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Taylor Swift: 'Band Hero' Commercial Revealed!

Taylor Swift: 'Band Hero' Commercial Revealed!

Check out Taylor Swift‘s latest commercial for the Band Hero video game, which was shot last week in Los Angeles by director Brett Ratner.

The 19-year-old country cutie slides into action, sharing the stage with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Travis Barker from Blink-182.

Band Hero, which is the latest game in the Guitar Hero franchise, is in stores now!

Taylor Swift: ‘Band Hero’ Commercial
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  • ME

    OMG!! Wake up people, this girl can’t sing!!! Clean out your ears and have a listen to that awful voice. Isn’t it time she writes music that isn’t about high school??? And what is up with that eye makeup???? She needs to come back down to earth and stop thinking she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to country music, take some singing lessons and maybe, just maybe, she might be able to hold a tune.

  • FR

    She’s very unique looking, She’s not ugly but just different.

  • not

    she looks like a rat or something like that

    not pretty
    horrible voice
    great PR machine convincing people she can sing

  • k

    i love taylor. i agree she’s unique-looking, but she’s still pretty! and she’s not the best singer, but she’s still good enough to perform and sell millions of albums. her songs are cute and relatable.

  • hiteesharky

    wow I see Teesharky from carriefans is even invading justjared posts on Taylor. Desperate much to boost Carrie back to #1 that you haunt the internet stalking posts about Taylor? Wow carrie fans have absolutely no class. This is in response to Me and Not above, A.K.A. TeeSharky from Carriefans. I say again, if that is how Carrie Underwood fans behave, then Carrie Underwood should be ashamed of who she is that draws such hate-mongers to her.

  • Ashlee Glam

    I love Taylor, she rocks. Great Song. All her songs are awesome! She’s a true star and forever will be!

  • WOW

    I agree her face look like a rat. She is ugly and her singing is mediocre. I just stare at her face and wonder do any one else see that she looks like a rat ewwww.
    A truck load of pr is used on this one. The Taylor Lautner thing is all pr. Man I feel sorry for him for having to be latched with her.

  • Mindy

    That’s a pretty lame commercial. The way it’s been being hyped, I was expecting awesomeness.

  • Tina

    unique-looking is a joke. She does look like a rat.

  • Deb

    She is so over hyped….Mega pr is behind her.

  • jeimy


  • fair

    shr reminds me of someone who would be at amatuer hour at the county fair

    lolol too funny, someone whi is delusional and thinks they are a star, but stinks and has no idea

  • omg

    her music sounds like it should be played in a small town pizzeria in Decatur illinois


  • christine


    stop being so mean, you’re just jealous

  • yikes

    What sad, jealous bitche$ some of you are. She is gorgeous and talented and seems to be a good, grounded girl. You losers, am thinking you haven’t got much going for you that you have to post such ugliness. Says a lot about you inside and out. We see through you, you know.

  • omg

    her voice stinks nice sweet or otherwise she is horrible sorry
    i haven’t been “jealous” since I was 12

  • Becca

    She is STUNNING!

  • Ellia

    I’m really getting sick of this girl. There is such a thing as TOO much exposure. Even if it’s “good” exposure. It’s annoying that she has become America’s sweetheart because Kanye West stole her microphone. Kanye is annoying but Swift is getting up there too.

  • alexa

    I think there are quite a few jealous people here.
    While Taylor may not have the most beautiful voice in the world she IS talented, pretty, and a great role model too. I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t like her. She’s a sweet girl, genuinely.

  • dundies

    cant hear anything but im sure its terrible LOL

  • she shall remain nameless

    This commercial was stupid. I guess I had higher expectations.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    RIVERS WHY!!!!!!!!!

  • pure-perfection

    Taylor is soooooo talented!!She has a great voice and she writes such amazings songs!!

  • tinker_bell

    all i can say is L-O-L!!!!!! THAT COMMERCIAL IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!! ROFLMAO!!! taylor is awesome go taylor!

    ps: LOL :)

  • Sean

    OMFG, to all the people who think she is ugly, terrible at singing and think that she thinks she the best thing to every happen to country music, WAKE UP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and STOP be so damn jealous.

    She is beautiful, has an amazing voice and is really talented. She doesn’t think she the best country singer ever, she has never said or even implied it. A lot of her songs aren’t about high school and even if they were, who cares she jut finished highschool.

    If she was really up herself, she would have bought a mansion in L.A with her millions of dollars but she didnt, she bought a small condo in Nashville.

    She loves to sing, perform and its great that she does. The money is just a bonus to her. Unlike most singers these days who only care about the money, parties, getting drunk and trying to get noticed.

    So once again, JUST STFU and only say good things about Taylor

  • TN redneck sean

    oh please tennessee redneck sean
    she’s none of that
    she stiinks but has a lot of hollywood $ invested in her and thus the big PR backing
    thats’ it

    her voice literally hurts my ears

  • omg!!

    im so OVER this girl ! shes 19 but her songs make her look stupid and young in a way she looks like someone who had a bad child hood cause al she does is sing stupid songs and she cant even sing ! i dont know but ha thats just my opinion whatev

  • Taylor

    @Ellia: She was American’s sweetheart before West! Taylor just showed how much class she has by how she responded to West at the age of 19! Ellen called it when Taylor went on her show the first time – she has the “it” factor. I am happy for anyone who gets to do their life’s dream. No, she doesn’t have the best voice or much range however Taylor voice is different and her writing is appropriate for her age fans. You must be an adult with issues to take hate for a 19 year old.

