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Adam Brody & Dianna Agron: Dating?

Adam Brody & Dianna Agron: Dating?

Glee starlet Dianna Agron shares a laugh with Adam Brody after grabbing Starbucks in Long Island, New York on Friday morning (November 6).

Adam is currently in town filming The Romantics with Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Malin Ackerman, and Elijah Wood, who was spotted picking up groceries.

Glee is FOX’s break-out show of the season and Adam also used to star on the FOX cult series The O.C. It’s one big, happy FOX family!

Yesterday, Dianna tweeted, “On the [Hampton Jitney bus]. Excited for this next little adventure.” By night’s end, she wrote, “Amazing day.”

DO YOU THINK Adam Brody and Dianna Agron are a couple? It’s still too early to tell, but we’d certainly root for them as one!

FYI: Dianna is toting around the cute George Gina & Lucy “Magnifique” bag. She’s also wearing Juicy Couture‘s double-breasted coat and jean-riding boot.

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://deleted lisa

    @ where did u find this information?

  • http://deleted lisa

    sorry i meant @50 .crepp where did u found out about that?

  • http://deleted lisa

    i dont care wheather rachel broke upor adam broke up with her,the fact remains they were a fav couple,what i think of rachel and hayden is that they never look like they are having fun together,forget emotional attachment,look at this adam and dianna pic for example,we dont know if they are dating or not,but it looks like they are having a great time together.this fun is always missing with all rachel and hayden pics.

  • http://deleted lisa

    fyi, i still hopes one day adchel will be back togather.


    Can’ t you read. Adam broke up with Rachel and where do you see he was heart broken. What are you talking about?

  • http://deleted adambrody rocks

    @55 ,noi cant read . i just felt what i felt,i felt like he wanted to hide his feeling with his sense of humor. i read all the interviews adam gave at that time for itlow, i got the overall feeling that he was heartbroken.

  • crepp

    lol just stop

  • Yeah

    @lisa: It’s nice to see two ppl being spontaneous with each other, & having a laugh. When HC & RB are ‘together’ in body, if not in spirit, HC always looks as though he has found an eyelash in his soup, & RB’s facial expressions could win endorsements on how to suck a lemon. At least AB and his beautiful lady friend are enjoying themselves. It does make me realise that, as a couple, the connection between RB & HC is simply not there.

  • http://deleted lisa

    thats what i said,thanks for agreeing with me.

  • @19

    As opposed to going out with a girl whose career is going nowhere, you mean. RB might have some sort of sex appeal to the nerdy boy/virgin crowd who jack off under their single, SF themed duvet covers but real men prefer real women. Something RB has no hope of becoming.

  • ocsethummer

    I think they would make an amazing couple. Adam deserves to be happy, there have been no reports of him dating anyone since he and Rachel split officially December 2006. The split appeared to happen after Adam flew to Italy to visit Rachel whilst she was filming Jumper. Whilst no-one will ever know why they split when they seemed so much in love, I believe Rachel was with Hayden and Adam found out. Rachel and Hayden were discreet and did not show themselves in public until the March. This did seem to impact on poor Adam. Whilst I was always a fan of Adam and Rachel, Rachel over the years has proven to be out to use whoever she can to gain in popularity.
    I really hope Adam falls in love and lives happily ever after with whoever he choses. From all reports and watching him in interviews he is a genuinely nice guy with an amazing ability to say things to make people laugh. The fact that he is hot, goes in his favour. He has a broad acting range and deserves to be successful.
    Here is a link to observers who saw the two in Starbucks:

    Rachel is done and over. Team ADAM all the way.

  • Ann

    wow thank you! justjared to finally post something about adam brody again :D it was tiiime ! XD

    i’d be happy for him if he’d found somebody, after rachel. i still think they were perfect for each other.. but yeah she didnt want this beautiful handsome, funny guy XD

    good luck to adam :D
    and more of him justjared !

  • http://deleted jesse

    i am really happy for adam for being back out there again in both personal and professional life.

  • @61

    Adam dated other prettier and smarter girls after Rachel, he also said that he broke up with Rachel, why do you make up things?

    Rachel and Adam had problems before Jumper, there were reports that Rachel said that she liked Zack Braff in Last Kiss bc he was very mature and Adam did not see her for weeks after that. There were reports of them having problems long before Hayden. They broke up and than Rachel started with Hayden much later.

  • pearl

    am happy that he’s acting career is starting to get moving,i was even starting to campaign for him to guest spot on gossip girl hoping it would kickstart the stagnancy he has been in….i so hope he improves…to be honest,he doesnt look so sharp here…he looks like he woke up and threw on some clothes without a shower…anyway,good thing the chic his with looks ok with it…lol…..reading the comments am glad to see quite enuff peeps routing for him….yay!

  • Keely

    Aww Dianna is so beautiful!
    If it’s true, they make a great couple.
    If not, they are both still extremely gorgeous!

  • Elliott

  • schuellen

    It amazing that it looks like that Adam & Diana already got chemistry even if its “off-screen”. And that saying much.
    I genuinely feels that they really like each other and not falling into that kind of “contractua/obligatory hook-up”.

  • http://deleted lisa

    @ pearl so sweet of u thinking that,the actors who are strugling should call u ,because u have lot of power,fyi adam just filmed a kevin smith movie.

  • Stone

    Hell, if they were any further apart they wouldn’t even be in the same photo.

  • juniper

    @64: Rachel said that she liked Zack Braff in Last Kiss…

    And Zach had obviously “bypass” that OC-Ewok.
    More props on him and his much better taste in women.
    Plus w/ Adam too who had regain his sanity.
    Hurray for the “real” men!

  • @71 juniper

    That is my contention. Braff would not go for someone like Rachel, and Adam said that he wanted to work with ppl better and smarter than him. Worthy men don’t go for a ditz like RB, she is not even good looking. Only insecure lonely HC did. I am telling you, there is something wrong with this guy if Natalie Portman did not go for him and Sienna Miller dropped him, he is good looking but there is got to be something wrong like lack of IQ.

  • Shannon

    I’ve met both Adam and Dianna before and they are both 2 of the nicest people in Hollywood. Both are honestly very sweet…so would love it if they were together :)

  • lizzia

    she’s dating dave franco. they have been dating for 2 years. no adam/dianna

  • A

    she is not. she’s dating her costar lea michele. duh. They’re living together.

  • katherina

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson….
    She’s gorgeous I don’t know what your smoking in your pipes but i’m pretty sure its jealousy.

    I am happy to see him date again though, thats cute and I love glee :)