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Rihanna - 'Wait Your Turn' Music Video Premiere!

Rihanna - 'Wait Your Turn' Music Video Premiere!

Rihanna has premiered the music video for her latest single, “Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova),” off her new album Rated R, out November 23rd!

The music vid was shot in Washington Heights, New York City on October 16. Yep, the eye patch video shoot!

Don’t forget to tune in on Thursday to hear Rihanna speak out about the Chris Brown incident from February. She’s also on the cover of Glamour next month.

Click inside to watch Rihanna‘s newest music video…

Rihanna – ‘Wait Your Turn’ Music Video Premiere!
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  • dundies

    get out while you still can

  • Cammie

    Every is dark and evil with this girl

  • marissa

    I love that she is on JJ 24/7

    take that Chris brown losers

  • enoughalready

    See this comes from her stans telling her she can do anything! I blame all you fake stans that have told this girl she had talent! That include Jay-z, L.A. Reid, that Label, her so called friends and so on.. Just like the song this has no creativity no nothing. She just proved that GGGB was a fluke with this mess… She also proved she will never be in the league of an Beyonce, Alicia keys, Mary J, and Christina A, they all have real talent

  • Lilith

    she reminds me of Grace Jones in this pic, though Grace Jones had more originality and talent.

  • Demii

    The video is rad
    But the song is ok

  • andy

    she;s trying to be a black gaga?
    so fake

  • ufc

    Getting a little burned out with all the Rihanna stories. Most of the times its nothing news worthy, just some pops taking her photo.

  • megxo

    This isnt an actual single. Its a promo single.

  • Stella

    How is she trying to be like gaga when SHE WAS HERE BEFORE GAGA!

  • Tom


    LOVE THIS VIDEO … realy cool :D cant wait for Russian Roulette

  • Tom

    @Stella yeeeeeeeees! lady gaga copies her beyonce gwen stefani and christina

  • marissa



    haters you can come up with something better than that lol

  • lol

    i’ve never seen a music video so damn long and so damn retarded

  • Magic

    The wait was for this?

  • pablll

    es diferente……esta buenisimo……..rompe los esquemas ,,,,es lo que mejor hace RIRI ——se diferencia de todo el resto de artistas…………..BAKANOX

  • gemini

    Dressing like a thug is not going to give her street cred.
    She is nothing more than a media prop.
    If only she could sing.

  • TJ

    that’s weak. maybe she should ‘wait her turn’ for the gun to come around in a game of ‘russian roulette’. haha

    peace out

  • talen

    Rihanna swagger jacks everyone.
    At least Lady Gaga has some originality.

  • LA

    Sounds very similar to Umbrella…ella…ella.





  • vickie

    i can understand why they didn’t release this right away.
    it’s pretty bad. worse than russian roulette.

  • talab

    love it so much rihanna is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackberry

    It’s very repetitive.

  • duwalleh

    stylish video .. great song .. rough lyrics .. skinning crazy with the chorus ..

    it’s a personal taste .. the sound .. it’s not for everyone ..

  • Babe_luv_ya

    EPIC FAIL ! haha

  • Rocky

    I realy miss the OLD RIHANNA

    i dont like this song..or vid.
    too “tuff ” for her. like the Umbrella rihanna better!

    Britney’s Vid is better. :P

  • lisa

    She can’t sing ! This song is crap

  • hello1

    awww how cute! she’s still trying to be relevant. Give it up Rihanna, Chris Brown must have beat the little talent you had out of you

  • black beauty


  • Susan

    her music is horrible now. i miss her “take a bow” days

  • martin

    doesn’t sound like a single…

  • So Random

    She grabs her crotch in front of a statue of Mary!!! she’s a sick and crazy little girl!!

  • Jiji

    Wow, the way she’s acting in this video and from the two songs i’ve heard so far, i think i’d do a ‘Chris Brown’ on her too! Don’t blame the guy!

  • OanaERO

    Has anyone informed PETA about this? Someone’s missing a rooster!!

  • la la land


    just because she was here before rihanna dont mean her style was

  • la la land

    @la la land:

    i mean gaga

  • lmao

    @OanaERO: lmao!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamichael

    Rihanna girl get it together. You claim to be ‘such a__lady’; the video says otherwise. It’s trashy. Really? What ‘lady’ grabs her crotch like some thug off the street for the world to see? I understand the whole good girl gone bad theme, & honestly its way overboard & boring. Its more like you’ve gone nuts. You have younger fans who look up to you & see this. If you want to portray yourself as a self respecting young woman you should act like it & that level of respect you give yourself will be given to you by others. You are beautiful. Just because you were belittled by a man doesnt mean you have to slide downward & become this dark, vile & angry woman. (the image your putting off anyway). The song is.. okay; video is absolutely horrible. They are both on the lower level of a new artist. You are not a new artist & im sure you can be more than mediocre(maybe). I wish you much luck in th future & thankyou for not going so far as to wave guns around in the air along with your crotch grabbing to show us you’re ‘bad’ now.

  • chantale

    Love it, love it, love it…….

  • disappointed

    I couldn’t listen to all of it! Hope young girls don’t try and be like her.

  • MsDiscreet

    This was a waste of my time and energy. I actually watched it twice. And the second time I had someone watch it with me. They song sounds like crap. The video is absolutely horrible. You would been better coming out with a video for Russian Roulette. At least I like that song. Ugh.

  • MsDiscreet

    This was a waste of my time and energy. I actually watched it twice. And the second time I had someone watch it with me. They song sounds like crap. The video is absolutely horrible. You would been better coming out with a video for Russian Roulette. At least I like that song. Ugh.

  • **JAMIE**




  • ajanni

    The video could have saved the lackluster song but she has no stage appeal. It’s like a photo shoot with different outfit changes and no story or anything to back the video. She can’t sing, dance, or entertain. What the hell is she good for?

  • krista

    didn’t even finish…all the hype and this song is released? The video is all glitz but nothing new like GaGa….Fail Rihanna. Even Chris’ video was more stimulating than this…

  • anne

    blah song, too many effects on her voice and no one commented on her ‘newly refound’ accent. um, she wrote this all by herself right?

    man i just don’t get what is seen in this chick. like really.

  • Ashlee Glam

    Wow, great song. Great comeback for her!

  • notfeelingit

    wtf? it sounds like 2 diffrent songs mashed up. i love rihanna but what is thinking? she should release a video for “hard” ft. young jeezy asap. im really rooting for this girl because ive heard shes real sweet. good luck rihanna.