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Megan Fox Is Drawn To Helping Children

Megan Fox Is Drawn To Helping Children

Megan Fox strikes up a lively conversation with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green as they run errands together in Los Angeles on Thursday (November 5).

The 23-year-old Transformers star has recently expressed her interest in raising awareness of neglected children.

“Overall, in terms of this business, I hope to gain the status that will enable me to be truly and legitimately helpful to people,” Megan said. “I feel like that’s my purpose in life, to do charity work and help people around the world on a global level. Being part of this business, you have so much influence and you can really make a difference. I’m drawn towards the idea of somehow helping children.”

FYI: Megan is wearing a L’Agence “Modal Perfect” t-shirt, available at

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  • noisettes

    She’s a copy cat!!! following Angelina Jolie’s footsteps..however charity work is a good thing..

  • Jen

    LOL! That gave me the first great chuckle of the day! She is totally trying to copy Angelina, but she’s failing.

  • foxy

    Good for her. I’m inclined to think she’s sincere. I really like how she likes to dress down.. slouchy jeans and flip flops, can’t get more casual than that . She looks fresh faced and happy… with her beau. .

  • SS

    She wants to be a charitable person and you automatically label her as a “copy-cat”… grow up.

  • anon

    Trying to rebuild her image? I guess Angelina should be flattered that Fox is trying to copy her life and looks….but it all seems a bit stalker-ish at this point. What good deeds has she done so far? Walk the walk.

  • Khristi

    Bring in the cynics….I know that’s what this post is going to be filled with.

  • @1and2

    Angelina is not the first actress to undertake charity work so the silly comments have no basis. If anything, Angelina is setting an example, just like Audrey Hepburn did before her. Maybe you can can diss Megan for a lot of things but wanting to do charity work shouldn’t be one on the list. I hope it works out.

  • ehnso

    Do the walk. Don’t just talk. She’s always all talk. She doesn’t have to wait to “gain status” to do something good.

    Yeah, and I do h a t e to be a cynic, but it is starting to look like she’s trying to be the budgeted version of Jolie.

  • f.

    We should always praise people for doing good no matter what their motives. Angelina and Brad have definitely inspired a lot of people with what they do internationally.

  • j

    better looking than Angie plus a better humanitarian

  • me

    I don´t care about Fox but…

    I love Brian! He´s soooo HOT!!!!

  • f.

    But I agree that A LOT of people just talk and don’t do the walk. Let’s see if she actually does something.

  • Not impressed by JA

    j @ 11/06/2009 at 10:18 am better looking than Angie plus a better humanitarian
    What better HUMANITARIAN deed did she do ? What humanitarian did she ever did ?
    And washing for free your director car while bending over so that he get a better view doesn’t qualify for it.

  • VNY

    WTF, so if she tries to help kids she’s ‘copying’ Angelina?? Was Angelina the first person EVER to help kids? No. So how is Megan trying to copy her? Yeesh, stupid comments – you’d think Angelina Jolie was some kind of god…
    Whether she does help the kids or not is another matter. We’ll have to wait and see. But people should quit it with the whole ‘she wants to be Angelina’ thing. It’s boring.

  • c

    She’s not a copycat. Angelina Jolie did not invent the concept of charity. She also followed others example. It’s good of Megan Fox to think of doing something like this. Big props to her.

  • chelsey

    Well the first thing I thought was “oh no. Just ONE more thing to show how she wants to be the next Angelina” I dont think shes “copying” her, but I think everything she does, everything she says has something to do with Angelina, whether its intentional or not, thats just what it seems like.

  • Two

    Jolie never invented charity work so quit crying copycat, #1 and #2!

    Exactly, #4.

    Read my comments to #s 1-2, #5.

    Yeah, #6 and #7.

    She nothing like Angelina Jolie, #8!

    Agreed, #15 and #16.

  • Two

    It seems like that because you’re an idiot, #17.

  • .

    she actually looks pretty here, I’m shocked

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Isn’t she special.

