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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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# 1

LOL. Good ol’ Bond. Don’t forget where you came from, so you’re keeping it very Northern. <3

# 2

It’s actually “A Steady Rain”

# 3
D.C. Girl @ 11/07/2009 at 3:30 pm

Looking good. Would that be his Dad with the dark sunglasses on the right? And his Mom, is she the attractive blond just behind him? I can see some similarities there.

# 4

That is NOT his mother, but his stepmother Kirsty.

JJ get it right.

# 5

I think the blond woman is his stepmother. His motheris a little bit older and his parents are divorced for ages

# 6

Stop impersonating people!!

# 7
invasion of privacy @ 11/07/2009 at 3:55 pm

gross invasion of privacy. JJ you need to take these off.

# 8

He is f**k’n cool!!! so sexy.

He is certainly an intelligence.
Wonderful disguise.

dense media @ 11/07/2009 at 4:23 pm

just shows you

they cant even get the name of the step mum right so what makes you the media are smart enough for other things in his life?

these two have been married for some time and the media is too dense.

this proves it.

@re: pics:

Agreed. Lousy research. But again, what do you expect?
Satsuki has beautiful skin, just zoomed in on it.
Like porcelain.

New pics! Great!

Dan does resemble his Dad quite a bit, and if you look at the pics, they have similar facial expressions.

Guinness, what’s up?

his gf is very pretty.

nice couple @ 11/07/2009 at 4:58 pm

It’s great to see Satsuki dress like Daniel even down to her suede shoes like his! Or does he dress like her?

She adores him, that is no mistake.

Thanks JJ.

They changed the info!

As for the Asian women, aging of the skin is slow.
Probably only her skin will be beautiful even if she ages.

@jj info:

I see that.
When will they start putting “Daniel’s wife” then?

Their same outfit is lovely!!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/07/2009 at 6:04 pm

Great to see new pictures of Daniel even though I think he was not too happy to have the paps take their pictures. I agree with everything the gal who wrote the “Reasons for which Daniel Craig is a sexy beast” in the last post. I think the Sats copied Daniel because she knows he has great style. She should try a different look, as she is the girl, and with her slimness she should show off her body, and leave the man look to Daniel. He does it sooooo well.

the step mum needs her roots doing.

Guinness#6 @ 11/07/2009 at 6:30 pm

Um, who you talking to? Someone writing with my name. That stinks.
If that is truely you Mendel: Hi! Just got up from a Saturday power nap! His leather-clad tsunami of swaggering male hormones is sweaty hot on the streets of NYC. i have it copied and will come out with something Will Farrel said in Blades of Glory. I love that movie and Talledaga Nights….

anything noteworthy across the pond??

Tight clothes suit Daniel. It makes him look very sexy and makes me feel mad at the same time…:-9

to Guinness

“If that is truely you Mendel”

Yes, it is I, the one and only :)

“His leather-clad tsunami of swaggering male hormones is sweaty hot on the streets of NYC”

You put that ever so nicely! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

“anything noteworthy across the pond??”

Bad weather, greedy politicians, and Dan’s abroad! So….not really…
But there is always Marmite!

Guinness-last thread @ 11/07/2009 at 7:59 pm

Hey Mendel, if you have a minute…read the last 2 pages of the last thread…some good stuff. jj used these 2 pics from a poster and dtm posted a steamy and organistic enducing article or blog thingy. you gots to read it… We just bought season 6 of the Simpsons and in one of the opening clips is Homer shooting through the barrel of a gun like all the Bond characters do. It reminds me of my life on here…strange. ok, anyone want to babysit while i go see the goat movie with George?


Mad? That Satsuki has all that to herself kinda mad?

Rest assured, you are not alone in that club.

DAN is SMOKIN' @ 11/07/2009 at 8:54 pm

WHAT A MAN! Smokin’ hot!
I am referring to Daniel in the new JJ photos above.
she (?) may want to try to look a little more feminine and pretty when she goes out in public with him, and not look like a androgynous whatever.

Dan Racer @ 11/07/2009 at 9:08 pm

they look so close and ‘loved up’. Light years apart, in all ways .
She looks like a restaurant delivery person, looking for the correct address to deliver the order! LOL!

He is ignoring her as usual, he can’t seem to speed- walk ahead of her fast enough…. reminds me of every other time JJ shows pictures of them OFF the red carpet.
Race ahead, Daniel, Race ahead!
Anything to get as far away from her as ‘pc’ possible, I guess. He has to be polite about it, in front of the relatives and ‘rents. And in front of the paps and press. Doesn’t want to air all that dirty laundry out in public. lol…..not~!

i agree, I would be putting lipstick on at least with some awesome bling bling. but I guess that is not her style…only when told to dress for parties and gala events she is invited to. why oh, why doesn;t she? and why does she use his scarf and wear matching clothes. she could probly wear that irish hat and look cute for the love of Peter. wtevr. she is just out of this world. anyway….. wow. this article is crazy…


She wears scarves a lot off the carpet to cover her bulging Adams Apple.
She has even worn a scarf in the warmest of weather.

well, I beat you staying up dtm and Mendel–you two are in the same time zone–hey, you 2 going to the Ocean club or where ever Dan haunts over there? Do they have a Dan pic or mannekin in his place to lament over while he is away? DIH—come on over here and check in! Notice the round sunglasses…new. And they have matching hats–that is cool. he just doesn’t look like he is having fun walking the streets of NYC in these pics–can’t look so many times…it is a major buzz kill!!
Life is too short Dan….will you please just be happy? Even tom & katie smile while RUNNING with each other FFS!!

Tom is laughing even when it is not happy. He is freezing the face with a smile…It isn’t an influence of the cult .lol

damn! he is HOT CHOCOLATE!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/07/2009 at 11:23 pm

Guinness, I posted #20, did you read it? Love your picture of Daniel and I do like the new pictures, one of them is my screen saver. If I were there with him, I would make him forget all about the paps and have a smile on his face, or die trying. Please let’s not put Daniel and Tom Cruise in the same sentence. As the above poster said, Tom smiles even when he is unhappy.

To you
You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.

Something creepy about a 41 year old man being attracted to someone built like a skinny 11 year girl.

They’re well-matched. so cute.

Oh Look! It’s the sag and his bag! LOL

Do you see her as a 11-year-old girl? You should have see your eyes to ophthalmologist.You might be getting a senile glaucoma.

sag?of his crotch? hehehe

a process of elimination @ 11/08/2009 at 4:30 am

Even if Satsuki has many faults, she is better than Sienna!

Satsuki is definitely a tomboy, she dresses very masculine and doesn’t seem to like to wear make-up. There’s nothing wrong with that she is a very attractive lady with a great figure, she just wears what she likes and is comfortable in.

@a process of elimination:

If you are with someone because of the “process of emilination” that is sad!

to 25
I totally agree with her. Especially, his voice…Brit accent…
I have him read poetry all day long if I can monopolize him.

I blame Brad Pitt for starting this newsboy cap trend. Ugh.

Nothing is sad because that’s very rational but isn’t cruel.
It’s the instinct that a human being has potentially.

@to 47:

That is called settling!

DIH, Yes, I read that article in the last thread and commented on gettting pinned against the wall by him and telling me “sweet nothings” in my ear. what a great imagination visual. and yes, i apologize for putting tom and dan in the same sentence–but i was angry to make a point. but i will think harder to come up with a different example. nice!

wow–there is a bright thing in the sky today outside my house–amazingly beautiful….and I am going to check it out!!! see ya later peeps!! ~g

to 43: Yeah. I have an 11 year old daughter. That is what she looks like (a little less skinny in the legs). I also have an 18 year old and a 16 year old and a 14 year old — all of whom are athletic, fit and more womanly than the gf. He is a small guy. I guess he needs a small gf for appearances.

Dan and Sats @ 11/08/2009 at 10:47 am


They seem to be comfortable with each other and don’t need to be loved up in public all the time. They have been some of the time but they are normal people in a normal relationship – I don’t think he ignores her at all.

He has a woman 8 or 9 years younger than him, who is very beautiful and has a fantastic figure… of course he’s not going to ignore her. I’m guessing he feels very proud to have her by his side.

to Guinness

Leather Dan? LOL!

“dtm posted a steamy and organistic enducing article or blog thingy”

And I agree on all counts :)

Guinness-ooops wrong paste @ 11/08/2009 at 11:47 am

i meant to paste this here… (but darn it all, that last post article gives me a warm bar brawl smile inside. )

from the USC forum with Babs @ 11/08/2009 at 12:02 pm

“Tidbits were revealed about 23. Marc Forster will not be directing — although he did say he would like to do another in the future… Martin Campbell was also mentioned as someone they would like to work with again… Puvis & Wade are in the midst of writing the script and when asked if 23 would be a “fun” movie — Ms. Broccoli asked Purvis & Wade (kiddingly) to work on some “jokes”… Micheal G. Wilson did say that MGM is in the same transition as they were back in the early 90′s and the was no mention of a release date or start date… With both Ms. Broccoli and Micheal G. Wilson in New York — the city could play a big role in 23.”

a few things @ 11/08/2009 at 12:07 pm

Somethings wrong when he feels the need to be with someone who dresses like a man off duty.

And how do you know Sienna wouldn’t have been better?
She might not have flitted around if she was with Dan, but honestly, I think he had enough of actresses and their traveling/mentality after Heike.

But for heavens sake Daniel, ask Satsuki to dress by herself and not like you, it’s ridiculous NOT cute and preferably with something can distinguish her from some skinny bloke delivering food of a motorbike.

to Guinness

thanks for the caption – it’s great !

And yes, time for him to come home and do his bit for our economy ;)

Daniel would never date an actress again as they would have a career and wouldn’t be able to be with him 24/7. He hates being alone so he dates someone who doesn’t have a career so they can be/travel with him all the time.

come on guys @ 11/08/2009 at 2:44 pm

So sick of being moderated.

He looks great. Can’t wait for the next movie!


Personally I think that only one ego in the Craig household is enough for Daniel. His.
Hence no more actresses or successful career people to share with.

@a few things:


The fact she copies his clothing suggests she really worships him or wants to BE him. Unrequited fame lust for her or she really likes being masculine in her demeanor.
She has the fame albeit by proxy now and her masculinity does shine through in her mannerisms and speech.

So I’m totally confused about her motives.

If adoration, then it’s verging on the worship level. Not healthy.

Sat has had some work done, her appearance seems softer and more youthful, I think they read this blog.

She is slender and pretty. A man wants to protect the type of her.
look at the photo of her at the orphan benfit and look at her now.
she had some work done.

gross invasion of privacy. JJ you need to take these off.

sorry but legally it is not a “gross invasion of privacy” these pictures were taken on a public street in new york city. there is no epectation of privacy here. daniel is a public figure by virture of his profession. satsuki by virture of her appearance beside daniel. his father/step mother by virture of their appearance with daniel. again on a public street in new york.

It’s great to see Satsuki dress like Daniel even down to her suede shoes like his! Or does he dress like her?

She adores him, that is no mistake

not to be overly cyncial; but does satsuki adore daniel or his money more? after all, as far as i can tell she doesn’t work. sats seems content to allow daniel to bring in all the money. or maybe; she gets paid for services rendered.

She dresses like him @ 11/08/2009 at 5:43 pm

She is the one coping him. He has the style, she doesn’t. With all his money she should could look like a pretty girl; when she dresses like him, she looks like a boy with long hair. Come on, Daniel deserves someone beautiful, just like him.

You have a perverse nature.
You seem to want to think that the reason why he loves her is that she is small.
I am SMALL, but I don’t think that it is a reason loved by my husband.

i think she should consult a good stylist. she has the money. strike that; daniel has the money. surely he can afford to hire someone with a sense of style who can help sats choose a wardrobe.

Sats believes own sense of
Probably she will not accept the advice from whom either.

ok but does mean sats has to run around with messy hair. if she wants long hair that’s fine but can’t she at least have the straggly ends trimmed. i know daniel has the money

@to 74:

Nor from whomever either.
Why should she?
Does she owe the public something?
Surely if Daniel likes her they way she is, then shouldn’t that be good enough?
Devils Advocate questions of course.

Of course, it is hard to not to look at her when she is glued to the man’s side.
Now if only she would learn to stand to one side for a bit at these events so we look at the man in full glory.

You know the tune (spongebob) @ 11/08/2009 at 7:29 pm


“Who’s milking big time by appearing on stage?”
“But maybe should give a million to poor Nicholas Cage?”
“Who has the girlfriend beside always to confuse the press?”
“By refusing point blank to wear a nice dress?”


SATSUKI IS “A STEADY PAIN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doo Doo De Doo De Doo

@to 53:

Well it’s not because she has a successful career.
That we can bank on.

Now if only she would learn to stand to one side for a bit at these events so we look at the man in full glory

dream on! do you honestly believe that satsuki is going to stand to one side for a bit. not likely. she is going to be “glued” to daniel’s side at all times. how else can she make sure that no female fans get anywhere near him.

@to 77:

So she hovers around him 24/7?

Because she has to, because he wants her too or because he has no other choice as he painted himself into that corner?

re: spongebob @ 11/08/2009 at 8:10 pm

@You know the tune (spongebob):

Great as usual! LOL!

“sock puppet”

“sock puppet”

I agree that Daniel is a sexy beast! I was fortunate enough to see A Steady Rain on Saturday and it was fantastic. They are both such fantastic actors but I think Daniel was better. Also he was so damn hot. I would have loved to have met them back stage for a photo (they were asking $1,500 for charity and Daniel invited the audience so warmly to participate) but alas I could only afford the signed playbill.

On another note – I wish I had a stylish shoulder bag like Satsuki’s ( In case you’re wondering, I’m not one of the ones that hates her). I went around NY with an adequate shoulder bag but a nice leather stylish one would have been much nicer.

PS- I think they both look fab in these new photos. Very Hollywood glam for a Friday walk about.

One more quick note – If I were Satsuki I would have worn a kick *ss high heeled knee high black boot over my jeans instead of those brown shoes. Just my opinion though.

re: 85 and 87 @ 11/08/2009 at 8:45 pm


She wore suede boots to copy Daniels.
Evidently she doesn’t have your style.
As for glamorous , I disagree. They both look like they try way too hard to be conspicuous by their desperateness to be NOT noticed.

re: 83/84 @ 11/08/2009 at 8:46 pm

@to 74:

Ok, amuse me. Who’s hand is up who’s ass?


Was that from Saturday night? November 7? I went to the matinee and they only spent a quick minute greeting the fans and then into the limo. I was across the street and was thankful they had a limo waiting and not an SUV or I wouldn’t have been able to see them come out at all.

On a related note – James Gandolfini was coming out of the next theater over as we were waiting for Hugh and Daniel to come out. Mom ran over and got to see Gandolfini up close and personal. She said he was only a few feet away since he came to her side to get into the SUV. She was so excited. She was a huge fan of the Sopranos. People in the crowd were telling her he’s kind of mean though and won’t sign any autographs.

@re: 85 and 87:

Yeah, the brown shoes are a little matchy matchy with his.

ahh, Nothing new here. Just checking in. Mendel: I am glad you liked the new caption with Hugh. And it was relevant to post your article about the economy being effected by artists who perform in their “home” country who bring a big crowd. A different view. but I could think of other big stars besides the woman who got lucky to star in a titanic hit!! Glad they mentioned his “leather clad biker motif” hotness!!

Nice spongebobbi–Damn, poor Nic—it happens and it is scary because we have to trust….it is a very vulnerable human trait. I hope Dan has a good support group…it looks as if he does. and a prenup for his relationship. (not wife you crazies, cuz they aint)

DIH< DTM<DCG–cheers! ~g

to Sanday
Sanday, you had a valuable experience. I heard that it was difficult to obtain signed playbill.
Lucky you !

Keri to 90 @ 11/08/2009 at 9:15 pm

to Sanday
Probably it is a vid of Friday.

Guinness--YES! @ 11/08/2009 at 9:18 pm

Black chic boots….exactly, aaahhhhhhhhwhat is up with her? are they hiking boots? that scarf has to be burned–it is soooo awful on both. IT really is frustrating to watch. Wear something flattering …oh, yeah, like the black bra with sexy see thru….ahhhhhh! WHO IS THEIR fashion consultant, please get one for her Dan, it is just too painful—-right before she walks out the door they can yell, “dahling, WTF are you goin’ to match with the belt you are wearing,,, oh wait, i have a white ribbon with a pretty bow to put in your jet black hair, that’ll do it!”. puurrrty.

OMG…to Sandy
I made a mistake in your name.
I’m sorry.

Wow! Daniel is very amiable!

smokin hot dan @ 11/08/2009 at 10:42 pm

will do Escort Service, Restaurant Delivery person, Androgynous WTF!, (Guard) dog, reservation/travel agent, secretary, baggage handler, housekeeper, sanitation worker, ‘crowd’ extra, groupie, tranny consultant.

Hey, I recognize that woman (?) with the black hair on the left. She brought my lo-mein and egg rolls to me last week. I tipped her 3 dollars and she kind of sneered and said something about candy noses or something like that.

smokin hot dan @ 11/08/2009 at 10:44 pm

@Dr. McCoy:
To 99- thank you for the laughs! ROTFL!!

We posted at the same time, I guess you were thinking that the dark haired boy/girl was the same restaurant delivery person who brought you your order last week!
How was the food that was delivered ? Did it look like someone already ate it? LOL!

smokin hot dan @ 11/08/2009 at 10:47 pm

@Dr. McCoy:
Hey Doc McCoy!! Great name!
You only tipped her 3 bucks? that’s all? Couldn’t you have upped it to 3.25 or 3.50? ….

Well, Smokin Hot Dan, my food actually was in tact, but no surprise as the delivery woman looked like she doesn’t like to eat too often. Does the crappy escort package include human clothes hangar for hideously trendy outfits?

smokin hot dan-thx Spongebob! @ 11/08/2009 at 10:53 pm

Thank You Spongebob for your post!
Amazing lyrics woven well into your words of truth, as always.

smokin hot dan-thx Spongebob! @ 11/08/2009 at 10:58 pm

@Dr. McCoy:
to the Doc:
The Crappy Escort Service Package for Hire does include a non-descriptive mannequin for hideously trend-wh*re outfits as well as a non-descriptive mannequin for Men’s grunge clothes and ill-fitting FUGLY FUG red carpet / film premiere attire! LOL!

Great song!!! @ 11/08/2009 at 11:02 pm

Great song Spongebob!!! Too funny 99!! Yes the sourpuss is still clinging on. I do love the gf in a bulky leather jacket as we all know those raisin t*ts are under there!! She is starting to dress like Daniel-maybe we will see a mustache in the future-it can only be an improvement!!!

to 105- mustache? @ 11/08/2009 at 11:07 pm

@Great song!!!:

The mustache is already there…LOL!. I suppose you will have to get up close and personal to see for yourself. No Thanks to that !


to Doc 107 @ 11/08/2009 at 11:11 pm

You crack me up !! LOL!
thanks again to you and Spongebobbers for the laughs on here!