  • clayaikenbackformore

    I love Taylor Swift

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I have read all of the comments posted to this article so far and I am, to say the least, disappointed and surprised at the responses. To all who seem to be convinced that Taylor is such a bad person I would ask this: why? Many of the attacks in the postings to this article use the classic strategy of making an empty argument. Many even express shameful feelings. However, if you do not present any evidence to support your argument, it confirms one of two things: (1) you do not feel like putting enough effort into constructing a solid argument to support your claim or (2) you are hoping your claims will be accepted as a well supported argument in order to achieve a certain goal–in this case proving that Taylor Swift is a bad person. I think Taylor sing’s beautifully and this is based upon the fact that I can play music by ear so I know she is singing in the right key and hitting the right notes. I also think her songs are equally beautiful and this is not only based upon the fact that they exhibit extraordinary music talent but they teach valuable lessons. So to all critics who have posted so far: none of the arguments have been sufficiently proven so far. Maybe you would like to step up and attempt to prove your claims?

    I have heard many people express displeasure about other people in society being so heartless and cruel. Perhaps some of the people who have posted so far have felt this way as well. Yet, when someone only expresses kindness to you, what do you do? Is it really that you only want people to be kind to you or are you expressing disappointment over the fact that you are not at some higher status in society? Taylor has repeatedly expressed her gratitude to her fans and let them know that it is because of them that she is where she is today. Unlike many popular artists, Taylor has not forgotten her fans. To the contrary, she enjoys spending time with them. Taylor Swift is such an encouragement to all of us and if we would all adopt some of the characteristics of Taylor’s personality we would be a lot better off for it.

    For me, Taylor Swift is not merely the number one artist in country music, she is the number one artist relative to all genres of music.

  • Bria

    IF you dislike Taylor Swift then okay, everyone has their own opinion. But she really isn’t ugly. Come on.

  • Ariana


  • lakers fan in boston

    i like taylor and all but the commercial is really stupid
    it’s just like the other ones guitar hero has done
    the one with kobe and all the other athletes, and the one with heidi klum, and the one about hugh hefner
    they’re so uncreative with their commericals
    like i said nothing 2 do with taylor, im actually a fan

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I have not commented on the question of Taylor looking ugly simply because I am blind. However, I thought I would add this to the discussion. Anyone who has a heart similar to Taylor Swift is a beautiful person. Put quite simply, I know Taylor is a beautiful person but for me this is not a visual question. The personality you have is far more important than how you look.

  • Jenna

    This girl cannot sing. Period.
    Sorry if I’m offending the 12 year old girls on here that think that Taylor Swift is the best damn thinf thats ever happend to music, but you kiddies need to wake up and LISTEN to this girl whe she sings live…for someone who writers her own songs, she sure sings them with NO emotion.

    SHe’s an embarassment to country music, if you have the guts to still be calling her a country artist: most true country fans are absolutey sick of this girl. Her fans are made up of young girls who can relate to her lyrics and dont care how bad she is live, because her songs remind them of Johnny boy sitting next to them in class. ‘Nuff said.

  • H-Dizzle

    Really, Rivers? I thought that was you, but I hoped…

  • Stone

    Oh no!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Have mercy!

  • >.

    nice ass eh?

  • Dave

    Its really sad and disgusting how Carrie Underwood fans are filled with so much hate for Taylor. They do this stuff all the time.

  • Dave

    Fact. Alot (or most) of the hate against Taylor comes from Carrie Underwood fans.

  • Dave

    I have seen JENNA from CMT boards and she says the same disgusting things there. Do not worry about these things. Dont be angered by such sick people. Rise above these people.

  • Dave

    Seriously, with all the hatred being caused by internet message boards, I really and the rise of evil in the world, I really think Jesus will come in our lifetime. I really many will think I am a religious nut, but Ive been around in life. Life and civilization cant continue like this. God bless you all. Peace and love.

  • Dave

    Dont worry about the haters. They come on these sites with a ton of different names and IDs to tear down Taylor so they can lift up their Idol, Carrie Underwood in their sick minds.

  • creativegirl

    Um, can we forget about TAylor for one moment and start a petition for a commercial featuring Adam Levine in his boxers (or briefs)…. Certainly they would see a spike in sales with a commercial like that promoting Band Hero!

  • quirky

    @ME: She’s the most humble person around dude! Give it a rest. Everyone knows she doesn’t have an amazing voice, but she WRITES damn good music and performs her ass off. She’s also pretty and makes great videos. Bam! She’s a star. Peace

  • Taylor Swift

    @ME: jealous much? I agree not the greatest voice but still a good one.

  • http://myspace savannah

    you need to take singing lessons too dont know why u talkin
    cause you just jealous that she can sing better than you. you probably
    sing so bad you make taylor cry. you bad singing mamma jamma.
    if you play taylor swift band hero you will be an ameatur.
    if you sing in front of any one you will make them cry just like you did

  • http://myspace savannah

    you are so cool. you are just like me. i lovse taylor also. she is mounique

  • http://myspace savannah and brooklyn

    thank you your so nice i love taylor swift to.she is awsoume. thank you you are like the only person that likes taylor all the others are jealous because they dont look like her sing like her or have clothes that look like hers.