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Josh Duhamel & Fergie Do Dinner: Photo Inside!

Josh Duhamel & Fergie Do Dinner: Photo Inside!

Josh Duhamel and Fergie had dinner together at Atlanta restaurant Chops on Tuesday, and People has a photo of the couple together looking anything but distant.

Despite rumors of infidelity with a stripper in an Atlanta hotel, Josh and Fergie looked happy and as close as ever at their dinner out. “”they were snuggling up a little bit,” Chops manager Kevin Brown said.

The couple married in January of 2009. Josh‘s rep called the allegations “absolutely ridiculous.”

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  • Jen

    she looks like his mother

  • Lady Croft

    Leave these two lovebirds alone.
    They just got married.
    Hollywood S U C K $

  • coco

    Two losers performing damage control. It is not working.

  • TR

    Gotta love their PR teams putting this out there. Really? A picture from a place called Chops?? This is a junior PR person’s attempt to do damage control and it’s laughable. Josh probably got a h-a-r-d on when he visited the stripper and thought he could get away with it. Pretty simple to figure out this mystery.

  • http://deleted lisa

    they are beautiful normal couple.i pray to god that these rumorsare not true,hope it passes soon.

  • yoyo


  • BamBam

    Hey! Josh is wearing a Tokidoki shirt! Yay!! I Love Tokidoki! <3

  • phil

    I love u Fergie

  • Mz.Atlanta

    i’ve been to that restaurant…..

  • he

    Josh is a sluuut

  • Kelly Bruk

    I think that the people story is true. They would not re-print lies from the enquirer. At least it wasn’t matt leblanc this time, heh.

  • sam

    Pr damage control pose…Their good until that sex tape comes out of Josh and the stripper nailing. She is desperate she will believe him for now.

  • jeimy

    he looks like hes in the dog house

  • Alison

    Damage control indeed! ‘Let’s show the world how happy we are’ pose.

    I thought Fergie would be the type more likely to cheat than him.

  • liza

    Fergie looks really cute in her normal make up. I think she actually looks too cute for him.

    She is not dumb, she knows the truth, but good for her for not letting the cheap, fame wh ore, dime store stripper thinking she broke them up now. Fergie will deal with this when the trashy ho is done getting her 15 minutes of fame and after she has the reality show guest spot she is looking for.

    Right now it’s good Fergie shows the ho did not get her down. And I am sure she has Josh under her thumb until she gets done promoting her movie and her CD.

  • annie

    @Jen: I actually think she looks way better than he does His partyng and doing strippers is making him look old and worn.

  • verma

    I wonder if Fergie is saying “I believe you” and basically making him squirm while more evidence comes out. He is smiling but does not look comfortable at all. She on the other looks fine. She knows he did it, but she is in control now and she’s calling his bluff IMO. Also yeah she doesn’t wantt he cheap stripper to think she did hurt her. Good for Fergie! Love her!

  • n

    he has the worst taste in women. Not only Fergie, but the stripper (if the stroys true). Both ewww

  • me

    That gesture means ‘adultery or adulterer’ in some South American countries.

  • mare

    COme on Fergie. you are a smart girl

  • mare

    COme on Fergie. you are a smart girl

  • bandit

    So obvious this is damage control. They haven’t been seen or photographed together in MONTHS, he never visited her on tour, she never visited him on his movie set, she didn’t even go to a Halloween party with him so means even in her off time she spent no time with her hubby. But now that the stripper rumor is out there they are seen together LOL, so obvious The stripper story is likely true, they are newlyweds yet they never look happy, never spend any real time together.

  • sunshine

    the stripper story bull shit there is tone of story change from enquirer intrviw . stripper said i wanna clean my name and tell story coz for my childern is she realy care so why she is not tell story one time and show her proof and done go back home for ur poor kids, she just keep tarvel around radio and tv and make money account

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    With her being a self-described whore, who needs strippers?