  • eee

    when I think she cannot surprise me more…. OMG she does not have personality at all. Of course Aj is not the first person carring out charity work, of course not. The problem is that this girl vopies everything AJ does and “I don’t know why” this thing of the charity form MF reminds me of AJ. Also children great idea but comming form MF i don’t know why she is not ashamed of herself and her total lack of personality. Megan. Aj is famous part of it due to her unique personality! By the way you look really pretty in the pics I supose that this is all what matters to you! well done


    TWO: You need to chillax. We get it. You love Megan Fox.

    Anyway—just saying she cares doesn’t mean anything until she does something. And when and where did she even say this? –This almost sounds made up.

  • cool

    Good for her and the people she could possibly help. She may have said or done questionable things before, but if she can come through and do something like what she said she hopes to do then that’s a step in the right direction.

  • ehnso


    HAHA. Aren’t you touchy. She’s a budget version. She’s a budget version. Lalalala.

  • elegante

    good for megan!!! and who cares what other people think! she wants to help those who aren’t as fortunate for her! and i for one loves how she keeps it so casual in her daily life – a basic tee, flip flops, and jeans/sweatpants. she’s a woman comfortable in her own skin!

  • ehnso


    When did Megan Fox do something charitable??? Man, I hate the fact that I’m defending Jolie, but Fox has yet to do something epic humanitarian wise. And it’s gagging that I have to say this, but even Paris Hilton is a better humanitarian than Fox, and the former only dabbled, but she followed through with her a s s talk.

  • jdub

    how is she trying to copy Angie? Angie was not the first person to do charity work….this wannabe sh!t is gettting really old. just be happy she’s willing to help people and stop bitching.

  • hmm

    its funny how people try to put motive on people when they want to help.
    so many judgemental people on the net. let her do her thing. she hasnt beat up anyone. she hasnt kill anyone. whats up with the hate?

    so if angelina jolie did all the things first, does that mean that megan is imitating her? … “megan fox wants to go france” …. “oooooh angelina copy cat, she has done that first” …”megan fox wants to go to the bathroom…. “ooohh we saw angelina did that!”

  • Monty

    Or so she says for now. I’ll believe Megan when she actually acts on what she says. And she does need to get her own personality instead of being a copycat. Contrary to the Megan worshippers’ claims, Megan doesn’t seem to think being a copycat is getting old. Being one extends her 15 minutes; she doesn’t have much talent to fall back on other than being some eye-candy. Hmmm, then again, maybe she isn’t a complete copycat because all she does is talk about what she has supposedly done or plans to do. Otherwise, she hasn’t really done much. And I agree, why wait to have status when you can do good now.

    I do feel somewhat sorry for her because she will always be labeled as a rough copy of Angelina.

  • Mary

    Guess Angelina followed Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Mia Farrow, Paul Newman, Marla Thomas and others……… Isn’t wonder that a young actress can start young and start making a difference!!!!!!!! Hey, Megan!

  • zzzz

    Megan needs to shut her pie-hole and just DO it.

  • zzzz

    You don’t need status to “truly and legitimately” help people. ALl of us who actually do volunteer work know this.

  • Melody Swift

    She should adopt some bi-racial kids like hugh jackman

  • Verónica

    Good for her.
    PEOPLE, AJ is not the unique person who can join to the charity stuff! Grow up, seriously.

  • yeah

    That’s very cool of her to do. Hope she pulls through, at least she’s trying or going to try.

  • !!!

    I hope Bay kills her character in part Transformers 3. More tears are shed for Prime than Fox character.

  • ppopop

    Brian Austin Green doesn’t have to worry about a thing with a girl like that around…employment? she’ll book it, babysitter? At no cost she’s there, and at the end of the day the only thing that is penetrating her is his #1. All’s good in douche-land.

