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Natalie Portman Covers V Magazine

Natalie Portman Covers V Magazine

Natalie Portman shows her sexy androgynous side in the winter issue of V Magazine, on newsstands today.

The 28-year-old actress, who posed for Mario Testino in London for the shoot, wore Calvin Klein jeans and embellishments on the cover and opened up about sexuality, the internet and ambition:

On harsh criticism of her Star Wars work: “My acting was not exactly respected in those films [laughs] but those are the moments when you want to prove yourself again. When people think I suck, it helps.”

On how the internet affects her roles: “[O]nline bulls— interferes with what I want to do artistically. I’m not opposed to sexuality or nudity in a film, but I’m very opposed to pornography sites and you’re pretty much giving them material if you do any of that.”

On striving to be her best: “To be successful, you need the desire to be successful. Ambition can be a dirty word, but it’s pretty much more important than anything.”

For more from Natalie, pick up V Magazine, on newsstands today.

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Photos: Mario Testino for V Magazine
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  • Memei


  • josh

    Does anybody know that she have a new boyfriend???
    Pretty as always.

  • slickcat

    someone said she had her nose done…is this true?

  • fresh

    Nice pic

  • Channy

    always beautiful

  • peace

    I dont like her anymore. She’s a lousy actress but gets a job because she’s jewish. Supporting Polanski is a big turn off too.

  • freak of truth

    No, she never had anything done.
    Her new boyfriend looks cute.
    The V shots are hot. I think she has the most beautiful face in the world.

  • me

    Angelina Jolie also get job bc she is Jewish, right? May be you just don’t know what good acting is?
    Some ppl don’t like Julia Roberts, I think they are morons.
    As to Polanski, criticize Scorsese and Harrison Ford, and Wes Anderson and others, leave her alone.

  • reality check

    her nose is exactly the same as it was in Where the heart is. Nothing changed.

  • kate

    She is stunningly beautiful, such perfect features and so soft.

  • Xtina is my IDOL =)

    She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. And besides, she is SMART. You don’t see that often in Hollywood, babies! And she seems soft and nice and sweet. I think her acting is pretty good. I love her.


    This is fn unbelievable. Fn stunning perfection.

  • dani


    Jolie isn’t Jewish.

    Portman looks like Rhianna here.

  • me

    that is exactly what i mean, the same ppl who hire everyone in HW hire Portman. Jolie works and she is not Jewish so Portman works not bc she is Jewish.

  • kim

    keira portman!!!

  • hey

    portman is much prettier and softer than keira and they are different
    portman landed 3 star wars films, not keira

  • dundies

    As to Polanski, criticize Scorsese and Harrison Ford, and Wes Anderson and others, leave her alone.


    you are so far up your own ass

  • Pole

    Not only is she defending Polanski, she’s also comparing eating meat to rape.

    She has lost all appeal to me. Is she plain stupid or has she just gotten too big a head these days?

  • MissyQ

    OMG… they took off her signature mole on her left cheek! these people are awful.

  • @19

    NP is against cruelty to animals, rape is cruel so is torture of animals.

    Polanski had sex with a consenting teen. As a talented director he is a good judge of character and the girl was experienced and he did not know she was 13 most likely.

  • rick

    She is unbelievably gorgeous. You rock sister.

  • Pole


    So should we kill all carnivores for being cruel? The argument is silly and arrogant. Not all animals are treated badly. She should stop preaching and fight for better conditions for animals instead.

    About the Polanski case – the girl was underage. He gave her drugs and alcohol too. No matter what it was illegal. Had he been a priest or teacher no one would defend him like this. Being an artist is no excuse for his behaviour.

  • Bec

    @ me – “As to Polanski, criticize Scorsese and Harrison Ford, and Wes Anderson and others, leave her alone.”

    Who told you I’m not criticizing them, too? They lied to you about that. Although I do find the support extra despicable coming from my generation and my gender, it’s true.

  • AutumnM

    She looks great! Natalie is very talented and intelligent and most of all does not live her life in the spotlight. Too bad more in hollywood weren’t like her.

  • Smilehexe

    Great picture! Wow, wouldn’t have thought she can act that lascivious but she has proven me wrong. Also wonderfully done make-up.

  • jamie

    padme is so hot!

  • Sara

    She didn’t compare meat-eaters to rapists. If you read her friggin’ interview, you’d know that. The paragraph was about something else entirely and she quoted someone else who used an analogy that involved rape.