  • Jeannified

    So Fuggie fug and Josh had dinner at Chops, huh? Right aroudn the corner from my sisters house. Oh well…at least they ate well. I think this is just a weak attempt to look united and happy.

  • mandi


    Umm well know, Josh went to see her in Oklahoma as soon as she got back from Europe and Austrailia in October. He is filming a movie, and she was not in the country – kind of hard to be seen together!

  • —–

    Why is he trying to hide it. If he’s bad enough to do it he should be bad enough to be honest and take the consequences. Like the Leanne and Eddie thing the truth usually comes out. Run Fergie….he’s not so good looking that you have to look like a fool.

  • Lesley Trek

    So what if he cheated. Monogamy is not realistic, he needs to sow his wild oats

  • lakers fan in boston

    they’re trying so hard 2 prove the rumors wrong
    i didnt believe it 1st but im starting 2 believe them now
    i mean, having fug faced fergie would make any man cheat

  • webcamim

    ONLY ONE PERSON IS AT FAULT. THAT IS JOSH DUHAMEL. Josh Duhamel is a dog! I do not think its the first time he has cheated on Fergie. Its the first time he has gotten caught! Total LOSER! Why do women continue to stay with men who betray them? The woman knows deep down that her man has cheated yet she buries her common sense to follow her blind heart. As a former cheater, I know its all about instant gratification. For that instant, the spouse does not exists! STOP BLAMING THE SINGLE PERSON WHOSE SLEEPING WITH THE MARRIED PERSON. The single person is not the one who is responsible for a spouse to keep his/her vows. That is the spouses job NOT the person he chose to betray his wife! Seriously people, blame the person who vowed to be faithful to the spouse NOT the person who is just getting laid like all sexually active singles do!

    Just because a person is a stripper doesn’t mean that the person is dishonest. The idiot (Josh) was dumb enough to brag about his infidelity on his movie set. The stripper didn’t tell about the banging night of sex, Josh did! The tabloids were smart to jump on that story! The stripper is the smart one! Hey stripper, continue to make your money by telling the TRUTH. That sounds like a honest living to me!

    Hey Josh, stop putting your penis in viginas that don’t belong to your wife! God, I hope he was smart enough to wear condom. Then he again, he was smart enough to brag about his night at a strip club that ended with him literally in a stripper!

    BLAME THE SPOUSE not the person the spouse chose to break his vows!

  • Eva

    I read somewhere the stripper had passed a lie detector test… Plus, she sounded pretty credible. She did nothing wrong, BTW. She is single.

    I do find it annoying that a woman like Fergie, who I thought was strong, would go the road of a “little lady” and would be helping her cheat of a husband to cover up… Why would she still want him under such circumstances? He is cheating on her only a few months after their wedding…Surely, that does not bide well for their future…He is gross…

  • Stone

    He looks like a stumbling billboard for A. A.!

  • tin

    hey we don’t know if it’s true. the hole lie detector can be false. you never know what you read on the magazines are true. this stripper can just be doing this so she can get some attention or money. all i know is that josh and fergie seem happy to me and if their reps. says it’s not true then it is not true.

  • Shaylee

    Okay, seriously people?? Tin, are you so niave that you’re going to believe their reps.’ statements?? Of course they’re going to deny the story…it’s what they’re paid (quite well) to do. The world would stop spinning on its axis if a publicist actually came out and validated a story that presnts their client in a negative light. There are plenty of ways for Mr. Duhamel to put an end to all of this: He could go the route of sueing the stripper and the Nat’l Enquirer, he could demand that she present the texts she has from him (thus proving there aren’t any), he could demand that the guy who went to the strip club with him come forward, etc…but he hasn’t done any of that. Oh, and how about he take his own lie detector test? That’s could put a quick end to all of this. It’s ridiculous what celebrities think they can get away with.

  • sheyla

    i LuV U More Fergieeee.!!!!:>