to pass such a harsh judgement on someone you dont know from a bar of soap about a horrible incident you were never there to witness. Assuming certain things happened when really you havent got a fcuking clue. some human beings truely make me sick. GRRRRRRR

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Nice abs.

  • Stone

    . . . when they’re in Chris’ car.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    It couldn’t have happened to a better person, though.