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Rihanna: 'Wait Your Turn' Single Cover!

Rihanna: 'Wait Your Turn' Single Cover!

Check out the sexy single cover for Rihanna‘s catchy song “Wait Your Turn.”

Yesterday, Rihanna‘s full interview aired on 20/20. After being assaulted by Chris Brown in February, Rihanna went back to him. Here’s her explanation of why she did that: “Lying to yourself again, [I thought], what is he going through? I had to protect him. The whole world hates him now. His fans, his career, he lost me—I just need to let him know don’t do anything stupid.”

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  • cainvx

    trashy and boring. try some class, girl. you’re just over 20

  • LoveLife

    How do a person that shirtless with a “RATED R” album wants to be a role modle to young girls? This girl doesnt is heartless.. she is just worried about her ALBUM SALES… this is so sad..

    how did an cover for a single.. get release after a major interiew?


  • rih4ever

    SHE IS SEXY ,Provocative n so SELF CONFIDENT, DAT’s Great

  • T


  • nyro

    This girl has no class. That is why she relies on sex instead of talent.

  • Stone

    How long must I wait?????

  • justy sayin

    I like her but she shouldn’t speak so much about being a good role

    model to girls while at the same time being almost always naked. It’s

    just to much………don’t sell your soul nor your body for this business

    rihanna you’re better than that!

  • asdf

    Typical Rihanna.
    Showing her boobies.

  • Infinite

    Unfortunately, the girl does not have much talent so she has to sell her body. Her label is smart and knows what sells CD.

  • Metric

    So there was a period whereshe did go back to him? I remember when her fan(s) kept claiming it wasn’t true despite his car always being spotted at her house in the early morning.

    Hope she doesn’t lapse back into that behavior.

  • weezer

    She is no Whitney Houston so yes, the breasts come out when a record is due.

  • missy

    come on girl try to sell your music not your body…………cheap!!!

  • okay


    She never said anything about her provocative style. The way she dresses has nothing to do with standing up for abused women.

    You guys can’t rationalize at all.

  • Franck

    trashy & not sexy at all !!!

  • chewie

    the kid ‘n play hairstyle has got to go…

  • Carrie

    She has no class at all, of course she has to flaunt her assets to sell records – because she has nothing else to offer.

    I even bet those naked pictures that appeared on the internet were her company’s idea.

    Plus, the way she’s posing makes her look like she’s sheilding herself from being hit; classy, way to make money from your own pain, and reminding all those other women and men out there in abusive relationships what it’s like.

    She has no shame at all. Plus she isn’t even pretty.

  • just say no

    @okay: She’s done a few interview this week while promoting an album she wants to make millions off of. If she hadn’t addressed the issue, it would have hurt her sales.
    As for standing up for girls, let’s wait and see what she does in the upcoming months w.r.t domestic violence. That will tell you how committed she is to the stand.

  • vickie

    I think Rihanna could have come up with something better than looking like a prostitute.

  • Jen


    I totally agree with you!





  • jessie

    provocative muchh?? she needs to step away from her sex image to get people to take her seriously and really reallly get rid of that disgusting hair..

  • always

    Does this girl moonlight as a clown or something?
    Why is her makeup always so heavy?

  • diddy

    She is trash instead of class.

  • missy

    my comment has nothing to do with the whole chris-brown story………..i just think its obvious that she has nothing to offer except her sexy image, but she calls herself a singer …….so make better songs!!!!……..i think her album is going to sty in stores – honestly
    what do you think???………..i herad some of her new songs…………so so bad……….its the truth

  • okay

    @just say no:

    girl….. all she did was speak out about what happened and tell the world that she is NOT going back with chris. THAT alone is enough. if she commits herself to doing more for domestic violence…. thats HER choice. now what more does she have to do for you to be pleased?

  • lulz

    So she posed topless. Big deal. Madonna did it, Britney did it, Lady Gaga did it, Beyonce did it, Miley Cyrus did it.

    But I guess the Chris Brown stans and Disney fans need at least something to call her out for.

  • Ben jammin

    Great cover, it implies that there is a line of guys waiting for their turn with her! Awesome!

  • ha

    Rihanna is broke. That is an open secret in the industry. She doesn’t write or produce any of her tracks, so if this album fails, she will have to find something else to do. She headed to all the collections hoping to pick up a cosmetics deal but it didn’t happen. She can hardly speak and her strange bajan/american accent won’t get her acting jobs.
    She’s got to put the girls out & make some money while she can or find a rich man that will put up with her needy/ insecure/ desperate personality.

  • Godot

    @okay: Exactly, that is all she did. Some of her fans seem to be trying to make her into some activisit when that remains to be seen. Agree with the person who said to wait and see what she does in the next year when she’s done promoting her album. That will show us if she’s truly taking a stand or just using the opportunity to sell her CD.

  • B-

    Now… Is it wise for her to pose topless and in a way which looks like she is defending herself from an abusive boyfriend? She looks like her boyfriend stripped her and is about to hit her.

    It’s not sexy.

