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Gerard Butler is A Law Abiding Citizen in Oslo

Gerard Butler is A Law Abiding Citizen in Oslo

Gerard Butler points to the camera at the Oslo premiere of Law Abiding Citizen on Wednesday (November 4).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud wore head-to-toe Ferragamo suit and shoes to the event.

Expect to see Gerard on the big screen early next year – his next film will be Bounty Hunter, where he’ll play opposite Jennifer Aniston, coming March of 2010. He’ll also voice a character in DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon, also out next March.

Gerard will also begin shooting Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave – they’ll shoot in Serbia beginning next March.

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Photos: Ragnar Singsaas/Getty
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  • Bright stripy thong on :)


  • Bright stripy thong on :)


  • cece

    He really looks awful. What happened to him?

  • rabitts

    In his interviews his voice sounded scratchy. Maybe he is having a cold or something or just from talking none stop. He looks great in these pix. I like the brown color on him and those shoes are so nice. And finally for once his hair sports the right length and color showing just a little s&p. This man doesn’t take breaks does he? He will be home in Scotland soon if not already and hopefully gets a good rest before the Glasgow premiere starts.

  • http://. A FAN

    He looks great, I like the suite. He may be just a wee bit tired. Hope he stays in Glassgow for a while and rests.

  • groundhog day

    here we go again. It must be groundhog day or Gerard Butler promoting himself yet again. !!!!!!ARghhh

  • coco

    Stop pointing! Gerry you are a big cheeseball. The pointing must stop – you are not the Fonz from Happy Days. Please stop.

  • mia

    He’s promoting a movie which he has a big stake in as both actor and producer. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s part of the movie business for actors to promote their work. What do you think all the guests on talk shows are there for? They’re all selling their product.

    Besides, G doesn’t force anyone to take his picture and plaster it all over the iInternet. If there wasn’t a market for it, you wouldn’t see so much of him.

    The more GB pictures, the better IMO!

  • Flisbeth

    Hmmm mr.Butler is in Oslo…not to far from my fair city of Copenhagen..he is most welcome to stop by :)

  • Darling

    Give him a bit of a break. He’s been promoting the HELL out of LAC and he’s exhausted. Luckily this is it until the 15th. I hope he gets some well-deserved rest.

  • skyblue

    Another Gerry thread along with another picture of him pointing. When does it ever stop?

  • aNoN

    HE IS A GAY!

  • lavender1960

    If the timing of Coriolanus stays true does this mean he gets to escape having to do promo with Anniston?

  • Sententia

    @aNoN: Please, just don`t start this ” GAY” theme- who actually cares?!

  • f*o*a*k*y

    stick that pointing finger up your own @ss, you jock ba$tard.

  • louisa

    I’m shocked that there’s a premiere in Norway. Hollywood films tend to premiere in bigger countries like England, France, Germany, etc.

  • sugar

    Love the grey hair. Why doesn’t he let it grow, it’s just beautiful!

  • alphaba

    I agree about the saltnpepper, and that he looks better with longer hair. Maybe now that The Bounty black is gone he’ll let it grow longer for awhile. Wonder how they’ll have him look for Coriolanus?

  • liz

    He is gorgeousness personified!!!! have any of you watched some of the European videos on his many websites? Wow! he is just so cutea nd funny and charming…and dreamy!! Yes, dreamy. His Gerryjuice is aflowin’ , all right. Some of the videos in the Scandanavian countries show young girls nearly dying and screaming for him a la the Beatles. I am so glad his star continues to rise. Thans so much, Jared!!!!! Keep those pix coming. He is diong the big premiere for LAC on Nov. 14, I think . I hope you can get some pictures from Glasgow!!! I cannot wait to hear more about Coriolanus and Burns…However, the movie I’m hoping he’ll not only produce but star in is his comedy western, The Hanging Tale. I’m a huge western fan…and I’d love to see him withholsters, horses, chaps, and ten-gallon hat! Thanks JJ>

  • sugar

    There is actually an interview with him during the comic con 300 and the side of his hair was not only grey but white as in cotton white! I loved it!

  • cece

    I saw one of those videos. He asked them to make noise, so they screamed. They weren’t screaming on their own.

    He’s looked pretty bad for a while. It’s not fatigue from promotion. The suit is good, is well tailored and he looks trim, but his face looks like he’s aged 10 years in the last year or two. He has a luxury life, so did the smoking and alcoholism catch up with him? Hopefully he’ll get more character roles because his leading man have disappeared.

  • Maybe????

    That video of Gerry encouraging the fans to scream made me think of an old blind item. The guy wanted his hooker (s) to scream and ask him for his autograph before the hook up. Maybe that blind about wanting his rent girls to give him the “fan” experience was Gerry.

  • bonnie hunt got
  • Nancy Windows

    I think he would be great with Lindsay Lohan

  • Sue

    @bonnie hunt got: It was joke by her staff. See entire show.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Most of you have probably seen this—– but here’s a quick link to the new vids from Oslo…..
    Now lets not start speculating about who G’s “friend” is …. the one he visited 2 years ago —–Sven or Ingrid—-we’ll never know !?! LOL

  • bla85

    He looks handsome and tired – I want his air miles!

  • gerry’s astrologer

    SCORPIO is lord of the bladder, urethra, reproductive system, colon, and sweat glands. As ruler of Scorpio, Pluto rules infections of any kind, but especially infections involving the organs cited above. It’s important for Scorpios to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs, and they especially need to watch their diets.

