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Adam Brody & Dianna Agron: Dating?

Adam Brody & Dianna Agron: Dating?

Glee starlet Dianna Agron shares a laugh with Adam Brody after grabbing Starbucks in Long Island, New York on Friday morning (November 6).

Adam is currently in town filming The Romantics with Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Malin Ackerman, and Elijah Wood, who was spotted picking up groceries.

Glee is FOX’s break-out show of the season and Adam also used to star on the FOX cult series The O.C. It’s one big, happy FOX family!

Yesterday, Dianna tweeted, “On the [Hampton Jitney bus]. Excited for this next little adventure.” By night’s end, she wrote, “Amazing day.”

DO YOU THINK Adam Brody and Dianna Agron are a couple? It’s still too early to tell, but we’d certainly root for them as one!

FYI: Dianna is toting around the cute George Gina & Lucy “Magnifique” bag. She’s also wearing Juicy Couture‘s double-breasted coat and jean-riding boot.

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76 Responses to “Adam Brody & Dianna Agron: Dating?”

  1. 1
    sadie Says:

    Probably too early to tell but I am very happy to see Adam Brody on these pages again and looking very happy too.

  2. 2
    Pat Says:

    Yay! Elijah Wood is so hot!!! I want to make out with him fo hours on end! LOL!!

  3. 3
    0cL0ver Says:

    adam looks good and happy :)
    i think they would be cute together!

  4. 4
    kate Says:

    Yep, I agree with no. 1, but she is pretty.

  5. 5
    K.C. Says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  6. 6
    dundies Says:

    i think shes very pretty

  7. 7
    Nana Says:

    I’m still not over Adam and Rachel. But she’s seems like a really nice girl.

  8. 8
    Kate Says:

    I heard nothing but amazing things about her.

  9. 9
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    Looks like that handsome Adam has made a major upgrade from ugly looking Bilpoo!! Dianna is gorgeous and looks at a normal height and not like some fugling midget! Good show Adam!!!

    Hope to see Adam cutie pie more on t-v or movies. So handsome.

  10. 10
    Lesley Trek Says:

    Wow, glad to see he got over Rachel!

  11. 11
    kate Says:

    @Lesley Trek
    He dumped Rachel, and this girl so much prettier does not have saddle bags.

  12. 12
    sharon Says:

    I totally agree with the last 3 comments a major upgrade !!!

  13. 13
    lexy Says:

    Wow! Now that he got rid of the old “saddlebag” he’s moving up in the world. Landing movie roles and possibly a pretty new girlfriend. Good to see someone from The OC is doing well.

  14. 14
    me Says:

    I think Adam is doing better than all of the O.C. alums. Mischa got canceled, McKenzie is doing tv, Rachel is not doing anything except for being someone’ side kick as usual and Adam is steadily doing movies with the best actors in HW.

  15. 15
    jane Says:

    She is so beautiful. If she doesn’t hook up with Mark, then I guess Adam will do.

  16. 16
    padme Says:

    Life is great for Adam after Rachel. Now if only my man Hayden can drop that pathetic Biatchson, his career would be resurrected too! Run, Hayden, run…get as far away from Ratchel as you can!!!!

  17. 17
    asdfjkl; Says:

    I heard Ben was in NY…does anyone know why??

  18. 18
    chef de Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    If they’re a couple why are they walking with enough space between them to fit 2 Oprahs and 1 Chaz Bono?????

  19. 19
    Anakin Says:

    It only took this gargoyle 3 yrs to get over Rachel, hahaha. At least he may be getting involved with a girl who’s career is going better than his! And do I have to mention that epic disaster Jennifer’s Body…

    What a loser!

  20. 20
    Anakin Says:

    I meant “whose” for all picky people who care about spelling lol

  21. 21
    me Says:


    Where do you get your misinformation? Adam dumped Rachel, he had nothing to get over and dated other prettier girls.

  22. 22
    @12 Says:

    Definitely an upgrade. She dresses well, like a lady, unlike his immature, untalented, whey-faced, designer thief of an ex!

