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Jared Leto Gets The Hives

Jared Leto Gets The Hives

Jared Leto and his brother Shannon waits outside The Hive Gallery & Studios ahead of a small acoustic gig in Los Angeles on Friday (November 6).

The 37-year-old actor and his band 30 Seconds To Mars played a short acoustic set at the venue.

On November 9, you can hear their entire new album “This is War,” watch their “Kings and Queens” short film and world premiere Q & A with the band at the Montalben Theatre. RSVP info on Facebook!

30 Secongs To Mars will next be performing at the Maggazzini Generali in Milan on November 15 followed by London’s KoKo the day after.

20+ pictures inside of Jared Leto getting the hives…

Just Jared on Facebook
jared leto hives 01
jared leto hives 02
jared leto hives 03
jared leto hives 04
jared leto hives 05
jared leto hives 06
jared leto hives 07
jared leto hives 08
jared leto hives 09
jared leto hives 10
jared leto hives 11
jared leto hives 12
jared leto hives 13
jared leto hives 14
jared leto hives 15
jared leto hives 16
jared leto hives 17
jared leto hives 18
jared leto hives 19
jared leto hives 20
jared leto hives 21

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  • katie

    he is hot :)

  • jj

    he got skinny :(

  • pop

    He is cute but there is something about him. Peter Pan syndrome maybe? I don’t know but something about him says I don’t want to grow up at all.

  • Echelon

    he’s really hot! it’d be better if he wasn’t that skinny.. but it’s ok with me.. :) LOVE YA JAREEEEEED!

  • valhallamars

    I love him. Not cuz of look, cuz of talent. People who love him just cuz of way he look are low. It’s so sad to see people on twitter who sometimes only talk about him, like other band memebers don’t exist. True fans care about the whole band not just him.

    @jj: I have to agree with you. It’s like he’s skinnier every time I see him :S

    P.S I love 30 seconds to mars- They saved me from deep depression and thanks to them I’m still here. The only band I care for. GOD BLESS THEM

  • wel

    his eyes are too close together and that hairstyle only looks good on rpatz. this old man needs to grow up

  • wel

    oh and the flannel around the waste only looks good on Johnny Depp

  • li

    he is cute!! but he’s so skinny! in the video A BEAUTIFUL LIE he was perfect!

  • Cooh

    I loooove Jared,he’s like Dorian Gray,never gets old

  • ivanka

    what? 37 ? wowowowow benjamin button effect

  • coco

    JL still thinks he is on My So-Called Life. Time for a makeover and a sandwich. His face looks good. The hair looks like he got electric shocks.

  • pretty young girl

    Oh lord he looks way much more younger for his age.

  • Ike

    eighties are so over lolololololol he looks manorexic

  • carrie

    @pop: so true! he didn’t change since “angela”!

  • sjk


    Sweetie, this isn’t the 80s.

    Try again.

  • marla


    he looks more good looking and more masculine in MSCL than he is now. Now he looks like a lost waif. He’s better suited to play Oliver Twist or David Copperfield. I still like him though But he needs to put more bulk in his bones.

  • marla

    By the way I don’t find Jared sexy anymore, because those feelings for somebody looking like him feels inappropriate. It’s pedophilistic in nature

  • 17 Again

    Is he trying to dress like a teenager?

  • Anastacia

    he’s such a pretty boy!!! <3
    can’t believe he’s already 37!! he look like 25 or 28…
    I have such a big crush on him! I even have day dreams about him X)
    also love his voice!!!

  • Patricia

    When I was younger, he was my favourite… nostalgy!

  • ava,

    I sorry but the guy is 37, he looks ridiculous, teenagers don’t look this loserish, I know that high tops are back in style but please let the kids wear them. He’s a man not a kid, grow up

  • Sabrina

    god, just let him be how he wants! stop putting people into categories because of their age. he isnt hurting anyone.

  • pup

    oh my gosh, it’s Jordan Catalano!!!!!!!

