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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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Credit: Mario Magnani; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • to infamous

    but the movie is not about the incident, the movie is about the process of writing the book. So when the book is incorrect like you said, then the movie must show just that. I think that’s what 146 meant.

  • re; 151

    @to infamous:

    Evidently it runs deep so maybe we should leave the subject alone out of respect for the original poster.

  • re; 153

    @to 152:

    Not trying to control just being sympathetic towards the infamous poster.

    Anyone who’s nice would try to see that.

    You know, your post is angry and mad and at the wrong person. Let’s keep that off here please for a nice board.

  • to 153

    be a little more accepting of another persons feelings who dont you?

    you’re post is nasty.

  • don’t start an argument

    @to 152:

    I do not think you would know how too. So no.

  • pics
  • pics
  • pics
  • i agree

    @to 152:

    Yes 146 is right. I agree.

  • couple

    I think you’ll find most men think Sats looks hot in these pics. I know of no men who want their women to wear dresses all the time. Sats shows a lot of style in these pics and those shoes that someone referred to manly are very much in style as those who shop outside Wal-Mart would know.

  • article on keely shaye smith

    Cosmopolitan Magazine @ 10/28/2009 at 6:44 am

    Cosmopolitan Sept. 1996 Article illustrating how Keely Shaye Smith used the old woops I “accidentally” got pregnant and am so surprised! Doesn’t sound like he’s in love with her from this interview. Pierce Brosnan’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, was actually a Bond girl before he was Bond, an established actress herself, and made him the man and actor he is. She was not only beautiful but loved by everyone for her spirit and kindness. She was 10 yrs older than he though you could not tell. Photos from her 20s show why she was in famed photographer Lord Lichfield’s book, ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women”. Many photos of her available online show how beautiful she must have been inside and out to be dying of cancer in her late 30s while still looking beautiful and sparkling with charisma and personality. Together they parented Pierce’s first son Sean Brosnan in 1983 (incredibly handsome). And he adopted her first two children, Christopher (also incredibly handsome from my memory of him during his New York nightlife appearances) and Charlotte, from whom she had with ex-husband Dermot Harris, great actor Richard Harris’ brother, upon Dermot’s death. So tragic for those children to lose both their mother and father. Tragic for Sean to lose his mother as a young child. And so tragic for Pierce to lose the love of his life. Perhaps he would have never moved on had Keely not forced it all upon him. Calling Keely fat is not nice nor does it say anything about who she is. However, it is said by many her “flaws” on the outside are a true reflection of her inner character and spirit, for those that think fat is a flaw. The article:
    Brosnan first met Keely Shaye-Smith, whom he sometimes absentmindedly refers to as Cassie, in Mexico in April 1994. Brosnan was sitting at the pool when she strode by. “When she walked back, she asked me for a few eco tips. Later on the beach, she was in a bathing costume – very lovely.”
    “I don’t want to be tied down to just one woman. I’ve been open in the relationship, as far as that’s concerned. I have no plans to get married.”
    Indeed, when Keely found out she was pregnant (the baby’s due in January), she and Pierce did intense soul-searching and came to two conclusions: no abortion, no marriage. “We talked about the matter long and hard, ” Brosnan says. “It was so unexpected – [I was] absolutely blown away. Abortion should be the woman’s right, but the thought of it just broke my heart – made me feel like an executioner. Besides, Keely wanted to have the baby.
    Besides impending fatherhood, what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man. “She’s thirty-one, and I’ m forty-two,” Brosnan says. “I have a wider breadth of experience in life. I don’t mean to sound grand or better, but there’s that element of being older.

    - can see this happening with satsuki

  • re; couple


    I don’t know about Wal Mart. Not any in this country.
    You obviously know the fashions there as you are using it as a comparison of some sort.
    Is Wal Mart a bad place to shop and people who do are “people with poor fashion sense”?
    That’s hardly fair really to judge where people shop (most likely due to their income level) to say such a broad complaint.
    Profiling isn’t it?

  • re; couple


    I also want to add that by saying “most men” is a unfair statement. Do you know “most men” or is it another broad supposition of yours because those type of statements are nonsensical.

  • re: article # 161

    what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man.


    Wow, well they are married now and I wonder if she still panders to that?

    He sounds trapped.

    I wonder if Satsuki gives Daniel that or that Daniel demands that “illusion’?

    Men’s ego’s. Who’s have them?

