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Rihanna: Chris Brown's Eyes Had No Soul

Rihanna: Chris Brown's Eyes Had No Soul

Rihanna opens up to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America on Friday (November 6) about the night she was physically assaulted.

The 21-year-old singer spoke about the fear she felt, wanting to protect ex-boyfriend Chris Brown from scrutiny and their future…

On what she was thinking during the event: “All I kept thinking the whole time – when’s it going to stop? He had no soul in his eyes. Just blank. He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him.”

On wanting to protect Chris: “I had to protect him. I thought that I had to let him know, don’t do anything crazy. Like just hang in there…The whole world hates him now. His fans, his career. He just, he lost me, I just need to let him know; don’t do anything stupid …I’m not saying that’s an excuse for me to go back, but this is what I was thinking about.”

On their future together: “I don’t have a desire at all to be with him… I can’t see how we … would get back together, but I’m also not God and I can’t predict the future.”

Click inside to watch the rest of Rihanna‘s Good Morning America interview…

Rihanna Speaks About Chris Brown’s Assault
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  • saturn

    I hope she’s not trying to leave the door open for a reunion.

  • ames

    …but I’m also not God and I can’t predict the future.”

    Her wording is strange. If she’s done with him, it’s done. She doesn’t have to be God. She has free will so yes, she can predict the future and her own behavior.

  • getty

    @123: Don’t be a racist. There’s plenty of wonderful black men who don’t abuse their partners.

    Brown is a very immature man. Never understood her attraction to that dude.

  • nettie

    racism 123 (STUPId)

  • shakira

    My stomach is in a knot. His abuse was so scary. It took me right back to my ex husband who was equally as scary. When she said that at the moments of abuse he ‘had no soul in his eyes’, that was like my ex. I used to say it was like his eyes went dark black, the lights went out. He became so terrifying and, I believe, that at that moment, he was capable of doing anything, including killing me. Yes, Rhianna, stay away and it was so good you spoke about it because all those young girls out there, they should listen and learn. Stand up girls. Stay away from abusers.

  • Lover girl

    123 just wants attention haha. Poor thing.
    People just ignore and don’t give him/her the attention he/she wants.

  • cherrie

    Please, are you out of your mind? Don’t be so silly Riri. Let him go, just let him go. Don’t go back to him. Keep my words and don’t go back to him.

  • reba

    She still has feelings for him – NO!! She is a classic victim. You still have a chance chica. You go back to him and you can forget ever having anything positive in your life – Heck! you may even lose that!

    You are facing in the right direction… keep moving, just keep moving:)

  • cherrie

    @getty: Wow, so much racism.

  • marissa

    Loved her honesty and im glad she dont have no desire for him at all

  • bubbles

    I wish had spoken out on this earlier instead of when she had an album to market.

  • precious

    She definitely has feelings for CB, she’s just telling the public what they want to hear. Hope she doesn’t go back to him.

  • missy

    booooring……….shes just talking about that now because her album is coming out…….sorry but her new album is really bad( i was a fan of her music)

  • cherrie

    @cherrie: I forgot to say: I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • reba


    you are quite the provincial one, aren’t you?

  • cherrie

    @getty: I forgot to say: I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • dani

    What do you mean, you can’t predict the future?
    Yes, you can, Rihanna!
    The answer should have been No Way!

  • cherrie

    Geez. I’m dumb. Still don’t know how to use the internet…thingy

  • yoda

    It’s really annoying to see how Brown is promoting his CD at the same time as Rihanna.

  • North

    Notice how a CB post seems to follow a Rihanna one?
    Are they a package deal?

  • black


    I bet you´re one of those crazy Chris Brown fans in disguise.
    And I too bet that you are white and full of issues you can´t deal with. Better take that passive aggressivenes and use it to study or comb your hair.
    (Not that you´re not already spending half of the day doing that anyway)
    ————-NEWSFLASH—————————Chris Brown can transform you too.

