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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, & Nahla: Family Flight

Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, & Nahla: Family Flight

Halle Berry arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles with longtime love Gabriel Aubry and their 1-year-old daughter Nahla on Thursday (November 5).

The 43-year-old Monster’s Ball actress is expected to be attending the Celebration of Babies charity luncheon sponsored by the March of Dimes on Saturday in Los Angeles. The event will honor individuals who have served as role models for the organization.

Halle will also be featured in a segment for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams called “Making a Difference” where her support for the Jenesse Center and her work with domestic violence victims will be featured.

FYI: Halle is sporting a “Kristin” leather tote by Coach.

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  • pretty young girl

    Pretty family.

  • ivanka

    wow just like gossip girl’s site..
    gabrieel is so hot:)

  • Afrika

    The just jared anonymous racists are going to storm this thread with their negativity pretty soon…just like they did in the thread about Beyonce at the MTV Europe awards. Soooooooo pathetically predictable.

  • Keepitpositive

    Awww, cute family! And Nahla is adorable :D

  • lovey

    she’s so adorable..awww..

  • carolina

    so much beauty in this family the three are gorgeous

  • rhonda

    Now there’s a beautiful family! That is a loved baby

  • Dina


    Hating much?

  • dale

    never liked HB

  • dotty

    He is so hot.
    Why haven’t they had another baby yet?
    I would chase that man around the house forever.

  • celia

    WOW! What a smokin’ hot family. They look like they came straight out of a Gap ad.
    Gabriel Aubry gives me chills in all the right places. He’s so SEXY! Halle is a lucky woman.

  • claaire

    i like halle berry, but i just don’t get what she sees in him. ok the obvious he’s a model. but he seems like he has no personality. i saw some interviews with him, and he doesn’t seem friendly at all, he seems cocky, and very cold…i mean i know everybody’s focusing on the external, but you can’t get happiness from how good u and your boyfriend look in pictures…that doesn’t really mean anything…she seems so warm and empathetic and he’s the exact opposite, and she keeps picking these weird non-empathetic men…so i just don’t get it…p.s. he’s literally never smiling when he’s with the family

  • jp fan

    Beautiful family. Nahla is adorable!

  • St. Tropez

    @g!na sounds like a very disturbed, jealous and miserable person who has no life and gets off trashing celebrities. Get off your fat and find a life of your own, lose the weight and stop attacking little children lol. (You actually sound like an uneducated 12 year old yourself!) What a loser you are.

  • kat

    What a beautiful looking family! Seriously…Nahla is so freakin’ cute…I guess a good gene pool will do that, but she’s just got the best of both her parents (totally not fair for all us who were only average looking as babies, lol)

  • anonymous

    g!na go seek professional help your insane your mother should be embarssed she pissed out a lunatic like you you nut case try not to stalk halle and her family because obviously your obsessed with her and her child instead of going back and forth on this thread take the time to look for a professional doctor to help you for your mental issues

  • Lauren

    This family is absolutely gorgeous. I see why some people are jealous of them. Like the other poster said I would chase Gabriel around the house all day. He is just too hot. Some for him he should keep her cloths off.
    Any way Nahla is his little twin she has his face. Those eyes are just like his. How about a little Gabriel????
    Nahla is going to be tall.

  • he

    @g!na: a bitchy look? You do know that you are talking about a little baby innocent child? You jackasshole

  • g!na

    @anonymous: Listen Bi*tch, you are obvisiously going back & forth on this thread just to trash me too! First, i never said anything about you. I said my opinion about HB. Than you didn’t like my opinion so you decided to trash me instead of saying nothing. So really you started this sh*t and you can’t keep your mouth shut you freakin hyprocite. You love Halle so much you a*ss kisser. I hope she has a restraining order against you because you probably have pics of her all around your room. Go to the hospital, run fast and go get a straight jacket. you sick pri*ck! Your mentally unstable and need some Haldol. Get off the pc now and dial the phone for some treatment now!

  • jeimy

    this baby girl is just too cute!!!

  • he

    Gabriel is very sexy

  • rachelsun

    g!na -the racist psycho bitter fat as$ B!tch. you really hate any black person that is succesful which means you need to remove your fat hateful racist as$ from the PC and get a job. you can dish out the bile but you can’t take the TRUTH. That’s MY OPINION

  • nala


  • anonymous

    nobody should be criticizing any bodys child whether shiloh suri, nahla etc they r children everyone does not have to like kids but why talk about a innocent child who cant defend themselves if people want to bad mouth there parents oh well but dam a child come on thats low to bad mouth a child

  • Heather Settlers

    Halle desperate to stay in the spotlight

  • http://JUSTJARED what a mess

    what a mess, who cares about how the kid looks, she looks like that old grandma, and yes her eyes are scary, but forget about the kid, altogether, just don’t go see her movies, a big let down everytime, keep your money, and forget about that guy she pays to carry the kid, he looks alittle off, anyway, maybe he had to clean up the drinking and cocaine, for her, and he looks mad, let see how long he can go without it, i wonder have he seen her nuttyness yet, like everyone else,

  • Jane

    #16..Eric is a nice guy, even Halle says he always encouraged her and was in her corner. So don’t lump him in the same category with her other exes. I think he and Halle were just not clicking.

