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Rihanna: Chris Brown's Eyes Had No Soul

Rihanna: Chris Brown's Eyes Had No Soul

Rihanna opens up to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America on Friday (November 6) about the night she was physically assaulted.

The 21-year-old singer spoke about the fear she felt, wanting to protect ex-boyfriend Chris Brown from scrutiny and their future…

On what she was thinking during the event: “All I kept thinking the whole time – when’s it going to stop? He had no soul in his eyes. Just blank. He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him.”

On wanting to protect Chris: “I had to protect him. I thought that I had to let him know, don’t do anything crazy. Like just hang in there…The whole world hates him now. His fans, his career. He just, he lost me, I just need to let him know; don’t do anything stupid …I’m not saying that’s an excuse for me to go back, but this is what I was thinking about.”

On their future together: “I don’t have a desire at all to be with him… I can’t see how we … would get back together, but I’m also not God and I can’t predict the future.”

Click inside to watch the rest of Rihanna‘s Good Morning America interview…

Rihanna Speaks About Chris Brown’s Assault
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78 Responses to “Rihanna: Chris Brown's Eyes Had No Soul”

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  1. 1
    saturn Says:

    I hope she’s not trying to leave the door open for a reunion.

  2. 2
    ames Says:

    …but I’m also not God and I can’t predict the future.”

    Her wording is strange. If she’s done with him, it’s done. She doesn’t have to be God. She has free will so yes, she can predict the future and her own behavior.

  3. 3
    getty Says:

    @123: Don’t be a racist. There’s plenty of wonderful black men who don’t abuse their partners.

    Brown is a very immature man. Never understood her attraction to that dude.

  4. 4
    nettie Says:

    racism 123 (STUPId)

  5. 5
    shakira Says:

    My stomach is in a knot. His abuse was so scary. It took me right back to my ex husband who was equally as scary. When she said that at the moments of abuse he ‘had no soul in his eyes’, that was like my ex. I used to say it was like his eyes went dark black, the lights went out. He became so terrifying and, I believe, that at that moment, he was capable of doing anything, including killing me. Yes, Rhianna, stay away and it was so good you spoke about it because all those young girls out there, they should listen and learn. Stand up girls. Stay away from abusers.

  6. 6
    Lover girl Says:

    123 just wants attention haha. Poor thing.
    People just ignore and don’t give him/her the attention he/she wants.

  7. 7
    cherrie Says:

    Please, are you out of your mind? Don’t be so silly Riri. Let him go, just let him go. Don’t go back to him. Keep my words and don’t go back to him.

  8. 8
    reba Says:

    She still has feelings for him – NO!! She is a classic victim. You still have a chance chica. You go back to him and you can forget ever having anything positive in your life – Heck! you may even lose that!

    You are facing in the right direction… keep moving, just keep moving:)

  9. 9
    cherrie Says:

    @getty: Wow, so much racism.

  10. 10
    marissa Says:

    Loved her honesty and im glad she dont have no desire for him at all

  11. 11
    bubbles Says:

    I wish had spoken out on this earlier instead of when she had an album to market.

  12. 12
    precious Says:

    She definitely has feelings for CB, she’s just telling the public what they want to hear. Hope she doesn’t go back to him.

  13. 13
    missy Says:

    booooring……….shes just talking about that now because her album is coming out…….sorry but her new album is really bad( i was a fan of her music)

  14. 14
    cherrie Says:

    @cherrie: I forgot to say: I couldn’t agree with you more.

  15. 15
    reba Says:


    you are quite the provincial one, aren’t you?

  16. 16
    cherrie Says:

    @getty: I forgot to say: I couldn’t agree with you more.

  17. 17
    dani Says:

    What do you mean, you can’t predict the future?
    Yes, you can, Rihanna!
    The answer should have been No Way!

  18. 18
    cherrie Says:

    Geez. I’m dumb. Still don’t know how to use the internet…thingy

  19. 19
    yoda Says:

    It’s really annoying to see how Brown is promoting his CD at the same time as Rihanna.

  20. 20
    North Says:

    Notice how a CB post seems to follow a Rihanna one?
    Are they a package deal?

  21. 21
    black Says:


    I bet you´re one of those crazy Chris Brown fans in disguise.
    And I too bet that you are white and full of issues you can´t deal with. Better take that passive aggressivenes and use it to study or comb your hair.
    (Not that you´re not already spending half of the day doing that anyway)
    ————-NEWSFLASH—————————Chris Brown can transform you too.

  22. 22
    Rihanna hit Chris first Says:

    How convenient that she skipped the part where she hit him.

  23. 23
    lindsey Says:

    Of course she still loves him, but she knows she cant get back with him.. he cant even contact her for 5 years.. so EVEN if she wanted to. (which i do not think thats what shes saying) she couldnt until the 5 years are up. and then hopefully chris will have matured by then anyway. but i dont think theyll get back together. alot can happen in 5 years. i hope she finds someone who treats her with the respect she deserves. and i also hope chris does grow up and learn from his mistake and never hit a girl/woman again. People deserve second chances in life.. not in relationships sometimes. but rihanna is being mature about wishing him well with his life. they were best friends and she did love him. i wish them both the best of luck in their careers and lives. Its a shame that this had to happen, but because of this being so public, it’ll give girls out there hope to end these awful relationships. and maybe chris owning up to it will make other men realize how horrible it is and theyll change too.

  24. 24
    blitz Says:

    Right now the girl is saying what we want her to. But will she follow through and not go back to the *****?

  25. 25
    kim Says:

    Her. Hair. Is. Terrible.

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