  • coco

    Let’s all chip in and take him to Jerry’s Deli. He needs soup, sandwich, and fries. Don’t forget dessert and a to-go bag. @Ike: He is looking manorexic. It is serious. Also the denim vest and florescent shoes make him look like he is having an eighties flashback. Drugs? I hope not. There is a cute guy under that shi^t. He needs help.

  • nicci

    he kinda the look like zac efron.a little bit

  • Stef

    37?? wtf?? MORE like 27..

  • yey

    He needs to stop dressing like such a douchebag and trying to be 20-something. But shit does he ever look AMAZING for 37!!!!!!! If he only started dressing as an adult he would clean up so freakin nicely.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope they’re new album was as good as the last 1
    he looks kinda stupid with what he’s wearing, he looks like he’s in the 80s

  • cutiepie32

    Jared, the 90′s called, they want their outfit back!

  • hannah


  • Paula

    So I have tried to figure out what looks so different about him lately. I think I have figured it out. He has had a nose job and maybe an eye lift. Google his old pics his nose was wider.

  • Someone from mars


  • marla

    @Someone from mars:

    You know what , your fallacies is unoriginal and redundant and overused.
    Nobody here said that he’s not talented, hate his creativity or hate him.

    We are commenting how he looks. There’s nothing wrong with that. I still love Jared Leto but he needs to gain some weight.

  • Nicky

    He’s gorgeous but he does look skinnier. Even the skinny jeans doesn’t look like a skinny jeans anymore. But if he’s healthy then it’s fine.

  • OanaERO

    @Paula: He broke his nose at a concert in Texas. Google that!

  • hi there

    Looks like he stuck a jewish merkin on his b@stard head.

  • 1196

    peter pan !!
    still gorgeous at 37 :)
    love him

  • just me

    Jared I Love You

  • Jessie

    He looks great. Considering he dated lindsay

  • British Latin American

    Why must we always put people into little boxes according to their age and say how they can or cannot dress or look? Leave him alone, there is nothing wrong with him. Does every man age 37 have to overweight, obese, or look really old in order to ‘grow up?’ Part of the reason that Jared looks so good is because he is being himself, not because he is conforming to some ideal of what men past a certain (young) age must look and dress like.

  • getAlife

    wow! i’m disgusted by most of your comments! you’re telling him to “act his age”… why don’t you all GROW UP and stop talking crap on someone you don’t know!

  • jonna

    can someone tell this douche that he’s nearly 40 and he can stop dressing like a retarded emo now.

  • james

    outfit is a bit contrived. everything he does seems a bit contrived. but he is cute and a good actor. just fake as hell lol

  • Morgan

    Did anyone else notice he’s trying to pull and Edward Cullen? The hair is so Robert Pattinson.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    What the hell is up with that hair?

  • Stone

    Is his brother hiding in his hair?

  • Kelly Love

    He needs to do some good movies. He’s nothing more than a teen cover boy.

  • Iridian


    Of course he’s Beautiful…. my baby wO! he’s amazing!


    with a lot of talent!!
    he’s Perfect!

  • Jessie

    Jared is his own man. He can wear whatever he wants, stay whatever weight he wants, and wear his hair however he wants. His time has been spent endlessly working on the new album/tour with Shanon and Tomo. Honestly, you don’t think of what you wear when you’re that involved. Blessedly for him it just looks great however it is.

    Also, Jared being fake? Someone obviously hasn’t seen him perform. He may be complex and mysterious, but on stage he is transparent. Jared is honest with his work and in his music. If you’ve ever seen him act or play with the band, you would know this. Stop being so narrow-minded. He’s only himself and thankfully he doesn’t seem to give a second thought towards all this gibberish. You guys are naturally allowed to have opinions, but come on. Let the man be himself. He’s doing great. God bless him.

  • Grais

    no, zak afron sucks! stop to compare!
    jared is gorgeous