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Nicole Kidman: I've Explored Strange Fetish Stuff

Nicole Kidman: I've Explored Strange Fetish Stuff

Nicole Kidman shows off a sexy figure as she opens up the December issue of the UK’s GQ.

“I’ve explored obsession. I’ve explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff,” Nicole, 42, said. “I’ve explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy.”

She also told GQ that for her, marriage to Keith Urban is “a very extraordinary, adventurous place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous and you’re very much out at sea. You’re exposed. You could drown,” Nicole noted.

Also admitting she’d kept journals during her marriage to Tom Cruise and destroyed them after the divorce, Nicole told GQ, “I burnt most of my journals after I remarried… You’re only going to find out bad things.”

For more from Nicole, check out GQ!

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90 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: I've Explored Strange Fetish Stuff”

  1. 1
    Millie Says:

    OMG! What happened to her face? or better still what happen to the classy Nicole Kidman circa 2001?

  2. 2
    N+P Says:

    She is so sexy and beautiful

  3. 3
    Nessynha Says:

    She is beautiful, sexy,gorgeous, but not vulgar!

  4. 4
    hmm Says:

    strange sex fetishes with Tom in spandex wrestling gear.

  5. 5
    hmm Says:

    Strange sex fetishes with Nicole dressed as a man and Tom dressed as a woman.

  6. 6
    Nessynha Says:

    She is beautiful, sexy,gorgeous but not vulgar!

  7. 7
    Anna Says:

    I’ve just explored strange fetish stuff by looking at her face. I wonder what she looks like in 10 years. creepy…

  8. 8
    Halli Says:

    “You’re only going to find out bad things.”

    Damn it Nicole! You should have kept your journals under lock and key! Now we’ll never find out what perfume Tommy Girl prefers…

  9. 9
    Fyn Says:

    Agree with #1
    What happened to her face? She looks so weird…

  10. 10
    ohno Says:

    uhoh she is telling on tommy’s bedroom habbits.

  11. 11
    botox Says:

    After reading the rest of the article I’ve decided that woman is a moron!

  12. 12
    Melissa Glitter Says:

    The journals would have been interesting to read. I’m sure the followers of Xenu confiscated everything, perhaps their house was videotaped. They would have made Tom look bad.

  13. 13
    Marta Says:

    this is really bad cover.Her face looks weird, body (or maybe pose) looks unnature.not hot or sexy at all.

  14. 14
    rhonda Says:

    girls gotta keep up!

  15. 15
    bet Says:

    what the f@ck is this the woman who said that she got miscarage from her husband, what more she can tell us about.

  16. 16
    bet Says:

    what the f@ck is this the woman who said that she got miscarage from her husband, what more she can tell us about.

  17. 17
    taco Says:

    her face looks what!!?? weird?? ahahahahaha you are soooo funny tommy girls”!! so funny!!
    keep away your jelousy away fron this board. this is the best look of her in YEARS!!
    she screams sex!!! love her

  18. 18
    michale Says:

    stunning woman. I’ve read the whole article and she’s a very wise woman. very intelligent. but it’s not a surprese. she defends her roles and her career choices, she talks a lot about her husband, she’s so in love with him, they surely deserve each other!

  19. 19
    vanny Says:

    OMFG!! this woman is stunning!!!

  20. 20
    shiney Says:

    sexy, provocative but not gross. she’s got class.

  21. 21
    happy girl Says:

    hard to pick on nicole because i like keith so much,his new cd is great!

  22. 22
    12345 Says:

    I want a wild night of sex with her now…too beautiful for words.

  23. 23
    jared lover Says:

    one word: FEROSH!!! the kidman we were waiting for finally came out!!!!

  24. 24
    naomi Says:

    I’m soooo excited for Nine!! Unusual Way is a beautiful hearthbreaking song…Can’t wait to see her version

  25. 25
    Nicole didn't talk about Tom Says:

    she never mention tom’s name here so why everyone’s speculating on the Cruise marriage.

  26. 26
    Rimovi Says:

    I had the magazines: 10 pages of beautiful and intelligent words. GQ men readers finally will read someting of intelligent.

  27. 27
    robbie Says:

    She had very touching words for her husband in the interview, that the very few little things she said about cruise (and she even nominated him) are soooo IRRILEVANT. people should buy the magazine. her best interview in years.

  28. 28
    marathon boy Says:

    just a thought in my mind whatchinf this cover: SEX

  29. 29
    virginy Says:

    she’s a gret actress, one of the greatest actress in movie history. despite the continuos bashing and criticisms she is a really great woman with an incredible talent. she’s a screen godness.