    Reading comprehension is a useful thing, you know.

    As for the Polanski issue: only she knows exactly what her feelings are, since she hasn’t spoken about them, but I’m personally more appalled by all the Hollywood people who worked with him and applauded him at the Oscars who DIDN’T support him. I guess it’s okay to use someone to fuel your career and then scatter like cockroaches when the judicial system gets involved. I understand people who think a person can move on and grow from something like this, can be rehabilitated, or what have you- Portman actually knows the guy and spent time with him. I think the petition was presumptuous BUT I think it would have been shittier to not have backed him.

  • Melissa Glitter

    Is this a sequel to the Vendetta movie?

  • lmao uh…

    @peace: there’s a big difference between supporting Polanski’s actions and protesting how he was arrested. if you don’t know the difference and you’re calling someone ignorant for understanding an issue that you don’t, i have no sympathy for you nor does the rest of the world.

    and wtf natalie portman never told you to kill carnivores y’all have a serious READING COMPREHENSION problem..

  • martin


  • Mary

    Natalie is BAD girl!
    LOVE IT !!!

  • !

    this girl is big and is only going to get bigger, she is a very good actress

  • Viper

    She is very open minded on how people perseve her in SW movies I think she did exactly what she was expected to do in the movies. Far be it for me or anyone to judge how she performed. If you could do better then her in them then complain. As for RP the girl was a minor yes, She concented to the affair so RAPE was not exactly the right call for it. Harrison Ford and Wes all supported the signing of his release so bother them and portest on their board if your so against what Nat did.

    I love the idea she has a new man in her life GOOD FOR HER hope she is very happy with him.

  • freakoids

    Not rape, maybe sex with a minor, or sex with someone under the age of legal consent. Where the hell were the parents, tho?

  • mimilala

    I agree that she is absolutely stunning. Just GORGEOUS. She has a beautiful face.

    I do think that her rep as a brainy actress is the Hollywood take. She has never said in any of the interviews that I have seen/read that would lead me to believe that she is of above-average intelligence. She got to go to an Ivy League school, yes, but who knows if she was admitted mainly bc she was Natalie Portman or because she had the brains for it. Even if it was based on her intelligence, though…she’s intelligence is still not very impressive in her interviews. I guess if you compare her to most actress out there then you could say she is more intelligent than most? hehe…

  • lexy

    I knew the Rachel Bilson fans would come in here and bring up Polanski…or that nose job crap. Just b/c Natalie is young and successful and has done it all on her own you have dig at the bottom of the barrel to come up with things to complain about! If you’re interested in the Polanski case – contact your local government – Natalie is not a law enforcement agent. Maybe instead of this Polanski crap or old pics of the alleged nose job you should find Rachel an acting or a fashion school. Perhaps then she’ll be able to compete with Natalie!

  • lexy

    BTW, I love that she shakes things up for this shoot! This isn’t our usual Natalie!

  • padme

    Natalie looks gorgeous as always. She is the best of the Best in HW. So who is the new bf that people keep mentioning here? Any pics of him?

  • !

    The only reason the RB fans come here to spread lies about NP is bc they are worried that HC would rather be with Natalie, he will porbably never get over Natalie, otherwise, why would they post here.

  • Jules

    That cover is HOT.

  • mary

    my god who is talking about HC or RB? oh, of course, lexy and your group, nobody mentioned them, why you need to talk about them here everytime? you is so boring, stop.

  • Kate

    PERFECTION! natalie is so stunning!

  • port-cupine

    can’t stand this pretentious stuck up zionist stick! she is so booooooring on the screen; always on the same note never fresh or interesting.. I was in grad school when she was doing her dissertation/thesis work and saw her around campus and other events, she was a yawn and a half.. next..

  • Jordan


  • @44

    “I wish I knew Natalie Portman”
    “Natalie Portman’ s Shaved Head”
    “Team Sleep”

    are there any songs or groups about you?

  • @37

    OMG why bring up Rachel Bilson again, she’s nothing & that dumb mook she hangs on her arm is no better. Love Natalie’s look here, it’s fierce. Love the hair & her eyes.

  • vinnyblue

    I LOVE Natalie. She put interesting topic to discuss whether agree or disagree with her.
    The cover looks stunning. I love the androginy look on her. She’s pretty.

  • Yelena


  • me

    I loved her in Star Wars too, I don’t know what they are talking about.

  • lol

    At first glance I thought it was Adam Lambert.