@to 105- mustache?:

Ewwwwww. No way gross. That is totally disgusting if (?) that is what it has on it.

She is so cute,and…dumn!! so lucky girl!


What does Mag stand for?

Middle Aged Gonk?

Could you post the link of the articles?

thank you.

Sorry I can’t. It’s on under that particular thread from several people who attended the seminar. You need to go there to see them.

Dan's woman @ 11/09/2009 at 12:57 am

@re: 110:

You all have been saying crap about Satsuki for years and Dan is still with her….LOL Have you gotten his message yet….He loves her and has no intention of leaving her no matter what you all say about her.
But keep trying!

@Dan’s woman:

LOL! And you seem to be so unsure you have to get all defensive about it.

Are you not able to be confident about them and quiet at the same time?

Your protestations of undying love make not a bit of difference in fact, the more you all beef about it, the more people will feel the opposite.

The Queen in Hamlet said it best.

re: 113 , 114 @ 11/09/2009 at 1:20 am

Thank you so much! I’ll see it at once.

Dan's woman @ 11/09/2009 at 1:37 am

@re: 115:

We shall see won’t we. Time will tell!

to Dan’s woman #115
Please calm down.
Even if I say that envy her, I know that it exert no influence.
I’m not stupid.
And I also know that the world they live is different from the world which lives with me.

Dan's woman @ 11/09/2009 at 4:03 am

@Dan’s woman:

I am calm. I just think it’s funny how hard people try to break them up.

chacha. Satsuki Mitchell has really expression in face like an idiot and says inwardly:
“Ooooh, New York is big apple just like my big adam’s apple.” or:
“Daniel, look at me finally I want to talk to you!”
She is not talking but her mouth is open. Why? Vomit?
Her shoes – Daniel had same shoes several times, George Clooney wears them, Tom Cruise wears them, Brad Pitt wears them for premiers, Mathew Fox wears them, etc.. these shoes are for men.
Satsuki carries her bag in a wrong way. Bag has to be on shoulder. Only men carry bag this way she does. Other actors who like beautiful women they’d vomite of looking at Satsuki. Only Daniel has strong nerves to look at her, wait, he is not looking at her, actually. So he,at least, keeps pace with Satsuki. Really?
Why Satsuki is not going next to his stepmother? it’d be gracious from her. no, she goes only next to Daniel, looking at him with mouth gaping.
Her body is of 11 old years child, with no doubt.

May the reason why she has men’s shoes is that she shops with Daniel, he walks in men’s department and she runs like a dog behind him and buys what he buys. She only wants to match to Daniel so desperately.

perfect wrinkled skin of Satsuki, enjoy it.

to Angelina @ 11/09/2009 at 5:20 am

Hello Gina! hahahahaha

Angelina to 124 @ 11/09/2009 at 5:30 am

hello! hehehehehe. great song, Spongebob but you forgot blond sexy match for Daniel

to Angelina @ 11/09/2009 at 6:13 am

Hey! Gina! How about the weather of Czech Republic?

Angelina to 126 @ 11/09/2009 at 6:38 am

Here is not cold weather but smelly air. I hope flue won’t come from Ukraine through Slovak to Czech Republic. In Ukraine is widespread flu epidemic and 255 000 people are ill. Hopefully Olga Kurylenko’s mama living in Berdynsk is health.

I wasn’t aware he was gay!

Hugh Jackman enjoys great popularity but Daniel Craig’s popularity is on the wane. Peole are not gonna take a fance to him if he’ll continue in bad movies several times over.

Angelina to 126 @ 11/09/2009 at 8:12 am

as we can a japanese monkey in New York.

His assistant @ 11/09/2009 at 8:33 am

@Dan’s woman:

Right. She’s been around as long as his other ‘assistant’ Laura. Sats is Dan’s arm candy. Nothing more, nothing less. Whenever he needs a girl on his side, out trots Sats. If she would train in karate, she could be his full time body guard.

okayy! I made it to the end of a very long and disturbing thread! Let us begin anew!! ANYWAY…. can you imagine being in the same room as Dan when someone says, “time to lock the doors”, and he proceeds to undress to his singlets! (i read this on someone’s blog posted here, correct?). $20,000 worth of testosteronie!!

Hey Guinness. That’s not the way it happened when I was there. The night the auctioned off their shirts. The just stood on stage dressed. I kept hoping they would rip off their shirts, but the didn’t maybe if the had, they would have made more mony. Maybe the are doing it that way now, and that is why the prices have jumped up considerably since the night I was there. Damn, I miss out on everything. Hope you are doing well these day and your kids are well also.

Guinness-DC GIRL @ 11/09/2009 at 11:50 am

Thanks DC girl. And to you and yours! Our kids school has 50 percent out, and a local private school has closed-but Dept of ed is NOT closing any public schools as of yet. Seems like a bumblefrockinggovernmentalmess!!! As for the Steady Rain on brdwy–that is what i thought,,,maybe they just play it by ear when and if they “strip”…and i have never heard the expression of singlets before…singlets isn’t as descriptive for these 2 hotnesses of testosteronie. And everyone keeps commenting on Dan’s ‘stache, rightly so, but Hugh’s hairdo is just as bad–it is soooo conan o’Brien and that guy Nicole Kidman married…too much forehead!!! so I can’t wait for that to be gone too.

Have you read any news today about the house menagerie fiasco in Canada? I guess they will be doing snow as the season in the show, cuz it is BARREN up there–worse than here in the winter. Tumble weeds with ice would stream across fields if they could–that is how stupid barren it is other than the ancient cities. One would think they would film something in the Fall for the beauty of it. whtever. At least DrabSats can go shopping in the underground malls and to the biggest mall on the East Coast, probably to pick up some color for her wardrobe. yeah, right–that is as true as I am next in line for marrying him..(maybe close to as big as King of Prussia, can’t remember!!!)
I just found out I will be in Philadelphia for thanksgiving!! unless snow and/or H1N1 stops us!! maybe i could stop by for another Steady Rain too!!! (i need to borrow the credit card fruitcake from cinder-ella-land. is she up to 15 times seeing it? Is she beating Sats even?).

daniel last night @ 11/09/2009 at 11:58 am

Note: Deborrah looking out of the door.

re: 117 & 120 @ 11/09/2009 at 12:01 pm

@Dan’s woman:

Can you provide any marriage certificate?
And why are you afraid that someone will break them up after all, according to you, they are “forever”.

Seems (again) you posts are almost desperate in their “happiness’.

Somewhat like your golden couple.

pink martinis @ 11/09/2009 at 12:05 pm

BTW, last night as reported on Twitter, both Daniel and Hugh came out drinking pink martinis!
It was the Actors Fund show last night and I think a drink to the gay community.
Daniel is still wearing that moustache for a steady rain. Went out the other day with Satsuki Mitchell and his parents in skinny jeans. He looks good in skinny jeans. You’d think his thighs would be too thick. It works on him. Been trying to get Jacek to try some skinnies but he is allergic to being stylish.

This post is for my friend Laura who is coming up on her one year anniversary of Robert Pattinson moisting which replaced her moisting for Daniel Craig. Every day, with so much New Moon marketing, Laura sends me overheated emails after seeing photos and watching clips of Pattinson online.

Perhaps a shot of D Craig in his leather jacket will help her out of her misguided lust haze. Jacek is not hopeful. He has written her off. He also sent her a present a while ago. She really liked it.

(no mention of Satsuki’s “status” and of course got the info wrong on his parents)

Yes, read Lainey and it’s almost as if she mentions Satsuki as an afterthought.
Like “oh yes and Satsuki Mitchell”.
With Satsuki Mitchell likes she’s his pet dog or something.

Why cant Lainey mention her status anyway? No longtime love? No g/f? No partner?

Maybe she knows they are married and will not say “wife” but I doubt that’s the reason.

Dan's woman @ 11/09/2009 at 12:23 pm

@re: 117 & 120:

I never said they were married! And I am not afraid someone will break them up! I just find it entertaining that people try LOL

She dresses like him @ 11/09/2009 at 12:36 pm

Guinness, Toronto is not that Barren, and yes they do have a lot of snow because of the lake, barren with tumble weeds, no! If they film in Toronto in Jan. and Feb. I guess it will be a “winter” movie. Maybe they will film only inside and not show outside. Who knows. Would like to hear more about it, no one is saying much about A Dream House. I guess they want to keep the movie hush hush so no one will leak too much info regarding the movie and the plot. For those that said they read the script, lets give Daniel and the director a chance to prove themselves.

@Dan’s woman:

Aren’t you trying a little bit TOO hard yourself?

LOL. Keep on. I love your enthusiasm.

Well for all your confidence in them, why aren’t they married?

Daniel loves her that much then that after 5 years he can’t do that?

Always an excuse from the cotton candy fans.

Quick to proclaim their couples’ happiness but never sure enough about it to show any legal evidence nor to be quiet in their confidence.

I laugh at those people trying to center the blame on the “hate’ fans to take the spotlight off their insecurities about their idols.

Oldest game in the book.

re; dan's woman @ 11/09/2009 at 12:53 pm

@Dan’s woman:

I find your forced joy amusing.

another role by dan based on lousy research

HOLCOMB, Kan. – It’s one of America’s most haunting crime stories: four members of a Kansas family brutally murdered on Nov. 15, 1959, at their rural farmhouse.

The slayings of the Clutters — chronicled in Truman Capote’s book, “In Cold Blood” — have overshadowed the town of Holcomb for the past half century and the trial and execution of the culprits has brought little, if any, closure.

For many townsfolk, the wounds have been slow to heal partly because of Capote’s critically acclaimed, nonfiction novel that spawned a new literary genre. The book has been reviled in its birthplace by residents because of its recreation of events that never happened and what they say is commercial exploitation of the victims. The subsequent movies have also been unpopular here.

“They made a tremendous amount of money off our great tragedy,” said Bob Rupp, who as a teenager dated Nancy Clutter.

The horrific slayings of Herbert Clutter, a prominent farmer and community leader, and his wife, Bonnie Mae Fox, along with their children, 15-year-old Kenyon and 16-year-old Nancy, shattered the innocence of a generation accustomed to leaving their doors unlocked.

The hunt for their killers — parolees **** Hickock and Perry Smith — mesmerized the nation, drawing journalists from across the country to this rural outpost on the Kansas prairie.

Then when Capote’s book hit the shelves, it forever linked the small town with a crime now known around the world.

Alan Schwartz, a longtime friend of the author, said many Holcomb residents didn’t really grasp that Capote was not writing a purely factual account but was using the basis of facts to show what it was like to live in such a town and confront this crime.

“It is different than what they expected, but it is a work of art. It is not simply a matter of historical reporting. … I can imagine that a lot of people who were freaked out by what happened in the middle of Kansas never understood that,” Schwartz said.

“The book stands on its own as a major work of American literature and a major description of how a small town dealt with an incredible, horrible tragedy,” he said.

When Holcomb residents gathered recently to dedicate a memorial to the Clutters, a lingering bitterness against Capote’s book intermingled with an unwavering sense of loss for their beloved neighbors.

“I wish the book had not been written. I didn’t like the book — the little bit I read,” said Shirley Clutter. Her father-in-law was Herbert Clutter’s brother. The 80-year-old woman found that reading about the killings was too painful.

Beyond the infamy wrought by their murders, the Clutter family also left a legacy of community leadership. Engraved in the stone memorial is a litany of the family’s accomplishments in local community groups, school and church.

“He (Herbert Clutter) was beginning to be a national figure in agriculture on some committees in Washington, D.C. Who knows what he might have done had he lived out his life,” said Dolores Hope, the city editor of the Garden City Telegram at the time of the murders.

“In Cold Blood” became a literary sensation soon after the first copies rolled off the press in 1965. The book has been translated into numerous languages. In 1967, a black-and-white film by the same name was released. A CBS television miniseries followed in 1996.

Capote’s writing of the book became the focus of a 2005 movie, “Capote,” for which Phillip Seymour Hoffman won an Academy Award for best actor. Book sales that year spiked to 1.5 million. A year later, the movie “Infamous” hit the silver screen with a similar theme, but it centered more on the town.

One friend of the Clutters, Fielding Hands, said Capote “sure made an interesting book.”

“I think he did the family justice for the things he said about them and what they did for the community,” said Hands, 83.

One recent rainy afternoon, Paul Irsik sat in a lawn chair thinking about the Clutters.

Irsik grew up on the Clutter farm, where his father was a hired hand. He was 15 on that fateful morning when he, his brother and father milked the Clutters’ cows and went into the kitchen to separate the milk. They were oblivious to the fact that the Clutters’ bodies were inside. It was the first weekend of pheasant season, and they were eager to finish the chores and go hunting.

Irsik speaks haltingly about that day. It’s because he promised his father that he wouldn’t discuss anything about Nov. 15, 1959.

“It is something we haven’t talked about in my family for 50 years,” Irsik said.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/09/2009 at 1:44 pm

I thought Daniel did a wonderful job in Infamous and I enjoyed the movie, even though it was a terrible crime on that family. I don’t believe it was a mistake that Daniel made the movie – it just showed what a talented actor he is.

seems as if you haven’t seen the movie! This movie isn’t about the slaying of the Clutters, the movie is about the process of writing the book, so your dumb statement “another role by dan based on lousy research” is quite pointless. LOL!

infamous to 148 @ 11/09/2009 at 2:19 pm

I did see it and with someone related to the incident.
It’s not a laughing matter when your relatives are described in the book incorrectly and that Perry Smith was nothing like Daniels performance.

That film was a slap in the face for everyone and the town that was involved.

@infamous to 148:

Anyone who laughs at your post is quite insensitive.
I’m sure your perspective was different and closer than some ordinary Joe Blow off the street.
I respect your input.

Whenever novels are written there will always be discrepancies and things out of sync and always people who are not close to incident and probably never read the book that will have their “know it all” opinion.

to infamous @ 11/09/2009 at 2:28 pm

but the movie is not about the incident, the movie is about the process of writing the book. So when the book is incorrect like you said, then the movie must show just that. I think that’s what 146 meant.

@to infamous:

Evidently it runs deep so maybe we should leave the subject alone out of respect for the original poster.

@to 152:

Not trying to control just being sympathetic towards the infamous poster.

Anyone who’s nice would try to see that.

You know, your post is angry and mad and at the wrong person. Let’s keep that off here please for a nice board.

be a little more accepting of another persons feelings who dont you?

you’re post is nasty.

don't start an argument @ 11/09/2009 at 3:58 pm

@to 152:

I do not think you would know how too. So no.

@to 152:

Yes 146 is right. I agree.

I think you’ll find most men think Sats looks hot in these pics. I know of no men who want their women to wear dresses all the time. Sats shows a lot of style in these pics and those shoes that someone referred to manly are very much in style as those who shop outside Wal-Mart would know.

article on keely shaye smith @ 11/09/2009 at 6:00 pm

Cosmopolitan Magazine @ 10/28/2009 at 6:44 am

Cosmopolitan Sept. 1996 Article illustrating how Keely Shaye Smith used the old woops I “accidentally” got pregnant and am so surprised! Doesn’t sound like he’s in love with her from this interview. Pierce Brosnan’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, was actually a Bond girl before he was Bond, an established actress herself, and made him the man and actor he is. She was not only beautiful but loved by everyone for her spirit and kindness. She was 10 yrs older than he though you could not tell. Photos from her 20s show why she was in famed photographer Lord Lichfield’s book, ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women”. Many photos of her available online show how beautiful she must have been inside and out to be dying of cancer in her late 30s while still looking beautiful and sparkling with charisma and personality. Together they parented Pierce’s first son Sean Brosnan in 1983 (incredibly handsome). And he adopted her first two children, Christopher (also incredibly handsome from my memory of him during his New York nightlife appearances) and Charlotte, from whom she had with ex-husband Dermot Harris, great actor Richard Harris’ brother, upon Dermot’s death. So tragic for those children to lose both their mother and father. Tragic for Sean to lose his mother as a young child. And so tragic for Pierce to lose the love of his life. Perhaps he would have never moved on had Keely not forced it all upon him. Calling Keely fat is not nice nor does it say anything about who she is. However, it is said by many her “flaws” on the outside are a true reflection of her inner character and spirit, for those that think fat is a flaw. The article:
Brosnan first met Keely Shaye-Smith, whom he sometimes absentmindedly refers to as Cassie, in Mexico in April 1994. Brosnan was sitting at the pool when she strode by. “When she walked back, she asked me for a few eco tips. Later on the beach, she was in a bathing costume – very lovely.”
“I don’t want to be tied down to just one woman. I’ve been open in the relationship, as far as that’s concerned. I have no plans to get married.”
Indeed, when Keely found out she was pregnant (the baby’s due in January), she and Pierce did intense soul-searching and came to two conclusions: no abortion, no marriage. “We talked about the matter long and hard, ” Brosnan says. “It was so unexpected – [I was] absolutely blown away. Abortion should be the woman’s right, but the thought of it just broke my heart – made me feel like an executioner. Besides, Keely wanted to have the baby.
Besides impending fatherhood, what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man. “She’s thirty-one, and I’ m forty-two,” Brosnan says. “I have a wider breadth of experience in life. I don’t mean to sound grand or better, but there’s that element of being older.

- can see this happening with satsuki

re; couple @ 11/09/2009 at 6:05 pm


I don’t know about Wal Mart. Not any in this country.
You obviously know the fashions there as you are using it as a comparison of some sort.
Is Wal Mart a bad place to shop and people who do are “people with poor fashion sense”?
That’s hardly fair really to judge where people shop (most likely due to their income level) to say such a broad complaint.
Profiling isn’t it?

re; couple @ 11/09/2009 at 6:06 pm


I also want to add that by saying “most men” is a unfair statement. Do you know “most men” or is it another broad supposition of yours because those type of statements are nonsensical.

re: article # 161 @ 11/09/2009 at 6:09 pm

what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man.


Wow, well they are married now and I wonder if she still panders to that?

He sounds trapped.

I wonder if Satsuki gives Daniel that or that Daniel demands that “illusion’?

Men’s ego’s. Who’s have them?