  30. 30
    queen of hollywood Says:

    quenn of hollywood

  31. 31
    celebcritc Says:

    I highly recommend reading the RumerMills article in response to this, its hilarious!!!

  32. 32
    May Says:

    She looks like a Cat Woman in this cover, stunning! I particulary didn’t like the face so much but the her body is like OMG!

    I think she pulled out a Nicole that many people didn’tknow and that’s for sure a godd thing. I believer many of you will start to look at her through different eyes now.

  33. 33
    danielle Says:

    Stunning. Can’t wait to find the magazine and read the whole article. Refreshing to read something half way intelligent from an ex-Mrs. Cruise rather than the current Mrs. TK’s wonderful, magical, awesome rants.

  34. 34
    Christy Says:

    The cover pic is definitely airbrushed.

  35. 35
    sindalina Says:

    How people think she is classy or sexy is beyond me. She had a contractual marriage for fame and fortune, she doesn’t know how to portray sexy and I’m convinced she had a surrogate for her baby. Maybe even her current marriage is contractual?

  36. 36
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..ahahahaha.. her face been fcuked up. and damn, tom and kate’s kids talk about the botox queen.

  37. 37
    tomgay Says:

    bad things? hmm… be careful with what you say nicole – xenu and their freak show might take you down.

  38. 38
    mark Says:

    She should act her age.

  39. 39
    jamed Says:

    @bet: the uneducated huvane ho, Nichole is telling the funny staff.

  40. 40
    dj Says:

    fugly ass hoe

  41. 41
    :) Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Just like her x tommygirl.

  42. 42
    jan Says:

    Nicole is so beautiful! That is her figure. No airbrushing other than the skin tones. She works out like a trojan and eats only the healthiest foods.

    I’ll bet she looks back at the “Tom years” and thinks “WTF did I ever see in that controlling egomaniac?” Well, at least she got the career boost she deserved. Of course, had she not had the talent in the first place, she would have never had become an Oscar winner. Tom Cruise never won an Oscar.

    Nicole is great and she and KU make a wonderful couple. She must thank God every night that she’s no longer married to Tom Cruise.

  43. 43
    Nicole loves Keith Urban Says:

    Nicole never mentioned tom in that interview and she won’t mentioned him~~~~
    She is in happy life time now and she has such adorable family with sunday and keith!!!!
    I just love nicole that she is an unusual woman ~~~~~~~

  44. 44
    Lilly Says:

    I think the red hair suit her better than the blond.

  45. 45
    river Says:

    Between the picture on the cover and her comment, “I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff,” it appears to me that she completely lied when she sat down in front of Congress and said she doesn’t portray herself as a sex object.

  46. 46
    ommmz Says:

    burning her journal after the divorce? that’s actually pretty smart and ballsy!

  47. 47
    shut up alreadi Says:

    oh! for sanity sake, shut up already! who cares! you and tom and who else is so yesterday news! If you must grace a mag cover at least talk about new things!

  48. 48
    shaye Says:

    Well as always she has to put something out there for the publicity just in time. She looks like a drag queen. Sorry drag queens. She is looking alien like maybe she (he) can blame the airburshing. Poor Keith he must be wondering what the hell has he gotten into. Give this relationship five years tops.

  49. 49
    **JAMIE** Says:


    Even though shes tall and thin, she has absolutely NO SEXX APPEAL!

    Photo is also way too photoshopped, it makes her look odd and frozen more than usual.

  50. 50
    to mark Says:

    She should act her age

    oh come on!! nicole is stunning. where do you get the idea that a 41 year old woman shouldn’t be able to flaunt it if she’s got it? let me guess; you want to cover her with a shroud.

  51. 51
    MM Says:

    Daily Mail put such a spin on the story and everybody cut and paste the story. Very done Daily Mail.

    Dang… she looks hot. **********.

    Everything related to Tom will be talked about. He’s the biggest movie star of all time. She grew up while married to him and it will always be a facet of her life. Every cover on every magazine is photoshopped. This doesn’t look weird.

  52. 52
    ellie' Says:

    Nichole is stunning .sexy… classy beautiful talented woman…. The mag will be a great read .

  53. 53
    AutumnM Says:

    Pretty woman, but don’t think she’s sexy at all. Never have thought so and I know many (straight) guys who think the same. But not too bad here. Her interview was interesting tho. I wonder what was in those journals? I’m sure it has all of Tom’s secrets, she shouldn’t have burned it.