  23. 23
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    They’re both prefects together! pretty picture

  24. 24
    lexy Says:

    Nothing wrong with McKenzie doing TV – I mean he’s the star of the show, it got picked up by TNT – it will help expand his acting credits. It’s a good thing. Guess the men on the show are doing better than the woman. Either way it’s good to see working actors on this board!!

  25. 25
    @24 Says:

    TV is always limiting, you play the same character and directors think that you don’t have a range, and than you get canceled. There are exceptions, but they are few. I think Adam is on a better track picking up roles in films has better longevity. Frankly, none of the OC cast are the kind of actors that would get an Oscar ever but at least some of them are working. Rachel was always the least important in the OC cast and she is struggling now.

  26. 26
    @25 Says:

    Hardly surprising really, that RB is struggling. She has the IQ of a sprig of broccoli.

  27. 27
    @26 Says:

    Fine, I agree, than what is HC doing with her, must have the same IQ?

  28. 28
    jj9611 Says:

    aww! that’s so cute! what an awesome couple, she is so pretty and he is very good looking and they both seem so down to earth…. <3 i hope its the real thing

  29. 29
    ivanka Says:

    thanks for the adam updates:)

  30. 30
    me Says:

    Why you assume that they are dating? if they are glad for them but don’t try to make them a couple like you did hayden and rachel.Seem like they will be over too. Just like her and adam. And jj please tell the truth about Hayden and rachel. Hayden is leaving rachel behind to. He can’t put up with her being lazy just like she was with Adam. Adam and hayden need to be with people to be with better people to hang with. And know rachel wish that she was with Adam instead are Hayden. Cause both guys tried to make her happy and you just can’t.All she do is run men down and use them.I hope that her Hayden has broken-up with her so we don’t have to see her face around here for awhile.And Adam its always good to see him here.And good that he and hayden are working so they don’t have to see boring Rachel Bilson.Good to see you happy Adam and hope that hayden can find someone to make him happy like that too!

  31. 31
    Karen Says:

    this could just be me, but my theory is if Adam did dump Rachel(never know who dumped who), then he had good reason to-because she maybe cheated on him w/ Hayden-cause if I recall-Adam & Rachel were still dating while Rachel was shooting Jumper, and then they ended sometime while she was still shooting or maybe even after (again, don’t know/remember), so he didn’t dump her, not ’cause he didn’t love her, therefore i can see why & believe that it took awhile for him to get over her! I LOVED Adam & Rachel together & I think Rachel made a BIG mistake if my theory is correct because I think Hayden is a major downgrade from Adam. All in all, I LOVE Adam!-always have! & I’m glad to see him SMILING!

  32. 32
    g Says:

    Adam tends to play the same roles over and over again. Nothing wrong with that if it gets you fame because there are actors who have done the same thing.
    He is playing the same basic character in his roles onscreen and offscreen. Same mannerisms, same tone of voice. Watch him on a talk show and he is basically Seth.

  33. 33
    lisa Says:

    i love you just jared ,no more hate words for you,keep posting adam pics.

  34. 34
    lisa Says:

    @ 32 ,really have u watched jen’s me critics wrote that they needed time to recognise adam , he is awsome in death in love too ,where he was a different kind of bad guy.he is not seth cohen in his interviews,infact he comes out as a very matured selfmade guy who knows exactly what it is in his interviews.he knoiws he is strugling with his movie career and he never hides it, he has least egoi among all other former castmates,rachel and mischa does not have jobs but they can very well pretend that are a listers.

  35. 35
    lisa Says:

    adam and dianna makes a very cute couple.they both are hot,and sexy.adam is single for really long,i hope he gets in arelationship with her.

  36. 36
    crepp Says:

    yes they are both hot.

    sorry rachel

  37. 37
    adambrody rocks Says:

    @ 24 tv is not limiting,actually i dont mind adam doing a will also help his movie career ,as for adam and dianna its to early to say if they are dating or not but if they are then i am happy that adam is happy.i want only the best thing for adam.
    @ me ,did u lived with adam and rachel or living with hayden and rachel now? ur comments certainly making it sounds like that.
    @24 again,how do u know none of the o.c stars will get a oscar nom? read the reviews adam and mischa get praised for their performances in their movies by top critics even the movie was flop.all of them have a chance and eventualy i hopes they will get it,all 4 of them.

