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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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Credit: Mario Magnani; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Sarah

    LOL. Good ol’ Bond. Don’t forget where you came from, so you’re keeping it very Northern. <3

  • Hughfan

    It’s actually “A Steady Rain”

  • D.C. Girl

    Looking good. Would that be his Dad with the dark sunglasses on the right? And his Mom, is she the attractive blond just behind him? I can see some similarities there.

  • re: pics

    That is NOT his mother, but his stepmother Kirsty.

    JJ get it right.

  • Luna

    I think the blond woman is his stepmother. His motheris a little bit older and his parents are divorced for ages

  • Guinness

    Stop impersonating people!!

  • invasion of privacy

    gross invasion of privacy. JJ you need to take these off.

  • Kristel

    He is f**k’n cool!!! so sexy.

  • old news
  • Kelly

    He is certainly an intelligence.
    Wonderful disguise.

  • dense media

    just shows you

    they cant even get the name of the step mum right so what makes you the media are smart enough for other things in his life?

    these two have been married for some time and the media is too dense.

    this proves it.

  • re; 4

    @re: pics:

    Agreed. Lousy research. But again, what do you expect?
    Satsuki has beautiful skin, just zoomed in on it.
    Like porcelain.

  • mendel

    New pics! Great!

    Dan does resemble his Dad quite a bit, and if you look at the pics, they have similar facial expressions.

    Guinness, what’s up?

  • kami

    his gf is very pretty.

  • nice couple

    It’s great to see Satsuki dress like Daniel even down to her suede shoes like his! Or does he dress like her?

    She adores him, that is no mistake.

  • jj info

    Thanks JJ.

    They changed the info!

  • to 12

    As for the Asian women, aging of the skin is slow.
    Probably only her skin will be beautiful even if she ages.

  • re: 16

    @jj info:

    I see that.
    When will they start putting “Daniel’s wife” then?

  • Keri

    Their same outfit is lovely!!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Great to see new pictures of Daniel even though I think he was not too happy to have the paps take their pictures. I agree with everything the gal who wrote the “Reasons for which Daniel Craig is a sexy beast” in the last post. I think the Sats copied Daniel because she knows he has great style. She should try a different look, as she is the girl, and with her slimness she should show off her body, and leave the man look to Daniel. He does it sooooo well.

  • step mum

    the step mum needs her roots doing.

  • Guinness#6

    Um, who you talking to? Someone writing with my name. That stinks.
    If that is truely you Mendel: Hi! Just got up from a Saturday power nap! His leather-clad tsunami of swaggering male hormones is sweaty hot on the streets of NYC. i have it copied and will come out with something Will Farrel said in Blades of Glory. I love that movie and Talledaga Nights….

    anything noteworthy across the pond??

  • Rub

    Tight clothes suit Daniel. It makes him look very sexy and makes me feel mad at the same time…:-9

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “If that is truely you Mendel”

    Yes, it is I, the one and only :)

    “His leather-clad tsunami of swaggering male hormones is sweaty hot on the streets of NYC”

    You put that ever so nicely! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    “anything noteworthy across the pond??”

    Bad weather, greedy politicians, and Dan’s abroad! So….not really…
    But there is always Marmite!

  • posted by dtm
  • Guinness
  • Guinness-last thread

    Hey Mendel, if you have a minute…read the last 2 pages of the last thread…some good stuff. jj used these 2 pics from a poster and dtm posted a steamy and organistic enducing article or blog thingy. you gots to read it… We just bought season 6 of the Simpsons and in one of the opening clips is Homer shooting through the barrel of a gun like all the Bond characters do. It reminds me of my life on here…strange. ok, anyone want to babysit while i go see the goat movie with George?

  • re; 23


    Mad? That Satsuki has all that to herself kinda mad?

    Rest assured, you are not alone in that club.

  • Guinness-target
  • DAN is SMOKIN’

    WHAT A MAN! Smokin’ hot!
    I am referring to Daniel in the new JJ photos above.
    she (?) may want to try to look a little more feminine and pretty when she goes out in public with him, and not look like a androgynous whatever.

  • re; 30
  • Dan Racer

    they look so close and ‘loved up’. Light years apart, in all ways .
    She looks like a restaurant delivery person, looking for the correct address to deliver the order! LOL!

    He is ignoring her as usual, he can’t seem to speed- walk ahead of her fast enough…. reminds me of every other time JJ shows pictures of them OFF the red carpet.
    Race ahead, Daniel, Race ahead!
    Anything to get as far away from her as ‘pc’ possible, I guess. He has to be polite about it, in front of the relatives and ‘rents. And in front of the paps and press. Doesn’t want to air all that dirty laundry out in public. lol…..not~!

  • Guinness

    i agree, I would be putting lipstick on at least with some awesome bling bling. but I guess that is not her style…only when told to dress for parties and gala events she is invited to. why oh, why doesn;t she? and why does she use his scarf and wear matching clothes. she could probly wear that irish hat and look cute for the love of Peter. wtevr. she is just out of this world. anyway….. wow. this article is crazy…

  • re; 33


    She wears scarves a lot off the carpet to cover her bulging Adams Apple.
    She has even worn a scarf in the warmest of weather.

  • Guinness

    well, I beat you staying up dtm and Mendel–you two are in the same time zone–hey, you 2 going to the Ocean club or where ever Dan haunts over there? Do they have a Dan pic or mannekin in his place to lament over while he is away? DIH—come on over here and check in! Notice the round sunglasses…new. And they have matching hats–that is cool. he just doesn’t look like he is having fun walking the streets of NYC in these pics–can’t look so many times…it is a major buzz kill!!
    Life is too short Dan….will you please just be happy? Even tom & katie smile while RUNNING with each other FFS!!

  • Tom

    Tom is laughing even when it is not happy. He is freezing the face with a smile…It isn’t an influence of the cult .lol

  • to 25

    damn! he is HOT CHOCOLATE!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Guinness, I posted #20, did you read it? Love your picture of Daniel and I do like the new pictures, one of them is my screen saver. If I were there with him, I would make him forget all about the paps and have a smile on his face, or die trying. Please let’s not put Daniel and Tom Cruise in the same sentence. As the above poster said, Tom smiles even when he is unhappy.

  • to 37

    To you
    You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.

  • Creepy

    Something creepy about a 41 year old man being attracted to someone built like a skinny 11 year girl.

  • keith

    They’re well-matched. so cute.

  • LOL

    Oh Look! It’s the sag and his bag! LOL

  • to 40

    Do you see her as a 11-year-old girl? You should have see your eyes to ophthalmologist.You might be getting a senile glaucoma.

  • to LOL

    sag?of his crotch? hehehe

  • a process of elimination

    Even if Satsuki has many faults, she is better than Sienna!

  • Tomboy

    Satsuki is definitely a tomboy, she dresses very masculine and doesn’t seem to like to wear make-up. There’s nothing wrong with that she is a very attractive lady with a great figure, she just wears what she likes and is comfortable in.

  • LOL

    @a process of elimination:

    If you are with someone because of the “process of emilination” that is sad!

  • Jura

    to 25
    I totally agree with her. Especially, his voice…Brit accent…
    I have him read poetry all day long if I can monopolize him.

  • Alexis

    I blame Brad Pitt for starting this newsboy cap trend. Ugh.

  • to 47

    Nothing is sad because that’s very rational but isn’t cruel.
    It’s the instinct that a human being has potentially.