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Tyra Banks: Get Your Shape In Shape!

Tyra Banks: Get Your Shape In Shape!

Tyra Banks flexes her muscles to show off her own shape – she’s dedicating Wednesday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show to giving tips on healthy living and answering questions about getting in shape.

The 35-year-old model insists that her plan isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change.

“It’s not about being skinny, it’s about getting in the best shape that you can be,” Tyra said.

“If I can do it and love to lay up and not work out and I love me some BBQ ribs and some ice cream and some Haagen-Dazs, I can do this! And you can do this and still eat what you want, just not every second!”

To learn how to get fit with Tyra, watch The Tyra Banks Show this Wednesday (November 4)!

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  • Calin

    ahahah when she was fat, she was like “accept you the way you are” “I don’t care of what you think” “i love my curves” now that she is thinner she changes her speech.

  • ufc

    She looks funny now. I like the “thick” Tyra better.

  • Eva

    I think she is a hypocrite… When she was bigger, she insisted on people accepting themselves/others as they were. Now, she is “teaching” about “healthy=skinny” living… Make up your mind, woman…

  • peter

    Man, her forehead is huge!! It’s half the length of her face!

  • All Women Stalker

    Yeah, what 1st and 4th said. Hahaha. But I have to admit that she does look great now.


  • JJ

    Tyra may be a little nuts, but I still like her better than the other daytime talk show hosts.

  • Mina

    Work it, girl! Tyra is fierce, fat or skinny.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    she’s become a clown. tyra “i cant stop talking about myself” banks getting a show was the worst thing that could happen to the world.

  • dundies

    omg you people! yes, it is one thing to accept yourself as you are. its another to lay your ass out on the couch every day and do nothing. Tyra is encouraging “taking care of yourself” even though she clearly has a sweet tooth, as we all do

  • Natalie

    I do like her show better than others, too! I’ll admit to the occasional eyeroll during this show. But, it is high time famous people stop saying that it is ok to be fat when you see how things get much better for them when they slim down!

  • christine

    All u have to do is go out and stay active and limit ur calories. You don’t HAVE to exercise. Unless you’re running for a marathon or its part of ur job or you want to bulk up, u dont have2 listen to these QUACK doctors, nutritionists & trainers. They’re just out to steal your money. Each individual has very, very different needs. Gyms are my enemy. I like centers where they have individual exercise classes that fit your needs or preferences and is just great mentally & fun. Or easy hiking once in a while on trails can be great for the mind & lungs and a stress relief. Stress, especially due2 school & work can make u gain alot. Things like insulin & high estrogen and too little testosterone & little HGH can be fat building. Tip: Yams help2 reduce estrogen.
    And WATCH ur calories. Ppl think that having a little bite of something or eating something thas not fat-laden is ok. It all adds up. Your body already has enough energy reserve from its own fat. Use it up and expend it. And once u lose each pound, do NOT give yourself a break by eating MORE. Tip: Your liver & body gets rid of waste and burns calories through its skin. Scrubbing all that dead weight off in the shower helps.
    Not to mention, ingesting certian foods can have n immediat effect. Things like spinach or soy derivatives can slow down the thyroid, even a smal amount. Everything has soyben oil, even chips or cereal or supplements. Meat & dairy can cause allergies/colds/sicknesses/hormone fluctuations/kidney & liver problems. Gluten can make u sluggish. Sugar can make u hungry. Salt & carbs can make you bloat. Raw food diet can cause seizures b/c of sodium imbalance.
    Just do something as simple as walking everywhere, like doing errands or during lunch. Makes a big difference. Best one: grocery shop w/out a car. Lugging those groceries while walking is good for the upper body and arms. Bring a backback w/ u for the heavy stuff like water jugs (or to hide your beer addiction). Go out at night w/ friends after work and burn off those calories. Gives u motivation during the day so u can fit into that outfit or look good in the evening. Ppl think if they starve themselves and stay home they’ll lose weight. As long as you avoid staying home too much, you can have ur steak and pasta. Even laying out on the beach will do something.

  • jacie


    Of course you have to exercise!!
    You don’t have to be Lance Armstrong – even a half-hour BRISK walk a day with some strength training will help.