  38. 38
    crepp Says:

    anakin get a life.

  39. 39
    crepp Says:

    lol g you’re just jealous

  40. 40
    jemma Says:

    The OC men are certainly doing better than the OC women.
    The moral of the story is: in the long run it is better to focus on being a good actor and staying low key than using the streets as a paparazzi fashion ramp and giving parts of your private life away for publicity.

  41. 41
    adambrody rocks Says:

    someone whos nickname is anakin hates adam brody,what a surprise.

  42. 42
    adambrody rocks Says:

    i too do belive that right now oc men are doing better than the oc women,rachel and mischa step up.

  43. 43
    adambrody rocks Says:

    they are both jewish ,even though i am not jewish ilove them .i think jewish guys are the hottest,seth rogan,james franco,zack braff and ofcourse adam brody.

  44. 44
    OMG Says:

    Adam Brody said in an interview that he broke up with Rachel Bilson and was glad she did not go all psycho on him. Look it up. I will try to find it. I read it myself.

  45. 45
    OMG HERE Says:

    Even the breakup of his much chronicled, sickeningly cute romance with co-star Rachel Bilson (they share custody of two dogs: Penny Lane and Thurmen Murmen) was a good experience. “I wouldn’t date someone who would turn into a psycho,” he says. Again, there’s the lovable naiveté.

    Read more:,9171,1609772,00.html#ixzz0W8uaQoS8

  46. 46
    adambrody rocks Says:

    @ omg yes i read that interview, i think adam wasa heartbroken after how the rachel thing ended.thats why i will be really happy if he falls in love again,.

  47. 47
    crepp Says:

    he was joking in that interview. lol read the whole thing

  48. 48
    kajol Says:

    yes ,adam news fianly,thanks jared.

  49. 49
    Elle Says:


    I always thought Rachel dumped him. She went off to make Jumper and was still dating Adam then they broke up and she instantly got together with Hayden. Just weird…Anyway, I prefer Adam, attractive talented guy, Hayden just seems very full of himself and from an outsiders perspective he doesnt look very emotionally involved with Rachel.

  50. 50
    crepp Says:

    jessica szor introduced adam to dianna back in aug

  51. 51
    lisa Says:

    @ where did u find this information?

  52. 52
    lisa Says:

    sorry i meant @50 .crepp where did u found out about that?

  53. 53
    lisa Says:

    i dont care wheather rachel broke upor adam broke up with her,the fact remains they were a fav couple,what i think of rachel and hayden is that they never look like they are having fun together,forget emotional attachment,look at this adam and dianna pic for example,we dont know if they are dating or not,but it looks like they are having a great time together.this fun is always missing with all rachel and hayden pics.

  54. 54
    lisa Says:

    fyi, i still hopes one day adchel will be back togather.

  55. 55
    OMG HERE Says:

    Can’ t you read. Adam broke up with Rachel and where do you see he was heart broken. What are you talking about?

  56. 56
    adambrody rocks Says:

    @55 ,noi cant read . i just felt what i felt,i felt like he wanted to hide his feeling with his sense of humor. i read all the interviews adam gave at that time for itlow, i got the overall feeling that he was heartbroken.

  57. 57
    crepp Says:

    lol just stop

  58. 58
    Yeah Says:

    @lisa: It’s nice to see two ppl being spontaneous with each other, & having a laugh. When HC & RB are ‘together’ in body, if not in spirit, HC always looks as though he has found an eyelash in his soup, & RB’s facial expressions could win endorsements on how to suck a lemon. At least AB and his beautiful lady friend are enjoying themselves. It does make me realise that, as a couple, the connection between RB & HC is simply not there.

  59. 59
    lisa Says:

    thats what i said,thanks for agreeing with me.

  60. 60
    @19 Says:

    As opposed to going out with a girl whose career is going nowhere, you mean. RB might have some sort of sex appeal to the nerdy boy/virgin crowd who jack off under their single, SF themed duvet covers but real men prefer real women. Something RB has no hope of becoming.