  • Rihanna hit Chris first

    How convenient that she skipped the part where she hit him.

  • lindsey

    Of course she still loves him, but she knows she cant get back with him.. he cant even contact her for 5 years.. so EVEN if she wanted to. (which i do not think thats what shes saying) she couldnt until the 5 years are up. and then hopefully chris will have matured by then anyway. but i dont think theyll get back together. alot can happen in 5 years. i hope she finds someone who treats her with the respect she deserves. and i also hope chris does grow up and learn from his mistake and never hit a girl/woman again. People deserve second chances in life.. not in relationships sometimes. but rihanna is being mature about wishing him well with his life. they were best friends and she did love him. i wish them both the best of luck in their careers and lives. Its a shame that this had to happen, but because of this being so public, it’ll give girls out there hope to end these awful relationships. and maybe chris owning up to it will make other men realize how horrible it is and theyll change too.

  • blitz

    Right now the girl is saying what we want her to. But will she follow through and not go back to the bitch?

  • kim

    Her. Hair. Is. Terrible.

  • Jen

    12:33, she might have hit him first, but she was the one who was in the hospital with pretty bad injuries, not him. She doesn’t have the same strength as him. He had the strength and he used it to the maximum, which he shouldn’t have!

    I’m not saying she was right, she shouldn’t have hit him either, but HELLO, just because she hit him doesn’t justify him blacking her eye and splitting her lip. You need to realize it’s not the same.

  • Bill

    Her story reminds me of my ex wife Stacy. Stacy had this blank look in her eyes when she stabbed me twice.

  • Marcus

    If it isnt a little white male taking crap about brothas. On the show to catch a predator all I ever see is white pedophiles getting caught over and over again. No black man equates white males as pedophiles because of that show. If all black men are violent and beat women than all white males molest little boys.

    Why should you care about what black males do to black women, it seems that your mind is on something else. Don’t worry about black males when it comes to sistas we protect our sistas and our women.

  • Marcuss

    If it isnt a little white male taking crap about brothas. On the show to catch a predator all I ever see is white pedophiles getting caught over and over again. No black man equates white males as pedophiles because of that show. If all black men are violent and beat women than all white males molest little boys.

    Why should you care about what black males do to black women, it seems that your mind is on something else. Don’t worry about black males when it comes to sistas we protect our sistas and our women.

  • Melody Swift

    I hope they straigten things out. He has learned a lot

  • Ronda

    I like what Rihanna had to say in the part of interview that I did see. She seems to be keeping it as real as she possibly can. I admire her and applaud her for speaking out.

    I’m just hopeful that her words will touch a person that needs it and can be helped by her experiences.

  • soho crocope

    @bubbles: exactly!!!!

  • soho crocope

    @kim: well said… t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e

  • spot

    Does anyone notice how they’re no feelings in her eyes, she looks as though she has no soul……..right is right and wrong is wrong but there’s alot more to this story

  • black beauty

    why do these crazy CB stans keep saying she hit him first like that justifies him beating her like he did.

  • tealeaf

    I believe her and I don’t think she hit him at all, He is just mean and dangerous. Fist Brown is not man enough to tell how he beat her.

    All the people who claim she hit him without proof need to go back to Wonderland with Alice

  • alekziel

    Stay away girl, he doesn’t deserve you and he is not going to change.

  • You/Me

    I hope that Chris learned HIS lesson and doesn’t EVER try and get back together with this crazy woman. It is ridiculous that she is playing up the “victim” part when she was an abuser as well! Just because she is a female everyone feels sorry for her but seriously, she is no better than him because they were both hitting on each other. Rihanna should have gotten charged with assault and she knows it. Ugh, aty least Chirs is owning up to what he did…when is Rihanna going to take some responsability??

  • lmao

    so none of you have a problem with chris brown giving this interview right before his album is about to drop? he did the same thing on Larry King when his first craptastic single came out. Oh, but it’s ok as long as the VICTIM doesn’t give an interview. what a joke!