  • Guinness-HI

    Hey! Not to change the subject, but really, changing the subject, WHERE ARE THE pix from da boyz sunday night out again?? I can’t pull up the posters post of the pink martinis from twitter….is this true or not. I did read about it, but didnt realize the midlife crisis boyz on Broadway were there. the actors party night thingy to raise money for gay rights or something? Yea. Do the charity people call Dan and Hugh to see what night they should throw parties so they will show their money, I mean face? It is gettting to frazzle my nerves and I don’t know why.

    and OMG, I put my foot in my mouth and dissed a poster friend. Can you forgive me DIH?? I love CANADA! Actually, i love the east cities and the west has beautiful BC!! too cold for the early french to go that far over?? don’t have the history on that side, surry!! I am just jealous he isn’t going to be closer to NH when this is the area it is supposed to take place…I am not making much sense here, but hey-fit right in here!

    thx for the pix…it was a different lifestyle, different person to share with, different everything–he looks at and walks happily in those pics with Heike. AND they hold hands differently than he does with Sats. (why was that stated that same handholding..?). Is he neurotic too? Did he actually think of this and they do it on purpose or did Sats think this? rhetorical, please don’t respond–it is another futile question.

    IMO, she is NOT in style….she may have upwards of $5000 worth of clothes on, but she looks ordinarily blah. I would be skipping next to him with a big grin on my face….wtevr.

    I do love that sweater! thank you.

  • to jennifer

    I think you’ll find most men think Sats looks hot in these pics. I know of no men who want their women to wear dresses all the time. Sats shows a lot of style in these pics and those shoes that someone referred to manly are very much in style as those who shop outside Wal-Mart would know.

    sorry, but i just showed these pictures of satsuki to a total of 47 men in an upscale pub here in manhattan that i frequent. most of these men are lawyers, dr’s, etc. only 11of these men think that satuski looks hot here.

    the comments from the 36 who don’t range from “doesn’t this girl ever comb her hair”, “does she always dress like a man”, “blue jeans ok but what’s wrong with looking feminine”.”what’s with that scarf”. as for the shoes; some of the men asked if she works as an construction worker. it’s all in the perception of the beholder.

  • sat boys

    She does look like an mechanic who works in the Pep Boys in my town who fits tires on.

  • to 166

    @to jennifer:

    Look, she isn’t stylish as stylish people develop their own style and clearly in this picture she isn’t.

    Granted there are men who like butch women (guess Daniel changed his view after Heike) but I would say from a crowd of ordinary blokes, the majority would say a big NO!

  • to: 165


    You mean there would be enough room between you for you to do that?
    I’d have him carry me piggy back while waving to the paps and giving a f*ck you v sign to his female fans.

    Oh sorry…thought I was Satsuki there for a second.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    haven’t found any yet, but I keep looking ;)

    About Dream House, this article says, that the film is booked to shoot from 25 January to 9 April 2010 at Pinewood Studios Toronto.

    So, that sounds to me as if they are shooting mainly inside the studio, and not much on location.

  • Satsuki like Rihanna

    Rihanna Channels Daniel Craig
    How do you think if Satsuki sympathizes with Daniel and is dressed in the clothes that it seems to be Rihanna?

  • to 171

    @Satsuki like Rihanna:

    Rhianna at least looks like a woman.

  • Hot Hot Hot!
  • to 170

    So, that sounds to me as if they are shooting mainly inside the studio, and not much on location.

    i don’t know if you can say that. bond films are shot at pinewood studios in england and also on various locations. so it’s possible that they could be shooting off site in toronto as well.

  • mendel

    to #174

    “it’s possible that they could be shooting off site in toronto as well”

    Oh yes, they might, but not on those dates mentioned. If it is true that they booked the studio for those weeks, they will be using the studio. Maybe we will hear more about locations closer to the time of filming (unless they want to keep it quiet as to where they are, but that’s pretty hard once a film crew turns up somewhere…).

  • dtm

    Hi Mendel…..still no mention of rest of casting…maybe its still up in the air.
    A steady Rain still raking it in… must be on target to break record for a non musical and for raising money for charity.

    Hi to Guinness, DIH, DC girl etc

  • mendel

    Hi dtm,

    yes, they must not have made the decision on the rest of the cast – or are not telling yet!

    Steady Rain is doing so well!
    It just struck me that it is only running for just about another month – time really does fly!

  • Daniel fan

    eww! not hot at all, she look like a skeleton with those bones sticking out!
    When are women going to say enough when it comes to this size zero trend? blah!

  • to 178

    @Daniel fan:
    I agree,
    Not attractive.
    She was a lot larger many years ago but maybe feels compelled to look thin for him or because he is surrounded by gorgeous model like women. Thats sad and evidently Daniel isn’t making her feel at ease.

    When I saw the Layer Cake US premiere pictures of her compared to the CR Royal Premiere, I thought “Here we go, another anorexia case”.

    She is getting a pot belly though, something she didn’t have a few years ago.
    Too much good free food and booze. That will do it all the time.

