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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: STK Dinner Date

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: STK Dinner Date

Chad Michael Murray and his girlfriend Kenzie Dalton have a romantic dinner date at STK restaurant in West Hollywood on Saturday night (November 7).

This past Wednesday was a Dawson’s Creek reunion at the Paley Center with cast and crew including actors Busy Philipps and James Van Der Beek.

James says Chad used to have a major attitude problem. “He’s come a long way since then,” James said. Busy, on the other hand, wasn’t as shy about her feelings for Chad. She shared, “Listen, I don’t care about burning bridges with CMM! It’s no secret that I don’t like him.”

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Eww

    Chad and Kenzie can both go f*ck themselves.

  • alex

    who cares about these two, they are boring as hell!!! Chad has no carrer anymore. JJ you should post the pic of Austin and Sophia from yesterday morning.

  • hil

    LOL, I love Busy Phillips <3

    Chad’s ‘girlfriend’? I though she was his fiance? :P
    Hah, I can’t believe Chad is still with this loser.

    And I agree with Alex, you should post the Austin and Sophia video from yesterday!! Those two are soo much better than Chad and his teenage bride from hell.

  • Margaux

    Who cares ? Like Alex said Chad has no carrer anymore just because he thought that he was better than OTH, Busy is right he is just a douche.
    It’s been a month since we got pictures of them and they just go to STK because they know that paparazzi will be there ….

  • Shakaiya

    I’ve disliked Chad since him and Sophia Bush divorced.

  • jen

    omg they are using each other again they are such a losers!!!lol

  • Josie

    Chad and Kenzie are a cute couple. Love them both.

  • mare

    No one likes him. He is full of himself. He probably called the Paps

  • mare

    No one likes him. He is full of himself. He probably called the Paps

  • Shae

    She told it like it is and doesn’t give 2 sh*ts what CMM or anyone else thinks.
    Chad is a major douche bag and his fiance who literally looks as if she’s barely 12, is a self-absorbed little b*tch.
    She’s been using her stupid blog since day 1 to try and get people to fall in her love with her but most people(the sane ones) know how FAKE she really is.
    I can’t believe some people actually humor her. How does it feel when she says one thing and does another???
    Take that whole “I will never be personal again. Thats no t like me” speech.
    And two days later she posts private pics of her sister and then of herself and Chad all over her stupid blog.
    Not only does she make herself and Chad look dumb, but she makes those losers who read her blog looks dumb as well.

  • janet


    Sorry, I think you are reading her blog as well.
    I am the person who does not know her blog and never will.

  • niki

    I love Chad! Great to see pics. of him on JJ., as for Busy Phillips well that woman spent most of her time DRUNK as the interview said in Wilmington, so I could care less what that washed up actress said of him.

  • Shae

    I’ve gone on her blog ONCE just to see what the f*ck it was about. Do I follow her? No. Because I don’t give a sh*t about her. The reason I know what she writes and does on her ridiculous blog is because I’ve seen people make fun of her in other places that I go and visit.
    I mean can you really blame them for thinking she’s a total nutcase??

  • niki

    Also, I don’t get why people said he called the paps, has it not been clear that at STK have their own photographers that are paid to take pictures of peole who go there. DUH.

  • lol

    Poor Chad!You are so pathetic……….

  • Kelly

    Uhhhh. I think you have your information wrong.
    Busy Philipps is not a washed up actress. She is currently an actress on the show “Cougar Town” which airs on ABC every week. Her fan base also continues to grow more and more every week. She’s a great actress and who speaks her mind. So don’t bother tearing her down because A)unlike CMM, she actually has a job. B) Just because she hates your idol, doesn’t mean she’s done or said anything wrong. And C) Busy is the Godmother to Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams daughter. If she was so unstable, they wouldn’t have chosen her as Matilda’s Godmother.

  • Ashley

    As long as Chad is with Kenzie he will have NO career!

  • sophie

    Couldn´t wait to see pictures of them again. Both are really nice people.
    I hope Chad will come back on screen very soon.

  • susan

    Chad is damn good-looking.

  • julia

    Chad and Kenzie are still together? I am glad to know that Chad&Kenzie are happy.

  • Len

    You know how some men get better looking with age??
    Well thats definitely NOT the case with CMM.
    If anything, he’s getting uglier and uglier with age.
    Plus, he looks like helll just washed over in these pictures.
    Can a guy look anymore miserable?

  • Colleen

    Chad looks like crap.
    Here is a fact for you:
    Busy Phillips was part of the writing team for Blades of Glory. Wherein Will Ferrell’s absolutely ridiculously pretentious and douchey character was named Chazz Michael Michaels. She isn’t the only person who believes his is a douche most of Hollywood does too.

