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Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Breeders' Cup Couple

Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Breeders' Cup Couple

Supernatural stud Jensen Ackles and his girlfriend, One Tree Hill actress Danneel Harris, come out to watch the horses race at the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships at Santa Anita Park on Saturday (November 7) in Los Angeles.

Jensen, 31, and Dannell, 30, were accompanied by Star Trek star John Cho and his Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay co-star Rachael Harris. Also in attendance: Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers and Nip/Tuck‘s Julian McMahon (not pictured).

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Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • ali

    omg what is wrong with this site her name is danneel harris not rachael harris or dannell

  • Brooke

    WTF is this OTH day on JJ. Must be slow.

  • danny

    i wish every day was one tree hill day!

  • j

    nooo jensens mine ):

  • Anon.

    I know two girls who grew up with Danneel and from everything I’ve gathered from them, she is in the relationship with Jensen for all the wrong reasons.
    Jensen is a sweet guy, so I hope she doesn’t end up hurting him.
    It does help explain why some people don’t like Danneel though.

  • lacey

    omg u jealous girls are so funny just make up the most random pathetic stories about celebs i feel sorry for u get a life

  • Liliana

    OMG. What is wrong with you? Racheal Harris is a different actress who was also there (3rd picture). It’s written very clearly, so you should’t have thought this is a mistake in Danneel’s name. “Dannell” is a typo but in the title and the first paragraph her name is written correctly.

  • lol

    3 posts about one tree hill ! In a ROW!!!

  • J

    Jensen & Danneel make a great couple, they look so cute together. I don’t get why people hate on Danneel just because she is in a relationship together. You get crazy fangirls acting so stupid and nasty towards her just because she in a relationship with someone they’ll never have a chance with, its so stupid. I’ve saw them together (at a convention twice) and you can tell how much they mean to each other :)

    Also Danneel costarred in Harold and Kumar not Rachel Harris, Rachel is the name of Danneel’s character in OTH!

  • april

    yeah but rachael harris wasn’t in harold and kumor danneel was this site did make a mistake and a typo

  • C

    I had no idea how much hate there was for Danneel Harris for daitng Jensen, I have watched Supernatural from the beginning but I was never aware of how hardcore the fandom was. lol I have been reading some stuff, and jeez, let the man be happy with whatever girl he wants, we arent ever going to have him so whats the point in bashing her.

  • april

    to j i agree my comment was reffering to #7

  • Superapple

    Aww, they look cute together. Some fangirls need to get a life.

  • mandy

    i love danneel to death i feel bad some people not likeing her and this isn’t the only site messing up her name she looks beautiful and skinny minny!

  • Kat

    Oh please no. Jensen Ackles and Daneel Harris are both awesome. Cant you just leave them alone and stick to writing about annoying people like Miley Cyrus and that girl from Twilight? Thanks. And also, for anyone that reads this they should know that there are a few girls who are “fans” of Jensen Ackles and spread rumours all over the internet about Daneel Harris, just cos theyre obsessive and creepy like that. So theyll probably be on here soon if they havent already posted. Just a warning.

  • freshmen

    i hope they make a nother harold and kumor movie with danneel in it those movies are so funny

  • freshmen

    @kat lol that’s so true

  • Annie

    So a horse race is a red carpet event now too??
    The Kentucky Derby i get and Ascot too but this.. hmm

  • julia

    Jensen is damn good-looking man.

  • hannah

    omg i was thinking the same thing they’re all dressed up to go to a horse race oh well they look cute btw jensen must be tall cause danneel is tall and is weraring high shoes that are cute lol:)

  • fake

    Fake boobs, fake b*tch.

  • elisa

    jensen i so hot love him, and daneel is a luky girl they look cute together

  • maria

    They look great together, ppl need to stop making sh** up. they r both talented and deserve to b left alone and happy :)
    JEnsen Is SOO DreamY. i am im Love WIth hIm!!!!

  • hannah

    hey look there is one of those jealous girls

  • Marie

    Aww, Jensen and Danneel look so sweet together. Such a beautiful couple!

  • Liliana


    I haven’t watched this film, so I didn’t pick up that mistake but the person pictured with John Cho really is Racheal Harris so this one is correct and I was replying to #1 who wrote this is a mistake in name. This “omg. what is wrong with you?” was a little sarcastic reference to this comment because I hate this all “omg, wtf” angry comments. Mistakes happens.

  • sammy

    everyone thinks danneel is lucky jensen is lucky too danneel is so beautiful and from what i’ve seen from interviews and behind the scenes oth stuff she seems funny and likeable idk anything about jensen but he’s cute so they’re both lucky! they seem happy and stable and wow they do not look 30 and 31 more like 23 or younger

  • Lol

    Since when is posing half naked for various magazines and playing the part of a wh*re in practically every role considered “talent”?
    Thats all Daneel Harris does and is good for.
    She is 30 years old but chooses to make herself look cheap and stupid.

  • S*

    OMG; I never know Jensen was dating her, surprise!!
    They look cute together
    He’s sooo handsome!! Lucky her!!

  • Kim

    Please DH is no saint. Give it a rest.

  • Jensen and his BEARD

    Oh look…….it’s Jensen and his BEARD.
    Everyone knows that Jensen is as GAY as glitter.
    Daneel is nothing but his BEARD.

  • Linda

    30. Hmmm I thought her forehead was looking too smooth.

  • rachel

    her role in one tree hill wasn’t just a wh**e i love the character rachel gatina i like her in season 3 the most very talented

  • lora

    it seems like every post is about someone being gay is the whole world turning gay why would they be together for so long if he was gay dosen’t make sense does it

  • Penelope

    I love Danneel and Jensen ,they look cute together.

  • Ryan

    Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis performed on X Factor tonight!

    Black Eyed Peas:
    Leona Lewis:

  • cutiepie32

    I thought John Cho was married. Why’s he there with that other woman?

  • cutiepie32

    I thought John Cho was married. Why’s he there with that other woman?

  • cutiepie32

    Sorry, dont know why that was posted twice.

  • derrien

    danneel your pretty but lookin too skinny here jensen give her a big mac asap lol

  • Paty

    Love them! Jensen and Danneel make a beautiful couple!

  • answer


    oh god, tell me more?
    why is she with him? for money? i mean, he is not that famous anyway…

  • wendy

    Yes please post more about Jensen, and all those fangirls hating on his girl, GET A LIFE!!!

  • Jessica Flowers

    I love the Harold and Kumar movies. Keep them coming. They are instant classics.

  • lou

    They are so gorgeous together. Why does there always have to be drama though? It might shock people but they could be going against the showbiz norm and actually just be your average, sweet couple.

  • Paulette

    Jensen is just hot, hot, hot and Danneel looks absolutely gorgeous. They make a super couple,simply beautiful. I’ve never met either of them but from what I’ve read they are wonderful, down to earth and grounded individuals. There’s no evidence to say otherwise…despite what some may imply about Danneel.

    I’m a Jensen fan first and foremost but Danneel has grown on me over the years. He’s a very lucky man. I wish them all the very best.


    I confess:

    I’m jealous cuz Jensen seems genteel guy
    amazing person inside ‘n out *-*

    God bless him ‘n who he luvs

  • Amber7


    Well said!
    Jensen and Danneel look great together… such a beautiful couple!

  • Liv

    Horseracing is such a crappy, inhumane sport. I feel bad for those horses. I can’t believe they roll out a “purple carpet” at such a horrible event.

  • WhoMe?

    Where is that psycho fangirl “Stephanie” claiming that she is really married to Jensen and these photos are fake? “Stephanie” is the ultimate internet loser.