  • oooopps!

    It’s important for Scorpios to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs, and they especially need to watch their diets.
    Gerry failed on all these points.

  • May God Bless you All

    Ecclesiastes 7:5
    New International Version
    It is better to heed a wise man’s rebuke than to listen to the song of fools.

  • oooppssisright

    SCORPIO is lord of the bladder, urethra, reproductive system, colon, and sweat glands. As ruler of Scorpio, Pluto rules infections of any kind, but especially infections involving the organs cited above.

    Infections of the reproductive system? Probably too late on that.

  • Wow

    Those SHER.NO TV interviews were wonderful. He looked weary, but simply beautiful. My gawd, what a gorgeous man. Can we clone him?

    I saw another interview today from Oslo where the interviewer wanted him to compare 6 packs. Gerry joked that the interviewer had a one pack! I liked that Gerry said he’d like to do it, that “it might be fun in the moment ,” but that if he went along with it, the video could wind up posted on other Internet sites. He added something like, “I have to be careful about that.” Is he finally wising up that what he says and does in interviews just for fun can be misused later on?

    All the rumors and crazy stuff aside, I just think he’s just the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. Beautiful, beautiful. Those eyes tell a thousand stories.

  • Willowlake

    We saw LAC tonight. Gerard Butler rules. I’m not that familiar with him, but I’m going to be. I’m searching the net. I think I’m in love. When he (Clyde person) was arrested. OMG. Is he for real? Is that man really possible? Come to mama.

  • :D

    GORGEOUS! As always =)
    Love Gerry

  • ForTheNewbies

    @Willowlake: You’ve got alot to learn!

  • exasperated

    I’m a fan of Gerry’s but I just have to get this off my chest …

    Stop pointing your finger during photo calls!!! Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!!!!

  • gerry’s madam gaga

    The dam@ed photographers ask him to do that. You can hear it on some of the videos. Big deal. Point away Gerry. No one compares to you. Love you. Isn’t he just the hottest babe you’ve ever seen? Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. I’m really serious. This is the most glorious man on this earth. I’m gaga. I admit it. Gerard Butler. You are glorious.

  • Mr. Giggles

    @sugar: Is this the vid you are referring to….. ????
    G’s hair IS really white on his right side —- he looks good !!!!

  • mia

    Yes. ‘Glorious ‘ That’s a great discription, gaga. I’m still caught up in his eyes on those Oslo interviews. My gawd. Those EYES.

  • Poor Bonnie! = FOOL!


    But she has to know that Gerry likes really pretty tall thin pretty lasses.
    Bonnie..matronly and sweet has not a chance unless she wants to cook him dinner. Poor Bonnie. To be made a fool of.

    Was it really her staff :-(

  • sigh.

    from what i hear…and firsthand….the man is a great kisser. as in seriously unforgettable…

  • exasperated

    @ #37
    I’ve never seen ANY celebrity point in pictures as much as Butler does. This isn’t the fault off photogs making him do it. This is one of Butler’s “moves” and he looks silly.

    Still love him though.

  • Lord of the Rings

    SAWWWW FRYGUY!!! LOL Thanks Giggs!!!

  • sugar

    yes Mr Giggles, that’s the one!

  • clean ur s!ht up

    “Like it or not, he needs to clean up the player image (real or fake – doesn’t matter). It doesn’t make him appealing to the people most likely to shell out cash for his films. This is a major fail for his PR peeps, and indirectly, his management. They should have rebutted Lohangate immediately. They seem way too slow on the uptake. Just my thoughts.”

    BEST POST this week BRAVA. He lost a buncha supporters to the Lindsay bullsh*t. We fans are quick to call horsesh*t, but people NOT in the know were 1) disgusted 2)quick to condemn 3) laughing AT him 4) saying things llike, “figures, Butler’s disgusting.”
    Most men wouldn’t touch LiLo with their best friend’s d!ck.
    I spent the better part of this early week telling people who made fun of me for being a fan that Jen, Jess and Crackhead were all FAKE.
    Do you know how sad and empty that sounds to someone who isn’t a GB fan???

    i sound like a stupid phangurl that is in denial.
    Not the river.

    GERRY NEEDS TO CLEAN UP HIS IMAGE. Maybe filming in the friggen Bals will at least give the us a chance to “dry out” of gerry garbage. Most people that arent fans think him and his sh!t has grown quite tiresome. :-(




  • Mr. Giggles

    O.K…..It’s time for some fun !!!
    Here is a pic of G —- the hypnotic, the charming, the mysterious and alluring…….
    How can we resist him…..
    This is the monumental moment when Nick became FryGuy …..

  • Mr. Giggles

    The whole mess of pix —– poor Fry, he had no idea that this would be his day of infamy……

  • Sue

    @WILL SOMEONE PLS ANSWR ME!!: if you watched the show, she finds out that one of her staff played a trick on her in payment to one she played on him. The torso picture was on his phone. I think Bonnie was about to cry. I think it was a mean trick to play on her. I think she really hoped it was him.

  • ——————-

    Why doesn’t he just be brave and come out? Why pretend you’re hetero? It 2009, that kind of stuff doesn’t matter anymore. Honestly, I feel sorry for Fry guy…to feel like you are being hidden away like a dirty secret must be very painful