  • Guinness-Hi dtm & mendel

    Everything surrounding StR is astounding to me! The cast, the amount of money it took in for the first 3 weeks—WITHOUT a show shown! The dates are crazy–a small time period for a running show-fantastic call there….”limited time offered” is a excellent sales tactic….the charity causes bringing in a record amount of money… the fan base is varied no matter what they say about all us lustful women..the amount of money raised for the charities…. LOCATION! GREAT FANTASTIC. and it absolutely did go by fast…Does he have someone that makes “scrapbooks” for his “projects”? I am sure he does, but can someone please tell the man to get Greg to get that shot of him sitting there for the first second of the play? I was thinking that too. really, not kidding mendel. and I was thinking Big Dan has 7 weeks of play time until he reports to Canada!!!
    And –I live 3 hours away Dan–ooo, closer than NYC!–if you need someone to clean your belly button lint, or straighten your apartment pictures, or clean the underside of the flower pots (maids ALWAYS forget that!!), or clean the road salt of your leather gloves (trust me–road salt gets EVERYWHERE!!). ~night all…. “keep a song in your heart…. or sing it out loud to keep from yelling what you really want”… ~me

  • Guinness-#167 & #169

    I wish i had a photo of a feminine Pep Boy getting a piggy back ride flashing the V sign on the back of a swaggering leather clad English/Irishman wearing a $1000 matching-with-dad newsboy cap!!!

    oh wait, that is hilarious in my own imagination….BRILLIANT thank you!!! I love this guy, but damn, somefin just ain’t rrright. it must be because I am American. (that goes out to the poster who created that comment about me!!)

  • Guinness-oh

    ok. so I totally misunderstood…they didn’t GO to a party, they just scheduled an extra play date and gave the proceeds to the gay actors club? CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS? um, thanks. “play date”–that sounds so cute.

  • Guinness-last paragraph
  • Guinness-oh, never mind
  • to 184

    According to someone who was there, they had a party backstage and Daniel brought out a pink/red martini as did Hugh and they drank them while they did the auction.

  • Sandy


    Keri, it’s no problem about the name!

    I’m surprised that the signed playbill was hard to get. I was in the second row balcony and as I was coming down the stairs an usher had a stack of about 6 playbills that people probably didn’t realize were signed. I happened to have cash so I didn’t have to wait in the long, long line at the merch counter. The gentleman I bought mine from said Daniel and Hugh sign several playbills before each show. On mine Hugh Jackman signed in black and Daniel Craig signed rather largely in silver. He even put an x next to his name. Aw shucks that just made it extra special. !!

  • LOL! This looks SO familiar!

    Deja vu!
    This latest news ( from Fox 4 11 and Cele b i tchy . com) about poor desperate depressed Jessica holding onto Justin timberlake for dear life.
    She has to stay relevant , Save her relaysh’ and keep her ‘status’ no matter how poorly downgraded it gets and this is how she has to do it.
    Seems Jessica has no choice, unless she wants to break up with him and dwindle into girlfriend history..
    She has the same sourpuss photos, (“neither of them looks happy’) glaring body language etc., all mirroring everything posters here on JJ say about Daniel.

    It sounds like this is the new ultimatum making the relaysh’ rounds in

    Here are some photos of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake over the weekend. The pair went to Jay-Z’s Sunday concert in Los Angeles. I love the body language of these two. Granted, it’s not as harsh as those photo-ops Jessica and Justin did right after Us Weekly claimed that Justin dumped Jessica over the phone. These photos aren’t as clingy, but they’re still depressing, right?

    Neither one of them looks happy. In Jessica’s case, I think that’s just the way her face looks (call it “natural morose-face”), while Justin seems totally over all of it, once again. But Jessica’s got a plan! She’s got her publicist leaking to anyone that will listen that Justin wants to stay with her, and that all of his friends love her and hate the way Justin may have treated her! Right?
    But what did this arrangement cost Jessica? According to Fox News 411, she had to give up monogamy (if she even had that Justin in the first place).
    According to Fox 411, Jessica and Justin are now “friends with benefits” and Justin is free to date other women. Ugh.

    Despite widespread reports of their split, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel continue to be photographed together. Could a reconciliation be in the offing?

    Kind of.

    A source tells Fox411 that despite appearances, the two are definitely not back together full-time. Instead, they are going the time-tested route of first seeing what its like being part-time lovers.

    Yes, it appears Justin and Jessica are now “friends with benefits.”

    “Justin was very clear with Jessica that he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship with her anymore where he wasn’t able to date other people,” says the insider. “Jessica took the news very hard, but once she calmed down and they started talking again, he convinced her to stay friends who hook up, without all the pressure of a relationship.”

    How did Timberlake succeed in persuading one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women to agree to every man’s (okay, almost every man’s) dream scenario?