  54. 54
    Rose Says:

    She’s not in love with anyone but herself. She looks like a stripper and acts like one too. He should be embarrased!

  55. 55
    wtf Says:

    i hate this woman
    she could careless about her children, ever see them together?
    as for that baby, she doesn’t care about her either – she wanted to distance herself from her the min she was born – she was out and about 4 days after giving birth, with her friends hanging out, baby no where to be seen. just to make a point publically

    she is just a vacuous beatch

  56. 56
    josephine Says:

    pretty face (‘cept for the lips) and good actress. BUT she is absolutely non-sexual in every way, completely flat. there is no vibe, no wow factor, no zing and this latest attempt to ‘show’/create sexiness by wearing that thing and saying those things is downright embarrassing. and what is with that awkward mono-glove-arm-stiff-hand-in-front-of-body pose?!

  57. 57
    ellie' Says:

    When you people have your facts straight then say something intellectual.. otherwise don’t always be a*sholes..
    Nichole is great actress beautiful sexy..a sexy husband and beautiful children..

  58. 58
    Sassy Says:

    I think Nicole looks terrible with what she did to her lips. I tried to watch Australia tonight on HBO on demand and only got about 20 minutes into it, I was too distracted by her overdone lips.
    When someone has to talk so much about their marriage, it usually means trouble. While I’m glad she seems happy and was able to also have a biological child, WHERE ARE HER TWO OTHER CHILDREN? How can she let them stay with their cult-member father, learning how to talk to ashtrays & doorknobs for their eduction? Do the two older kids have access to the internet? My God, get them away from that cult Nicole! It’s your duty as their Mom!

  59. 59
    shut up! Says:

    for gods sake….from which elements you make the conclusion she doesn’t see her children!! I saw bella cruise two days ago in Nashville with mommy Nicole and Sunday. Bella is a wonderful bigger sister. I was unsure to write this here but after reading such stupid comments I couldn’t resist. YOU DON’T KNOW at all Nicole Kidman and herfamily. she’s a lovely woman, humble, wise, simple minded, intelligent.
    shut up jelouse tommy fan girls! you’re crazy as your idol!

  60. 60
    55,54,58: LOSERS Says:

    54, 55, 58: classic examples of LOSERS!

    accept it: nicole is a sexy beautiful lady with a perfect body, a sexy husband, she’s rich, loved, successful.
    you? married with an ugly football fans who spend their days in pubs and mcdonalds.

  61. 61
    gymboreeMom Says:

    #59 – Bella was not in Nashville yesterday, or even this week. she was not with her Mom and baby sister. but yet you saw them all together? odd

    I take it you are not a native English speaker, correct? am I only one amused with the number of postings with similar mis-spellings, similar MAJOR problems with syntax… all done by the same person. Really needs a life

  62. 62
    gymboreeMom Says:

    oh, forgot to add to #61, sorry…

    Nicole must be tickled to have morons as fans

  63. 63
    to gymboreeMom Says:

    how do you know that ?!!!!

  64. 64
    Clara Says:

    I love her

  65. 65
    tulip Says:

    HEY JJ, I want to see photos of little SUNDAY ROSE. Thank you.

  66. 66
    river Says:

    #59 – you say that Bella is always in Nashville and is seen in public with Sunday Rose. So why are there no pictures of Bella out in public with Sunday Rose & Nicole? We only see Keith, Nicole & Sunday Rose in Nashville. Please don’t use the excuse that Nicole protects Bella from the camera, because if she protects Bella from the camera, why wouldn’t she do the same for Sunday Rose?

  67. 67
    me Says:

    Ive always seen her as gorgeous, stylish and a good actress but always as cold as a popsicle. This whole sex stuff sounds to me like a cry for attention. Too bad cause she really is a good actress, she should just let that get the headlines

  68. 68
    Nessynha Says:

    Please, post the new pictures from sunday in Nashville!
    she’s gorgeoussssssss;;

  69. 69
    b. Says:

    SHE IS THE BEST! nicole, you do such a wonderful job, I love every movie that you make. love you

  70. 70
    shelby Says:

    ewwww! too much information! Not classy at all.

  71. 71
    Wow Says:

    She is GORGEOUS! And Classy, you go girl!!

    And I love how she talks about the journals she kept while married to Cruise ” I burned the journals, your only going to find out bad thing”…..hmmmm…….

  72. 72
    Georgia Melody Says:

    I think Tom made her do the fetish stuff. Them scientologists like alien probes and i’m sure they took her amniotic fluid. Perhaps she is a clone and they abducted the real nicole.