Guinness-HI @ 11/09/2009 at 6:24 pm

Hey! Not to change the subject, but really, changing the subject, WHERE ARE THE pix from da boyz sunday night out again?? I can’t pull up the posters post of the pink martinis from twitter….is this true or not. I did read about it, but didnt realize the midlife crisis boyz on Broadway were there. the actors party night thingy to raise money for gay rights or something? Yea. Do the charity people call Dan and Hugh to see what night they should throw parties so they will show their money, I mean face? It is gettting to frazzle my nerves and I don’t know why.

and OMG, I put my foot in my mouth and dissed a poster friend. Can you forgive me DIH?? I love CANADA! Actually, i love the east cities and the west has beautiful BC!! too cold for the early french to go that far over?? don’t have the history on that side, surry!! I am just jealous he isn’t going to be closer to NH when this is the area it is supposed to take place…I am not making much sense here, but hey-fit right in here!

thx for the pix…it was a different lifestyle, different person to share with, different everything–he looks at and walks happily in those pics with Heike. AND they hold hands differently than he does with Sats. (why was that stated that same handholding..?). Is he neurotic too? Did he actually think of this and they do it on purpose or did Sats think this? rhetorical, please don’t respond–it is another futile question.

IMO, she is NOT in style….she may have upwards of $5000 worth of clothes on, but she looks ordinarily blah. I would be skipping next to him with a big grin on my face….wtevr.

I do love that sweater! thank you.

to jennifer @ 11/09/2009 at 6:25 pm

I think you’ll find most men think Sats looks hot in these pics. I know of no men who want their women to wear dresses all the time. Sats shows a lot of style in these pics and those shoes that someone referred to manly are very much in style as those who shop outside Wal-Mart would know.

sorry, but i just showed these pictures of satsuki to a total of 47 men in an upscale pub here in manhattan that i frequent. most of these men are lawyers, dr’s, etc. only 11of these men think that satuski looks hot here.

the comments from the 36 who don’t range from “doesn’t this girl ever comb her hair”, “does she always dress like a man”, “blue jeans ok but what’s wrong with looking feminine”.”what’s with that scarf”. as for the shoes; some of the men asked if she works as an construction worker. it’s all in the perception of the beholder.

She does look like an mechanic who works in the Pep Boys in my town who fits tires on.

@to jennifer:

Look, she isn’t stylish as stylish people develop their own style and clearly in this picture she isn’t.

Granted there are men who like butch women (guess Daniel changed his view after Heike) but I would say from a crowd of ordinary blokes, the majority would say a big NO!


You mean there would be enough room between you for you to do that?
I’d have him carry me piggy back while waving to the paps and giving a f*ck you v sign to his female fans.

Oh sorry…thought I was Satsuki there for a second.

to Guinness

haven’t found any yet, but I keep looking ;)

About Dream House, this article says, that the film is booked to shoot from 25 January to 9 April 2010 at Pinewood Studios Toronto.

So, that sounds to me as if they are shooting mainly inside the studio, and not much on location.

Satsuki like Rihanna @ 11/09/2009 at 7:13 pm

Rihanna Channels Daniel Craig
How do you think if Satsuki sympathizes with Daniel and is dressed in the clothes that it seems to be Rihanna?

@Satsuki like Rihanna:

Rhianna at least looks like a woman.

So, that sounds to me as if they are shooting mainly inside the studio, and not much on location.

i don’t know if you can say that. bond films are shot at pinewood studios in england and also on various locations. so it’s possible that they could be shooting off site in toronto as well.

to #174

“it’s possible that they could be shooting off site in toronto as well”

Oh yes, they might, but not on those dates mentioned. If it is true that they booked the studio for those weeks, they will be using the studio. Maybe we will hear more about locations closer to the time of filming (unless they want to keep it quiet as to where they are, but that’s pretty hard once a film crew turns up somewhere…).

Hi Mendel…..still no mention of rest of casting…maybe its still up in the air.
A steady Rain still raking it in… must be on target to break record for a non musical and for raising money for charity.

Hi to Guinness, DIH, DC girl etc

Hi dtm,

yes, they must not have made the decision on the rest of the cast – or are not telling yet!

Steady Rain is doing so well!
It just struck me that it is only running for just about another month – time really does fly!

Daniel fan @ 11/09/2009 at 8:07 pm

eww! not hot at all, she look like a skeleton with those bones sticking out!
When are women going to say enough when it comes to this size zero trend? blah!

@Daniel fan:
I agree,
Not attractive.
She was a lot larger many years ago but maybe feels compelled to look thin for him or because he is surrounded by gorgeous model like women. Thats sad and evidently Daniel isn’t making her feel at ease.

When I saw the Layer Cake US premiere pictures of her compared to the CR Royal Premiere, I thought “Here we go, another anorexia case”.

She is getting a pot belly though, something she didn’t have a few years ago.
Too much good free food and booze. That will do it all the time.

Guinness-Hi dtm & mendel @ 11/09/2009 at 8:33 pm

Everything surrounding StR is astounding to me! The cast, the amount of money it took in for the first 3 weeks—WITHOUT a show shown! The dates are crazy–a small time period for a running show-fantastic call there….”limited time offered” is a excellent sales tactic….the charity causes bringing in a record amount of money… the fan base is varied no matter what they say about all us lustful women..the amount of money raised for the charities…. LOCATION! GREAT FANTASTIC. and it absolutely did go by fast…Does he have someone that makes “scrapbooks” for his “projects”? I am sure he does, but can someone please tell the man to get Greg to get that shot of him sitting there for the first second of the play? I was thinking that too. really, not kidding mendel. and I was thinking Big Dan has 7 weeks of play time until he reports to Canada!!!
And –I live 3 hours away Dan–ooo, closer than NYC!–if you need someone to clean your belly button lint, or straighten your apartment pictures, or clean the underside of the flower pots (maids ALWAYS forget that!!), or clean the road salt of your leather gloves (trust me–road salt gets EVERYWHERE!!). ~night all…. “keep a song in your heart…. or sing it out loud to keep from yelling what you really want”… ~me

Guinness-#167 & #169 @ 11/09/2009 at 8:39 pm

I wish i had a photo of a feminine Pep Boy getting a piggy back ride flashing the V sign on the back of a swaggering leather clad English/Irishman wearing a $1000 matching-with-dad newsboy cap!!!

oh wait, that is hilarious in my own imagination….BRILLIANT thank you!!! I love this guy, but damn, somefin just ain’t rrright. it must be because I am American. (that goes out to the poster who created that comment about me!!)

Guinness-oh @ 11/09/2009 at 8:45 pm

ok. so I totally misunderstood…they didn’t GO to a party, they just scheduled an extra play date and gave the proceeds to the gay actors club? CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS? um, thanks. “play date”–that sounds so cute.

According to someone who was there, they had a party backstage and Daniel brought out a pink/red martini as did Hugh and they drank them while they did the auction.


Keri, it’s no problem about the name!

I’m surprised that the signed playbill was hard to get. I was in the second row balcony and as I was coming down the stairs an usher had a stack of about 6 playbills that people probably didn’t realize were signed. I happened to have cash so I didn’t have to wait in the long, long line at the merch counter. The gentleman I bought mine from said Daniel and Hugh sign several playbills before each show. On mine Hugh Jackman signed in black and Daniel Craig signed rather largely in silver. He even put an x next to his name. Aw shucks that just made it extra special. !!

LOL! This looks SO familiar! @ 11/09/2009 at 9:39 pm

Deja vu!
This latest news ( from Fox 4 11 and Cele b i tchy . com) about poor desperate depressed Jessica holding onto Justin timberlake for dear life.
She has to stay relevant , Save her relaysh’ and keep her ‘status’ no matter how poorly downgraded it gets and this is how she has to do it.
Seems Jessica has no choice, unless she wants to break up with him and dwindle into girlfriend history..
She has the same sourpuss photos, (“neither of them looks happy’) glaring body language etc., all mirroring everything posters here on JJ say about Daniel.

It sounds like this is the new ultimatum making the relaysh’ rounds in

Here are some photos of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake over the weekend. The pair went to Jay-Z’s Sunday concert in Los Angeles. I love the body language of these two. Granted, it’s not as harsh as those photo-ops Jessica and Justin did right after Us Weekly claimed that Justin dumped Jessica over the phone. These photos aren’t as clingy, but they’re still depressing, right?

Neither one of them looks happy. In Jessica’s case, I think that’s just the way her face looks (call it “natural morose-face”), while Justin seems totally over all of it, once again. But Jessica’s got a plan! She’s got her publicist leaking to anyone that will listen that Justin wants to stay with her, and that all of his friends love her and hate the way Justin may have treated her! Right?
But what did this arrangement cost Jessica? According to Fox News 411, she had to give up monogamy (if she even had that Justin in the first place).
According to Fox 411, Jessica and Justin are now “friends with benefits” and Justin is free to date other women. Ugh.

Despite widespread reports of their split, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel continue to be photographed together. Could a reconciliation be in the offing?

Kind of.

A source tells Fox411 that despite appearances, the two are definitely not back together full-time. Instead, they are going the time-tested route of first seeing what its like being part-time lovers.

Yes, it appears Justin and Jessica are now “friends with benefits.”

“Justin was very clear with Jessica that he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship with her anymore where he wasn’t able to date other people,” says the insider. “Jessica took the news very hard, but once she calmed down and they started talking again, he convinced her to stay friends who hook up, without all the pressure of a relationship.”

How did Timberlake succeed in persuading one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women to agree to every man’s (okay, almost every man’s) dream scenario?

“At first she was very reluctant, but she missed him a lot and so she decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t exactly how she wanted things to be,” the source explains.

“She’s still in love with him, and they are still attracted to each other, so it would have been difficult for them to quit each other cold turkey.”

The source says the new setup is a “win-win” for Timberlake.

“Justin gets the best of both worlds,” says the source. “He doesn’t have to lose Jess as a lover or a friend, but he’s free to explore other [relationships].”

Sounds like a win-win-win.

[From Fox News 411]

Such a lie Sandy! @ 11/09/2009 at 9:46 pm

Such a lie Sandy! Unless you have ‘FORGED!!’ playbills!
No ‘authentic’, genuine signed playbills by Hugh or Daniel are tossed about the steps or left anywhere the inside of the theater. Nor will you find them outside the theater.
People don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have their playbills signed by Daniel and Hugh and then toss them on the steps or throw them on the ground.
I have been at the Schoenfeld theater a few times for Steady Rain and the only playbills that are left in the theater are the ones that are UNsigned!!!
What a joke and WHAT a SH*T STIRRER YOU ARE!

@Such a lie Sandy!:

Nobody pays for a signed playbill dear.
They used to sign them after the play for FREE (which they don’t now because of the auction) or you can leave your name and address with someone there and hopefully they will send one back to you.

This info comes from someone I read that went to the play at least 14 times and has met Daniel and Hugh personally backstage.

The only time playbills are paid for is online on Ebay etc.

On that note, however, NO signed playbills are in the theater to begin with.

to 188- yes she is! @ 11/09/2009 at 9:54 pm

@Such a lie Sandy!:
I agree with you # 188 without question.
HA! Total bull that ushers had a stack of signed playbills that Hugh and Daniel signed before the show! Right…not!
Sandy is a liar, yes indeed she is.

@LOL! This looks SO familiar!:

We all realize Daniel and Satsuki are FWB’s.
Nothing new there.

@Such a lie Sandy!:

To add;

I think you are confusing the “thousands of dollars” to bid on meeting them backstage and then (separate auction) to bid on one of their t-shirts. Their signed playbills are not fetching that much even online.

Certainly this person I spoke of spent well over $5000 probably on doing both things.

TO 189.... @ 11/09/2009 at 9:59 pm

@to 188:
YEAH DEAR!! and I know the girl who went 14 (?) times too, personally!!
She knows a lot of people ! so what!
And you should be referring your post to #186 Sandy, NOT to 188…- unless you did that on purpose to start something??
yes, of course, wannabe . Run on back to D2D they are all waiting for you.

@Guinness-Hi dtm & mendel:

The “belly button lint cleaner” he might go for.

@TO 189….:

No I am not Wannabe and it seems you are starting something with your hostile post. Please calm down as there is no need for it.

No I am not a member of that club but follow her on Twitter.

If you read my post of # 189 I actually agreed with you on the end.

lol what a circus @ 11/09/2009 at 10:08 pm

wow 193
how about reading the posts properly instead of reacting?

intelligent people do not react with anger.

keep it peaceful @ 11/09/2009 at 10:10 pm

@TO 189….:

Don’t start something here or provoke people.
Let’s keep this thread peaceful.
If you do continue, no doubt JJ will remove your posts.
They seem to be on top of that now.

to 187 'this looks so familiar @ 11/09/2009 at 10:15 pm

@LOL! This looks SO familiar!:
On top of what you are saying in your post 187, Lainey Gossip also posted today about Jessica and Justin and their ‘new’ relationship arrangement (Friends with Benefits) deal.
IMO, I found Lainey to be her usually harsh self against Jessica . Lainey seemed really angry that Jessica would settle and scrap for any morsel of an ‘arrangement’ that Justin throws at her.
Lainey even admits Jessica is desperate, clingy, depressed and will do anything to stay relevant.
OK, Daniel’s girlfriend – mirroring aside, I find it interesting that a few articles down Lainey posts the Daniel walking around NYC with his parents article and then totally disses the girlfriend, NOT even giving her any status at all in her post and ignoring her, practically Daniel too.

I believe that what Lainey knows, and what she is saying LOUD, is that Daniel has the same thing going on as Justin does with Jessica.

Lainey will not rip the girlfriend apart because she is Oriental as Lainey is, and she will not do that to her because of that…but I see that Lainey has linked both of those relationships on her page today.

It seems to me that Lainey is pointing to both couples and this whole Friends with Benefits ‘arrangement or contract deal or whatever it is, that is why Lainey has gone Ice-Cold Frozen with Daniel/girlfriend situation.

lol what a circus to 196 @ 11/09/2009 at 10:20 pm

@lol what a circus:
wow, you really need to keep it peaceful . Calm down. No need to react. Read the posts properly !

to 198 on anoth'r note @ 11/09/2009 at 10:29 pm

@to 187 ‘this looks so familiar:
I see what you are saying.
So Lainey did not just come out and say it flat out in black and white type, she is just inferring it… strongly… while throwing in the Daniel photos and saying very little- one or two sentences about them. Then she also goes on in detail about the jessica/justin couple.

i do agree with you that Lainey is not going to trash the girlfriend. She is just going to give her the freeze-over. Daniel she is one degree warmer to.

I am so surprised though that she did not call her a girlfriend or longtime love or partner or anything. at all!

to signed playbill @ 11/09/2009 at 10:43 pm

Daniel had drawn a chest on his, obviously feminine ( I think) while Hugh borrowed someone’s heart-shaped nipple tassles and attached them to his shirt. LOL!
LOL! What a funny guys they are!

@to 198 on anoth’r note:

You’re right. As I said in an earlier post, she mentioned Satsuki as if she was his dog or something, you know the thing.
Definitely something changed there with Lainey.

Guinness, is your second favorite actor Alec Guinness?

If anyone watched TMZ tonight, there was a clip of Valentino leaving a restaurant and guess who gave him a two pecked in front to of the paps?
Andy Cohen!!!
He was wearing mirrored sunglasses (Cohen not Valentino).

Anyone else see that?

LOL I meant a two pecked kiss!!!


Daniel will so jealous.
Oh dear.

@to signed playbill:

We have a picture of this anywhere? Or are you like the D2D people.
To territorial to share?

daniel at concert tonight @ 11/09/2009 at 10:59 pm

HegedusEricC: @neenerspb AT an amazing concert w/ Bernadette Petera. (Turns out Daniel Craig was in the audience, too, but I missed him.)

Daniels day off. Goes out a lot doesnt he?
Wonder if his family was there?

Is it this playbill?

@daniel at concert tonight:

Don’t you mean Bernadette Peters?

bernadette peters @ 11/09/2009 at 11:06 pm

He went to this

On Monday, November 9th at 8:00pm, Tony, Grammy and Golden Globe Award winner Bernadette Peters returns to Broadway for the first time in six years in a special one-night only concert at Broadway’s Minskoff Theatre. Appearing with a 30-piece orchestra under the musical direction of Marvin Laird and directed by Richard Jay-Alexander. The concert will feature songs from Ms. Peters’ career and recordings as well as wonderful new specialty material created just for this extraordinary evening.

It was for this:
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit

sorry, what do you mean?
I only stated impressions for that poster.

James Scott @ 11/10/2009 at 12:33 am

James Scott should be the next Bond. He is young, hot and very British!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/10/2009 at 1:22 am

Guinness, I am not upset about what you said about Toronto and Canada. Don’t worry. If they do film on location, it would have to be a “winter” movie, so maybe will only be at the Studio. Who knows, I guess we will see soon enough. Funny that we don’t know more about the movie except for Daniel being in it, who the directors is and the location and the dates they are filming. Maybe they want to keep a lid on things. Can’t believe A Steady Rain will be finished soon. It seems only like yesterday they started. It’s been too long since I was in NYC. I bet Daniel will be happy to go back home and then start his vacation. Oh and G. I will go to Toronto and be his dresser – you can have the belly lint. Good night the rest of you.

James Scott @ 11/10/2009 at 2:47 am

@to 214:

James Scott from Days of Our Lives. He plays EJ DeMira.

Win Babs’s confidence. Anything doesn’t happen if she doesn’t like it.

hopefully you are right. And I really hope she picks up a real man, when Daniel is done with it. No need to go for pretty boys at least not for being sucessful.

Susie and Chelsea discussing Dan 3mins in…
My sentimens exactly…I’m with Chelsea on this!

hey! thanks for the getty shots. Hugh looks sweet & hot!!! love the face shadow on men–especially with black hair. (was that mary tyler moore?)I always wanted to see Bernadette, I saw her in “INTO THE WOODS” on PBS —I fell in love with her then!! this musta been fantastical. and if Dan was in the audience, why no recognization with pics? that is unusual. him missing a pic in NYC for charity? hhmm.

~cheers DIH…thx, and yes, I will be the lint cleaner, then I will do belly shots of zambucka with him… with whipped cream and chocoloate… and i can’t wirte after thinking of whipped cram on his PFA (perfcetly formd abs!) hyperventaliating…breahting heayv help!!


You are suppose to flame it

guinness-oh, great @ 11/10/2009 at 11:06 am

i just burst out laughing of a visual of inflamed belly hair…thanks #226, if there is a chance of it happening–it will happen to me!!!

familiar thought @ 11/10/2009 at 2:41 pm

“If he’s hinting and thinking of proposing, then it sounds like the relationship is near enough over. Same old nonsense from celebs, declare they want privacy when its suits them and then when their relationship’s are in trouble, declare eternal love for them to try and keep it going.”

