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Violet Affleck's Pants: Rainbow Bright

Violet Affleck's Pants: Rainbow Bright

Jennifer Garner has a girls day out with daughters Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 10 months, at a park in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (November 7).

Violet was also seen swinging herself from the arms of her mom and one of Jen‘s female friends. Jen and Violet even wore matching blue hoodies!

Yesterday, Violet (sans parents) was seen feeding some ducks at a park pond in Brentwood, Calif.

20+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s rainbow bright pants…

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violet affleck pants rainbow bright 01
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 02
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 03
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 04
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 05
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 06
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 07
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 08
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 09
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 10
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 11
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 12
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 13
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 14
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 15
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 16
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 17
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 18
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 19
violet affleck pants rainbow bright 20

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  • Jill

    Cute little thing. Always smiley. :-)

  • Peach

    Does anyone ever wonder if the Afflecks have a yard at their home? If you wanted to keep your children out of the public’s eyes – why would you bring them to a public park. Couldn’t they have play dates at home?

    Or is it because there are no paps at home?

  • Liz86000

    Dear Peach (or stupid), even celebrities have the right to go out!

    With that said, this is really a great mom here! And two very happy & normal little girls.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    aww Violet and Seraphina are so cute i love this family

  • s.i

    Violet and Sera are two cute little baby girls and Jennifer is veeeery pretty, and blue suits her so well.

  • Ben-Affleck-SUCKS!!!

    O! Jennifer and the little cute girls look just awesome! What a beautiful family (not including father of course, he sucks!)!!!!! I like that Seraphina smiles, Violet looks just so happy and I like Jen’s jacket!!!! Thats all for now! ^.^

  • coco

    Ben Affleck does suck. Where the hell is he that he can’t ever ever go out with his wife and kids to the park? Unbelievable. I hope they are not having problems. But it seems like they are because he is rarely with them.

  • **JAMIE**

    ahhh so cute!

    i really love jen and don’t understand why people bash on her all the time?

  • Too Many Idiots on this Site

    Boy have you two been living under a rock! He is busy at work to support his family, in Boston finishing up the last of the movie he is directing,writing, producing AND acting in! Its not like he doesnt have an excuse! He’s in boston

  • lovey

    that little girl is so adorable…cute little face :)

  • mayo


  • coco

    @Too Many Idiots on this Site: No one works 24 / 7 its bullshits!

  • Grey

    Poor baby Seraphina, a female Ben Affleck look a like is not a pretty sight.

  • Grey

    Peach, Jennifer lives on a big azz estate with it’s own park for the kids, swimming pool, tree house, swings, trampoline it’s not like her children are playing with other children at the park so Jennifer must need to take them to the part because there are no paps at home. She needs to keep up her exposure up in the press because her career is nothing to talk about.

  • Gina

    oh my god i LOVE jennifer garner! <3

  • sara




  • xxx

    Media wh*re.

  • annab

    @ Sara…..I agree with you…they have everything they could ever need. It’s all for attention and showing us “average” people what we don’t have. I do like Jennifer otherwise.

  • Two

    They’re human beings and have a right to enjoy things like a public park, #2.

    Right, #3.

    He’s busy directing and starring in a movie, #7.

    How can you say something like that, #13?

  • natasha

    To all those who are saying that celebrities shouldn’t go to the public places with their kids: so, they should stay in their houses for the rest of their life just because they are famous?
    I love Jennifer, she seems like good mother and down to earth person, something I can’t say about another mom who is often pictured with her girl.

  • lakers fan in boston

    they look so cute, playing and having a great time
    jennifer is a terrific mom

  • plez

    They go to the park for the same reason they walk to get coffee when in Boston. Because they are attention whores.

  • CJ

    I can’t believe Ben Affleck is missing this. How come they didn’t stay in Boston longer?

  • Tazina

    I would hate if people told me I had to stay in my back yard with my kids. She has the right to go wherever she pleases, whenever she wants. It is not up to anyone else to say she should stay in her back yard.

  • goop

    The wear and tear of being married to a controlfreak with 2 kids is catching up with her but then again she’s quite the controlfreak too and it shows in her death stares. You can tell she looks drained in that one pic…Celebrity is not what its cracked up to be. You just know Ben and Blake are a hot item. He has the power, fame and money to get any young woman to kneel before him. Jen on the otherhand doesn’t hold that kind of power in a male dominated field like Hollywood…Without Ben, she’s toast.


    OKAAAAAAAAAYYYY PEOPLE. if she was such an “attention wh***”

    (1) she’d actually put some freakin makeup on
    (2) there would be no pics of her with like a blankish face (see the one where she’s standing by her car)
    (3) she wouldn’t be wearing a hoodie and sneakers

    CALM THE FREAK DOWN! if she wants to take the kids to another freakin park, just shuttap and let her

  • missme

    They are two of the cutest little girls ever!

  • shamrock


    Rumors and gossip are all that you declare dear Goop. You should really find others to gossip about in your real world if need be. At least, make note that Jen and Ben do have two beautiful children together and need their parents.

    Also, before Jen married Ben, she was extremely private with her partners such as Scott Foley and Michael Vartan. Do you think for the sake of the children and her sanity, she changed her tune after marrying Mr. Affleck? Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I would say, NO!!! The papz and public eye find some sort of mystery or need for ugliness in two FAMOUS actors life being together and the desire to break them apart. For example, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were the PERFECT HOLLYWOOD family, and then it was destroyed in some fashion or another. The tragedy is, the two beautiful children are the most effected in these situations.

    Please leave Jen and Ben alone and wish them happiness and health~

    Good Luck to Benjamino on his film*
    Adorable little girls they have created together!!!