  61. 61
    ocsethummer Says:

    I think they would make an amazing couple. Adam deserves to be happy, there have been no reports of him dating anyone since he and Rachel split officially December 2006. The split appeared to happen after Adam flew to Italy to visit Rachel whilst she was filming Jumper. Whilst no-one will ever know why they split when they seemed so much in love, I believe Rachel was with Hayden and Adam found out. Rachel and Hayden were discreet and did not show themselves in public until the March. This did seem to impact on poor Adam. Whilst I was always a fan of Adam and Rachel, Rachel over the years has proven to be out to use whoever she can to gain in popularity.
    I really hope Adam falls in love and lives happily ever after with whoever he choses. From all reports and watching him in interviews he is a genuinely nice guy with an amazing ability to say things to make people laugh. The fact that he is hot, goes in his favour. He has a broad acting range and deserves to be successful.
    Here is a link to observers who saw the two in Starbucks:

    Rachel is done and over. Team ADAM all the way.

  62. 62
    Ann Says:

    wow thank you! justjared to finally post something about adam brody again :D it was tiiime ! XD

    i’d be happy for him if he’d found somebody, after rachel. i still think they were perfect for each other.. but yeah she didnt want this beautiful handsome, funny guy XD

    good luck to adam :D
    and more of him justjared !

  63. 63
    jesse Says:

    i am really happy for adam for being back out there again in both personal and professional life.

  64. 64
    @61 Says:

    Adam dated other prettier and smarter girls after Rachel, he also said that he broke up with Rachel, why do you make up things?

    Rachel and Adam had problems before Jumper, there were reports that Rachel said that she liked Zack Braff in Last Kiss bc he was very mature and Adam did not see her for weeks after that. There were reports of them having problems long before Hayden. They broke up and than Rachel started with Hayden much later.

  65. 65
    pearl Says:

    am happy that he’s acting career is starting to get moving,i was even starting to campaign for him to guest spot on gossip girl hoping it would kickstart the stagnancy he has been in….i so hope he improves…to be honest,he doesnt look so sharp here…he looks like he woke up and threw on some clothes without a shower…anyway,good thing the chic his with looks ok with it…lol…..reading the comments am glad to see quite enuff peeps routing for him….yay!

  66. 66
    Keely Says:

    Aww Dianna is so beautiful!
    If it’s true, they make a great couple.
    If not, they are both still extremely gorgeous!

  67. 67
    Elliott Says:

  68. 68
    schuellen Says:

    It amazing that it looks like that Adam & Diana already got chemistry even if its “off-screen”. And that saying much.
    I genuinely feels that they really like each other and not falling into that kind of “contractua/obligatory hook-up”.

  69. 69
    lisa Says:

    @ pearl so sweet of u thinking that,the actors who are strugling should call u ,because u have lot of power,fyi adam just filmed a kevin smith movie.

  70. 70
    Stone Says:

    Hell, if they were any further apart they wouldn’t even be in the same photo.

  71. 71
    juniper Says:

    @64: Rachel said that she liked Zack Braff in Last Kiss…

    And Zach had obviously “bypass” that OC-Ewok.
    More props on him and his much better taste in women.
    Plus w/ Adam too who had regain his sanity.
    Hurray for the “real” men!

  72. 72
    @71 juniper Says:

    That is my contention. Braff would not go for someone like Rachel, and Adam said that he wanted to work with ppl better and smarter than him. Worthy men don’t go for a ditz like RB, she is not even good looking. Only insecure lonely HC did. I am telling you, there is something wrong with this guy if Natalie Portman did not go for him and Sienna Miller dropped him, he is good looking but there is got to be something wrong like lack of IQ.

  73. 73
    Shannon Says:

    I’ve met both Adam and Dianna before and they are both 2 of the nicest people in Hollywood. Both are honestly very sweet…so would love it if they were together :)

  74. 74
    lizzia Says:

    she’s dating dave franco. they have been dating for 2 years. no adam/dianna

  75. 75
    A Says:

    she is not. she’s dating her costar lea michele. duh. They’re living together.

  76. 76
    katherina Says:

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson….
    She’s gorgeous I don’t know what your smoking in your pipes but i’m pretty sure its jealousy.

    I am happy to see him date again though, thats cute and I love glee :)

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