- Dee, St Albans, 10/11/2009 1:35

This was a comment on Robbie Williams hinting about proposing to his g/f.
Sounds familiar about the privacy thing and “sudden” declarations of love and kisses we saw on the QoS circuit.

i could be wrong but i thought that daniel and satsuki were supposed to have gotten married after the filming of QOS. mind you, no one has found marriage liscence registered anywhere. although i have to say, i’ve always thought daniel and satsuki’s relationship as an “open” one. he goes off from time to time for long stretches to be with others and she does the same thing. they then come back together for awhile and then the cycle begins again.

to Guinness and DiH

“I will be the lint cleaner, then I will do belly shots of zambucka with him…” (and try not to set the belly hairs on fire…)

“I will go to Toronto and be his dresser”

I will be his creative snowperson muse, and build him a snowperson a day. Complete with hat, carrot and chocolate buttons :)

Thanks for all the pics and stage door videos, dtm and others. I’m still catching up…

um, yes, you can be out in the snow and a-muse him!!! ha! and i am a good shot, so watch out……

A great mental distraction from work….In Toronto, our itinerary will be as follows for R&R in Dan’s winter cave….
Guinness: navel lint cleaner in charge of Dans PFA (perfectly formed abs) sambuca shots.
DTM: To Be Announced (i forgot what you were gonna do, my mind went blank after that last sentence…ok, I am ok. ok. )
DIH: Tailor in order to get his inseam correct it may take a few times and for him to take the pant leg on and off. (sorry, but if you are getting paid that much you need to step up and take one for the team!)
Mendel: Muse for snow-expression-time allotted in the mornings and after sambuca PFA shots!!! Preferably next to a sauna so that there can be running around and rolling in the snow after a hot sauna…clothes optional. (is that going to work for you Mendel, otherwise, I can assign you to clean his boots of the road salt while he is wearing them-it would be a good postion for you–if you know what i mean?)
DCG: um, will you be joining us? if so, I heard he likes American authors-or american novels…you can do a scene from Pretty Woman–that should stimulate the mind a little to keep him fresh!
Hey! that was fun, now i need a drink! Molson, thank you. Bye Mendel. it was nice to see you again. any news on his attendence this weekend…he is a busy boy!!! is DTM asleep yet?

how thespian @ 11/10/2009 at 6:06 pm

That scarf of his must so dirty by now…..what I could do with that.

@to 228:

What cycle would that be then?

Heavy Duty, Permanent Press or Ultra Delicate?

@how thespian:

Saw the pic earlier.
You did fail to mention one glaring little tidbit.

His tidy whities are showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody teasebag, that’s what he is!
I wonder who he was thinking of there?

Happy Birthday James Bond ! He became 89 years old. However, he is still so hot !

To Guinness, Mendel……..last time I was his personal assistant for sexual gratification….if I cant have that then I can be in charge of making sure he is properly tucked up in bed with a long goodnight kiss ar the end of a hard days shooting!

Its strange how some critics think that just because they are “movie stars” thay are not worthy to be on Broadway…and are surprised that either of them can act…’s a producers perspective

btw… I read on Broadwayword that they have already raised $600k for bcefa and with 4 weeks to go should break records.

You were such a face when you were in mother’s interior of the womb too.Surely!!! LOL!

@to 236:

I don’t know, no pictures of myself but I guarantee that I was polite enough not to flick V’s inside my mother.

(I left that until the the doctor smacked my bottom)

to Guinness

“Preferably next to a sauna so that there can be running around and rolling in the snow after a hot sauna…clothes optional. (is that going to work for you Mend)”

Absolutely! Rolling in the snow with Dan…clothes optional…sauna…yes please!

“I can be in charge of making sure he is properly tucked up in bed with a long goodnight kiss ar the end of a hard days shooting!”

Dtm, it sounds like you got yourself a nice job, too :)

to ‘how thespian’

Love the pic – and Dan’s teasing pose.

Guinness-sandwich @ 11/10/2009 at 8:08 pm

um, yeah. a Danhugh samich!!! wow. so cool-she is soooo lucky. wow. that is a very nice, wow. um, Hugh is pulling his pants down too? wow. WTH is up with the tucking in of the scarf? why is the scarf on him? he looks goofy-but smoking hot what is he doing with…. he seems so dishevled in these….so funny. “hey! Dan, git over here…we have another high paying customer,,, put that down, Dan, come on, get over here and take your coat off, forget it, just get over here.!!” AWESOME! thx so much!

yeah, right, DTM–I musta blocked that out-you were his personal assistant for yadda yadda yadda…, fine. you called it. but if you get sick or faint or accidentally k-n-o-c-k-e-d out, as manager of this debacle of gang of DANS FANS, I will have to fill in for you! NOT TO WORRY!! hee hee hee

Sandy defends herself @ 11/10/2009 at 8:51 pm

@TO 189….:

OMG! I just logged on to find out that several people have called me a liar and a *hit stirrer! You guys really are crazy. Now I can see why some people only talk to Guiness, DC Girl, Mendel. They are sane and reasonable!

I swear to you, absolutely swear that Daniel said you could buy signed playbills at the back of the theater for a donation of $100. Why on earth would I make that up? They also did an auction for their shirts and 2 groups paid $4k each I think. Then, Daniel said he would really love to meet all of us and that we could pay $1500 for a photo and signed playbill back stage. As I was coming down the stairs their was a guy with an orange bucket into which people were putting donations. He had a stack of signed playbills – probably 6, and said for a donation of $100 cash I could get one, otherwise, if I only had credit, I had to go to the merch counter. I asked them if they were original signatures and he said yes, they provide Daniel and Hugh with the pens and they sign a few playbills before each show.

Now, it could be that I was completely lied too and that I have a fake or a forgery but I know that I’m not the only person who bought signed playbills for $100 at that show. When I was downstairs in the bathroom someone was joking and said what good was it if you didn’t have a photo to go with it.

Could it be a new thing? Could you all possibly be wrong?

I really feel like I’ve been attacked for no good reason by you wankers. However, I am going to defend myself. If you don’t believe me oh well. I have my signed playbill and sounds like you don’t. (I’m sticking out my toungue out at all of you nasty pants). So there!

And I will not be addressing this issue any more. In the future I will only be responding to the “sane” posters.

@Sandy defends herself:

Sandy, we couldn’t care less.
No offence.
We are hardened to it all. Too familiar.

sandy, pull yourself together.
this is am anonymous gossip board not the international news where your real name has been dragged through the mud across the globe.

grow up.

Yes back to sanity @ 11/10/2009 at 9:27 pm

Well the real sanity not the assumed sanity by one person.

Who’d have thunk it?

Sandy defends herself @ 11/10/2009 at 9:51 pm

@re: 243:

I suppose you are right. I just thought it might be nice to have friendly exhange about an experience I had. As someone new to these types of things I guess I just learned a very valuable lesson.

lol to 243 poor sandy :( @ 11/10/2009 at 9:54 pm

@Sandy defends herself:
Sandy, you did not just log on. You have been posting on this board all day and night.
And why so angry? Wow!
And calm down. We were having a nice peaceful conversation until you showed up bringing up last nights rubbish. And remember, don’t call people names.
You don’t like it when it is done to you, ‘nasty pants” !

I am sorry you got banned from D2d, but that is what happens when you pick fights. nasty pants!
Intelligent people do not react in anger.

lol what a circus to 244 @ 11/10/2009 at 9:59 pm

@re: 243:
You are right. No one cares less. Thanks for the comment.
now let us ignore the sandy-stirrer and get back to our ‘peaceful’ conversation. (hopefully).

@lol to 243 poor sandy :(:

Maybe it’s better not to react at all.
If you don’t like a post, then move on.
Reaction to these posts are just as bad as being angry.
They crave reaction.

That’s OK.I believed you.

Hey Guinness, DTM, DIH nd Mendel -

Just catching up here. Thanks Guinness. I’d love to read to Dan. I’d love to read him bed-time stories. (Must be the Mom in me) Especilly those nights when he is too tense and might have insomni.a He can lie his head on my lpa. I’ll stoke his hair while I read him story. Ooh, wouldn’t that be lovely girls… What would you pick to read to him?

Slowly getting over the Bronchitis I took to N.Y.. But I have had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics I hve been taking. And No Guinness, not a yeast infection, no itching – Thank God. But I have been sick to the stomach now for 2 days. The thing is I usually don’t get sick much. And you Mom’s know what it’s like when you have small kids – you are not allowed to be sick. Arrrgh! Just shoot me and put me out of misery.

Thanks for all the Dan videos. They make me smile…

Daniel is Hot @ 11/11/2009 at 12:53 am

Guinness, what makes you become the manager of this debacle of Dansfans gang? Is it because you said it first? Well ok, be the manager. I will be the assistant manager, after all he will be filming in “my country” right? Yes, that gal is lucky to be in a DanHugh sandwich. And I love seeing part of his undies, but part of my job as his dresser, I would not let him go out like that. Only I can see his undies. I hope there will be snow for you and Dan to roll around in Mendel. Sometimes Toronto has only rain, but as his dresser, I will have an umbrella for him, bring your own Mendel, but I am sure where you come from, you have lots of umbrellas. Good night sane posters!

OMG!!!!! I made mistake! My post is addressed to Sandy. NOT to #236
to Sandy
That’s OK.I believed you.

that they are not signing playbills any more and that they are selling signed playbills in the theater. It was even announced by the actors when they started the auctions. And when you watch the recent stage door videos you can see that they are not signning and taking pictures with the fans any longer. Otherwise they would not have gained such HUGE amount of money for the charitiy.

Cannot we buy it at the back bar? Regardless of the auction.
I read it with the message board of BBW.

I don’t know where you can buy it, fact is they sell the playbills for 100$ in the theater after the play to the audience. And therefore Daniel and Hugh don’t sign playbills after the play at the stage door.

Yeah,I know they have not signed any longer in the stage door.
According to BWW,the current prices for playbills are $100
and posters are $300(or two for $500).

my post : to 260.

Maybe your mom would hesitate to tell it because you was too terrible.
That’s too bad…

touching his shaved face, talking to an old granny. she got a kiss


Thanks so much! it’s nice to hear kind words.
For some reason this whole thing upset me yesterday but it’s just a silly annonymous website. I think maybe some people think I’m someone I’m not. I’m just a girl who likes Daniel Craig, found this website after doing a news search for Daniel Craig photos,went to NY and thought I’d tell you all about my story. You can buy the signed playbills at the back of the theater (at the bar) if you have cash or credit. Apparently, if you have cash, you can buy them from the ushers as I did. I hope this info helps anyone who might go.
I wish I could take a photo of it and upload it somehow but I don’t know how to do that.

PS – I wish this website was not annonymous. It would be so much nicer if everyone kept the same name so we knew who we were talking to and it was more conversational. I guess it’s really just meant for a quick post about the photos and not about back and forth, even though it seems to have become that. I do look forward to the photos and videos that people post. That’s really what keeps me coming back.

Some good points were made that i have to respond to….thx for calling some of us sane “Sandy” (BTW–you spelled my Name incorrectly–interesting.) and true, they are only signing playbills inside, but if I were an usher and i was walking around with them signed, i would make darn sure someone knew how many i took and how much cash i need to return to the manager. And now I am kicking myself because i stuck out my Guinness bag instead of my playbill to get signed. (I stuck it around someone because I COULDN”T SEE A bloody thing!! cry cry cry)

And for today’s news…all horrible about everything else and not a thing about Dan yet….he was in the public this weekend, correct? well, we did get the Danhugh sandwich pic, I guess that is what we will have to take for now. howly crap….that sun thingy is out again! i may have to partake in the soaking of UV rays and check in later taters!!!

BUT! DIH–hey! I just assssumed it the manager position…you are correct. OH CANADA….(that is all i remember with words, I can sing the tune though for the national anthem). It’ll be hard to be a manager….but hey, if you think you can handle Dan…I mean, all of us will be handling him…but you will, well, hell, let us just handle him… i can’t complete a thought after handling him….. but we all get to do our jobs and maybe he will manage us…. hey! we can all handle and manage him. ok. too much coffee. too much kids in my face…aaaahhhhhh

DCG: nothing is worse than being sick and want to die, EXCEPT for being sick and having to carry out your duties as a parent/wife/professional/sister/mother/moneygiver/disciplinarian/foodmaker/laundry-doer/taxidriver/etc…..aaaaahhhg. a “z-pack” always works for me! so good luck with that–you are not alone. and thanks for checking in even though you are sick!! AND btw….i really couldn’t think of anything to read to him–except hemingway and his hunting that might get Dan animalistic… (but I HATE Hemingway!).
DTM, see, he may just be tooooo tired by the time your job comes along, so think about that and see if you still want to do that….although a tired dan is better than a no Dan at all!!!!!!!!!

A Steady Rain should be swamped again today, as like every day, dah, —Veteran’s day here, nothing is freakin open!!

I don’t know what we’ll do when the play is over….have got used to seeing stage door footage and other little bits of DC news…..although it has all got a bit tedious… we need something new to liven it up a bit …but until then more of the same…BTW Guinness I would still have fun whether he’s tired or not!! (wink wink Nudge nudge say no more1)

A mixed bag of reviews

Hello everyone,
I am incognito.

dan dad tweets @ 11/11/2009 at 11:26 am

Virgin can’t fault the flights great staff if it wasn’t for all the crap getting through the airport I could enjoy flying
6 minutes ago from web

Oh New York oh the weather oh the time that we have had what a joy what a performance (s) it was the dogs
21 minutes ago from web

seems he enjoyed the play

To DC girl…hope you feel better soon…it can be hard when you have kids…I know I have been on long term sick for almost a year with balance and dizziness problems.. making me feel sick.. unable to drive or walk very well.. still undergoing rehab … its a long slow process…have got brain scan next week (thats if they can find one) may be it will showw up something (I hope not)


Don’t mean to sound harsh but this is aboard relating to Daniel.
Can you try to keep your personal chit chat for somewhere else?
Can you possibly set up a personal email or twitter account for your daily life musings, as this thread is not for that.

re the request from 272, i second it. i came on to this board to read information regarding daniel not what you are doing and with whom

post about the cruises @ 11/11/2009 at 12:01 pm

“I live in Greenport, Long Island and I saw Cruise and Holmes together today. They were NOT on the set of Katie’s movie. They were in a small park in the middle of town. The movie is filming right near here and Katie is staying here.

THIS IS A PHOTO OP. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. I stood there while the photographers set up and Cruise and Holmes stood around. When the guys were all set up, they walked around the park hand in hand for the pics. It took all of 10 minutes and when they were done, they got in a car with a driver and left. Again, this is totally a PRE-PLANNED PHOTO OP. Again, I watched them set up while Tom and Katie waited for them!! It was disgusting and pissed me off to no end! If anybody believes any of this, they’re just dumb.

Greenport is a really small town 130 miles from NYC. No magazine photographers would ever come out this far unless they had a reason!

I never had a problem with Tom and Katie before this but now that I saw this, I think they’re the biggest creeps on the planet. Whatever you see from them and about them is a set up. PERIOD.

I was excited about a movie being filmed in our town but now… way am I going to see it.

THE CRUISE’S ARE FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”"

- same as many pics with daniel and sats including the one of them walking around the harbor in italy hand in hand (paps were there and they knew it )and more recently, the pictures of them running
across the street. when will stars realize that fans are not naive?

post about the cruises @ 11/11/2009 at 12:06 pm

Why do you people still call Tom Cruise a master media manipulator

“Because he is. I work in PR and Cruise is known for having his people call the paps with his location. He makes deals with various agencies, they get a call about where he’s going to be with said “wife” and child, and the shots are taken. He’s done this for the past 4 or 5 years and everyone in the business knows it. It’s just the deluded fans who are unaware.

He’s doing a film at the moment and so is his “wife”. They’re also dealing with alot of negative press about their involvement in Scientology and rumors that their splitting (How do you split when the “marriage” was never real to begin with?). He’s looking for positive press, hence the lovely “romantic” pics with Holmes. #29 is absolutely correct. She just caught Cruise and Holmes doing what they always do.

If that bothers you, you need to get an education about how the PR industry works.”

Another relevant post to Daniel and Sats although this time, I feel sats or Laura (on her behalf anonymously) tip of the media.
Ring gate anyone?

Love the line about the “deluded fans”. I agree, many deluded fans about daniel and sats, I can name one website that’s full of them.

@D.C. Girl:

Any pictures of this trip to NY to see Daniel???

thank you for saying about daniel and satsuki what i’ve have been trying to tell my friends. they have this believe that dan/sats are very much in love and that “ring gate” proves that they are married. i wonder how long daniel and sats are going to keep this up; how long before they each move on to another

@to 271:

I couldn’t agree more.

I agree that Tom and Katie of couple are “FAKE”. They make use of acting ability for PR.with “force a smile”However, how about Dan and Sats?Dan doesn’t hold her hand , and there isn’t a smile either.If they do it for PR, I think that they perform more.
Dan is a GREAT actor.

@new images:
Saw those.
You can just see Hugh dotes on Daniel. Look at Hugh looking at him and holding him.
Not really a natural thing is it?

to 279 and 281 @ 11/11/2009 at 4:10 pm

oh god! here we go with gay nonsense again. but oh well, if you insist on being dense then there’s no hope for you.

@to 279 and 281:

Well you should know as isn’t that a requisite for D2D?
Seems to me you are too quick to get defensive about it.
Can’t laugh it off like any person secure in Daniel’s heterosexuality?

Too bloody obvious!!

yeah, people call them “cute” when they dont have the balls to say what they really feel about the picture.
hypocritical is another pre requisite for that website!

LOL!! Look, Hugh staring at Daniel in fourth pic! so hot!!

it is cute LOL

vertigo. it happens because of inner ear inbalances…check it out dtm….my sister has had it many times…you move your head in a sequence the dr tell you and it helps…check it out.

ya know, it is rude “not to be rude or anything”…. we met because of DANIEL CRAIG so what we post can be ignored, and we can write until admin here tells us not to. So personal or not, we can write back and forth and it can be or not be about Dan–because it is all about dan that all of us are here. so stop being rude and read whatever you want. leave us sane people talk.

I love those pics. Especially the first! Daniel is so cool.


I disagree.
Take your personal stories OFF here.

It’s for Daniel talk not the tangents (ie children, illnesses etc) deflecting off that. Not related.
Why don’t you set up a Twitter account under an anon name and post the link here so your friends can follow you there. It’s safe enough.

Continuing personal chit char is rude as is ignoring the majority of people who have asked you to not do it.
Evidently you don’t give a toss about what other people want.

THAT is not not only rude, it’s ignorant and indicative of a certain mentality we have all met before on here.
This time we will not tolerate it or any attempts of derailing.

JJ has been notified about such attempts.

lol - you jest?288 @ 11/11/2009 at 5:02 pm

leave us sane people talk.


LOL, not only is that ungrammatical, it is also debatable.