  • jen

    Gray and black for such a small child is ridiculous.

  • http://JUSTJARED it’s a gray day

    we are united with gray today, we all have on gray so take that, washed up actress, give back the oscar, no talent, well i guess one, but i heard she can hardly do that

  • http://JUSTJARED van

    halle is still around, why do they take her picture, she has no good movies at all, her career is died, she is now joining alot of charities to be seen for her career, that’s what they say, just to be seen, she lie’s to much, like being abused , let hear the real story, if my partner cheated on me, who knows what we would do, she got her boy a job with louis vuitton, she is carring the bag in the picture, wow, all the things he is getting for donating his sperm, hang in there, get everything you can, money, house, contract for modeling, free trips, i would, this one is smart, i like him

  • Stef

    DANG she’s only 1???? she sure is one tall baby look at them legs considering gabriel is tall and long himself. and wow that is one sexy father!!

  • Perri

    I have to agree. He never looks happy and seems to have the personality of dishrag.

  • see the odds

    goes to show that just because you team up with a model sperm
    donor does not guarantee you a good looking baby

    moreover halle and her upteen cosmetic surgery including teeth has altered the real appearance of this lost woman

  • Nicky

    Halle, Nahla & Gabriel really are a gorgeous family – and it looks like they’re their clothes are colour co-ordinated – ah, so cute :-)
    Although Gabriel rarely smiles, i think it’s maybe because he’s just a very private person…

  • Little Baby

    Nahla is adorable. She isn’t evil. She is confused because her parents have no real relationship. She probably only spends time with the nanny anyway, and then fake mom & dad show up for the photo opps. Also, it has to be so confusing/frightening for a child to be in the middle of paparazzi all the time. She’s just trying to develop and figure out the world. It’s not her fault crazy Halle brought this innocent girl into the middle of her mess of a life. I hope Nahla will turn out ok and not be too damaged by her parents and this situation. Beauty-wise, she’s going be stunning! Guaranteed in my opinion.

  • MKeyes

    HE is wearing that hat! That is him all the way, love it. I also love the way they color coordinate when they go out as a family, it says, yeah, we’re together as one, ceremony or not. Although, they should marry. It’s not the marriage arrangment that’s wrong, but the person you choose to live in the arrrangment with. That baby – is gorgeous and yep – for real, she is her daddy’s daughter, she looks just like him, only has Halle’s skin color. Make it official Halle, you and Gabriel sit down and brain storm over a real and fair pre-nup if you need to, but tie the knot – and get baby two done before it’s too late! I have a production project for you – a drama series, Bomaw – check it out at

  • Lexy Rules

    This is a BEautiful Baby

  • Lexy Rules

    I love how she is looking at the cameras…

    When will we see baby #2 Halle?

  • Bauty

    Im loving the cute face she makes in Picture #4…

  • For Haleen

    @haleen: Give it a rest about her last fender bender. is wrong, Halle NEVER adopted India, she has said so herself in numerous interviews. She supposedly was going to but never followed through because of the divorce.

  • For Jared

    Nahla’s 19 months, not a year. Get it right.

  • RealityCheck

    The little one is gorgeous. WOW!

  • veingelina Jolie

    Gorgeous family. Looks like she has daddy’s chin, so cute!!

  • Answers to UR questions…

    Oh please, another photo op for them to pimp off the kid and Halle to stay relevant. It’s a joke in Hollywood about her being the most photographed celeb at an airport and that they have a relationship. The color coordination, cute but a little too much. He still doesn’t know how to hold a child. Yes he has flatten affect, whether from his partying days I don’t know. He walks like a geeky giraffe when he holds her. She always does her own luggage w/ or w/o the kid. Gossip Girl mentioned the luggage was LV, Halle has always used LV luggage. Nahla will be fine regardless of what their real association really is and is more comfortable with Halle holding her. Halle will keep him around until she no longer has use for him, is tired of footing the bill etc.

  • ana16kin

    what a beautiful family.. Nahla is going to be really beautiful when she grows up ..

  • it may last…

    Nope…don’t see them tying the not nor having more kids unless Halle gives up what’s left of her career. Her phony charity work is just to keep her current. Who knows it may work out, she final is with someone who is as phony and plastic as she is. Not an accident he’s a model with all that she has spent on PR to pimp her looks.

  • the Other Liz

    I don’t see the big deal. Looks like a family returning from a trip w/Daddy having his arms fully keeping his child’s rapt attention.

    No biggie about the grey family matching ensemble thing.

    Do like his hat, better than that stupid baseball cap he always wears.

  • the Other Liz

    @nala: THANK YOU!

  • jeena

    @claaire: I totally agree with you Claaire.

  • Tori Partridge

    Always preffered Halle with shorter hair, suits her more.