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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Bakery Bunch

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Bakery Bunch

Katie Holmes and her smiley daughter Suri Cruise wearing matching Holmes & Yang as they stroll through Boston together on Friday (November 6) in Mass.

The mother-daughter pair was seen picking up a few items from an American Apparel store.

Today, Katie and Suri joined Tom Cruise at Boston’s North End and were later seen picking up some sweet treats at a bakery in East Boston.

25+ pictures inside of bakery bunch Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

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katie holmes suri cruise bakery 01
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 02
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 03
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 04
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 05
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 06
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 07
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 08
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 09
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 10
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 11
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 12
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 13
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 14
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 15
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 16
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 17
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 18
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 19
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 20
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 21
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 22
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 23
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 24
katie holmes suri cruise bakery 25

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  • a nazarene

    This woman is an offense to god.

  • a nazarene

    A prostitute

  • a nazarene

    a complete fame-whore

  • It’s november

    Suri isn’t wearing any socks but Katie has her winter boots on..?

  • http://deleted YUP

    Veruca Salt

  • Nay

    That little girl is the next Paris Hilton. I bet you any money!

  • marona

    That little girl is with a sleeveless summer pink dress and have not any coat on ???!! In november!?

  • eww


  • Katie is such a media-vvhore

    Another photo-OP. Dressed in red to be sure the paps won’t loose her in the crowd.

  • From an ex-scientologist

    From Marc Headley aka “blownforgood”

    Well, Tom needed a girl and between Dave Miscavige and him, they were not coming up with anything workable, so — time to bring in the expert. Greg Wilhere was brought in for this job again. He had done it before, he just needed to qualify the girl a bit better this time.

    It was agreed that they needed a foxy Scientologist that was on purpose, in ethics, yadda yadda blah blah. They set-up an audition unit at CC int that called in just about every Scientology actress anywhere under the sun, moon and stars. The “audition” was for a possible part in a Tom Cruise movie and several personal questions were asked about the person and what they thought of Tom, Scientology etc.

    Video tapes would get made daily of the auditions and sent up to Dave to review. This went on for weeks. Well, it turns out that no girl in Scientology was good enough for Tom. All auditions were rejected. They would need to fish outside the pond for this one.

    Plan B – Who do you want? This was the question Dave asked him. If you could have any girl, which one would you want? We will make her a Scientologist!

    Well Tom Cruise wanted one girl more than any other – Jennifer Garner.

    “How do we get to Jennifer Garner? Somebody who knows Jennifer? Good idea – who do we know that knows Jennifer? JJ Abrams!!! He does the Alias shows with her. Let’s have him do a project! We already have a director for the next Mission Impossible instalment, damn! I’ve got it, we will fire the current director that is contracted to do the movie and get JJ on board. Once JJ is on board we will get Jennifer on board and that’s it -we have her!”

    So once JJ Abrams is on board, Tom finds out from JJ that Jennifer Garner has a big thing for tigers. Tom figures this is a sure way to get her. What does he do, he buys here a freakin’ tiger. Not a tiger skin, not a tiger stuffed animal toy, a real live freakin’ TIGER in a cage and all.

    Jennifer is so freaked out that she thinks Tom is nuts! Turns out the tiger was not the best idea.
    Who is next on the wish list? Scarlett Johansson!

    We all know about that story. One meeting at CC Int and she was history.

    Awesome factoid: Scarlett did not star in MI:3 because she was shooting another movie – The Island – which just happened to star the same actor that supposedly boned down on Tom’s last wife! Karma baby! Damn that dude is out to get Tom!
    Okay, Greg Wilhere is now flying back and forth between LA and New York interviewing actresses and trying to get Tom some tail. Somehow Katie Holmes ends up on the list and the rest is history.

    Now hear is the part that baffles all logic and only Tom, Katie and Tom’s lawyer know the truth behind this. If Tom cannot have kids with Mimi Rogers who now has two kids from a latter marriage, and Tom cannot have kids with Nicole whose pregnancy was reason for their divorce, then how does he manage to get Katie Holmes pregnant 2 hours into their relationship?????

    Maybe the kid that Nicole was carrying was Tom’s!!! But she was really sleeping around and could not deny it. Either way, all the stress killed the baby and we will never know.

    So that brings us to the current situation. Is Nicole up in arms because the kids are basically turning into Scientologists anyway. What does she have to lose?

    And where the hell did Suri come from? That is a damn good question.

    Marc Headley aka “blownforgood”

  • Marc Headley aka “blownforgood

    New book Blown for Good reveals details inside Scientology headquarters
    Thursday, November 5, 2009

  • boo

    The woman with Katie and Suri MUST be Tom’s sister. She looks just like him.

  • myriam

    Why do you keep posting about them JJ? Suri is very cute (although maybe autistic) but I prefer pics of Mathilda or any other kids. Suri gives me the creep… I don’t know, there’s something about her which is creeping me out…

  • SURI!


  • mona

    How can Katie stands Tom’s sisters and mother all the time ,are they don’t have a life at all they are always with him. the one who hold Suri’s hand is tom’s sister .since he started shooting his film and they all around him .I don’t think that happen with Nicole.

  • Rev. Manuelito S. C.

    Katie Holmes sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune.


  • Michelle

    I have to say I take back some of the things I’ve said previously. My friend and I saw them three times today, including shopping right next to Katie in Madewell. Both seemed very sweet and normal. Katie is actually very attentive to Suri, yet she doesn’t let her do whatever she wants. She was very stern the few times I saw her chide Suri.