@to 279:

Yes, they’re so gay cool and nothing wrong in that.
I’m sure Daniel is enjoying himself BEING himself for a change.
Anyone notice how happy he is doing this play?

I’m happy for him.

I spoke with someone who works in the media, they said that daniel was a bit of a ladies man some years back, and was known for playing around with a lot of women.


Here they come. The defensive posts! Keep em coming D2D!


to match up with dan @ 11/11/2009 at 5:16 pm

Thanks for the link!The chemistry between Dan and me seems to be good!

Why don’t you mention Hugh?
With these pics, Hugh seems to be in love to Daniel.


You really are a nasty element aren’t you?
If all else fails , mention a name of someone.

Wanker. Your crap stinks more than anyone else’s.

You are far from funny.

re: 299and 298 @ 11/11/2009 at 5:33 pm

@to 293:
Because we know Hugh is gay, that’s a given.

But Daniel isn’t married dear.

to new images#279 @ 11/11/2009 at 5:34 pm

WOW!!!He is still handsome though Daniel seems tired a bit!!!

WHAT???Is Hugh a gay?

Satsuki and Dan @ 11/11/2009 at 5:40 pm

@match up with dan:

I tried Satsuki’s birthday (if anyone cares)

Physical 99%
Emotional 0%
Intellectual 24%
Total 41%

LOL, shows you it’s all booty.
House of cards.
I guess he seeks intellectual and emotional stimulation elsewhere maybe?


You are shocked at this because….?

Why are people so naive on here?

@re; 288:
I am behind you #291! Here Here!

Daniel fan @ 11/11/2009 at 5:50 pm

I got 74% =) not bad.
To Guinness and company, keep posting and just ignore the party poopers :) I like reading and laughing at your amusing posts

I’m not naive.
I only heard because I hadn’t known it.If it’s TRUE, it’s a surprise.


To Deena: I can see that. I think he knows he’s hot and is probably still a bit of a ladies man. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he tried the other team too. I think he’s hot no matter what team he plays for!

@Daniel fan:

Yes and we know who you are too!

to 264 Gia @ 11/11/2009 at 6:07 pm

Isn’t the link which you posted mistake? I can’t see it.

lets keep ON the topic @ 11/11/2009 at 6:07 pm

This board was nice for awhile then the usual bunch of people trying to derail are back.

Exchange Twitter accounts if you want to chat.

This thread is for Daniel.

Any derailing will be considered a deliberate act of trouble making.

There is a committee member of “Autonomy committee ” anywhere.
Inquisitive b*tch!

Keep vulgarity off here and don’t start trouble.

Couldn’t care less how you feel.

Keep the topic ON Daniel.

Cheers DFan. Crap, I do drop names when i get mad, don’t I. Well, I will try to not do that anymore…I stink at poker. Everyone else keeps ignoring us, why can’ t you? and you got madder when i did respond. wht is up with that?

ANYWAY>>>>> THANK you for the Getty pics….it really looks as though Dan’s face was not happy in approaching that corner, and Hugh looks as though he caught on to his friends’ demeanor…. It looks as though Hugh came over to help and “pull” or distract dan from whatever was over there. Hecklers maybe? look at it like it was a frame by frame movie!! and not a gay act-you hopefull people!!! funny. always hoping he is gay….but I just hope he is happy…because then, WE ALL suffer! get well DCG

Daniel is Hot @ 11/11/2009 at 6:32 pm

Thanks for the new pictures of Daniel. Maybe Hugh is in love with Daniel, but do you blame him?


Maybe it’s not a good idea that this board is allowed to be annonymous. wouldn’t it be a better idea if everyone was forced to register and post under one name? Maybe someone who knows the administrator could make that suggestion? That way we would know who everyone is. I’m getting the feeling that a small group of people are responsible for the majority of the postings.

I’m just going to log off and hope there will be more photos (and a new thread) of Daniel tomorrow. Nite!

guinness--NOPE @ 11/11/2009 at 6:38 pm

Yey DIH, very good.

@Daniel is Hot:

Not at all.
But the denial from everyone is laughable.

Yes, it’s it that the babs worried exactly.
“Daniel’s love life”
He must never do a foolish thing like the scandal with Sienna.

Cheers Guinness…yeah you’re right it is some form of vertigo, prob caused by nerve damage…….. Hugh is def a touchy, feely sort of guy…he’s probably like it with most friends although I have to say women are usually more like that than blokes.
I wonder how much this will go for!


Don’t be so stupid.
Anonymity is what fuels gossip boards.
The people who finance these boards would never allow due to security reasons. This would induce stalker situations.

Are you that stupid?
Real names on boards?

I think you are responsible for a multitude of postings yourself.

@to deena:

Hence his “steady pain”, Satsuki in his life!

But a lot of people in NY have said they haven’t seen Daniel be so happy and independent. He has gone to a lot of places alone or with Hugh.

I hope he has refound his mojo as Satsuki seems to have drained him.

to Daniel is Hot #315 @ 11/11/2009 at 7:15 pm

I agree. Hugh is in love with Daniel.
However, I think that it is not love to the man but respect.

Say it ain’t so…..”final performance”. wow. just wow.

what will the confessed gamer do? Allow them to put a pumkin in for him or what? and who decides? activision? Daniel? MGM? or Babs-the “owner” of the Bond title…or franchise. Is Bond a patented name that can get money if used? or copywrited? never paid attention. oooo, the everyday crisis he must face! (sarcasm). He owns us and he knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just catching up with all the clips, tweets and pics.

Both Hugh and Dan seem to be doing quite a lot for charity, which is great. And they are having fun while doing it.

And yes, Guinness, final performance. Wow! Maybe they do something special there – wasn’t it DC Girl who thinks they should shave Dan’s tache off? I second that!

And everybody who’s sick – stay warm, get well!

guinness-yikes, forgot @ 11/11/2009 at 8:20 pm

this goes with my last post. oh well. Hi Mendel. yes,I hope they will do something spectacular. and party something spectacular. What do you think they will get each other for gifts??
(signed t-shirts exchanged–that would be funny–I would do it as a gag, then give each other something special…)

Daniel fan @ 11/11/2009 at 8:36 pm

to 309
Yes and we know who you are too!
I have not posted on this board with any other name than Daniel Fan.
Btw I’m from Sweden so forgive me if I misspell words sometimes.

Hahaha, Guinness,

I was wondering why you mentioned pumpkins in your last post, and then I thought I was reading so quickly, I might have missed a pumpkin joke, lol.

“What do you think they will get each other for gifts?? signed t-shirts exchanged”

I like that idea! That would be funny.
I’d say they will have a big party afterwards and celebrate big time. And rightly so – the play has been a huge success, they raised heaps of money for charity as well, and they are having a great time doing it.
They probably will miss going to the Schoenfeld every day…it will be strange for them when it is all over – and of course, for the fans, too… :)

to Daniel fan

Never mind! There is the person of so-called know-it-all here.

@to 329:

And you assuming you know it all by by answering like that is just as bad.

He is going to have a party then leave to go back to London, spend a quiet Xmas in Surrey then off on holiday to ———- then onto Toronto.

It’s interesting that you reacted to my post soon!!!

I have learned a lot just following him here and the other place, and I always was amazed at the schedules he, and other celebs- endures. That is passion. Amazing. How can he NOT be disappointed when it all ends…and then a new grueling schedule….it has to be fun and enticing and exciting and spontaneous, and disorienting. along with it all there has to be some kind of messed up equilibrium in visiting and working and meeting new people and wishing for some stability. oh, right. he has that in his family. and familiarity with his profession; that can bring comfort. hhhmmm. good luck with that friend. i would lose it on the 5th movie i would do internationally….”where the f is the adapter for my hairstraightener plug and why can’t i get a freaking bathrobe that fits like that one in Mozambique?” yeah. DIVA. ~caio, BTW, Daniel Fan, keep posting–I will read you unless you turn “crazy”, so don’t let the other “crazies” bother you. cheers


Yes, that’s because we are the same person.

So where is this “down time” he was speaking of to get married and “possibly” have another baby?

to 336 ! LOL! Great comment! @ 11/11/2009 at 10:15 pm

@to 334:
To # 336-
ROTFL!!! Your post is the BEST COMMENT EVER on this board!
The BEST! Thank you for saying it so clear and to the point!
Great Post!!

And she is so busted!!!!

hahaha! yeah!! You are fun girl!You know that you are not me best. If you are not schizophrenia.

kayne west @ 11/11/2009 at 10:26 pm


kayne west @ 11/11/2009 at 10:28 pm

I meant” longer” but this can’t be true because he just announced the date he would start filming!


And you are Wannabe’s nemesis right? The one she always complained about? You post like her. No matter.

I do have a feeling though that next year we will find out the marriage truth.
I love seeing Daniel but she tags along too.
Good and bad.

@kayne west:

I haven’t read that article because he hasnt stated a date.
Listen, try not to multiple post under different names.
You are confusing yourself.

Thank You "moi" @ 11/11/2009 at 10:31 pm

moi @ 11/11/2009 at 12:18 am And another thing. They need really need to work on their presentation with these fake pictures. Their body language is terrible, particularly Tom’s. One hand in your pocket is a sign of detachment and disinterest. It’s body language 101. They can’t do anything right.
Thank you Moi! – Even though you are posting about Tommy Girl and Stepford Katie, this ‘hand in the pocket” pose For Sure absolutely applies to Daniel and the scats girlfriend.

There are tons of photos of Daniel with the Scats girl and he has his hand in his pocket, in many of the latest pictures, like when he was posing at the orphans gala , and other events here in NYC and also on the Red carpet/film premieres.

@kayne west:

LOL. It is the computer game. Read it correctly.
There will soon be a new James Bond, but not in the movies. Instead, the next James Bond game will feature the voice talents of Adam Croasdell, who plays Dr. Al Jenkins in the EastEnders.

“Oddly enough I have just played James Bond in the new James Bond video game – how weird is that? I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m always into varying up what comes my way, trying new things,” Croasdell told BBC Asia (via The UK Press Association).

“I think video games and the making of that type of technology, being in a funny one-piece suit and being shot with 60 cameras, I think that’s sort of the future.”

Croasdell compared his new role to Andy Serkis’ role in The Lord of the Rings, saying that he was “fascinated to see how it would happen.”

The untitled project will be Activision’s second stab at the James Bond license, with the first being Treyarch’s Quantum of Solace. While very little is known about the project so far, it appears that it’ll be arriving sometime in 2010. Expect more information early next year.

Sandy, kanye West @ 11/11/2009 at 10:36 pm

@re: 338:
How many multiple names is too many to post under? I have Sandy, Kanye West, Daniel fan, Daniel is Hot, DC Girl, DC Gurl, this is going to take too long. You are not worth the time.

to re: 348 @ 11/11/2009 at 10:42 pm

Keep it nice here on this board. No need to get angry. Intelligent people do not react in anger.
If you can’t keep it nice here, go over to your other d2d website, dedicated to daniel – rather, Dedicated to Delusions.

I heard you were kicked off of there (sniff, so sad) but maybe you can go under another name again over there and they will not know the difference, they are deluded and all.

kayne west @ 11/11/2009 at 10:42 pm

@Sandy, kanye West:
I don’t know what you all are talking about I’m only one poster. I do not have “multiple” user names as this is silly!
But thank-you very much for clarifying that it is only a game!

@to re: 348:
Only person kicked off that’s on here I think and she posts under Guinness.
I think a post has been erased as you are one number off?
Love the rename of the site.

they erased on of guinness’s posts.

well, the down time to get married could happen after he finishes with a steady rain and before the filming of dream house. this is assuming that daniel and sats are not already married. or that they ever will get married. as for the baby, that could happen anytime really.

d2d /Dedicated to Delusions @ 11/11/2009 at 11:09 pm

@re: 338:
No I am not. I am new to this fan board too but i love that new name for the dedicated to daniel site. Dedicated to Delusions is an excellent name. I was exiled from there too! They are very mean over there and they get angry if you do not kiss up to the girl’s a*s with sugar on top!

i like your last comment “with sugar on top” that’s a good one. you’re right about D2D; they just love satsuki. they believe every thing they see.

Was someone’s post deleted by JJ?

I’m away for a day and someone is impersonating me now? Wow. That’s pretty interesting. That person must be really bored. I mean really bored as I really don’t have that much to say here except hello to all the sane people that I chat with. Please leave me out of the juvenile drama. Ah, why bother. Go ahead if you feel so compelled. I’ll just ignore you like I do a tired child having a tantrum. Going to sleep now.

@to 337:

LOL! The man will never have downtime.
He is stalling.

Lets get back to Daniel and not succumb to throwing accusations at each other.
Isn’t that what the trolls want and has anyone thought it might be a d2d person starting all of this?
They love it when we argue on here.
Please let’s all move on.

Yes they erased a post that mentioned a person;s name in it.

You always say it, but it will be difficult for you to let everyone carry it out. You don’t have the power to be able to move all.

From twitter another pic of Dan at stage door- also that they auctioned
their shirts for a massive $15k each!

to dtm
Thank you for the link! Daniel seems to be in a good mood!!Dan’s happy happy happy smile is so lovely.

259 to sandy @ 11/12/2009 at 5:08 am

thanks for info.
I wasn’t able to get signed playbill the other day.
Therefore, I will try again !

#350, no they didn’t erase any of guinness’s posts…I wasn’t on last night after 9:30PM.

Guinness-leather @ 11/12/2009 at 9:02 am

dtm, if this is really you, thx for the twitter…I am so happy fans are giving him stuff in lieu of getting him to sign their playbill–and he is taking them….so galant!! and that smile with leather….. I would love to see it again to see if anything has changed. did anyone get a pic of him sitting on his chair yet? there has to be cameras/phones still sneaking in there or has the NYC ushers been patting people down?? OMG–can you imagine one of the suit wearing NYC men getting patted down???

ahhh, moderated….it musta been a rough night!! troll visit?

Hi Guinness…he seems far more relaxed and comfortable meeting the fans… not so awkward and reserved…I think this play has done wonders for his confidence..maybe being around someone like Hugh with his easy going nature has helped.
I’m sure the play has changed and developed.. I only wish that I could have seen it! Someone tweeted the other day that they almost cracked up in the bully scene, both strugging to stifle their giggling.and that the audience lapped it up. They have a good chemistry together!
Yeah and he lookd HOT in leather! Oh oh don’t start me off again!

Guinness-leather @ 11/12/2009 at 9:33 am

oooo–I may have something important in my last post for them to delete it…hhhhmmm…. something like MGM should just go bankrupt for the bondholders to get their money or form an independent and buy it again….or Dan buy it for future endeavors… There are people who still have money that can profit from this–yo Babs, buy for the distributions and you can be bigger…

Love the Regis & K leather outfit–so chic with Black and crisp white underneath. HEY? did he wear a longer leather coat sunday with butch shoes??? didn’t like the long leather…. what was he wearing???

HEY! Rhys looks good here…(on purpose?) This is a movie I will see…didn’t know there were “rockin, pirate, radios” in Briton? cool. Great cast! and I thought Emma and Kevin were NOT together….how come they still star in the same movies?? love both. HEY!! EMMA should be Dan’s wife in the HOUSE MENAGERIE movie!! He really should get an older wife or someone his age…it would be “revolutionary”—OMG no, one cant do that!.

Guinness-HI dtm @ 11/12/2009 at 10:23 am

um, I can’t get these to photobucket dtm….thank you so much…that is a great place to search…flkr. these two are starting to dress in the same colors-or did that night. Dan looks great in these pics. Hugh is wearing a NYCP cap!! so cool. Dan would look great. I so don’t like the long leather…why is that? both have a gray cashmere on….do the wealty wear cashmere or is it a material worth my yearly salary that they wear? or is it Yak fur from Mongolia highland nomads?

I, Claudius ——damn, Dan should jump on that!!!! wow This movie is really under tight security…is this usual? I can’t find anything on it…and there are so many “Dream House” movies/stories, how is that a few pages back someone wrote that it is based on a true story??? Shall we start the rumor here so that he gets a bigger audience?? I could think of something reallly easy!!!

~see ya

Hi Guinness,, no i don’t like the long leather coat on DC.. he looks better with the biker jacket type,
Dream House… Is this the same story as the trailor? they must give out more info soon.. don’t even know who is co-starring in it.
I want DC to do The death of Bunny Munro..there were rumours a while ago that he had been approached… DC as an over sexed door to door salesman …could prove interesting don’t you think!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/12/2009 at 11:58 am

Sure hope Daniel’s Dream House is better than that 2008 movie. Was it ever in theatres or was it a B movie and went straight to video? I also like Dan better in shorter jackets, shows off his PFA better than the long coat. He does look so great in the Twitter pictures. Thanks for posting them. He looks so happy and friendly meeting his fans. I am sure the stage experience has done wonders for our man.

An over sexed salesman? It has to be reaal good plot for me to see his P0rn0 attributes again. It is a storyline I haven’ t read or been attracted to so maybe he could gain something for it…christ look at his resume! But he should be choosing good ones now based on the artists surrounding it, not going for projects just to prove he could do a different genre. so I take that back, what is to gain from showing that he is a good bed actor? christ, go to soap operas. Every movie he does he does a sex scene, right? EXCEPT, well, ok. the MAJORITY of the movies. well, i dont’ know, i have never compared celebs…He is my first!!! ooo, he broke well, I won’t go there. anyway, my point was that I did not post what ever the house fiasco is going to be….it was a similar name with a different but possible plot. aaaahhhh. and Emma Thompson or Kate Blanchet or someone his age or older should play his wife for the love of sweet baby jesus!!

No he is not..... @ 11/12/2009 at 2:59 pm

@to 351:

He knows what he is doing thats all!

@No he is not…..:

Her body is great but what about her personality. Anyone know anything about her

I vote for Kate.

to dtm

thanks for the great pics! I do like the leather jacket on Dan – in the first pic, it nearly has a purple shade – very nice!

And Guinness, yes, Kate Blanchet would be a great choice!

Ah, I thought that name looked funny when I looked at it, of course it’s Cate Blanchett. Ooops.
I blame winter hybernation. I never quite woke up today…

Guinness-what?ugly uk? @ 11/12/2009 at 6:17 pm

um, I think just one DAN would exonerate ALL united kingdom occupants. um, were the americans allowed to join?

Guinness- @ 11/12/2009 at 6:20 pm

um, mendel, isn’t it the start of your weekend? Have you started a candle lit vigil for Dan’s arrival home yet??? (had to keep my posts Dan-related, how’d I do?)

of course, i, claudius is based on a real person. it’s basic high school history. his full name was claudius nero germanicus. he was born in
10 B.C.E. and was murdered in AD 54. he was the grandson of livia, who was the wife of augustus. augustus, in case you don’t know, is the man who defeated marc antony for control of the empire. claudius was the nephew of emperor tiberius and the uncle of emperor caligula. after caligua was murdered claudius became emperor of the roman empire. he is one who ordered the invasion and occupation of britain.

to Guinness

“Britons are among the ugliest people in the world, according to a dating website that says it only allows “beautiful people” to join.”

