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Alexander Skarsgard Interview -- Exclusive

Alexander Skarsgard Interview -- Exclusive

Alexander Skarsgard joins co-stars Sam Trammell, Michelle Forbes and Rutina Wesley at the premiere of their HBO vampire series True Blood at Max Linder Cinema on Thursday (November 5) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old actor was just in Sweden to re-shoot scenes for his new movie, Puss. Two weeks ago at an event in New York City, Alexander spoke to exclusively. Check it:

JJ: Tell us about your character in Straw Dogs.

AS: I play a guy named Charlie who’s a guy from Mississippi who was a big star when he was younger — the quarterback of the football team. He was dating Kate Bosworth‘s character, who was the cheerleader — the hottest girl in school — and everything was perfect. He had the best life and people were, like, “You’re going to play in the NFL someday!” And then he got injured and nothing really happened for him.

The movie starts later [in Charlie's life] and he’s in his late twenties — he’s gotten bitter in a way. And [Kate's character] comes back with her new boyfriend (James Marsden), who’s a Hollywood screenwriter. The movie’s about the dynamic between the three of them when they come back, how Charlie reacts to that. He wants her back…

JJ: What was it like working with Kate?

AS: I love Kate. She’s amazing – she’s going to be amazing in this movie. It’s a really tough part, but she did a great job – she’s a very good friend of mine.

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JJ: What was your favorite part about working on the movie?

AS: Working with those people – Jimmy Marsden, who plays the screenwriter, is a fantastic guy and Rhys Coiro and Drew Powell and Billy Lush, I’d worked with on Generation Kill. They played my buddies. And the entire crew – it was just an amazing experience, and Rod Lurie, the director, is a fantastic director.

JJ: I saw pictures of you and the cast going to a Britney Spears concert!

AS: Yeah! (laughs)

JJ: Are you a Britney fan?

AS: No! They gave us tickets and it was a Saturday night. There’s not a whole lot going on in Shreveport (Louisiana). So if something happens, we’re all, like, “Yeah, let’s do it!” We went to a bunch of different concerts and whatever was in town, we went to see, basically.

JJ: Did you get to see Sienna Miller’s After Miss Julie?

AS: I came in too late! I flew in from L.A. the same day, so I didn’t make it. But I’m from Sweden and it’s written by August Strindberg, who’s an author from Sweden, so I’d love to see it.

JJ: Have you ever seen any musicals or Broadway shows while you’ve been here in NYC?

AS: I’m actually not a huge musical fan. I prefer plays in general. I’ve seen Hair – I love that ’cause I love the music in that one.

JJ: Would you ever try your hand at Broadway?

AS: I want to do more plays, definitely. That’s what I did when I was in Sweden – I did a lot of stage work. So I like to go back and forth between movies, television and stage. I think that keeps me motivated as an actor and keeps me on my toes, so I definitely want to do more theater. I did plays like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? only they were in Swedish ’cause I was in Stockholm.

JJ: When do you return to the set of True Blood?

AS: I go back to Sweden now to finish this Swedish movie and then in November, I fly back to L.A. and we start preppin’ and then early December, we start True Blood again.

JJ: Do you celebrate Halloween?

AS: I’ll be in Sweden working on Halloween, so that’s probably good because otherwise, people are going to expect me to dress up as Eric and I’d rather flee the country! (laughs)

JJ: Are you over the vampire craze yet?

AS: No, I love it. I can’t say that I’m up-to-date on the other shows – I know there are plenty of shows out there, but I’m having a great time on our show and I’m very excited to go back to working with the crew and the cast again. They’re kind of my family now, so I definitely miss them. I’m excited to start again and it’s going to be a fun season.

JJ: Evan Rachel Wood is here [at this event too]. What was it like working with her?

AS: Evan is amazing. She’s the sweetest girl and a fantastic actress. It’s fun – it’s going to be a great season.

JJ: You work with all great actors!

AS: I know! I’m blessed.

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    He has demented little psychotic killer weasel eyes. Creepy looking thing, isn’t he.

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    Alex is one of our (swedens) finest actors and I can’t deny that he is looking fine these days… =D

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    Great pictures and interview. Alex is very gracious to the people he works with — nice to know the inner beauty matches the outside. :-)

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    Lots of fine looking men!

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    Thanks for this great interview and beautiful pictures.
    I really appreciate it!

    Alex, we love you!!! =)

    Kisses from Argentina!

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    BTW JJ there are spywares and viruses lurking on this site..twice my computer downloaded them w/o my permission, and they just override evrything.. had to restore my computer to get them off, but very difficult to access the pprogram files, coz all these anti-virus auspices get in the way.

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    Love him, especially for being such a dedicated actor and not a hollyweird fame whore. Like his style too. The outfit goes together, even if its not colour-coordinated. Shame he has to play the failed loser in the film.

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    I completely agree with you and he’s nice to the media as well. Hard for celebrities sometimes (for various reasons) I’m glad he’s a stand up guy, he sets a great example.

    Oh and yeah can we have something with less clothes please? Maybe next time?

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    love love love! He is a great actor and seems like such a humble guy. I like actor like that, that actually know how to act and aren’t smug… Can’t wait for true blood.

  • Janeth

    love love love! He is a great actor and seems like such a humble guy. I like actor like that, that actually know how to act and aren’t smug… Can’t wait for true blood.

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