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    Haha, you loons never disapoint. Megan can never have a thread that isn’t completely overrun by hate filled comparisons to Jolie. Gerard Butler is all the sudden scum because of the tabloid fodder that he was boinking Aniston. Bradley Whatshisface and Zellweger are supposedly laughing their butts off at Aniston because Renee won the man. An Aniston lost the guy AGAIN. Any time anyone new has any interaction with the triangle, they have no other purpose in life but to be part of their upcoming threads FOREVER!!! Get a life losers. The sun does not rise nor set on the fannies of Brangelina and their kiddie loot.

  • jonna

    LOL. I was waiting for these comments. Obviously anyone who wants to make a difference in the world is an Angelina wannabe.Get with the program.

  • hahaha!

    #36, exactly what is so cool of her to do? She’s done nothing but talk. And I don’t see what Angelina has to do with this.


    Why does anyone think Megan Fox is trying to be like Angelina? Angelina and her husband have spent thousands of hours of their personal time helping people, and have donated millions. Megan Fox isn’t into that stuff at all, she just said a few words about it, but she won’t follow through. As for the lips, almost everyone in Hollywood has fake lips. She isn’t even really an actress. She doesn’t have a bunch of adopted kids that she adores. She doesn’t have a humanitarian husband. Aside from the long dark hair, I see no similarity at all.

  • ass

    she is such an a-hole you dont need to be famous to do this kind of work. Just shut your mouth and offer a hand.

  • donna

    hahahhahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhahhhhhhhhhhhahahah! even your boyfriend doesnt seems to take you seriously!!!!!

  • jaye

    So she wants to do what Angelina does, is that a crime? Some people just need to get over it. If she’s doing this because she admires Angelina, then her fans should be pleased. If she says something silly people complain, if she peaks her mind they complain, if she emulates Angelina in ANY way, people complain. I don’t think Angelina has a lock on helping children or of looking a certain way. Angelina is not intimidated by anyone wanting to be like her, so her fans shouldn’t take umbrage to Megan wanting to be like her; IF that’s what she wants. Wanting to be LIKE Angelina is not the same as wanting to be her. What the world needs is MORE people like Angelina with her desire to help children of all races, all over the world.
    Angelina’s fans don’t like people questioning Angelina’s motives about everyone, why don’t you lend the same courtesy to Megan. She’s young, she’s going to make mistakes just like Angelina did; it doesn’t mean she can’t grow and make something meaningful of her life. You love Angelina now, but would many of you have even LIKED her when she was Megan’s age? I’m just saying.

  • words of wisdom

    jaye, what you say is so true, thank you.

  • Marieme

    That’s really sweet!

    She may put her foot in her mouth sometimes, but she is certainly more talented and interesting than the fu*king Kardashians, the media monkey’s new favorite darlings. I think Megan is smart and will only get smarter as time goes on. I hope she doesn’t go overboard with the sex kitten image though. Time to put a kibosh on that path.

  • LYNN

    I am so proud of Angelina for taking on such a task. She does her Job well and I believe in her. Angelina is such the modern woman of her time. I dont follow Megan fox that much but I say good for her. I think she is sincere. Megan all I say is to stay focused and I know you will do a good job also. I am sure that Angie will welcome her with open arms. Angie job is to bring attention to these issues.

  • Awesome

    So, she can’t even do chairty work with out being called a copy cat of Angelina Jolie :\, shes just doing chairty work, its not like shes traveling to poor countries like Angelina and Brad do :\. But overall, good for her, even if she is coping Angelina Jolie, either way its a good thing to do.

  • queen bee

    ….this girl cracks me up!!! I see a lot of talking, but nothing else. When she visits war-torn countries during MULTIPLE pregnancies to help the poor, sick, and unfortunate…..THEN get back to me!!!
    …Until then, she’s just another pretty face, among thousands of other pretty faces in hollywood!

  • queen bee

    ……having said that, I hope Megan is a woman of her word, and that she does follow up by doing charity work. I will commend her when I see that happen. Up to now, I’ve only seen her promote herself….but it would be good if she decides to use her celebrity to help others.

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts….hope they continue doing what they are doing for the world.