LOL! But, yes, we do have Dan…so we can rest on our laurels :)

And it’ll be nice to have Dan back – well, unless he heads off for some exotic holiday first and never touches home ground…

“um, mendel, isn’t it the start of your weekend?”

I better get an early night to be fit for it. Hey, I need an exotic holiday, too! Sun and sun…oh yes, and sun please!

Hi Mendel, umm, you are gonna have to have a Redbull and a vodka then to start your weekend off tonight? (and Dan will exonerate all UK members from my beforementioned post!)

Guinness-whao! thx 385 @ 11/12/2009 at 6:51 pm

I have to check, but i think your post pertains to mine….um, it sounds correct and are you a little into the Romans?? I love them! the best historical fiction author about Romans is a woman…are you familiar?? I think my hubbie and i have seen every friggin roman empire movie. we watched the 24 hour (exagggeration!) BBC-i think- of I, claudius-many of Dan’s friends/fellow actors are in it!!!

and Dan would make a kick @ss Roman….

There was talk a while ago about Dan playing Hadrian in a John Boorman film with Charlie Hunnam playing his lover Antinous…don’t know what became of that.


You know, I logged in today and I think it was a mistake. I’m the same person. I always post as the same person. Just Sandy. I’m not multiple people, I’ve never been in R2D2, I don’t know who you guys are or who I sound like or what business you’ve had with someone I may type like. Unfortunately I’m moving on because what started out to be a fun place to visit after work – in particular because I was so excited to see A Steady Rain and wanted Daniel Craig scoop, has turned into a crappy place to visit. So I’m just going to not participate any longer. If anyone does post as Sandy, it’s not me. Too bad becaue this could be a great place to share Daniel Craig news.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/12/2009 at 8:28 pm

That’s terrible saying Britons are among the ugliest in the world. You British people should not take that lying down. How can anyone say that when Daniel came out of England! After Daniel’s exotic holiday, he will be going to another exotic place – Canada. Ha Ha. I need an exotic holiday too and while Daniel is filming in cold snowy Ontario, I will be in hot sunny Hawaii. Can’t wait.! I just got my H1N1 shot today and to keep this post Daniel related like you said G., I will state that I hope the dear man (you know who I mean) has his flu vacination so he can get through the end of the play, go on vacation, enjoy the holidays with his family and start filming Dream House. Boy he is busy; he has no time to be off sick.

Sandy, please stop crying and complaining. You continue to bring up past stuff when we have moved on to other more pleasant topics.Are you trying to stir something up here? It seems you are correct that this is not the right ‘place’ for you. There is another daniel fan board. Go there and move on to that board. good luck with them (although any amount of luck over there will not do you much good).

i also remember reading that daniel craig was going to star as hadrian. but that has fallen by the wayside. don’t know why. i think he would
would have been great at the part. maybe daniel didn’t like the script, or didn’t want to work with john boorman. another thought; maybe satsuki talked daniel out of doing the film.

Guinness-DIH @ 11/12/2009 at 9:06 pm

ahh, yes, the tropical Penninsula of CANANDAANDA!!! thx for chking in… how in Blazzing Saddles did YOU get a vaccination?? nice. OH CANADA….yadda yadd yadda….. oooooo, he will be taking his leather coat with scarf!!!

not fair…. I want to go to Scicily or Crete with him. jealous. my sister is in Hawaii–have fun DIH, (WTH? didnt you just get back from NYC? jealous!) course she likes the island herb so you may run into her at a bar…..she would be the loud one with big knockers (not kidding! runs in the family–being loud!!!)AND dtm….thx for the last party…why didn’t I think it would be a grand celebration and go for that?? anyone going?

~night–tomorrow is friday!! yey! and i am christmas shopping for some stupid expensive kid electronic toys that won’t be looked at after January 26th!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhh

dream house @ 11/12/2009 at 10:10 pm

I can tell you why he is doing Dream House.

Sheridan most likely will be nominated for an Oscar in Feb for Brothers so therefore a lot of attention to Dream House and more of a promotion push from Lionsgate.
Which means more bums on seats for Daniel in turn means more demand for Daniel in another genre to Bond thus ensuring his resume outside of Bond.
Remember he trying to build up a US reputation that will see him safe once he gives up Bond.
The US still is only knowing him as Bond and the guy whose had a few flops and one decent play. Noe if he is nominated for a Tony and wins it then that will do him a lot of good (obviously).

Daniel is ensuring his US acting future and also he is a well known Oscar chaser.
The more Oscar noms and winners he associates with, he’s hoping it will rub off on him.

Doesn’t always work that’s way but that’s the plan.
Don’t be fooled by the arty farty approach here, Daniel is ensuring his acting future for the times ahead.
It’s all about numbers and money!
Bottom line.
Doesn’t always work that way but that is Daniels plan.

Satsuki, BTW, has worked for Lionsgate before so I don’t know if she will be involved in Dream House. It is a genre she is familiar with and would aid her career in leaps and bounds.
She needs more credits to her name too.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/13/2009 at 12:13 am

To dream house, thanks for explaining that. I don’t blame Daniel at all for planning his future – don’t we all do that? Good for him. G. I got my vaccination because I am diabetic, so not really lucky. My arm hurts now. Oh well. Yes I just got back from NYC and drove down the the Orgeon coast this summer, your point is? I work to pay for our holidays. I will look for your sister in the bars and I will ask at each bar, anyone here a sister of Guinness? Now in case people get mad we are talking about other things than Daniel, I will say that I really hope he gets a Tony for A Steady Rain (he deserves it) and maybe get some Oscar nods as well. He has worked long and hard with his career; he should get recognized for it. Good night all and have fun Christmas shopping G. That is what I will be doing tomorrow also.

andy cohen @ 11/13/2009 at 12:32 am

@BravoAndy Saw those pics of you guys on beach a while back. You always insist he is so hot
3 minutes ago from web
@BravoAndy OMG…Andy are you in love with Daniel craig?
4 minutes ago from web

To Sandy….Don’t take any notice of some of posters on here….it takes all sorts I suppose whether we like it or not. I tent to interact with a certain few and choose to ignore the haters and naysayers because they simply do not interest me.

@andy cohen:

That was obvious when they were in St Barths!

Andy Cohen went to see A Steady Rain last month..
he’s def. got the hots got our Dan.

guinness-Morning BLAHHUMBUG @ 11/13/2009 at 11:03 am

Great banter everyone! friday the 13th–yeehaw! DIH—I seem to inadvertently (sp?) pry and apologize, but you wouldn’t share anything you aren’t comfortable with I hope!! And Oregon traveling south sounds awesome-have relatives there too!! And i will reiterate–you will KNOW my sister if you see or HEAR her….and she will be kicking male butts at billiards(another wonderful trait I passed on to her). ALOHA! There many many many undisclosed islands around Hawaii that i am suprised Dan hasn’t bought yet….

THANK you for the Dream House rationalization! Damn, are you Babs? That was pretty smart. he will be on a magic carpet ride next spring….very well put!! And he will be nominated for A Steady Rain, if he doesn’t then all those parties were just for fun! poor dan. And it is about his talent–and it is hard work to schmooze and work and work out and drink a little, and work and get auctioned off every other night by people who adore you…yeah. he is gonna miss the adulations. He deserves and worked for the Tony. I will vote for you my dear. And as for Sats working for Lionsgate and getting some credits and getting her foot in the door for the industry—-DON:T GET ME STARTED BECAUSE they will moderate me. She should already be working—-why would she EVER start now!!!!!????

Um, yeah, like who wouldn’ t love Dan? dah, Andy? dah. and I don’t blame him. I still love that pic of Dan throwing his head back laughing like i have never seen him laugh with ANYONE else! The man lives and breathes body language AND I love to read it!

I must go now and get a new hair dooo and manicure so I can go to work and then shopping tomorrow….check in later.

Yo Men-doll< you gots the hangsovers today? how is WORK GOING==are you THINKING OF DAN?(had to keep it dan-related still)….sorry, did the capitals hurt again. cheeky.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/13/2009 at 12:30 pm

dtm, let’s tell Andy Cohen that he can’t have Daniel, he is ours. So Jude Law’s play finishes the same time as Steady Rain. Wonder if Jude and Daniel will fly home on the same plane? That would be interesting. Guinness I will certainly look for your sister, now that you have given me so much info on her. Sounds like quite a gal. Does anyone know what happend to Sats’ movie Last Night I think is is called?? Is it out yet?

re; Last Night @ 11/13/2009 at 1:03 pm

All I know is that Satsuki’s name should be under “Other Crew”.

Amazing what ******** an A lister can do isn’t it?

I do hear that it was put back to 2010 and it might be around spring time.

Also that Lionsgate might buy MGM is the price is right.
So if they do, Daniel will doing Dream House for them and Bond.
Remember, it’;s all about going where the money is, the power and the opportunities.

Daniel will be Lionsgate’s golden boy.

What did she do.... @ 11/13/2009 at 2:23 pm

@re; Last Night:
to deserve the title of co-producer

wow. sometimes there are great ideas here! that is intriguing #404. there are so many opportunities for MGM….

DIH< which Island?
producers are “the money” I thought? She did what she probably always does….n-o-t=h-i-n-g….and I hope she proves us who love dan wrong some day.

~i am working tonight….yyaaa hhoooo! be back. anyone else here?

satsuki got the title of co-producer only because of daniel craig. that’s the only reason i can think of.

I do hear that it was put back to 2010 and it might be around spring time.

maybe it was put back because the film is not really that good?

What did she do.... @ 11/13/2009 at 4:09 pm

@to 405:

There has to be more too it. She is never away from Daniel and we know his schedule becasue we see photos of him so when did she get the chance to co-produce a film?

well, if that’s the case then maybe satsuki being named as co-producer is a favor to daniel. perhaps because he put up some of the money.

@to 409:

So far as I know, he did not invest in this.

Satsuki got the position through contacts. Missy is a great friend of Ballie Walsh. Work it out.
It has been put back because of the lack of money the studio has to push it and it needed to find the right tentpole release time. This year was not good for such a project.
Next Spring will see a few romantic dromedies out. It’s the time for these things.

to guinness @ 11/13/2009 at 5:22 pm


That picture was not done by you, it was done by another person on D2D just to clarify.

Is it nice to use another person’s art without asking?

guinness-not bc he's gay @ 11/13/2009 at 5:41 pm

I would love to see Dan and Ian work together…have they already? (the hobbit–yeay! they can’t leave Gandalf out of that-forgot!!)

In no way or fashion did I state it was my art. hhhhmmmm. The person who designed this fabulous pic did not write the poem on it. So, hhhmm. I guess I would have to buy it or copywrite it, huh, to own it? oh, wait, she doesn’t own it as much as I don’t own it as “art”. But thank you ethics committee–go tell on me. BS is what you are. And if you check the private msg i sent to copy this, you may see that i did ask for it as a working member. You are a tool, get bent.

Great, go and get me moderated dee to delusional. Get my dander up. Not worth it….any of the sane posse around? dtm you twittering Dan (so i keep it relevant)?

Guinness-devilish @ 11/13/2009 at 6:07 pm

i can’t wait….to see THIS face again…Hopefully there will be a suprise hair cut at the last show like DIH ? said!! i would love to be that close to him.

all this talk of him being married not being maried, planning to get married, having a baby, not having a baby, it is simple, if he wanted to be married he would get maried. plenty of people have busy lives, get married have children. I E brad and angie, and a whole list of others.

Guinness-Spider Pig @ 11/13/2009 at 6:18 pm

Harry Plopper….last one, sorry, i will go back to dan…

Guinness-blessing the crowd @ 11/13/2009 at 6:23 pm

can anyone get this bigger…or tell me how? i love this capture. what is he doing?????

if guinness’s use of someone else’s work on this board is against the rules then jared will deal with it. he’s very adept at such things. why didn’t you just flag the post in question and ask him to look at it?

i agree, you could be partly right. but i still think satsuki became co-producer as a favor to daniel. there’s nothing wrong with baille walsh helping out daniel’s girlfriend in this way. this kind of thing happens all the time in the industry.

to guinness @ 11/13/2009 at 6:34 pm


Always trying causing trouble aren’t you?
Nasty person you are.

Guinness-blessing the crowd @ 11/13/2009 at 6:59 pm

thank you larger. but i can’t copy and paste and save it to photobucket. poop. i will try again…this is way too good a motion to not copy!!

aaahhhg. I am trying really hard to ignore this person following me. It is like trying to stop from biting my nails!! or pulling them off…. really!! aaahhhh. oh, wait, I have a fan! You really love me but hate me….you want to control but can’t. You always try to engage me in an argument-maybe because we or I ignore your posts….hhhhmmmm……you are too easy. come on, you are the spitting image of a-habitual poster!!!!! a psychologists dream thread laboratory.

ok. now i am losing it. shake my head, bang my head, ok. better….there is something on Twitter that read that Dan was shirtless last night. That means “without a shirt on” like, skin, correct? um, I will freak out!!!! that is soooo not fair. and is anyone still sneaking cameras in??? come on people!!!!!

To Guinness re pic#423… he doeslooks like he’s giving a blessing..
Pope Dan the first! A new career looms,

Guinness-idiot quest. here @ 11/13/2009 at 7:12 pm

sorry to annoy, but seriously, I cant get it to paste to my computer. dtm, you know this stuff?

you are the spitting image of a-habitual poster!!!!!


“Transferring”again are we?

we got rid of one psycho
now have
dc girl etc
really arent these people fed up of being nuisance to other people?

Sorry Guinness my computer skills are not all that!
Not much DC news out there….its all getting a bit tedious again…need more info to liven it up a bit!

to boring @ 11/13/2009 at 8:00 pm

i’m with you. the only think i can suggest is that if we simply ignore guiness, dtm, dc girl they will just go away. then again, maybe not

Guinness-ggggrrr @ 11/13/2009 at 8:02 pm

blessing the crowd–i was referring to the pic BTW. stop following me and go back to preaching to where they don’t argue with you, because you can do something there can’t you? you are instigating and baiting me. I Have not dropped names that have not been dropped before AND I have been extremely nice at how and when i do drop the names…but i have also stated that i will stop doing that….and i can get a lot nastier than this. but then, that is your plan? to get me banned from everywhere? why focus on me? You got it pegged though,,,,my posts are SARCASTIC< DEMEANINGAND CONDESCENDING….that is how I write. very good observations. but they don’t hurt and accuse anyone—if you think sats and dan read this and get hurt cuz that is really the only ones that get zinged here….then you really do belong in cinderella land!! and if i do hurt someone intentionally and directly I want you to give me an direct example and leave me the f alone. ah, and i don’t think anyone is hiding from here or there who they are except you–I post under guinness and everyone else has already said who they are….who are you and why are you hiding??? and why are YOU not keeping it DAN related? Can someone help me here? this is getting unfun and (s)he is really bossy. does (s)he own this site too??

ahhhhhhh! nothing to distract me.

How about Gina?
She go underground and did become the anonymity?


Preaching again?
Thats what Wannabe did too.
We are so sick of your kind and NO I don’t give a crap about Dan and Satsuki.
You are missing the point.
DO NOT talk down to people who have been here longer than you and who have had to deal with a-holes before on here.

You did not experience Wannabe so you do NOT know what we have been through.

to guinness @ 11/13/2009 at 8:21 pm


JJ has been notified about you, and that you were banned from another site.
Please watch your antagonistic tone in you posts.
Do no attempt to inflame a thread war here or your posts will be moderated.
You have been asked nicely to no avail to find another outlet with your cronies to cause problems and mention other website members.
This is not the thread for it.

You see Guinness, there’s your problem.
You are paranoid because of D2D.
You were thrown off there so you think everyone is on some sort of crusade against you.
Not everyone on here is connected to there.
Get over it and yourself and do not cause tension and throw accusations on this thread.
We have had enough of it.
I was personally one of the people who had to constantly moderate Wannabe and her trash.
You know what? I’m tired of it and so is this thread.

how old is guinness, 12?
she sounds like a whiny child.

unbelievable. thanks for the threat. You have been reported too. Please watch your “antagonistic tone” and threatening and are you for real???? “do not attempt to inflame a thread war here”…..i have NOT been asked nicely and havent’ mentioned other website–oops. that was in a pic right? ok, I won;t do that. i will apologize and i freaking regret that if this is what i get. damn..WTH??? um, and my cronies are not here….wht the hell is going on? am i on twilight zone thread??? are you for real??? But what really freaks me out is that —–are you threatening me on a different website that you don;’ control about your website??? wow. just wow. and i am a little smarter and rational than wannabe–that is a personal affront and i am wounded. reallly, that hurt. and if you keep pushing, i will get banned from here and call you out by your name you use publicly over at the other site. LEAVE ME ALONE> you made your point all powerful wizard or priestest….whtevr.

Guinness--#442 @ 11/13/2009 at 8:43 pm

“not everyone here is connected to there”…. um, who is “everyone”? I thought you were talking to me. No one else is involved here….just you and me. and no, I am not wounded if you don;t think i am smarter than wannabe. oh, sorry, that was sarcastic.

And if you moderated wannabe….what in blazzin saddles are you doing not moderating me? what sense is this making.?

In the back of my mind…..If this is a “crazy”….I wholeheartedly apologize d2d. If it is not, I hope YOUR cronies will read what you are saying and doing to me.


No one threatened you.
I asked you nicely to stop with your tone for the past few pages now.
I’m afraid I beat you to your complaint.
JJ is aware of my posts asking them to erase some of your posts and they have.

Some of your posts have mentioned people by name which is not nice and they were removed.
JJ is aware of my complaints about from some time ago.

This thread was so much nicer before your arrival and before you brought your bitterness over here.

Don’t twist this around to suit yourself.

Guinness you won @ 11/13/2009 at 8:44 pm

you won. you are the winner. congratulations. is that what you want. you got it. you are nuts. i am done.

to the board @ 11/13/2009 at 8:45 pm

We need to get back to Daniel.



Because you made it not Dan related when you mentioned other people by name.

You keep it on Daniel, and everyone else will.
Simple deduction!

Keri to Guinness#428 @ 11/13/2009 at 9:03 pm

there is something on Twitter that read that Dan was shirtless last night.

I think that Daniel found the method how he sells a shirt with big money.
It’s he takes off shirt on stage!
I wish Daniel doesn’t give a audience a blessing anymore because I cannot watch it directly.

