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Kris Allen Debuts 'Live Like We're Dying' Music Video

Kris Allen Debuts 'Live Like We're Dying' Music Video

Check out American Idol winner Kris Allen‘s debut music video, “Live Like We’re Dying.”

“It was cool because we actually shot it in the desert in L.A. in the middle of nowhere in this junkyard,” Kris, 24, told PopEater. “I’m pulling the big cord through the junkyard…then I plug in the clock and it starts counting down to zero.”

“It was my first video,” Kris shared, “so I was really trying to have a great time.”

Kris‘ self-titled album will be in stores Tuesday, November 17!

Kris Allen Debuts ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ Video
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  • hwooddood

    Great song…great video

  • Gem

    the original song is from The Script and it’s better!

  • nnnn

    just O.K.
    hopefully this isnt the best song on the album!!

  • Cooh

    I actually love this song,really good song and messege,I think it’s better then Glambert’s,and I’m a fan of Glambert

  • sparkle

    meh. If this is the best song his album has to offer I hate to hear the rest. snooze.

  • Tracy

    Love the song. Love the video. The rest of the songs on his album seem awesome. Can’t wait to buy it on Nov. 17th!! BTW he looks soo hot in the video!

  • random

    Out of all the season 8′s new singles Adam Lambert’s is the best.. and is a hit!

  • Claudie

    Love it! Love the chorus, love that special guitar sound, love ALL!!

  • kat

    i love this song and i think the video is appropriate for the song and as an introduction of him as an artist to the world. yeah, he doesn’t get as much media attention as adam (was there seriously any doubt that he would?). but i think this video shows you he’s not trying to be like adam, and that he’s good at what HE does.

    and the other songs on his album are awesome and he co-wrote most of it!

  • KarenA

    Yay Kris! I love it!

  • Lesley Trek

    Great song, good job Kris!

  • Amy

    I love this video and the complete musician who stars in the video. I was afraid Jive would go ‘cheap’, but it looks like they coughed up some bucks for this one. This song is great, but the nine songs that Kris wrote or co-wrote on the album, are even better.

  • cookie

    LOVE the video and the song. The video is very artsy and i appreciate it’s not cheesy in any way. Congrats!!!

  • Eliza

    Love the song, love the lyrics. However, Tim McGraw did it so much better.

  • chelsea

    at first i did not like this song, but it has grown on me. it reminds me of a mix between david archuleta and daughtry. Nice beat to it as well. hopefully they start promoting kris like all the female american idols. Has anyone ever noticed that all the female winners of ai get heavily promoted (Kelly, Carrie, Jordin) whereas the male winners barely get promoted Ruben, Taylor and David). Just somenhing to think about. because i have yet to hear a Dvid cook song on top 40 radio. or the other three male idols for that matter.

  • erik


  • Priscilla

    Love the video, especially the last scene. Love the music in the song as well as the message. Kris is a true artist and a great performer! The crowd loved him at the Dolphin’s game. So glad he’s getting so many opportunities to show what he can do. Love him and his music. Can’t wait until the 17th!

  • meowtime

    Im going to be honest…I think he came off boring in the video, it was uninteresting and I think his singing isnt unique…

    plus he is really late to the rodeo, Adam beat him by a mile and will be a bigger success..sorry.

    Kris just doesnt have that “IT” factor that Adam has…he doesnt have a niche…he is blah…no spice.

    We are in a lady gaga world and if you dont step up your game you will be left in the dust.

  • LadyB

    I kinda like it..but I agree with Nnnn, I hope this is not the best song in the album

  • bad music

    the boybander is actually making better music than Adam. I mean, they are both generic sounding songs but this one is better. I never liked Adam’s Clay Aiken sounding vocals but I thought he was more creative than the boyband voice kris allen.

  • derek

    not evryone has to be lady gaga!!! wat r u a lady gaga zombie?!

  • gcghvbkn

    love it love it

  • Rose

    This song has a bit a bit of The Script-ness to it. And therefore, i love it.

    Kris is so cute <3

  • Carla Victory

    I think more bands should sound like Kings of Leon, they are really awesome!

  • MR

    If this is the kind of music Kris Allen is going to make, I am happy. I like the musical part/sound of it a lot; funky and just different. I hope he’s found his style and stick to it. It may not be a mega hit, but this style suits him. It kind of stands out. I don’t know what style of music he would come up with but I am pleasantly suprised. I really hope his musicality will pay off.

    David Cook was the best contestent; but his CD was a little one dimensional. Daughtry: speechless. Carrie: not flying with this CD; the girl alienated the ‘country” and she’s going to suffer.

