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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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Credit: Mario Magnani; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • to 198 on anoth’r note

    @to 187 ‘this looks so familiar:
    I see what you are saying.
    So Lainey did not just come out and say it flat out in black and white type, she is just inferring it… strongly… while throwing in the Daniel photos and saying very little- one or two sentences about them. Then she also goes on in detail about the jessica/justin couple.

    i do agree with you that Lainey is not going to trash the girlfriend. She is just going to give her the freeze-over. Daniel she is one degree warmer to.

    I am so surprised though that she did not call her a girlfriend or longtime love or partner or anything. at all!

  • to signed playbill

    Daniel had drawn a chest on his, obviously feminine ( I think) while Hugh borrowed someone’s heart-shaped nipple tassles and attached them to his shirt. LOL!
    LOL! What a funny guys they are!

  • re; 201

    @to 198 on anoth’r note:

    You’re right. As I said in an earlier post, she mentioned Satsuki as if she was his dog or something, you know the thing.
    Definitely something changed there with Lainey.

  • tames

    Guinness, is your second favorite actor Alec Guinness?

  • TMZ

    If anyone watched TMZ tonight, there was a clip of Valentino leaving a restaurant and guess who gave him a two pecked in front to of the paps?
    Andy Cohen!!!
    He was wearing mirrored sunglasses (Cohen not Valentino).

    Anyone else see that?

  • TMZ

    LOL I meant a two pecked kiss!!!

  • re: 205


    Daniel will so jealous.
    Oh dear.

  • re; 202

    @to signed playbill:

    We have a picture of this anywhere? Or are you like the D2D people.
    To territorial to share?

  • daniel at concert tonight

    HegedusEricC: @neenerspb AT an amazing concert w/ Bernadette Petera. (Turns out Daniel Craig was in the audience, too, but I missed him.)

    Daniels day off. Goes out a lot doesnt he?
    Wonder if his family was there?

    Is it this playbill?

  • re; 209

    @daniel at concert tonight:

    Don’t you mean Bernadette Peters?

  • bernadette peters

    He went to this

    On Monday, November 9th at 8:00pm, Tony, Grammy and Golden Globe Award winner Bernadette Peters returns to Broadway for the first time in six years in a special one-night only concert at Broadway’s Minskoff Theatre. Appearing with a 30-piece orchestra under the musical direction of Marvin Laird and directed by Richard Jay-Alexander. The concert will feature songs from Ms. Peters’ career and recordings as well as wonderful new specialty material created just for this extraordinary evening.

    It was for this:
    Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit

  • hugh was there
  • re:208

    sorry, what do you mean?
    I only stated impressions for that poster.

  • James Scott

    James Scott should be the next Bond. He is young, hot and very British!

  • to 214


  • Daniel is Hot

    Guinness, I am not upset about what you said about Toronto and Canada. Don’t worry. If they do film on location, it would have to be a “winter” movie, so maybe will only be at the Studio. Who knows, I guess we will see soon enough. Funny that we don’t know more about the movie except for Daniel being in it, who the directors is and the location and the dates they are filming. Maybe they want to keep a lid on things. Can’t believe A Steady Rain will be finished soon. It seems only like yesterday they started. It’s been too long since I was in NYC. I bet Daniel will be happy to go back home and then start his vacation. Oh and G. I will go to Toronto and be his dresser – you can have the belly lint. Good night the rest of you.

  • James Scott

    @to 214:

    James Scott from Days of Our Lives. He plays EJ DeMira.

  • to 217

    Win Babs’s confidence. Anything doesn’t happen if she doesn’t like it.

  • to 218

    hopefully you are right. And I really hope she picks up a real man, when Daniel is done with it. No need to go for pretty boys at least not for being sucessful.

  • dtm
  • fashion sense of Danie
  • dtm

    Susie and Chelsea discussing Dan 3mins in…
    My sentimens exactly…I’m with Chelsea on this!

  • Vote
  • guinness

    hey! thanks for the getty shots. Hugh looks sweet & hot!!! love the face shadow on men–especially with black hair. (was that mary tyler moore?)I always wanted to see Bernadette, I saw her in “INTO THE WOODS” on PBS —I fell in love with her then!! this musta been fantastical. and if Dan was in the audience, why no recognization with pics? that is unusual. him missing a pic in NYC for charity? hhmm.