Guinness--not yet @ 11/13/2009 at 9:08 pm

what? no, you didn’t ask me nicely. You threatened removal from a thread you don’t moderate…baffling. And I do NOT see any of my posts removed. “You brought your bitterness over here”. what in blazzin saddles are you referring to. aahhh. twilight zone…did someone switch places to argue with me or something? what? gggrrrrrrrowl. “this thread was nicer before me”??? is that what you wrote? fur real? oh god. i need a drink. this can’ t be real. where is everyone?

“…and now we dance”…. I will chk in tomorrow cronies….dtm, dih, dcgurl, mendel… and anyother sane people. ~night crazy dee lover!!!

@Guinness–not yet:

Get a life please for the sake of this board.

to Guinness @ 11/13/2009 at 9:32 pm

@Guinness–not yet:
To Guinness:
You have not done anything wrong.
None of your posts have been removed or taken off the thread.
Just stop posting to that poster.
Guinness, only post to Mendel. Sorry to say but that is the reality here , Mendel is the only ‘safe’ poster around. Mendel is nice. Forget the other posters attacking you falsely. All of those other posters mentioned is just one troublemaking poster anyway. If Just Jared cannot ban/remove her, then Just Jared cannot ban anyone!

@to Guinness:

You are the biggest **** stirrer of them all.
Read your post, hardly back on the topic.
As for JJ, you don’t have a clue what they can do and know so stop pissing in the wind with your assumptions.
They know way more than you think.

Now for this threads sake, can we get back on the subject of DANIEL instead of posting what you are doing, your kids, your colds, your trips etc.

THAT is the primary cause of why a lot of people have contacted JJ.
This is NOT Facebook or a social networking place.
This is a gossip board about Daniel and all those who are in their orbit.
Getting off topic is not welcomed. If you do so then it is deliberate.

@re: 452:
Read your post, 453, Your post is hardly back on topic, right?
You are the biggest **** stirrer of them all! Like the other posters said before, you got banned from dedicated to the cinderella delusions, so you are back here trying to control what others say. You are the one threatening everyone on here. Go back to that ******* cr*p hole d2d- dedicated to delusions of Cinderella. They can’t wait to get you back so they can ban you again.

@re: 452:
the post was To Guinness, not to you. if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. We can say whatever we want. you are just full of doubletalk and false accusations trying to push other posters off the board. that is your sick game.

@Keri to Guinness#428:

He has never been shirtless on stage to my knowledge doing that.
Why don’t you ask that girl who saw the play 14 odd times, spent over $5000 to see them, spent $1500 on his shirt and other things and now plans to fly to Toronto to see him on the Dream House set.

Can anyone say STALKER?

Seriously, she used to be fun now quite the showoff.
Thin line you know?
People roll their eyes on her at the other place. The people who cannot see the play or have the money really feel put out.

I hope if she sees the play again on Sunday, some security realizes it.

here comes the anger @ 11/13/2009 at 9:53 pm

@to 453:

Oh boy here comes the anger.
Intelligent people do not get angry.
They realize their mistakes about bringing their personal life onto here and then can’t deal with it when someone calls them out.
Again this is not Facebook.

I am asking everyone nicely to get back on topic.
Evidently you can’t do that ergo = **** stirrer.
JJ has been notified about your deliberate trolling.

@to 453:

My goodness.
Never even been there so again your paranoia is evident and the fact you cannot deal with people calling you out.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is from there.

Grow up and stop lashing out and causing further problems on here.
Again get back to the subject of Daniel or else it will be construed as deliberate trolling.

How many times do you have to be asked to be aware there are people on here who do not want to hear about your social events and who you hate over at this other website.
Grow up all of you, stop acting like bitter angry children and move on.

@re: 452:
453- you really need to keep it nice on here.
Why so angry? Intelligent people do not react in anger. Oh, well that does not apply to you but you need to calm down. This is a nice board and your posts are very nasty. 452 was a nice, peaceful polite post, addressed to Guinness. you are not Guinness. And you have no idea what JJ is doing or not doing. if you want to pick a fight, go somewhere else. Go follow Sandy. Another unhappy pi*sy camper , always complaining and whining.

maybe a tiny bit green? @ 11/13/2009 at 10:15 pm

@to 449:
Are you just a wee bit jealous perhaps? Are you and ‘they’ at the other site jealous on all the things she has done and auctions she has won? Looks like that green monster is rearing it’s ugly head once again.

to the board @ 11/13/2009 at 10:29 pm

Once again, please keep the topic on Daniel and not antagonizing each other.
This is not a play ground and this thread has been derailed enough.
Take personal feelings off here.

I’m not too sure how nicer I can ask for the majority of the board.

Keri to #456 @ 11/13/2009 at 10:33 pm

Because I never saw the play, I knew that Daniel took off a shirt on stage only by an article.

No they start unbuttoning their shirts then walk off then come back with their t shirts from underneath.
It is NOT their shirts but their undershirts they auction off.
They do appear shirtless on stage.

edit to 463 @ 11/13/2009 at 10:44 pm

do not appear shirtless

@maybe a tiny bit green?:

Not jealousy. I have the cahs but not willing to spend it on Daniel Craig.
There is a thin line between enjoying what you can afford to do and continually saying what you have done.
Not many people have time for it anymore.
They feign interest to get info on Daniel.
Other than that she obviously has money to burn and not interest on the effect it has on other members’ feelings.
That is what is hurtful in all of this.
Lots of members cannot afford to go etc., and she needs to find the subtle balance of posting her excitement and not rubbing people’s noses in it.

She really seems not have that tact.

i agree, she is getting a little big for her boots. lots of people i think ignore her now as stated before. they just roll their eyes at her.

its not jealousy but not everyone can afford to spend the money and in this day and age, it’s a little much to swallow.
she needs to realize that and realize other people’s feelings,
i agree, its tactless and it seems she is infatuated with daniel.
she has posted she will fly to toronto too?
thats really weird.

thats why she leaves a lot of people cold now. no-one has the balls to tell her.

Keri to #462#463 @ 11/13/2009 at 11:24 pm

Oh, thank you. I see! Now I got it.

Why do you come for this thread every day though you hate Daniel and are not interested?

@to 464:

Not that I have to explain to you but here goes and maybe you might be able to understand.
Just because I don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on an actor, go to a play numerous times and consider flying to another city to try to see him, does not make me a lesser fan.

Lack of money spent does not equal lack of interest. I’m a little more grounded in my control of the “adoration’ of this actor.

You seem very fickle and naive in your observation of that.

As for coming on here, I can do so if I please.

no more pictures now @ 11/14/2009 at 12:10 am

lisawalkscom: @dnied Cool! I definitely want to try to get him! Still so bummed about Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig not taking pictures anymore :(
half a minute ago from TweetDeck

no signatures now no more personal pictures?

how er..nice of them.

Why do you come for this thread every day though you hate Daniel and are not interested?

idiot, they never said they hate daniel and how the hell do you know who comes on here? you sound like another controller.

oh yes, people who don’t spend lots of money on daniel when he is earning millions) are daniel haters now? sick justification.

bloody idiot.

I think that particular person has stated on her blog somewhere that even she does not need to spend that money but she does.
So why can’t she control that?

Realize it’s her money (I think) but it seems,at this point, it has past the point of reality and has now become excessive/obsessive?

I guess she has money to burn and that is something other people find uncomfortable to read and it’s tough on D2D as she posts it on several threads.
That’s not having feelings and diplomacy for other people.
On the D2D website she posts continually how she bids and wins things etc etc ad nauseaum.

Because you don’t spend money for Daniel, I don’t say that you dislike him.
It is because I read your conventional opinion.
Do you keep watch here to control the feelings of other people?

Please calm down. Why are you excited that much? I did only a question without other intention.
Because English isn’t a native language, I may have been misunderstood.

to 473 and 474 @ 11/14/2009 at 1:13 am

@to 468:

Give it a break, Sandy/Keri etc etc

kayne west @ 11/14/2009 at 1:48 am

Hey i went to check that dedicated to daniel site you are all moaning about and tried to sign up with this user name and it wouldn’t let me!
Whats with that?
But it did say on the site that they have no connections with danie……l so i don’t see what all the fuss is about but i was annoyed after several attempts to sign up and it wouldn’t let me! I was just curious to see what pictures and kinds of updates they have on there…..

I am not Sandy and am not Keri either.
In Addition, I’m not a member of D2D.
Because, in club where there is an rule, it is difficult because English is not a native language for me.
However, there is the free big bulletin board of the Daniel’s fan in my country, and we enjoy it.
JJ is introduced by the blog of a lot of fans of Daniel in my country.
Perhaps, most of the Daniel fan in my country knows JJ.

can you post a link to the board about Daniel in your country?
I’d like to see some news only about Daniel and am tired of searching reasonable posts with real info here

tony award @ 11/14/2009 at 4:27 pm

daniel was brilliant in this play. the question i have is will the people who handle the nominations even consider him for the tony. or will they be unable to see past his james bond persona. personally, i think he deserves to at least be nominated if not win.

Desperate @ 11/14/2009 at 6:20 pm

@tony award:

Daniel is so desperate to get awards!

to Guinness

no, not your fault at all. Just ignore the poster, who wants to bait you.
I enjoy your posts, and there are others who obviously do, too, because they are responding to you positively.
Also, you provide heaps of Dan-related links and photos, which are interesting and informative.
But I’d also say, do think about that blog idea ;)

to #479

it’ll be interesting to see if Dan, Hugh or the play get nominated – after the success, it would be surprising if at least the play didn’t get a nod. This is the site to watch then…

Daniel is Hot @ 11/14/2009 at 7:10 pm

Guinness, don’t listen to the bad comments. I have been away for awhile and found all this mess. I too wonder if Daniel will get a Tony nomination. Does anyone know when the nominations go out for the year? Will keep my fingers crossed for him. And thanks for the person who told us more about Last Night (Sats’ movie). Interesting!

Hi Mendel…There will be some stiff competition regarding Tony nominations…the play itself has had very mixed reviews, although the theatre goers seemed to have liked it….but then again a lot of them went the to see DC and HJ and didn’t really care about the play as such. DC in particular has received positive reviews so has jude Law in Hamlet. With Liev Shreiber, Scarlett Johannson and Denzel Washington all hitting the boards after Christmas plus your regular Broadway actors, I hope he is recognised!
To Guinness…ignore these malicious posters, they are so boring and repetative that I really can’t be bothered to give them the time of day.

Hi DIH………this years Tony nominations were announced in May with the award ceremony in June. I hope the play and both actors do well.

to dtm

you’re right about the stiff competition and the mixed reviews of the play. I wonder how much the view of the theatre goers and the buzz (and income) the play did create is taken into account for a nomination? Dan did get a lot of good reviews, so yes, I hope he’s recognised…it would be great to see!

HI everyone! I do think he should be nominated, but i am biased (as all you are I am sure). i wish i would have seen how he evolved and did things differently in the play. Their relationship definitely grew closer which probably helped with support and encouragement on stage. What a unique experience for both of them. I hope we can read something about it afterward…

thx for the link…that is awesome mendel. and thanks for the kind words everyone…it was really quite strange because there were posts deleted…not mine, so the whole thing reads weird and like they knew what they were talking about…but i am glad to hear everyone returned…SO, they are NOT taking pictures outside the theater or signing anything either? wow. money is flying around INSIDE! What a trip this has been for the 2 men from across the ponds!!

~cheers everyone. kinda post shy right now…but i will get better… and the personal blog is very lucrative….looking into it….be good amigas and ‘gos.(watching Father ted DVDs tonight…need a good heartly laugh-ah, DOOGLE!)

D.C. Girl @ 11/14/2009 at 7:59 pm

Hello all. Guiness, I just have caught up with posts here. Wow. What’s up with the attacks? Just ignore. Sometimes, feels like high school here. Many of us enjoy your posts, so post on. And thaks to all who contribute to updates on Dan.

last night is not satsuki mitchell’s movie. she is only listed as co-producer which really is not that important of a role. the power is held by the producer, the executive producer and the director. anyone of us could be given the title of co-producer.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/14/2009 at 9:40 pm

To 488 Yes, I realize it is not her movie – I could probably be the co-producer. I also realize she does not have that important of a role in the movie. I was only trying to keep the post Daniel related by mentioning her name and/or Daniel’s name. Other wise we get dumped on. But it should be interesting to find out how well the move does. Maybe it will surprise us all.

to daniel is hot @ 11/14/2009 at 10:44 pm

well, it has keira knightly who is good at what she does. and then there’s sam worthington; who’s also going to be in “clash of the titans”. he’s also good. it’s going to depend upon the script and the director. what worries me is why they pushed it back. they should have brought it out now.

i get what you’re saying about keeping it relevant to satsuki/daniel. i wonder when jared is going to start a new “daniel craig” thread. this one has gotten boring. maybe we’ll get new pictures of them during his christmas holidays and, of course, when they arrive in toronto.

@Daniel is Hot:

She helped get the financing for the film because it was the same producer as the film The Jacket. All it too were a few phone calls. That is why she got the credit.

@to 489:

Of course we will. He and Sats will be showing off for the cameras again over Xmas.

Nice “private” holiday of course.

@re: 492:

Think about…..having the paps following on vacation is not such a bad thing. They take some great shots and you end up having a great vacation album with picture you never would have had otherwise.


George Dyer!!!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/15/2009 at 1:30 pm

dtm – yeah that brightened my day – thanks. If no one has seen Daniel in the buff before, there it is. I wonder if that movie “haunts” him, or maybe he doesn’t care? What do you think dtm?

to 494 & 495 @ 11/15/2009 at 4:01 pm

agreed! but let’s hope they leave his daughter, his nieces, and others out of their nonsense. and please let there not be a repeat of the drunken behavior that took place on st bart’s last year. of course, we will all be witness to satsuki flashing her “wedding band” all over for the world to see. who knows, maybe we’ll find out if they really are married.

who knows, maybe we’ll find out if they really are married.
blechecheche. the same old repeating marriage, blech!
Yaaaaaawn! Actions speak louder than words. Talking about their marriage always is as in one ear and out the other. Daniel and Satsjap have came full circle. All the bloody time nothing had happened. If he’ll be really henpecked, at this rate he will weigh hundred kilos soon. He is only pulling her leg, nothing more.
If she left so thus helped him a lot.
Try to picture Daniel speaking: “The nicest present I have ever received…no wedding.”
Maybe…he hates being dependent on her.
The fastest one wins so what Satsuki waits for? hmmmm…
only being assistant search-money producer? It’s because she knows nothing. She didn’t work long time. Why not give her a call and offer a job? Ha? What’s her reply? “No, I don’t need it, I have a provider. I only open legs for him and get money for it. No, thank you.”

you you you! only you! @ 11/15/2009 at 4:46 pm

Thank you, Daniel.
Dump you, Satsuki.

waaaalk down the aisleeeee
who wishes it so much?
Who wears TWO rings and looks like a fool?

Hey everyone! What is the best part about x-mas shopping with friends? Dinner/brunch with drinks afterward!! I had a few UFO’s with lemon….made me forget the stupid money I just spent. AAAHhhhh.

A few comments, no news or sites from me–reading papers later! As for the Feck off comment yesterday after my Father Ted post….well done!!! I really was going to come back on and return it with a F-a-c-k off…DRINK!… DRINK!… DRINK!… awesome show–cheers (although I think the comment here maybe was supposed to mean something else….it still is hilarious humor!!!)

And yes, DTM, that brightened my day and my computer screen!! always nice to see those again and aagain ….can’t tpye…I still can’t believe Dan survived the vetting stage of Bond through those. oh, wait, was it Babs decision only? .although my favorite nekkid one is still with his Blond “crazy” hair standing on the side of a street and seeing his PF white **** in the middle of rubbish. that leaves NOTHING to the imagination and his has the perfect bod for my taste….Wolverine is just so HUGE he is scary….what caloric intake does he have to get that and keep it that way!!!!???? In person he looked more chisled and toned and the muscles not as big. Did you catch the comment at the bottom of the page…. something like–the author didn’t like that DC did all the nekkid movies before bond, and then she tells the story of HUGH and DC’s daily routine; workin’ out together before the show, exchanging diet and exercise tips, lunch, going to the play, catching some beers afterwards, walking home together and asking each other, “my place or yours”? , and DC replying “why not right here (in the lobby), who is going to stop us?” that was classic. that was good writing, that was funny!! THIS DID NOT HAPPEN< IT WAS ON A BLOG POSTED HERE fanatics! anyway, thx for the post again dtm.

so what is on the social agenda for tonight? No parties? No new bars to open that he was paid to frequent to get customers in? hhhhmmmm, How ’bout a nice candle lit dinner for 20 on a humongous wooden claw foot table next to a 3 story window overlooking manhattan/central park. yeah. I wish. No, I mean, didn’t Dan and Hugh do that yet? That is what i would be doing if I were in Sats position…having big ass dinner parties before and after my s-e-x partner would work….

HEY that reminds me,,,,,yo, Mendel, que pasa??

to Guinness


I just love that show!

I was out with friends, too, today, and had a blast. Now rather sleepy here, sipping hot chocolate and looking for Dan news – haven’t found anything, so all seems to be quiet. But I like your idea of a huge candle lit dinner – if the weather in NY is anything like here, staying in will be the new going out!

And yes, dtm, thanks for the delightful link. Those pics are just…mmmmmh! Hugh is rather gorgeous, too. That blog comment about ‘my place or yours’ was very funny – yes, very good writing.

um, I think I went to see the play because DC was in it. And my reviews were based on that “view”. I guess a lot of people went to see it because…..they wanted to spend $300 for a play ticket. The comments don’t make sense to me. “some other actor could have done better..”, um a “review” is on the actors actually in the play,,,,,not “who” could have been in the play. gosh, that drives me crazy!!! Dan should get the Tony according to his acting in this play, not because he is freakin’ sex on legs, not because he knows how to be charitable, not because he was hired by Babs… because what he did was real and believable the night i saw him… (do the judges go for one night or do they go different nights? I would see the first and last play if i were to “judge”).

cheers mendel….. oooo hot chocolate… with marshmellows…… mmmmm…. i thought you “Brits” like tea and crimpets? or cake? Did you see the Father Ted with Grahm Norton episode? And Grahm was doing Riverdance in the camper? And the old priest woke up and asked if those “were HIS feet”????? then they put a box over his head and he went back to being unconscious?? aaaaaaaahhhh BRILLIANT omg–i say that to my friends and they die! “Are these MY feet?”

Daniel flubbed his lines at the matinee performance today and forgot a whole passage.
Apparently he improvised and no-one really noticed apart from people who know the play well (like the girl who has seen it 15 or so times).

He and Hugh just seemed to be winging it.

Great for someone who is earning over a million isn’t it?
God how do I get a job like that?

to Guinness

thanks for the link!