  • lmao

    @You/Me: umm, where is the proof? We all saw what Chris did to her. oh, I know… let’s blame her for him having bloody knuckles. Damn you, Rihanna, how dare you leave Chris Brown’s knuckles bruised up after he punched you in the face.

    Sorry, You/me but I think the man who bit and battered her face is the CRAZY one. No normal person beats , bites, and abuses another person.

  • Pinkrose

    You/Me, you must be Chris Brown’s agent. He has never once in all his interviews tried to put the blame on Rhianna, so why are you trying. Listen, it wasn’t the first beating he gave Rhiannna. She saqid she tried to leave him some 8 or 9 times, but kept lying to herself it would never happen again. Sure, she might have been a difficult person to deal with, but he is DEFINITELY AN ABUSER and he is still, despite displaying many of the classic symptons. Deflecting blame and responsibility….even dragging in Oprah for lack of support and praising Will Smith for supporting him.

    Boy, need to take responsibility. So, don’t defend him. The trouble was and is that he is still a boy.

  • to you/me

    i thought you have your head straight but now , i am not sure. first you’re a jen fan that’s okay, even though you claim you’re fan of angie too,which is duh. jen is playing the victim and now rihanna claims and it’s proven she was a victim because there was a picture of her swollen face and split lip , yet your stupidity defies to thrash rihanna because of you’re a chris brown fan. i don’t care ,if you like him to beat your azz ,that’s fine because am sure , you will believe he has to say. just like you believe jennifer is anninnocent victim afterall. you choose to believe who to sympathize and whetheir your idol wrecked her marriage (jen) or chris brown beat rihanna, you still defend them. i guess , if chris left rihhanna with broken bones, you still say it’s her fault. i don’t question your loyalty fandom because your statement and outcry for chris speaks for it.

  • to you/me

    i am not even a fan of rihanna and i also that’s it’s kind of late for her and it seems timed with her album promotion. well, so is chris, i am not convince about his sincerity plus with his larry brown interview ,he had a lawyer backing him up ,but still can’t get out the right words and i didn’t see any emotion or sincerity in his interview. he kind of trying to play that he is remorseful and that he didn’t have any recollection of what he did, but he was seen partying in vegas days after the beating. i guess , i have to believe him , because if a person can’t remember he beat up somebody close to him and party like a rockstar or like nothinmg happened, that must be a good amnesia.

  • Jeffers

    So what if she hit him first? Did he sustain any scratches? Not even. But I gotta say, the timing of her interview is just too unfortunate. If she had opened up about it 3 months ago or even 3 month from now, it’d have been a different story. The timing almost undermines the gravity of what Chris Brown did to her and the importance of her story.

  • Bluejeans

    PERFECT TIMING considering the release of her new album. OH, SNAP! Bugger off, Rihanna. You’re waay too transparent.

  • Pete

    @lmao: Brown didn’t suddenly start giving interviews. He’s been giving them for months and way before his new CD comes out. I don’t like the guy or what he did, but don’t make up stories. Rihanna is the one who’s suddenly talking about the incident because she’s releasing a new album.

  • CandyApple

    He bit her. Think about that. Why would he bite? Prolly because she had him pinned down. Neither one of those losers are gonna tell the truth. It’s just more hype for the media. They’re both losers.

  • xxbabyxx

    What does God have to do with it? Is she trying to sound ambiguous so if she starts seeing him a year later she can say, “Well, I never said we definitely wouldn’t get back together?”

  • Scary


    You are so right because my abusive husband looked equally “evil” when he was being agressive towards me…his eyes are light brown but looked like they were dark black, as if it was some demon in him…results: multiple surgery in my mouth…I stayed 5 years in that mess…sad…

  • tukeijo

    @missy: Well, I guess it’s safe to say that you were never a rihanna fan.