    ~cheers DIH…thx, and yes, I will be the lint cleaner, then I will do belly shots of zambucka with him… with whipped cream and chocoloate… and i can’t wirte after thinking of whipped cram on his PFA (perfcetly formd abs!) hyperventaliating…breahting heayv help!!

  • guinness-oops
  • Flame


    You are suppose to flame it

  • guinness-oh, great

    i just burst out laughing of a visual of inflamed belly hair…thanks #226, if there is a chance of it happening–it will happen to me!!!

  • familiar thought

    “If he’s hinting and thinking of proposing, then it sounds like the relationship is near enough over. Same old nonsense from celebs, declare they want privacy when its suits them and then when their relationship’s are in trouble, declare eternal love for them to try and keep it going.”

    - Dee, St Albans, 10/11/2009 1:35

    This was a comment on Robbie Williams hinting about proposing to his g/f.
    Sounds familiar about the privacy thing and “sudden” declarations of love and kisses we saw on the QoS circuit.

  • to 228

    i could be wrong but i thought that daniel and satsuki were supposed to have gotten married after the filming of QOS. mind you, no one has found marriage liscence registered anywhere. although i have to say, i’ve always thought daniel and satsuki’s relationship as an “open” one. he goes off from time to time for long stretches to be with others and she does the same thing. they then come back together for awhile and then the cycle begins again.

  • mendel

    to Guinness and DiH

    “I will be the lint cleaner, then I will do belly shots of zambucka with him…” (and try not to set the belly hairs on fire…)

    “I will go to Toronto and be his dresser”

    I will be his creative snowperson muse, and build him a snowperson a day. Complete with hat, carrot and chocolate buttons :)

    Thanks for all the pics and stage door videos, dtm and others. I’m still catching up…

  • Guinness

    um, yes, you can be out in the snow and a-muse him!!! ha! and i am a good shot, so watch out……

  • Guinness

    A great mental distraction from work….In Toronto, our itinerary will be as follows for R&R in Dan’s winter cave….
    Guinness: navel lint cleaner in charge of Dans PFA (perfectly formed abs) sambuca shots.
    DTM: To Be Announced (i forgot what you were gonna do, my mind went blank after that last sentence…ok, I am ok. ok. )
    DIH: Tailor in order to get his inseam correct it may take a few times and for him to take the pant leg on and off. (sorry, but if you are getting paid that much you need to step up and take one for the team!)
    Mendel: Muse for snow-expression-time allotted in the mornings and after sambuca PFA shots!!! Preferably next to a sauna so that there can be running around and rolling in the snow after a hot sauna…clothes optional. (is that going to work for you Mendel, otherwise, I can assign you to clean his boots of the road salt while he is wearing them-it would be a good postion for you–if you know what i mean?)
    DCG: um, will you be joining us? if so, I heard he likes American authors-or american novels…you can do a scene from Pretty Woman–that should stimulate the mind a little to keep him fresh!
    Hey! that was fun, now i need a drink! Molson, thank you. Bye Mendel. it was nice to see you again. any news on his attendence this weekend…he is a busy boy!!! is DTM asleep yet?

  • how thespian

    That scarf of his must so dirty by now…..what I could do with that.

  • re: 229

    @to 228:

    What cycle would that be then?

    Heavy Duty, Permanent Press or Ultra Delicate?

  • re: 233

    @how thespian:

    Saw the pic earlier.
    You did fail to mention one glaring little tidbit.

    His tidy whities are showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bloody teasebag, that’s what he is!
    I wonder who he was thinking of there?

  • Keri

    Happy Birthday James Bond ! He became 89 years old. However, he is still so hot !

  • dtm

    To Guinness, Mendel……..last time I was his personal assistant for sexual gratification….if I cant have that then I can be in charge of making sure he is properly tucked up in bed with a long goodnight kiss ar the end of a hard days shooting!

    Its strange how some critics think that just because they are “movie stars” thay are not worthy to be on Broadway…and are surprised that either of them can act…’s a producers perspective

    btw… I read on Broadwayword that they have already raised $600k for bcefa and with 4 weeks to go should break records.

  • to 236

    You were such a face when you were in mother’s interior of the womb too.Surely!!! LOL!

  • re: 239

    @to 236:

    I don’t know, no pictures of myself but I guarantee that I was polite enough not to flick V’s inside my mother.

