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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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Credit: Mario Magnani; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • to new images#279

    WOW!!!He is still handsome though Daniel seems tired a bit!!!

  • re:301

    WHAT???Is Hugh a gay?

  • Satsuki and Dan

    @match up with dan:

    I tried Satsuki’s birthday (if anyone cares)

    Physical 99%
    Emotional 0%
    Intellectual 24%
    Total 41%

    LOL, shows you it’s all booty.
    House of cards.
    I guess he seeks intellectual and emotional stimulation elsewhere maybe?

  • re; 302


    You are shocked at this because….?

    Why are people so naive on here?

  • 291

    @re; 288:
    I am behind you #291! Here Here!

  • Daniel fan

    I got 74% =) not bad.
    To Guinness and company, keep posting and just ignore the party poopers :) I like reading and laughing at your amusing posts

  • re:304

    I’m not naive.
    I only heard because I hadn’t known it.If it’s TRUE, it’s a surprise.

  • Sandy


    To Deena: I can see that. I think he knows he’s hot and is probably still a bit of a ladies man. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he tried the other team too. I think he’s hot no matter what team he plays for!

  • re; 306

    @Daniel fan:

    Yes and we know who you are too!

  • to 264 Gia

    Isn’t the link which you posted mistake? I can’t see it.

  • lets keep ON the topic

    This board was nice for awhile then the usual bunch of people trying to derail are back.

    Exchange Twitter accounts if you want to chat.

    This thread is for Daniel.

    Any derailing will be considered a deliberate act of trouble making.

  • to 311

    There is a committee member of “Autonomy committee ” anywhere.
    Inquisitive b*tch!

  • to 312

    Keep vulgarity off here and don’t start trouble.

    Couldn’t care less how you feel.

    Keep the topic ON Daniel.

  • guinness

    Cheers DFan. Crap, I do drop names when i get mad, don’t I. Well, I will try to not do that anymore…I stink at poker. Everyone else keeps ignoring us, why can’ t you? and you got madder when i did respond. wht is up with that?

    ANYWAY>>>>> THANK you for the Getty pics….it really looks as though Dan’s face was not happy in approaching that corner, and Hugh looks as though he caught on to his friends’ demeanor…. It looks as though Hugh came over to help and “pull” or distract dan from whatever was over there. Hecklers maybe? look at it like it was a frame by frame movie!! and not a gay act-you hopefull people!!! funny. always hoping he is gay….but I just hope he is happy…because then, WE ALL suffer! get well DCG

  • Daniel is Hot

    Thanks for the new pictures of Daniel. Maybe Hugh is in love with Daniel, but do you blame him?

  • Sandy


    Maybe it’s not a good idea that this board is allowed to be annonymous. wouldn’t it be a better idea if everyone was forced to register and post under one name? Maybe someone who knows the administrator could make that suggestion? That way we would know who everyone is. I’m getting the feeling that a small group of people are responsible for the majority of the postings.

    I’m just going to log off and hope there will be more photos (and a new thread) of Daniel tomorrow. Nite!

  • guinness–NOPE

    Yey DIH, very good.

  • to 315

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Not at all.
    But the denial from everyone is laughable.

  • to 312
  • to deena

    Yes, it’s it that the babs worried exactly.
    “Daniel’s love life”
    He must never do a foolish thing like the scandal with Sienna.

  • dtm

    Cheers Guinness…yeah you’re right it is some form of vertigo, prob caused by nerve damage…….. Hugh is def a touchy, feely sort of guy…he’s probably like it with most friends although I have to say women are usually more like that than blokes.
    I wonder how much this will go for!

  • to 316


    Don’t be so stupid.
    Anonymity is what fuels gossip boards.
    The people who finance these boards would never allow due to security reasons. This would induce stalker situations.

    Are you that stupid?
    Real names on boards?

    I think you are responsible for a multitude of postings yourself.

  • to 320

    @to deena:

    Hence his “steady pain”, Satsuki in his life!

    But a lot of people in NY have said they haven’t seen Daniel be so happy and independent. He has gone to a lot of places alone or with Hugh.

    I hope he has refound his mojo as Satsuki seems to have drained him.

  • to Daniel is Hot #315

    I agree. Hugh is in love with Daniel.
    However, I think that it is not love to the man but respect.

  • guinness

    Say it ain’t so…..”final performance”. wow. just wow.

  • guinness

    what will the confessed gamer do? Allow them to put a pumkin in for him or what? and who decides? activision? Daniel? MGM? or Babs-the “owner” of the Bond title…or franchise. Is Bond a patented name that can get money if used? or copywrited? never paid attention. oooo, the everyday crisis he must face! (sarcasm). He owns us and he knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mendel

    just catching up with all the clips, tweets and pics.

    Both Hugh and Dan seem to be doing quite a lot for charity, which is great. And they are having fun while doing it.

    And yes, Guinness, final performance. Wow! Maybe they do something special there – wasn’t it DC Girl who thinks they should shave Dan’s tache off? I second that!

    And everybody who’s sick – stay warm, get well!

  • guinness-yikes, forgot

    this goes with my last post. oh well. Hi Mendel. yes,I hope they will do something spectacular. and party something spectacular. What do you think they will get each other for gifts??
    (signed t-shirts exchanged–that would be funny–I would do it as a gag, then give each other something special…)

  • Daniel fan

    to 309
    Yes and we know who you are too!
    I have not posted on this board with any other name than Daniel Fan.
    Btw I’m from Sweden so forgive me if I misspell words sometimes.