  • doesn’tmakesense

    I don’t understand how she’s selling sex and her body if the majority of her fans are blatantly.. girls. it would be one thing if her fans were horny boys who only listen to her music because of her provocative album covers.. but it’s not.. and its not lesbian girls either.. well maybe some, but it’s mostly heterosexual girls. rihanna inspires confidence mostly, and yes there will always be sex . its always gonna be there . in pop culture and in the lives of the teenage girls who listen to rihanna. so stop being prude and get over it. go rihanna.

    oh and of course nobody is gonna call trey songz trashy or a whore when he just came out with a disgusting video filled with sex! he’s just ‘hot’! it’s all sexist. all his fans are GIRLS who like the way he LOOKS and thats why they listen to him. its exactly what you are wrongly accusing rihanna of.

  • http://justjared style1

    this is trashy and she has no class at all how nasty

  • luckie

    @doesn’tmakesense: How do you figure the majority of her fans are girls? Do you have a link to an article that did a statistical breakdown of her fan base or are you just assuming they’re mainly female?
    If the majority of her fan base was female, I don’t think she would use sexy to market herself like this. She must have a significant male fan base too.

  • karen

    ugly hoe who has no talent who bashed chris brown and lying about the incident i cnt wait until every1 hears the real story cause SHE LIED TO GET ALBUM SALES UP HER BEST FRIEND EVEN SAID ON TWITTER. she didnt leave she was wit him until the court said no is she high and it liaar she goes to chris’s siters house everyday if tats moving on plzzz….


  • karen

    ugly hoe who has no talent who bashed chris brown and lying about the incident i cnt wait until every1 hears the real story cause SHE LIED TO GET ALBUM SALES UP HER BEST FRIEND EVEN SAID ON TWITTER. she didnt leave she was wit him until the court said no is she high and it liaar she goes to chris’s siters house everyday if tats moving on plzzz….


  • Jeffers

    Rihanna is talented. She doesn’t have to dress like a skank to sell her albums. She should step up her game with her music not with her boobs.

  • ok

    ok so in order for people to decide whether they are going to support rihanna’s new album even if they don’t like it was to see rihanna speak out….. right…..i get it…… i’m just going to assumed these people are not retarded

  • Sophia

    Not sexy, not edgy…nothing appealing about it. She looks like a cheap hook*r waiting for her turn.

  • daadsada

    i find it amusing that after she goes on record to say she was embarassed, and didn’t want people looking at her etc. she bares herself-literally-to the world. the same world she wanted to stop paying attention to her and talking about her. you don’t dress the way she does after the assault (less clothing, more provocative) when you want to sort of hide away from everything. the way she’s been dressing, one would clearly assume that she WANTS attention. remember the pictures justjared had up here where she had a blazer and pasties? yeah, all that happened after the assault. she claimed this really bizarre fashion sense at that point, and to me it seems like a cry for attention, a cry for help perhaps?
    she looks like a prostitute, to be frank. and i’m not hating. i love rihanna and i think she’s absolutely stunning, but she just makes herself up in the tackiest way possible. get it together, girl!

  • SHopaholic22

    @asdf: actually she isnt showing her boobies, theyre covered with her arm lol

  • annie

    How does this girl expect anybody to respect her or even feel sorry for her over what happened to her, when she is always half naked and being provocative???
    Is showing her half naked body the only way to get any attention to her soon to be released new cd?
    My granny always used to say..”the less talent, the lesser the clothing..”
    Sure does applies to this one here.
    So she thinks she can be a good role model for young women who are being abused by their boyfriends?
    Honey, you are here to entertain.
    A role model you shall never be, there are real women who have actually achieved things in life.
    A 21 yr old or whatever her age is who’s biggest achievement is a few number one hits shall never be a role model.

  • bekkah

    i kinda get this cover …… the way shes naked and trying to cover her self and block the light to me means that she feels exposed probably because of eveything that happened……you know i got respect for her being so strong after everything. Hope she can overcome this..

  • Macoy

    What is so “trashy” about this cover. She isn’t showing he legs at all and everything is pretty much covered up? Oh my I can see the side of her breast under her elbow! What should she be dressed like a nun? Come on people. And so what if she is using this to promote her album, she is the victim let her make some publicity off of this, she got the ^*%( beat out of her. Anybody talking about Chris Brown has a single the is #16 in the charts right now, he should be sitting under the jail. I think Rihanna is dealing with this the best she can

  • daisy

    i think rihanna is cool and all..i like her style at times and i like her music ( when it isnt live) but with an album cover like this, WHO IS SHE APPEALING TO?

  • barron797

    The thing that stood out the most in the 20/20 interview is that she is inarticulate. She sounds very uneducated.

  • anna

    for someone speaking out the way she is -this cover speaks words.

  • twitter

    @SHopaholic22: Not true. She’s covering the nipple/areola area but you cand still see the upper part and even a bit of side of her breasts. If she went out like that, she’d be arrested.

    In a way I can’t blame her. Her vocals are weak so she brings out the breasts. Anything to sell records I guess.

  • James

    @Macoy: She’s had TONS of publicity and she’s taken advantage of it with the daily photo-ops. Apparently that did not work well enough cause now she’s going with the sex/provocateur stuff. Agree, Madonna and Gaga did the topless poses but Rihanna shouldn’t have done the victim pose. It undermines the message of her being a woman taking control of her life.