  • MR

    This is not Tim McGraw song. Similar name.

  • MR

    I have to compare. Adam’s song is like a 90′s movie soundtrack. For Amagaddon or Pearl Harbor (we’ll leave it to Faith Hill).

    Kris’ style is more modern and radio friendly.

  • Michelle

    VERY UNORIGINAL! It just feels like this has happened before multiple times -lyrically and melodically. All he has been successful at is taking music from others and trying to imitate them. Next.

  • tim


    Sparkle, why don’t you go away already? You post nasty, negative shit on Kris articles all the time. Grow up! If you don’t like him, fine but shut up with your childish remarks. Maybe you should be doing your homework or something constructive with your time. Geesh!

  • tim


    Adam’s ‘It’ factor is fake b.s. Kris is real… Wow, how can you dillusional people not see that?

  • tim


    You have got to be kidding me with that comment! And you think your ‘rock god’ Adam is original. Too damn funny! Adam is about as original an innovative as Lady Gaga… Need I say more?

  • me

    I think the song and video are great! Kris is so talented and a true artist. Wow, Imagine people…. someone who does a song about a positive message that isn’t about sex, drugs, partying, etc… This guy has mad talent! Great voice, ability to play guitar, piano, etc… He also doesn’t conform to what is mainstream b.s. He’s who he is and I think he’s a great example. More artists should follow suit and not buy into the mainstream crap just to make a buck and be the ‘it’ thing.

  • stephy

    i love this song very much even the first time i heard it on radio! and i don’t care if his song is not a hit song, as long as he is comfortable in it. keep it up kris, we know u can do it! produce more nice songs!!!

  • Paulie

    “I have to compare. Adam’s song is like a 90’s movie soundtrack. For Amagaddon or Pearl Harbor (we’ll leave it to Faith Hill).

    Kris’ style is more modern and radio friendly.”

    Time for Miracles from the 2012 sountrack is not Adam’s official first single. For Your Entertainment is, and it’s nothing like Time for Miracles.

  • fanman

    I think the song and video are great! Kris is truly talented and I love the vibe of the song and vid. Great job Kris… Keep doing yo thing!

  • chiliman

    I thought the video was really well shot. I liked the concept relayed the message of the song. The start in the dark, ending at sunset was a great way to ‘start a new day’. I think Kris has so much passion and potential. I wish him success. I’ll definitely support someone like him with true compassion, conviction, soul & delivery. He’s definitely not fake about anything he does. He’s not bad on the eyes either!

  • chiliman


    Yeah Baby! Mr. K. Allen is looking mighty fine! Oh who am I kidding…. I think the song and viceo are great and very well executed! Oh shit, he’s still looking mighty fine and dammit to hell!, he’s talented too!

  • Leong

    Love the video and has a lot of meaning. Very creative and fits Kris. It shows that Kris IS a musician and is very talented at it.

  • Leong

    lol…at the phoney haters. Kris is one of the most likable guys from season 8. All the other contestants said Kris is cool and very nice. You can see he is very talented. Of the top 5 he was the only one who could play both guitar and piano, plus he also writes music and songs. Kris is an artist.

  • yessiricanboogie

    I liked!

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    At least he got the setting right!

  • majal1


    Sparkle, dim your lights will you, it is very irritating. Stay away from Kris Allen’s blog, you are spreading dark throughout, you know what I mean…. Or better yet, this is the perfect song for you, so are somewhat a very negative person……. so continue listening on the video alright?

  • majal1


    Stays with Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert – common denominator?
    WEIRD…… I am staying on this side of the road with Kris Allen where I appreciate real tatent, music and not too flashy!!!!

    Do I have to wonder how you look like? Nah!!!!!

  • majal1

    Be real will you, Kris write his own song, go do your homework? you are sounding dumb when you post something that is not true. You think Adam Lambert is original? look around you, he is not!!!! Take the grip!

  • majal1

    WHAT LATE BUDDY!!!! OH you are late, sorry to hear that. Never too late to start new everyday not unless you are dead! you zombie

  • Stone

    How appropriate a setting!

  • K

    Awesome! One of those songs that you listen to over and over to get the vibe. Can’t wait to hear one of his originals…

  • Ben jammin

    Its kinda depressing for a song.

  • New09

    I love the song, but I hate the way he sings it, listen to this version, the best I’ve heard

  • Domi

    Amaaaaaaaazing song, great video!!!
    Unlike Adam, his songs are actually good and he is not trying to be the male Britney Spears like Adam…