    (I left that until the the doctor smacked my bottom)

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “Preferably next to a sauna so that there can be running around and rolling in the snow after a hot sauna…clothes optional. (is that going to work for you Mend)”

    Absolutely! Rolling in the snow with Dan…clothes optional…sauna…yes please!

    “I can be in charge of making sure he is properly tucked up in bed with a long goodnight kiss ar the end of a hard days shooting!”

    Dtm, it sounds like you got yourself a nice job, too :)

    to ‘how thespian’

    Love the pic – and Dan’s teasing pose.

  • Guinness-sandwich

    um, yeah. a Danhugh samich!!! wow. so cool-she is soooo lucky. wow. that is a very nice, wow. um, Hugh is pulling his pants down too? wow. WTH is up with the tucking in of the scarf? why is the scarf on him? he looks goofy-but smoking hot what is he doing with…. he seems so dishevled in these….so funny. “hey! Dan, git over here…we have another high paying customer,,, put that down, Dan, come on, get over here and take your coat off, forget it, just get over here.!!” AWESOME! thx so much!

    yeah, right, DTM–I musta blocked that out-you were his personal assistant for yadda yadda yadda…, fine. you called it. but if you get sick or faint or accidentally k-n-o-c-k-e-d out, as manager of this debacle of gang of DANS FANS, I will have to fill in for you! NOT TO WORRY!! hee hee hee

  • Sandy defends herself

    @TO 189….:

    OMG! I just logged on to find out that several people have called me a liar and a *hit stirrer! You guys really are crazy. Now I can see why some people only talk to Guiness, DC Girl, Mendel. They are sane and reasonable!

    I swear to you, absolutely swear that Daniel said you could buy signed playbills at the back of the theater for a donation of $100. Why on earth would I make that up? They also did an auction for their shirts and 2 groups paid $4k each I think. Then, Daniel said he would really love to meet all of us and that we could pay $1500 for a photo and signed playbill back stage. As I was coming down the stairs their was a guy with an orange bucket into which people were putting donations. He had a stack of signed playbills – probably 6, and said for a donation of $100 cash I could get one, otherwise, if I only had credit, I had to go to the merch counter. I asked them if they were original signatures and he said yes, they provide Daniel and Hugh with the pens and they sign a few playbills before each show.

    Now, it could be that I was completely lied too and that I have a fake or a forgery but I know that I’m not the only person who bought signed playbills for $100 at that show. When I was downstairs in the bathroom someone was joking and said what good was it if you didn’t have a photo to go with it.

    Could it be a new thing? Could you all possibly be wrong?

    I really feel like I’ve been attacked for no good reason by you wankers. However, I am going to defend myself. If you don’t believe me oh well. I have my signed playbill and sounds like you don’t. (I’m sticking out my toungue out at all of you nasty pants). So there!

    And I will not be addressing this issue any more. In the future I will only be responding to the “sane” posters.

  • re: 243

    @Sandy defends herself:

    Sandy, we couldn’t care less.
    No offence.
    We are hardened to it all. Too familiar.

  • ffs.

    sandy, pull yourself together.
    this is am anonymous gossip board not the international news where your real name has been dragged through the mud across the globe.

    grow up.

  • Yes back to sanity

    Well the real sanity not the assumed sanity by one person.

    Who’d have thunk it?

  • Sandy defends herself

    @re: 243:

    I suppose you are right. I just thought it might be nice to have friendly exhange about an experience I had. As someone new to these types of things I guess I just learned a very valuable lesson.

  • lol to 243 poor sandy :(

    @Sandy defends herself:
    Sandy, you did not just log on. You have been posting on this board all day and night.
    And why so angry? Wow!
    And calm down. We were having a nice peaceful conversation until you showed up bringing up last nights rubbish. And remember, don’t call people names.
    You don’t like it when it is done to you, ‘nasty pants” !

    I am sorry you got banned from D2d, but that is what happens when you pick fights. nasty pants!
    Intelligent people do not react in anger.

  • lol what a circus to 244

    @re: 243:
    You are right. No one cares less. Thanks for the comment.
    now let us ignore the sandy-stirrer and get back to our ‘peaceful’ conversation. (hopefully).

  • re: 248

    @lol to 243 poor sandy :(:

    Maybe it’s better not to react at all.
    If you don’t like a post, then move on.
    Reaction to these posts are just as bad as being angry.
    They crave reaction.