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Kristen Stewart Reacts to 'Twilight' Romance Rumors

Kristen Stewart Reacts to 'Twilight' Romance Rumors

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s private lives have been the subject of much speculation lately, and at an exclusive Entertainment Weekly roundtable in Vancouver, Kristen candidly shared what she thought of the rumors.

“I probably would’ve answered [if she and Rob were dating] if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it,” Kristen, 19, said.

“I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?’”

“I’ve thought about this a lot,” Kristen said. “There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: ‘Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.’ I’m just trying to keep something,” she said.

“If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like ‘F— off!’ I would answer the exact same way.”

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  • james

    propaganda!! thats all onset romance rumors are!! propaganda for the movie!! so lets all eat it up and see the movie when it comes out like they want us to!!

  • xxx

    Who cares? Seriously.

  • Joanne

    if they weren’t, she would’ve admitted it already. She;s just feeding into it by not giving a definite yes or no.

  • shut up alreadi

    good on you kristen!

  • duh

    @Joanne: he already answered it. THEY ARE JUST GOOD FRIENDS. She knows it will piss off the twatlighters if she tells them that their dream of kstew and rpatz dating is not real. After Robert said they were just friends a lot of the fans said screw the movie I never want to see robs face again. lmao

  • ok

    I so agree with her and they need to just leave it alone already. It just movies and they should let them live their own life and let it go

  • Emma

    So that’s a yes. Also, someone needs to wash that girl’s mouth.

  • Joanne

    whatever happened to that guy she was dating forever? did they break up

  • russian girl

    OMG I officially ADORE this girl! They are masters of sarcasm))
    And OF COURSE they ARE dating. Luckily, i’m not blind and see it.

  • Thaís


    Kristen doesn’t need it! She has personality and can lead people to the movies for her talent.

    With or without Rob!

  • Jebediah

    Good on Kristen. We love you!


    She is so annoyin. Everytime i read somthing about her she always

    talkin negatively about the whole fame and hollywood crap ….bla bla

    bla. She makes it seem like she is on this moral high ground. I

    understand her point about the sensationalism of hollywood but at

    the same time if she hates it that much then she should get out of the

    business already!!!! No one’s holding a gun to her head.. there are

    different avenues in the acting field that she could take(local theater

    etc.) If kristen claims to be sooooo down to earth and level headed

    then she should show it by her actions……. by being polite……and not

    having to constantly reasure the public of what she isn’t. Note to

    kristen just enjoy the success you have now cuz i am sure it’s not

    going to last……

  • Jane

    Get over yourself’re a horrible actor and someone should teach you some manners. How they picked you to be part of the Saga is beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joeey

    I dont get it what so spectacular about this pattinson kid, he looks like a strung out meth head. I guess alot of people like watching rich white kids play house.

  • rebekah

    michael angarano is probably slitting his wrists, did you forget about him? i never heard of them breaking up, seriously and who gives a f*ck?, i am obsessed with the whole twilight thing but i hate the paps etc there are special events to meet and take photos of the stars they should be allowed a private life too

  • rebekah

    kristen and rob are the most laid back people in hollywood, i admire them both, because they are so alike does not mean they are dating, dont corrupt these people and ruin what is so awesome about them. I admit kstew isn’t a great actress but she is an awesome and HONEST person, and thats why people dont like her, she doesnt lie her way through hollywood

  • 4 the Future

    Oh look! Its the future Lindsay Lohan! Give her a couple more years and she will look and act like a 45 year old addicted washout as well! Seriously, after the Twilight saga is over, so is she.

  • lily

    Kristen is one rude girl.

  • Amanda Dubs

    People are suck entitled jerks. They want to know everything about everyone’s relationships. Kristen is a wonderful person who is wise beyond her years. She’s going to go far in Hollywood and already has.

  • poyer barnsley

    She’s a weirdo, they are not dating he said so…

  • Thaís


  • Thaís


  • Po

    @GEToverURSELF: OMG. Thank you ! Amen to that. Instead of bitching about celebrity and everything, she should enjoy it, it may not last after Twilight.

  • Thaís

    @poyer barnsley

    no, he didn’t!

    see harper’s bazaar =)

  • wow nice mouth

    thats terrible
    she is so filthy and classless

  • anon

    Kristen is the best.

    @dakotafanningn Dakota Fanning Twitter News Page.

  • joy

    This chick is so annoying and one awful, AWFUL actress. The worst pick for Bella and don’t even get me started about him!

  • Thaís


  • SayWhat?

    For once she said something I believe – she’s a lesbian. So Jodie Foster!

  • j


  • carley

    honestly, good for her.
    i’m glad she acts like a real person and doesn’t hide her feelings.
    people need to leave her alone, who cares whether she’s dating him or not, it’s her life and she’ll talk about it when she wants to.

  • jee

    @GEToverURSELF: 100% agree. that’s what i want to say to kstew. she should be more prudent on her words.

  • LuckyL


    james @ 11/04/2009 at 7:53 pm

    propaganda!! thats all onset romance rumors are!! propaganda for the movie!! so lets all eat it up and see the movie when it comes out like they want us to!!

  • romain

    That;s one honest, foul-mouthed answer. No pu$$yfooting about. I like it.

  • fresh

    Who cares really? Why is she acting like its a big story? Give it a rest.

  • anna

    @fresh: Amen to that! this story makes me yawn..we hear it over and over again! they seem to never answer it properly to cause more suspense and interest people in twilight, well, it doesn’t fool me!

  • alexa

    people do invade stars privacy WAAAY to much, but seriously she’s so ungrateful. I am so sick of her bitching, she should feel grateful to have the opportunities she has.

  • Destined

    LMAO! The sad thing is people really don’t see how cheesy the whole Edward/Bella romance is! I nearly gagged reading those damn books and Twilight was just painful, but here’s hoping the other movies, excluding Breaking Dawn b/c of the freak show that is Renesmee, will add more drama and action with the Volturi and wolves.

  • Kim

    LOVE her. She’s blunt and could care less what people say about her. If people were all up about my love life I’d do the same.

  • uhm

    isn’t Rob gay?

  • LuckyL

    NOW=NOT* lol

  • overated.

    Wow. She’s seems like a nice celebrity. ..”F*ck Off !!”

    ” I probably would’ve answered [if she and Rob were dating] if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it, ”

    She’s basically saying how annoying her fans are for saying that her and Robert are ‘dating’.

  • Seriously

    What a negative, self righteous, pretentious little s.h.i.t. Not sure why she’s so popular. Weird voice, sulky face, classless attitude. For someone with such mediocre talent, she ought to be careful about how much she disses her industry…there are WAY better looking and more talented girls out there dying for a break like hers. Ingrate.

  • 911

    I like her but will love her more if she lays off the drugs. She’s the next Jodie Foster.

  • swing

    Go KS. JJ please more Peter Facinelli.

  • Khristi

    @Kim: She doesn’t care what people think about her my ass. If she didn’t she wouldn’t spend so much time on it. I eally enjoyed the cheesy books, but the movie blew. I mean it sucked ass.

  • Dina

    @Kim: Ummm….she’s not been around long enough to be so sick and tired of personal questions…I know she was a child actress but no one gave a crap about her until a year ago and she’s so beyond it already? Whatever. She’s an idiot and hopefully she’ll be old news by next year.

  • amanda

    I heart her.

  • Jane

    lol, i didn’t get anything she said..

  • kami


    i didn’t either. :)