  73. 73
    gymboreeMom Says:

    @to gymboreeMom:

    #63 – hi. We have “overlapped” with the Kidman/Urban family a bit, especially recently. Same places, similar age kids, etc. No, Isabella was not in Nashville

  74. 74
    Bia Says:

    absolutely beautiful

  75. 75
    Kara Says:


  76. 76
    shut up!! Says:

    I’m russian (half german-half russian) and I’ve lived in Nashville since 2005, when my husband and I married, firstly we lived in Chattanooga for a while then we moved to Nashville two years ago. I have a life, what about you? I saw Isabella (or Bella) you can belive it or not, I don’t care. Things won’t change because you’re a stupid loser. And I’ve never said she’s always in Nashville River, I just said I saw her once and that’s all. It’s not true Nicole doesn’t see her children often, you just read and see what newspapers write not the truth. blaming someone without know how she or he is really stupid. If we don’t have pics of Bella with them I don’t know, just the paparazzi don’t follow Nicole everywhere everyday and probably the day of her visit to her mommy they hadn’t been pictured. it isn’t difficult to understand.
    so calm down with the imagination and this stupid bitching.
    Nicole is a good person, a great actress and she doesn’t deserve this. you’re just stupid kids in front of a keyboard, she’s a mother of 3 beautiful children, a great actress, a good person, a wise woman, a lovely wife. and it’s a pity you won’t never know her at all.

  77. 77
    carrie Says:

    @hmm: LOL

  78. 78
    gymboreeMom Says:

    @shut up!!:

    yes, have met her, have had ice cream and once had coffee with her (actually ice tea for me) — I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re obsessed with her, you are her biggest fan on one of her fan sites, etc. AND… you’ve never met her in person, although you really want to…

    one thing is – she is average. Average actress, average mommy to 3 kids, average woman about town. Her looks are impressive when done up for a photo shoot, yes — otherwise, the photog and others would lose jobs! LOL But when she’s just running around town like the rest of us, she’s average, so stop making her out to be more.

    and no NOOOOO… Isabella was not in town when you claimed. Which def tells me you know nothing personal about her (first hand that is). Otherwise, you would know that at the gathering of “munchkins” for Halloween, she announced when Bella would next be in town

  79. 79
    cera Says:

    Her face is so gross!

  80. 80
    Ben Buttonz Says:

    I don’t think she got a miscarriage. The aliens took the child and will raise it. Then they will come back and he will rule us all.

  81. 81
    ... Says:

    Nicole has a great figure and is a good actress. Looking forward to catching all the talented people in Nine. Moreover, more prettier and more talented than the cankled midwestern loser wife #3.

  82. 82
    ... Says:

    Nicole has a great figure and is a good actress. Looking forward to catching all the talented people in Nine. Moreover, more prettier and more talented than the cankled midwestern loser wife #3.

  83. 83
    lisa Says:

    I really have to wonder why she is bringing all this up now after all that time, is she just wanting the media coverage. She has a daughter now and is married, why talk about her history with Tom now. Can’t buy it, I think she just wants the attention.

  84. 84
    shut up! Says:

    What is avarage here is your pathetical attempt ot demostrate Nicole’s diffects. you’re doing a poor figure.
    Avarage is the hate you feel for this woman, probably the jealousy brings you to be rude and stupid.
    she’s an oscar winner actress, she has worked with some of the most important directors in movies history and she’s a great wife for urban and a great mother for her three children, and it’s sad you will never know this. if you met here, surely you would grow up and be wiser.
    avarage is your limitated negative way to spend your days. here on justjared doing what? hating,bashing, bitching. and it’s even too evident you’re a tom cruise fan.
    a suggestion: get a lide dumb.

  85. 85
    0000 Says:

    I wonder how long did it take to photoshop her and transform her in a plastic skinny barbie. So fake. She does not look like an human being. She is not real, she is not beautiful and probably the photographer was not able to shoot a decent picture otherwise she wouldn’t need to be completely and massively photoshopped. Bleah…

  86. 86
    chef de Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    And I’d like to give the poor girl a hand the next time she wants to go exploring!

  87. 87
    jpfan Says:

    Kidman always brings up Cruise and talks about him in all her interviews. Tom has moved on so happy and in love but she seems stuck. What a classless interview. Too much in the open.

  88. 88
    texas2 Says:


  89. 89
    Tig1245 Says:

    She is so sexy and sweet!
    I think she never used botox
    She is really natural Beautiful.

  90. 90
    Stone Says:

    No kidding????

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