    But you DO have to get exercise. That’s just plain ‘ol common sense.,
    My grandmother lives on her own on a large, beautiful property, gets up everyday, has breakfast and goes for a walk.
    She tends to her property (lifting weights is lifting big garden containers…LOL and yard work, etc.)

    She eats three moderate meals a day, gets exercise everyday, is sharp as a tack and about to celebrate year 100!!!

    It’s all about balance and healthy living — common sense — what yo mamma has said for years.

    But you DO need excercise (unless you want to be a skinny person with sagging skin and wingflaps…LOL)

    btw….Tyra looks Great!! and her “five-finger forehead” is what made her a famous model — she’s GORGEOUS!!
    You GO girl!

  • Jasmine

    That forehead make her famous the last time I checked! :roll eyes:

  • **JAMIE**

    @ # 11 christine

    I read all that and i found it interesting and insightful thansk for the tips :)

  • cutie pie

    First of all she was never fat and i think she is trying to hard to please the white media and thats a damn shame you cant have a show without catering to ‘WHITE SOCIETY”!!

  • xxx


    You do have to exercise other wise you won’t be toned you’ll just be thin…

  • Ashlee Glam

    She has a big forehead. She just needs to do some running to stay fit.

  • me me me

    she looks really great now. not skinny, just fierce. so what if she was fat, she wasn’t in a good place then i guess and wanted people to accept that instead of judge her, and now she’s decided she’s ready to take control. good for her.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine


  • jae’lin

    well i am only 13 and i just won’t to be fit , i won’t to be confident in my self i am a very layed back i probuly 160

  • Donna

    You people need to lay off…did you even hear what she said? she said we have to accept oursleves but we also have to be in the best shape that our body can be. That doesn’t mean skinny…it means healthy ok? And she still has some curves, but they are healthy curves. So seriously if you’re jealous then just mind your own business. If you have something encouraging to say then say it. You go Tyra!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i cant stand this woman
    everything has 2 be about her
    and she scares the shiz outta me when she makes those crazy faces

  • Stone

    Christ! Now that’s scary!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Where’s Chris Brown when you need him??

  • christine

    Is that why your advice is given out to millions of people by professionals and yet certain countries, such as the US has had non-stop obesity problems, who have tried your methods and FAILED?
    You go to Europe and people LOSE weight and dont step foot in a gym or even “workout”.
    They keep ACTIVE.
    And to get TONED for a skinny person has FAR different results from a person who is SHORT and tends to gain weight easily in the wrong places or a female w/ a sporty figure that tends to bulk up easily.
    The latter two have the tendecy to GAIN WEIGHT IN MUSCLE.
    They will be AS heavy as someone who is naturally slender but taller.
    Like I said EACH person is different.
    I am under the genetic category of gaining weight easily and I have never been more skinny, ENERGIZED and toned as much as I was even when I was workng out w/ a trainer.
    Gave up on the idiot trainers who’s results DID NOT LAST.
    I just became more active and that was the ONLY thing that worked.
    I eat steak, pasta, fast food, huge deli sandwiches… and I have a very skinny, toned figure NOW.
    My dad comes from a family that’s muscular thIck (what u think is fat maybe MUSCLE U ALREADY HAVE UNDERNEATH).
    All my dad does is stay active and limit his calories.
    Exercise may help her, but she doesnt need it if she keeps active both outside and indoors.
    For example, going out w/ friends everynight & DANCING or just socializing even at a bar w/ a drink, for someone that’s not your GRANDMOTHER…. these r the ppl who do not tend to be at 200lbs or 160lbs (if ur short).
    My friends who are obese are the ones who dont do anything after work or tried the exercise route and gave up!
    GET UP!
    Withn 1 week, even w/in 2 days, u’ll see a difference on the scale!
    If you compare the lifestyle of a person who’s slender (but does NOT workout and does NOT have a fast metabolsm) and some1 who does not eat alot but is OBESE… you will see a great difference in their ACTIVITY levels.

  • latisha

    go girl!!!!!!! work it!!!!!!!

  • patricia holloway

    hi hather my name is patricia i getting married soon and i have this big belly that just will nt go away i have been eating right but i work all the time so i dnt workout iam mad it hurt i hate it can u help me.