  • AutumnM

    Cute kids!

  • goop

    You’re kidding right Shamrock….
    Rumor has it Scott and Ben are both gay in Hollywood. Your Dear Jen is nothing but a beard who probably has more than just a friendship with lovely Reese! Afterall, rumor has it Reese’s man doesn’t fall far from Scott and Ben’s tree either…So take that for all that I declare…touche! Love me some goop!

  • coco

    @UM OKAY: She is an attention whor^e that’s why everyone wore blue hoodies to coordinate for the paps. Jen does not wear makeup because she is lazy. “Let’s all wear the same thing for pap pics – smile!!!”

  • funnymunny

    goop – you are one dumb bimbo.:)

    thanks for the laughs, though

  • Emma

    She needs to be seen at the park with her kids every week because that is her image and she needs to keep herself in the press. It’s normal that she would sometimes takes her kids to the park regardless of how rich and big her mansion is but she is there every week and so are the paparazzi. This woman seeks and loves the attention she gets just look at the pictures of her smiling and waving to the paparazzi.

  • shamrock


    I will give you ONE thing dear Goop, you are very entertaining with the stories. As funnymunny mentioned, thanks for the laughs. We appreciate it on our Saturday evening amongst JJ internet.

    I must find some new hobbies soon. Seriously, I’m only here for Ben.

    Can’t wait til Matty and Benny make a film together. Now, that is entertainment peeps~

  • ellie’

    There so adorable.. I just love this family.. How cute Violet always smiles..

  • vvv

    they are cute what sad is she is almost 4 and still in diapers

  • AGA

    #36 What diapers???Her butt looks small in the leggings,no sign of diapers!!!
    And GOOP-Stop spreading laughable gossip as fact,that you beleive to be true,you prob just read it on another gossip site and have accepted it as fact!!!
    Also GOOP-I suppose the fact that Scott’s girlfriend is PREGNANT is also some sort of cover as well-Get a grip,if you don’t like a celeb,fair enough,but stop spreading laughable BS-you are embarrassing yourself LMAO!!!!!!

  • WWW

    GOOP-you are disgusting! There are pics of two happy little girls and you turn it into-There parents are GAY and then bring Reese&Jake,and Scott Foley into it as well????Are you on meds???? Does the fact that Scott’s GF is preggers make any difference or are you stuck on auto-pilot and can’t see past anything once you have read it on some nasty site?

  • Shawna

    The pictures where Sera is smiling at Violet are so adorable! Jennifer Garner is the best celeb mom, that’s for sure. Her kids are normal, healthy and happy. And no, it is not attention whoring to leave your house. She has every right to go out and about just like any other person does. You can tell in the picture where she is by her car that she is not happy that the paps are taking her picture. At least she bases where she goes on what is fun for her kids, not on what she wants to do (like shopping 24/7).

  • Pippi

    Idle gossip is one thing, making stupid comments in the interest of public figures without any proof to back up the foolishness is pathetic. The problem is some of you have been watching too much reality TV and your thought process has been seriously affected. Famous celebs do not owe their lucritive careers to the internet blogs and tabloids they have agent and publicist for that.

    To say that appearing on a website guarantees any celeb work is insane. For the love of God, stop the insanity.

    Why can’t we just view the pics for what they are and either make a logical and rational comment and move on? Why subject yourself to something that you find offensive? How is going to the park hurting you or anyone else. That is why the parks are calle PUBLIC. Do you feel superior when you fabricate stories about these people? Are you trying to impress someone with your so called first hand knowledge? The truth is you don’t have a clue about what goes on in their lives. Pretending that you do only makes you look well, CRAZY.

    Why spoil it for those of us who actually enjoying see celebs in candid shots hanging out with their kids like the rest of us. That’s the purpose of these sites is to allow us that want to catch glimpses of how they llive in their personal and private lives.

    Without these pics I would not be able to see Jen and her beautiful kids at play. Thanks JJ you did good.

  • lisa

    I have to agree with people that it looks like she call the paps

  • Killraw

    Jen = skin and bones w/horse face

  • anja

    Is something wrong with Seraphina? She looks strange.
    And where do they find such ugly clothes, with so much money why don’t they dress these girls better?

  • blue

    cutie! cutie! sisters. fresh air blue sky sunshine, those makes healthy body and healthy mind. children needs to go out for fresh air and sunshine. adult people needs outside of fresh air even president. grow up who have common sense is more important than grow up as celeb. don’t you think so? and jen seems succeeded even there are people who said their opinion to her. i hope these three mother and two daughters happiness. winter soon comes so i hope their healthy mind and healthy body too.

  • tt

    shes getting to be tori spelling stck thin she was fine with a little post pregnancy weight,what is with these celeberties and having to look anorexic

  • lizzie

    Maybe that Jen and the kids going out to the parks like a normal family is also good for Ben’s plan to make it into politics… They wanna show they look like the rest of America. Think about it…

  • elle

    seraphina is so adorable

  • Ben-Affleck-SUCKS!!!

    @Too Many Idiots on this Site: Come on!!! Everybody work not just Ben Suckflfleck! I bet Sera doesnt even know who her dad is, has he ever hold her???? I agree with coco…Jen is a great mother, which is good for her (fatherless like) kids…

  • Say it like it is

    It is legal and sane to go to the park in your neighborhood.
    Her kids look noraml. They are dressed normal . I think she is anormal mom.

  • kj

    Kind of funny how in one post you say he is hooking up with Blake, then someone defends Jen, In the next post you say Ben is gay and that Jen is just a beard? So which is it. I think you just hate Jen and will say anything and everything hateful about her and Ben. Pathetic loser!!!