“But it’s hard to avoid thinking that had they chosen to recite the alphabet in counterpoint (which might have been more fun), their joint appearance would still generate ticket sales unknown for a straight play …”

Oh well, yes, true…but still, it seems (from this review and others) that Dan is convincing in his role.

The comment from the women who wanted ‘locker room action’ reminds me of one of my favourite Father Ted episodes, the one where they harbour this egotistical crooner with the awful jumper, who is the darling of all those middle aged mums, who then converge on Craggy Island with their handbags, lol.

Oh, tea and crumpets are great, but there are times when a hot chocolate is just THE best!

to martinee

I guess forgetting lines is happening more often than people notice. It’s more obvious when it is a rock band whose singer forgets the lyrics. Or…according to msn news, this weekend Springsteen was in Michigan and greeted the crowd with ‘Hi Ohio!’ Ooops!

forgive me but what do brad and angelina have to do with daniel craig. unless you are comparing their bad body language to that of daniel and girlfriend/wife satsuki.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/15/2009 at 9:15 pm

To 509, try always to say Daniel and/or Sats in your post or someone will be upset. I wonder if Daniel and Hugh are getting too comfortable with the play and themselves that they are starting to forget the lines. I too would like to see the play again to see how much it has changed. And of course to see the Man again.

bad body language @ 11/15/2009 at 9:22 pm

@to 509:

Yes, I thought that message was clear.

Mitchell looks like Alanes Morrisett …<:(

Thnks DTM for the blog post. Very fun. I’ve always loved that last shot of him coming out of the ocean adjusting himself. I think his body is so much more breautiful than Hugh’s. Hugh is a beautifuil man, but he seems to be all torso. Daniel is beautifully made – perfectly proportioned..
Guinness, X-mas shopping already. Ugh! I really should get started. The kids lready hve started their lists. We’re geting ready for a major home renovation here. The whole back of our house is bout to be ripped off. Just in time for the holidays. Insane doesn’t even begin to cover it.

To DC girl….agreed, I prefer Dan’s bod to Hugh’s.
I like Hugh but for some reason he just doesn’t do it for me….but when i look at Dan its PHROAW, SWOON….there’s just something about him.
Hi Guinness, Mendel….love Father Ted…just brilliant…hate crumpets..
The girl thats been to see the play 15 times…she saw it again last night…she’s turning into bit of a stalker..she must have spent an absolute fortune! Just read on another fan site about a woman who flew all the way from Australia to see Dan…the lengths some poeple will go to!
Anyway, If you liked DC in Layer cake then you will sure like this!

She is not that pretty!
Married or not Dan is committed to Sats!

I awoke since I saw Daniel’s body hair of blond for consecutive two

hoely crist dtm! seriously—this early in the morning with pics of his upper masculinity in the snuggly comforter….gawd that is heaven right there!! and damn, he does need me for lint checker!!! beautiful beautifel manly manness. His shoulders are for grabbing and well, surry…. I LOVE THIS COMMENT:: “Where does this piece of sweet mature manpie come from? Ah, also from across the pond I see. Quite a catch, especially with all that scruff on his face…….” goddamn straight!!! (not as in “gay or straight”, just-you got that righ’ my frien’ “)

cheers….I would love to wake up to that… oh, my fav pics are of him in Layer cake when he is sitting and greased up it looks like–but definitely on some sort of bad sniffing drug..but the lighting is almost blue and he just sits there staring and he is in that leather chair…and damn, he has always been “into” his body….he will last long…. chheeesus! i gots to gets to work now…dreaming and foaming at the mouth……thx dtm!

DTM – You’re killing me. Where do you find all these great pics? Now I’ll have to go back and watch the film.

I love Layer Cake….can’t wait for Dan to shave off that thing on his top lip and start looking HOT HOT HOT as before …….he better not decide to keep it for dream House…what a depressing thought!

Daniel is Hot @ 11/16/2009 at 11:57 am

dtm, thanks for all the great pictures. Second time in a row waking up to the pictrues of that beautiful man. I will have to go back and watch Layer Cake again, and FOAF, just skip over the boring parts to see the good “parts” if you know what I mean. I kind of like his ‘stach; it grows on me – ha ha, it grows on him, not me, but I am used to it now. But I am sure he will shave it off for Dream House and please lots of his fans who miss his upper lip.

To DIH re FOAF you’ll wear the first 10 mins out! If you know what I mean! …lol

to dtm

Oh wow! Thanks for THOSE pics! Yes, like Guinness, I would love to wake up to that! Pwoar! What a body! What beautiful skin! And those eyes! SWOON!

(Guinness, are you still foaming at the mouth? ;)

Ok, drooled enough, I guess that the people from Buffy just want a bit of British male voice s-e-x-yness – and Dan’s voice is just extremely s-e-x-y!

@Noway: only one person knows how committed he is , and thats daniel

to new pic @ 11/16/2009 at 7:06 pm

Thank you for an interesting pic. Gradually, Daniel seems to have become familiar with New York.
He can go anywhere without the bodyguard any longer.

@to new pic:
He does not have a bodyguard on a personal basis, it’s only at the play.

gonk looks a mess as usual
i know he’s scruffy too but really whats with the bloody scarf all the time with her?

What’s going on JJ? Why am I unable to post?

thx for the pics. he is alone?? um. is there something wrong with this scenario? but i guess it wouldn’t be a suprise if i knew what he was getting me!!! the jean jacket? over another coat? and is he rolling up the bottom of his jeans? where is tom f.? someone go tell him to stop making movies and get on the phone with Dan!!!! and shaving his mustache should be auctioned off..imagine standing in front of him, straddling him and moving around him while he sits on a chair, not being able to move while you move around him and he has to sit there and to get the right angle to shave you may have to put your fingers ever so gently by his wonderful lips to get the spot smooth… it would take me at least 2 hours!!! aaaahhhhh……
just checking in…too much homework tonight!! and i want to jump in the comforters early!! ciao, any news with the pics? jayjay isnt’ starting a new thread?

to new pics

thank you very much for these pictures!

to dtm

have you posted more than two links in one post? I think the system just blocks posts with more than three links (that has happened to me a few times). Or it’s a link JJ doesn’t like…

to Guinness

“the jean jacket? over another coat? and is he rolling up the bottom of his jeans?”

I suppose it was ‘dress-down Tuesday’ ;)
(or his grey suit was at the dry-cleaners)

“straddling him … while he sits on a chair, not being able to move … you may have to put your fingers ever so gently by his wonderful lips”

Nice image! Very nice image…just the right one for bedtime!

Keri to dtm @ 11/16/2009 at 7:51 pm

My comment # 524 is for a warning sentence by JJ.
However, it was deleted.
Probably I think that the reason is because I was going to post a lot of links.

Straddling Dan? YES PLEASE!
Him strapped to the chair…shaving foam…
mmmm…We are just talking his moustache here, I take it!


I think it’s more like painted into a corner.
After 5 years wearing an engagement ring, what else could he do?
It’s the way you look at it.
Realism vs Candyfloss.

From twitter….Dan is apparently at Elton John’s benefit concert tonight……so maybe we will have some new pics tomorrow!

I think Satsuki is very classy and beautiful and I was just reading some people may think she is pregnant.

ewww on her upper lip? @ 11/16/2009 at 9:19 pm

OMG! OMG! What things are on her upper lip? They are glaring and so evident. It looks like these little red dots or it looks like tiny blisters?????? Could she have something?Gosh I hope not. What are they? oh gross! I hope Daniel stays healthy. Daniel I am sure always wears his raincoat. one can see scat has had them before in other red carpet film premiere photos. I hope she did not get one of the gross gifts from somewhere else. Daniel, wear your raincoat at all times!! lol. Couldn’t she have covered them up? And in the other ‘sats love’ photos above as they get into the taxi, you see that her upper lip is all red and puffy and inflamed. Like a rash.
They can’t be chapped lips after seeing these little red dots up close on her upper lip.

no, just a beer gut @ 11/16/2009 at 9:26 pm

Naaaah. Not pregs. She has always had that beer gut. Too much boozing. Even in St. Barts, big beer belly. She just has to be careful in what she wears to pull it in. maybe a pair of those Spankx will do it !
And with all of the partying, with Daniels ‘rents, rels and friends coming over to see him, and all of the booze that Daniel has in the bag in JJ photos above, and who knows what else they already have stashed somewhere in the condo.

@ewww on her upper lip?:

I noticed that. Maybe she get s stressed and gets cold sores or maybe to many b l o w jobs?

where are you seeing these dots?

Daniel is Hot @ 11/16/2009 at 9:39 pm

He looks great in the new pictures – nice to see him out of that grey suit.

@to 543:
look at the latest Elton John Getty images pictures from post 541.
They are all over her upper lip- little red dots or bumps?? But big enough that anyone can see them clear as day. Why didn’t she cover them up before the photographs? Surely she must have seen herself in a mirror before they took the pics. And in the taxi photo from Nov 10, you can see her upper lip is all red and inflamed. I also have seen these little red dots/bumps on her upper lip on some of the other red carpet appearances she is photo’ed . it is like she gets these little outbreaks.
In the first Getty image photo of the Elton John charity event, she looks like she is going to cry! her face looks like it is going to break out in tears at any second.

sorry but why has sats a huge stomach? could she not wear spanx and her raison tits are visible again.

waterworks? @ 11/16/2009 at 9:46 pm

Maybe she is about to cry because she knows that she has these little red bumps and red dot blistery things on her upper lip and she sees they are taking her photograph and she is upset because she cannot conceal them, too late to hide them, and she knows everyone will see them in the pictures. And now everyone does!.

waterworks? @ 11/16/2009 at 9:49 pm

In addition to her red bump outbreak, Daniel looks mortified! But he is so very handsome. I am getting used to his blond ‘stache !
But he does not look happy. And she looks like the tears are going to flow any minute.

red dots? @ 11/16/2009 at 9:51 pm

Have you all ever thought it could be that his stubble irritates her face?
He probably kisses her very deeply and he does allow his stubble to grow.
On top of that she has his mustache to deal with now.

He never looks happy w/her on the red carpet, so what;s the difference.

You want to see him happy, look at the after play pictures.
He is happiest with the fans.

fake smile @ 11/16/2009 at 9:54 pm

In the Wireimage/Getty pics, her smile looks ‘plastered’ on. Her smile is so totally fake. :(

not daniel's 'stache. @ 11/16/2009 at 9:58 pm

@red dots?:
No , this has nothing to do with his stubble or mustache because she had those red bumpy things/red dots on her upper lip, same location, late last year/earlier this year, when they were making the rounds for his Bond films and Defiance, and there were photos of her then with this tiny red blister/bump outbreak.

@red dots?:
He has no stubble growing. He is clean shaven except for his mustache.

Her dress looks a mess. It’s looks funky at the front and her shoes look weird. She needs to inject some color into her wardrobe.


Dresses on her tend to hang like curtains.
She does not allow herself to wear them, they wear here.
The fact is she has not figure for them to hold onto.

i agree.I am glad that Daniel gave up wearing a gray suit.

@not daniel’s ’stache.:

She has herpes on her lips ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Am I the only person not seeing this “herpes?”

correct medical term? @ 11/16/2009 at 10:51 pm

to 560- I don’t know the name of whatever she has growing on her upper lip, and we know it isn’t a mustache…but it sure is something funky. maybe you are right 560 and it is some sort of std-thing. I really pray not for Daniel’ s sake. God forbid he contracted anything from her. No way.

correct medical term? @ 11/16/2009 at 10:52 pm

whoa- big typo.. meant to type ‘contacted anything’-

Does anyone here have any idea what kind of music Daniel listens to? Has he ever mentioned it in any interviews?

Picture of them at a table.
Must of been something they ate.

@D.C. Girl:

LOL nice try at changing the subject.

to D.C. Girl @ 11/16/2009 at 11:43 pm

Isn’t Daniel a fan of “Oasis”? I read the article that he were fans of the heavy metal band of Germany(but I forgot its name. )
Perhaps it might be an influence of Heike.
Daniel seems to love rock music on the whole.

@to D.C. Girl:
LOL, keep it coming D2D!

Maybe he forgot his lines yesterday because Sats is pregnant?

you can tell she’s putting on weight all over from shopping pix. she has no hips so fat goes to her belly. slowing metabolism at age 33 is all. that and all the “free food and drink” as said above

You misunderstand me again.I am joining Satsuki’s topic.
It’s my personal liberty that join a topic of Daniel at the same time.

If Sats is pregnant, I understand the meaning of her smile that seems to be satisfactory.But I don’t understand whether Daniel is impressed or is depressed.

Not trying to change any subject. Perhaps my question wasn’t directed at you you self-involved little twit. There are people here who chat about other things. So chatter on about whatever you like. It’s no concern to me.
To 570 – I can see him enjoying metal. I imagine being an artist his tastes are eclectic. Just wonder if he frequents concerts…
I have a background in music so I’m always interested in what peoples listen to.

What a cool guy he is!
Even if Daniel is wearing a mustache,he seems James Bond.

I love this too. He is very handsome.
Satsuki looks indeed lovely with this picture.

she got a little bump.. getting older like dan
but he lookes pissed
what are they doing there?

Great to have some new pics at last.

DC Girl…..yeah Dan was a big Oasis fan and saw in concert
a few times. He has also been seen at several Kings Of Leon concerts. The German group you mentioned are Die Toten Hosen.He has also said that he likes The Rolling Stones and tThe Foo Fighters.

Dan really enjoying thr Kings of Leon!
Actually this pic looks a little obscene…
all hot and sweaty.. definately had a few..
and getting some very strange looks!

Thanks for lots of pics.
to 584
Wow!Dan is so groovy!

to 585
Sweaty Dan is embracing sweaty Sats from behind.

to dtm 585 @ 11/17/2009 at 7:03 am

Daniel and Satsuki certainly looks very obscene.
The expression of Daniel who is not acting is sexier than Daniel of any role in his past movie work.

who are ya? oh it’s dan and a woman laughing like a horse in the back

‘mornign everyone who isn;t a nutter!! and pretty soon with all the advertisements we will only see what we type alone!!! is anyone else getting the pull down page from ya-hoo on here?? damn nusiance.

anyway, IMO….. They look great as a couple. I would love to observe them in real time though to observe the loving body language and little secret smiles and glances, but only if I got paid. (and I “heard” they don’t do that anyway…) I LOVE the face pic of him where he looks really bright and his hair is askew and his eyes pop—and he absolutely has facial stubble….oh I love that!! Does anyone else think he is trying to race Hugh in a hair growing contest? His hair is quite awesome…love it long. and his make up is very nicely applied this night. soooo delicious. Alot of big wigs there for Sats to schmooze and flirt with to get more into the industry!!

and yes, dcg–unfortunately kol, and oasis….whtvr. didn’t the rumors say dc bought lead singers oasis’s house or something? his music tastes stumps me…never thought he would go for soft pop music…IMO his music taste is the only raunchy thing about the man. (sorry to offend again, but i did say, IMO) and WHOLY killer black suit/tie ensemble–yes, thank god no gray suit (if Sats were anything, she would have burned that thing!!)

holy crap! I love Anderson Cooper (why do all women love whispered gay guys?? BECAUSE they are much more fun, much more outgoing, not so macho to be insecure, dress metrosexually creative, more intelligent (ha, ha, ha), richer cuz they don’t have kids….etc. and yes, that is sarcastic OBVIOUSLY going to offend some…wtevr. get over it, life is short, don’t read me, i usually don’ t mean what i say.)

Elton looks, well, he was just sick right? aaahhwww. I love him…saw him with Billy….freakin kickin concert… hopefully more pics? where is “UPDATE”?

hi dtm, dcg!

re: top lip @ 11/17/2009 at 10:54 am

Satsuki has a mole on her top lip, that is what you are seeing.
When you see larger pics, which I have, it is visible.
NOT herpes.
Get a grip.

sats has what we call a “jelly belly’. kate moss has one now too. just seen a picture.

middle age and too much beer/rich food.

jelly bellys can be squeezed into jeans that is why sats and kate still look slim as their legs are not affected, but you can see the top of the belly over the waistline.

Daniel is Hot @ 11/17/2009 at 12:55 pm

Thanks for the video, Daniel looks wonderful, doesn’t he? Must be terrible to stand there with camers flashing and everyone saying “look to the left, look to the right” no wonder he does not always look happy to be there, and gets off as quickly as he can. She seems to like the attention and had lots of smiles.

It seemed to me that she was really loving all the attention and Daniel had to drag her away!!

re: 593 and 594 @ 11/17/2009 at 1:29 pm

@Daniel is Hot:

Fame whores usually do.

Yes. Looked like it. She was giving those coy glances over the shoulder too. Very clever. I believe they were asking about marriage too at one point in another video.
Satsuki is giving it all away in her looks.

@re: 593 and 594:

What is she giving away


For goodness sake, they they are married! What else?

Can’t wait for them to have a baby.
What a gorgeous one it would be too.

@D.C. Girl:
Takes one to know one.

Wow, so many new pics! Brilliant!

And thanks dtm for the ‘sweaty Dan’ pics – that man’s got the groove on!

to Guinness

(this is from the blog dtm linked to earlier on)

“Well, would you look at that? I bet Daniel would give you the mustache off his lip, if you asked him nicely.”

So you know what to do ;)

THAT IS IT!! thank you soooo much #603!!!! that is a way close up and he looks wonderful. aaahhh.

I am not following what you are saying mendel. you still there?

Yes, Guinness, still here! What I meant was, you just have to ask him nicely and he’ll let you have his mustache (and all those straddling phantasies might come true ;)

And yes, that twitpic is gorgeous!

@sexiest man alive:

I see he has his mascara on again and foundation.
Does Sats sit and do her make up then he does his?
What a palava.

If you think about it, a very fickle and ego based world they live in.
Can’t be healthy and judging by the pictures and videos I’ve see, Sats looks like she is thoroughly enjoying it more than he.

Looks like she has outgrown the star now.

hi, why can;t i post? love that #603–that is my all time favorite!!!

wow, sorry you had to explain that, I am really dense sometimes… but I made you write it which brings back the visuals more vividly!! cheers. mmmmmm…. how to ask him nicely….. well, not with words would be one way…. pin him to the wall would be another way…. or pin him to the floor….or to the chair … or to the back of the LOVE BEAST through NYC!!! ok, i will go and get something to contribute…you are probably asleep now eay mendel?

I think that nothing makes up as for him. Because his foreheads show some small spots.
Sats seems to be satisfied with oneself very much last night.Therefore she has lots of smiles and she is full of confidence.

No, not yet, Guinness. Just did some boring housework…

Mmmh, the love beast…beast…sweaty Dan… :)

Oh, and JJ has a new topic up here:

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