Nicole Kidman & Robert Pattinson: Bel Ami Bunch?

Nicole Kidman & Robert Pattinson: Bel Ami Bunch?

Nicole Kidman is teaming up with Twilight star Robert Pattinson in the erotically charged movie Bel Ami, an adaptation of Guy De Maupassant‘s short story.

According to Screen Daily, the flick will chronicle the rise of an ambitious young man who sleeps his way to the top from French soldier to powerful Parisian newspaper journalist in the 1890s.

Rob and Nicole bed scenes? Count us in!

UPDATE: Nic‘s rep tells GossipCop that this won’t be happening.

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  • lola

    Wooooooow!!!!!!!! GO ROBERT!!!

  • Amanda Dubs

    YES! I want to see him in more movies. He’s barely done anything but Little Ashes was great. We need more like that.

  • jen

    This is awesome! I’ve been waiting to here more about this movie since I knew he was going to be in it. And i love Nicole Kidman so this is great!

  • coco

    someon told me that this film will be shooting in London and that true? i live in Budapest, i mean ..the countryside. haha :D

  • taco


  • van

    Great news! I hope it’s true. Nicole is a great actress and it will be a great chance for Rob to work with her

  • yur

    Good lord yes!!! Kidman is one of my favourite actress and rob is a talented young boy!! the screen will scream “hotness and talent” with these two together

  • Kat

    This is the woman who just testified to Congress about more respect for women & not having them portrayed as sex objects isn’t it? She said she can’t control Hollywood but only her own choices. And then she poses for a photo like this? OK Nicole. Rob is the hot thing right now, guess she thinks it will help get her more headlines.

  • cullt

    good news! i’m happy for rob. another occasion to show his talent. nicole is an a-lister he will bring on him sone popularity

  • cullt

    kat…nicole was talking about her MOVIE CAREER choices…
    stop with this vicious envy come on!

  • hugo

    wonderful news for rob!! working with a screen leend like kidman is a great chance!

  • Elise

    Bel Ami is a novel, not a short story.

  • Terrier

    Nicole is a great actress with Oscar and Golden Globe under her belt. It’d be Harry Potter and Twilight boy’s privilege to work with her. She’s perfect for this role.

  • claire

    Very happy fot this news! Love Rob and Kidman is an amazing actress, she will help him to improve

  • Zac


    I would like to know what this pic has anything to do with violence against women! just shut up!!!

    Anyway i’m glad Nicole is teaming up with Rob.

  • hmm

    Nicole told Gq that she was into sex fetish stuff. wtf was she talking about?

  • Klixxi

    Don’t know if I believe in this, Rob has some other project coming up, so has Kidman, but if it’s true I’m happy because the story seems really interesting and I like both

  • Tealeaf

    Nicole face is so frozen

  • Tre

    Love them Both!!

  • Meg

    Is this really Nicole?ohhhhh! She seems so sexy! Love the cover and her darker hair.
    can’t wait to see Pattinson working with REAL actors. He will have the chance to prove that he is that good!

  • Babe_luv_ya

    wow ! so happy for Rob. Nicole is a an Oscar winning actress so this is HUGE for him . He definitely deserves it. GO ROB.

  • dabu

    Wow! HOT HOT HOT. Cannot wait! Love them both. This is going to be a great film with the two of them exuding hotness. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they both can act and have brains.

  • Chenise

    Is that a wig she is wearing? Wasn’t she blonde? She looks good

    I’m very glad Robert is leaving this teenagers projects like HP and Twilight and embrace some real movies with great actors. I have to read the novel!

  • Portia

    Sounds promising. But any of them already confirm?
    Maybe during NM promotion he will say something.
    I wonder if there will be any sexy scenes between both???:p

  • May

    If it’s true, it will be a HUGE opportunity do Rob! Nicole looks amazing in the cover and btw, she wasn’t talking about sex life particulary. This’s a men’s maganize and the marriage to Tom Cruise was one of the topics and the subject came up.

    Stop judging her, for God’s sake!

  • bluesky3

    is screen daily a reliable source?
    wasn’t he supposed to start shooting a movie with Hugh Jackman?
    I would rather he would work with Kidman than Jackman, he is such an average actor

  • Xanax

    Good move for both. I still need to know if Robert is really a good actor rather than a beautiful boy, and I think this is a perfect opportunity.
    Love Nicole’s cover, sexy but not rude.

  • …23…

    Finally leaving Kirsten behind for a true actress!

  • robfannr1

    I read the novel when i first heard Rob’s connection with this project. It’s a very interesting and beautiful story and he can definetly show all his great talent. His character is demaning!
    About Nic, who I love as an actress, I wonder which character she will portrait.

  • Coldfeet

    This sounds so good to be true!!!!

  • georgette

    Best news of the day. Love Nicole, and this is a huge step for Rob.
    Nicole looks really beautful and sexy in that cover

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    kidding me? kidman’s movie poison. anything she’s in sucks and does horrible.

  • poor rob

    only means a flop. The movies of Kidman are all flopping.

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine


  • hmmm

    Cruise is so into Katie and his kids while Kidman always talks about him constantly.

  • kidman will not be n the movie

    @Coldfeet: ha! gossip Cop says it’s false.

  • Dawn9476

    Yep. According to Nicole’s Rep, she will not be staring in this.

  • Nicole never mention tom
  • lin

    Soud great! Rob should invest in non tipical teenagers movies so he can improve as an actor. I read the novel and Nicole was picked perfectly|!

  • chz

    HOT HOT HOT kidman! Liking the cover.

    About this project, let’s wait to see any official confirmation, like hollywood reporter or from any of them.
    I liked the story and it may turn into something huge if the works

  • ginger

    If I coulp pic an actress to work with Rob it would be definetly Kidman. She is one the greatest (I know she has not been that great at box office, but in cinema is that what really matters???) and she usually picks different and edgy projects, and Rob fitts there perfectly!

  • Fabio

    Robert is a very lucky boy! First with the uge sucess of Twilight saga and now the chance to work with a dive like Nicole

  • Nicole didn’t talk about Tom
  • Keica

    Nicole is always great in period pieces, so I’m happy for this project, if it is really true of course.
    About Pattinson, I’m not a huge fan of him (I didn’t like Twilight at all), but I think he didn’t have until now a real challenge to show is talent

  • hmm

    I think the kinky fetish sex was about Tom . Tom likes to put wrestling tights on before sex

  • coco

    @poor rob:
    like australia 211 millions dollars or the golden compass 372 millions dollars?

    keith fans should accept he is happily married and he does have sex with another woman.

  • mattieu

    stunning woman…I love her…

  • Melissa Glitter

    Yes, this is going to be a great movie and a must see!

  • gordon

    the interview is very beautiful. she’s a very wise woman. the part media are quoting is a very small part of the interview. she talks a lot about keith and her roles…

  • sweetness

    It’s not a wise movie for her to do…She is getting long in the tooth and Rob has a zillion tween fans ..pairing this handsome young man up with a clearly aged woman is not box office magic. She will torn apart online ..and it’s starting now. She needs to do a movie with Gerard Butler or a man her age..BUT leave this new young stud alone. She will only come across as looking as a cougar. No 13 and 14 year old will race to the movies to see him getting it on with his grand ma..and this photoshop GQ cover is not enough to make that film conceal that truth in their age difference.