    “At first she was very reluctant, but she missed him a lot and so she decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t exactly how she wanted things to be,” the source explains.

    “She’s still in love with him, and they are still attracted to each other, so it would have been difficult for them to quit each other cold turkey.”

    The source says the new setup is a “win-win” for Timberlake.

    “Justin gets the best of both worlds,” says the source. “He doesn’t have to lose Jess as a lover or a friend, but he’s free to explore other [relationships].”

    Sounds like a win-win-win.

    [From Fox News 411]

  • Such a lie Sandy!

    Such a lie Sandy! Unless you have ‘FORGED!!’ playbills!
    No ‘authentic’, genuine signed playbills by Hugh or Daniel are tossed about the steps or left anywhere the inside of the theater. Nor will you find them outside the theater.
    People don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have their playbills signed by Daniel and Hugh and then toss them on the steps or throw them on the ground.
    I have been at the Schoenfeld theater a few times for Steady Rain and the only playbills that are left in the theater are the ones that are UNsigned!!!
    What a joke and WHAT a SH*T STIRRER YOU ARE!

  • to 188

    @Such a lie Sandy!:

    Nobody pays for a signed playbill dear.
    They used to sign them after the play for FREE (which they don’t now because of the auction) or you can leave your name and address with someone there and hopefully they will send one back to you.

    This info comes from someone I read that went to the play at least 14 times and has met Daniel and Hugh personally backstage.

    The only time playbills are paid for is online on Ebay etc.

    On that note, however, NO signed playbills are in the theater to begin with.

  • to 188- yes she is!

    @Such a lie Sandy!:
    I agree with you # 188 without question.
    HA! Total bull that ushers had a stack of signed playbills that Hugh and Daniel signed before the show! Right…not!
    Sandy is a liar, yes indeed she is.

  • to 187

    @LOL! This looks SO familiar!:

    We all realize Daniel and Satsuki are FWB’s.
    Nothing new there.

  • to 186

    @Such a lie Sandy!:

    To add;

    I think you are confusing the “thousands of dollars” to bid on meeting them backstage and then (separate auction) to bid on one of their t-shirts. Their signed playbills are not fetching that much even online.

    Certainly this person I spoke of spent well over $5000 probably on doing both things.

  • TO 189….

    @to 188:
    YEAH DEAR!! and I know the girl who went 14 (?) times too, personally!!
    She knows a lot of people ! so what!
    And you should be referring your post to #186 Sandy, NOT to 188…- unless you did that on purpose to start something??
    yes, of course, wannabe . Run on back to D2D they are all waiting for you.

  • to 180

    @Guinness-Hi dtm & mendel:

    The “belly button lint cleaner” he might go for.

  • to 193

    @TO 189….:

    No I am not Wannabe and it seems you are starting something with your hostile post. Please calm down as there is no need for it.

    No I am not a member of that club but follow her on Twitter.

    If you read my post of # 189 I actually agreed with you on the end.

  • lol what a circus

    wow 193
    how about reading the posts properly instead of reacting?

    intelligent people do not react with anger.

  • keep it peaceful

    @TO 189….:

    Don’t start something here or provoke people.
    Let’s keep this thread peaceful.
    If you do continue, no doubt JJ will remove your posts.
    They seem to be on top of that now.

  • to 187 ‘this looks so familiar

    @LOL! This looks SO familiar!:
    On top of what you are saying in your post 187, Lainey Gossip also posted today about Jessica and Justin and their ‘new’ relationship arrangement (Friends with Benefits) deal.
    IMO, I found Lainey to be her usually harsh self against Jessica . Lainey seemed really angry that Jessica would settle and scrap for any morsel of an ‘arrangement’ that Justin throws at her.
    Lainey even admits Jessica is desperate, clingy, depressed and will do anything to stay relevant.
    OK, Daniel’s girlfriend – mirroring aside, I find it interesting that a few articles down Lainey posts the Daniel walking around NYC with his parents article and then totally disses the girlfriend, NOT even giving her any status at all in her post and ignoring her, practically Daniel too.

    I believe that what Lainey knows, and what she is saying LOUD, is that Daniel has the same thing going on as Justin does with Jessica.

    Lainey will not rip the girlfriend apart because she is Oriental as Lainey is, and she will not do that to her because of that…but I see that Lainey has linked both of those relationships on her page today.

    It seems to me that Lainey is pointing to both couples and this whole Friends with Benefits ‘arrangement or contract deal or whatever it is, that is why Lainey has gone Ice-Cold Frozen with Daniel/girlfriend situation.

  • signed playbill
  • lol what a circus to 196

    @lol what a circus:
    wow, you really need to keep it peaceful . Calm down. No need to react. Read the posts properly !