  • mendel

    Hahaha, Guinness,

    I was wondering why you mentioned pumpkins in your last post, and then I thought I was reading so quickly, I might have missed a pumpkin joke, lol.

    “What do you think they will get each other for gifts?? signed t-shirts exchanged”

    I like that idea! That would be funny.
    I’d say they will have a big party afterwards and celebrate big time. And rightly so – the play has been a huge success, they raised heaps of money for charity as well, and they are having a great time doing it.
    They probably will miss going to the Schoenfeld every day…it will be strange for them when it is all over – and of course, for the fans, too… :)

  • to 329

    to Daniel fan

    Never mind! There is the person of so-called know-it-all here.

  • re; 331

    @to 329:

    And you assuming you know it all by by answering like that is just as bad.

  • to 330

    He is going to have a party then leave to go back to London, spend a quiet Xmas in Surrey then off on holiday to ———- then onto Toronto.

  • re:332

    It’s interesting that you reacted to my post soon!!!

  • Guinness

    I have learned a lot just following him here and the other place, and I always was amazed at the schedules he, and other celebs- endures. That is passion. Amazing. How can he NOT be disappointed when it all ends…and then a new grueling schedule….it has to be fun and enticing and exciting and spontaneous, and disorienting. along with it all there has to be some kind of messed up equilibrium in visiting and working and meeting new people and wishing for some stability. oh, right. he has that in his family. and familiarity with his profession; that can bring comfort. hhhmmm. good luck with that friend. i would lose it on the 5th movie i would do internationally….”where the f is the adapter for my hairstraightener plug and why can’t i get a freaking bathrobe that fits like that one in Mozambique?” yeah. DIVA. ~caio, BTW, Daniel Fan, keep posting–I will read you unless you turn “crazy”, so don’t let the other “crazies” bother you. cheers

  • to 334


    Yes, that’s because we are the same person.

  • ???

    So where is this “down time” he was speaking of to get married and “possibly” have another baby?

  • to 336 ! LOL! Great comment!

    @to 334:
    To # 336-
    ROTFL!!! Your post is the BEST COMMENT EVER on this board!
    The BEST! Thank you for saying it so clear and to the point!
    Great Post!!

    And she is so busted!!!!

  • re:336

    hahaha! yeah!! You are fun girl!You know that you are not me best. If you are not schizophrenia.

  • kayne west


  • kayne west

    I meant” longer” but this can’t be true because he just announced the date he would start filming!

  • re: 338


    And you are Wannabe’s nemesis right? The one she always complained about? You post like her. No matter.

    I do have a feeling though that next year we will find out the marriage truth.
    I love seeing Daniel but she tags along too.
    Good and bad.

  • 341

    @kayne west:

    I haven’t read that article because he hasnt stated a date.
    Listen, try not to multiple post under different names.
    You are confusing yourself.

  • Thank You “moi”

    moi @ 11/11/2009 at 12:18 am And another thing. They need really need to work on their presentation with these fake pictures. Their body language is terrible, particularly Tom’s. One hand in your pocket is a sign of detachment and disinterest. It’s body language 101. They can’t do anything right.
    Thank you Moi! – Even though you are posting about Tommy Girl and Stepford Katie, this ‘hand in the pocket” pose For Sure absolutely applies to Daniel and the scats girlfriend.

    There are tons of photos of Daniel with the Scats girl and he has his hand in his pocket, in many of the latest pictures, like when he was posing at the orphans gala , and other events here in NYC and also on the Red carpet/film premieres.

  • to 340

    @kayne west:

    LOL. It is the computer game. Read it correctly.
    There will soon be a new James Bond, but not in the movies. Instead, the next James Bond game will feature the voice talents of Adam Croasdell, who plays Dr. Al Jenkins in the EastEnders.

    “Oddly enough I have just played James Bond in the new James Bond video game – how weird is that? I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m always into varying up what comes my way, trying new things,” Croasdell told BBC Asia (via The UK Press Association).

    “I think video games and the making of that type of technology, being in a funny one-piece suit and being shot with 60 cameras, I think that’s sort of the future.”

    Croasdell compared his new role to Andy Serkis’ role in The Lord of the Rings, saying that he was “fascinated to see how it would happen.”

    The untitled project will be Activision’s second stab at the James Bond license, with the first being Treyarch’s Quantum of Solace. While very little is known about the project so far, it appears that it’ll be arriving sometime in 2010. Expect more information early next year.

  • Sandy, kanye West

    @re: 338:
    How many multiple names is too many to post under? I have Sandy, Kanye West, Daniel fan, Daniel is Hot, DC Girl, DC Gurl, this is going to take too long. You are not worth the time.

  • to re: 348

    Keep it nice here on this board. No need to get angry. Intelligent people do not react in anger.
    If you can’t keep it nice here, go over to your other d2d website, dedicated to daniel – rather, Dedicated to Delusions.

    I heard you were kicked off of there (sniff, so sad) but maybe you can go under another name again over there and they will not know the difference, they are deluded and all.

  • kayne west

    @Sandy, kanye West:
    I don’t know what you all are talking about I’m only one poster. I do not have “multiple” user names as this is silly!
    But thank-you very much for clarifying that it is only a game!

  • to 347

    @to re: 348:
    Only person kicked off that’s on here I think and she posts under Guinness.
    I think a post has been erased as you are one number off?
    Love the rename of the site.

  • to 349

    they erased on of guinness’s posts.