  • Crystal

    Haha they went out looking for attention after Busy’s comment was posted everywhere. Looks like it backfired again. Douche and Douchess.

  • Ali

    What a f’kn ugly mug. Too bad he wasn’t allowed to take Kenzie to her high school prom because he was too old. DOUCHE.

  • lol

    OMG, this girl has no style whatsoever. Who pairs a grey blazer, with ripped leggins, and a white tanktop!

  • Robin

    The defenders are hiding hoping the truth about his doucheyness goes to the second page quickly. Ha never the truth is out there forever.

  • Lee

    Go Busy! Go Busy! Tell us more. Expose his creepy ass.

  • Jules

    No style, no money. Chad she is using you. Chad you need all the help you can get dump this blonde.

  • Shannon

    Busy Phillips was part of the writing team for Blades of Glory. Wherein Will Ferrell’s absolutely ridiculously pretentious and douchey character was named Chazz Michael Michaels. She isn’t the only person who believes his is a douche most of Hollywood does too.

    OMG this is too much. What the hell are you really like Chad. It must be worse than we can imagine.

  • Pat

    If Chad could have keep it in his pants he might have a better career then always thinking with his thing.

  • kendall

    THey look pathetic !! I guess he realized people began to forget about him since he’s not doing anything at the time so his precious golddigger fiancee gave him the idea to go to STK to be phtographed . As someone said there are always photographers there so !

  • Sarah

    The paps are always there. He is STARVED for attention. What douche isn’t.

  • ew

    attention whores. shame on you. cant believe sophia actually fell in love with this dude.

  • Elaine

    Chad =Loser

  • funderpants

    I’ve loved Busy Phillips since F&G, she’s a great, hilarious actress and apparently an astute judge of character. CMM is the douchiest of the douchey, forever and ever, amen.

  • pup

    what a tool. Glad OTH fired his ass.

  • Meg


  • Kay

    Chad is as famous as the deli guy down the street.

  • jen

    I love Busy Phillips even more for her comment. You can tell by just looking at him how arrogant he is. I’m glad he’s not on OTH anymore because he ruined the show for me these past couple of seasons. And its so nice to see how much “work” he’s getting since he left the show that he thought he was so much better than. hahaha

  • Tess

    Oh yeah you are such the BIG MOVIE STAR CM. I guess you are cutting people off your gravy train. K get a job and stop shopping. Chadders must be feeling more insecure then ever.

  • Ulla

    Loser, douche Chad.

  • cutiepie32

    I dont even remember him ever being on “The Creek’, but then again I never liked this guy. He does come off as a total self-obesessed douche. I remember when he was married and every interview he did he always mentioned how his wife thought he was the hottest looking guy, his wife thought he was the funniest, his wife thought he was talented, his wife this, his wife that. What a pathetic loser.

  • cutiepie32

    Oh yeah, and I really like Busy. She’s funny AND smart. Also unlike 99% of hollywood she is not a size 0.

  • Penelope

    Chad has no carrer anymore just because he thought that he was better than OTH.
    Love you Busy

  • Jessica Flowers

    Busy is a big girl. I’m surprised she gets acting jobs.

  • Kelly

    If Chad’s career is no more like you people say than why do people like JJ and others still keep tabs on him? Obviously he hold some interest to people like his fans, and it sucks that people come on here to just bash and leave, do people have nothing better to do than sit at a computer and make jugmental comments. Please haters just GTFO.

  • Anna

    Oh please. Chad sucks. the reason he is on here is because OTH fans post so much and it makes advertising dollars for JJ. Busy di dhim a favor. That caused him to get some attention. Chad is a douche loser and little K strutting her fake boobs.

  • Juilieasm

    So Nice to see them out and about together and that they still look like a happy couple after so long together hasent it been 3 or 4 years now.

    Still looking forwars to what Chad does next and Kenzies Blog is really good wish i had her fashion sence xx

  • Laurie


    Agreed. Chad looks miserable and old now. I’d rather watch the new kids of Hollywood than him because he’s not getting anymore appealing with age!

  • Debbie

    LOL. Thats the funniest thing I’ve heard today.
    You do realize that Kenzie’s blog is full of lies right??
    A lot of the so-called fashion advice she posts on her blog comes straight from various fashion magazines and online fashion websites that she puts together and tries to pull off as her “own” advice. The girl is a fraud.
    So if you really want good fashion sense….I suggest you subscribe to a few fashion magazines who actually know what they’re talking about and come up with there own stuff unlike Kenzie, who uses other people’s advice and tries to pass it off as her own.