    They actually blend in quite well; a lot of people didn’t recognize them until after the fact.

  • to #17

    It’s easy to say anything on the internet, isn’t it?

  • catherine

    Suri doesn’t look like Tom at all. She is cute though. But IMO Tom Cruise is not her biological father. Maybe Joshua Jackson?

  • Drew

    How come it is 50 degrees out and this little girl has no socks on.

  • Michelle

    @to #17: What’s that supposed to mean?

  • Lily

    I also don’t believe Suri is Tom’s baby but Katie accepted Tom because the other guy wasn’t going to step up.
    It’s laughable the way they try to get suri in the media everyday. Tom seems like some crazy freak. I believe Suri will be the next Paris Hilton to. They are not going to be able to control her once she get older. You can tell Suri don’t get along with the other two adopted kids.

  • lizzie

    Why would a little girl has to folow the trends!? Red is trendy this fall !

  • Not Impressed by JA

    catherine @ 11/08/2009 at 3:05 am Suri doesn’t look like Tom at all. She is cute though. But IMO Tom Cruise is not her biological father. Maybe Joshua Jackson?

    Chris Klein, the guy she dumped one month after going out with Tom (who supposedly chose her after Scarlett Johansson refused his proposition) is supposedly the biological father of Suri.
    Note that 25 years ago when Tom was married to Mimi Rogers, 10 years older he claimed first that she couldn’t have children and that’s why he went to Nicole. Reports and Mimi were saying that during the ‘Days of Thunder’, Tom and Nicole, 21 had an affair and Tom dumped Mimi to marry Nicole but used the ‘she is the one who is barren’ excuse to justify it.
    It was one of those nasty post divorce campaign around the ‘who is barren ?’ theme. Eventually Mimi remarried and…got pregnant while Tom and Nicole adopted and again, reports were saying that Tom was never able to procreate.
    I remembered Mimi taking her revenge saying that Tom knows very well that he is the one who can’t conceive after all the medical tests and trials they had undergone during thgeir marraige to have a baby and that he only used that excuse to hide his affair.
    It was a known fact that he couldn’t have children. When Nicole got pregnant when he dumped her for Peneloppe Cruz he refused to po see her at the hospital saying that he was sure that she was lying and that there were no way that he was the father. At the time i was already thinking that it was a way confirming that he couldn’t be the father cause he couldn’t conceive.
    Here is Chris Klein picture….note the resemblance.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    And another rumor

    Chris Klein’s Friends Claim He’s Suri’s Dad
    January 25, 2008 by leora
    A friend of Chris Klein (Katie Holmes’ ex boyfriend) claims that Katie was pregnant when they broke up. Could the rumors that a lot of you readers have written about be true?

    “We were having dinner at Cafeteria, a restaurant in NY’s Chelsea district, when Chris blurted out ‘Dude, you know I got Katie preggers,’” says the source. “There was a long silence. I realized Chris had said more than he intended. My next thought was: What happened to the baby.”

    I am not sure but tend to believe that Suri isn’t Tom’s biological daughter based on Tom past where at some point he even admitted that he couldn’t fathered.
    It’s not our business BUT i know that a child, any child in that situation will someday ask some questions and will do his own research and if it happens that Tom isn’t the biological father of Suri and that when she asked those questions, they deliberatly lied to her, i hope she will be emotionally strong enough to move over the lie related to her history cause nobody should be lied to about one’s conception.

  • dido

    suri is so cute and she looks like tom especially in the eyes and ı see the resemlence clearly so ı can’ t understand why people is so ugly and have bad mouth about them

  • barbie

    I really don’t get the huge number of unkind comments on this little girl and her family. Suri looks happy and is being held by her Mom and her Aunt. She looks well protected agains the cold; she is hardly shivering. If she was, that would be very obvious, and with millions of paparazzi shots a second, that would be captured. It’s not exactly THAT cold (Katie has a low-necked top without a scarf). About her birth father, Chris Klein PUBLICLY denied that Suri was his daughter and said that was not possible because there was no physical relationship between Katie and him…yeah, the guy might have lied, but I don’t see the resemblance between him and Suri.

  • leto

    our daily suri give to us. i can’t help myself, this little girl is strange.only my p o v.

  • **JAMIE**


  • Alexis

    Maybe L Ron Hubbard is the baby daddy.

  • elle

    they look so cute when they match! suri is obviously in good hands, it’s not freezing or anything. when kids are active and jumping around it’s too hot for them to have a big coat on. i know lots of little kids who are just more tolerant of the cold… suri is obviously one of those kids. no intelligent parent would ever underdress their kid on puropse.

  • p c


    PS moderators,what the HELL are you doing? please keep deleting hatefull comments towards this little girl for example:

    number2: ”A prostiute”


    get on the job please NOW MODERATORS!!!!!!!!!!

  • p c


    PS moderators,what the HELL are you doing? please keep deleting hatefull comments towards this little girl for example:

    number2: ”A prostiute”


    get on the job please NOW MODERATORS!!!!!!!!!!

  • K

    A coat,no heels,no bottle.OMG Katie must read an awful lot of blogs.

  • david

    Katie is the cashcow, golddigger. Suri is obvioulsy in training to follow in her moms footsteps.

    I wonder how much Suri’s bio dad got paid to keep his mouth shut?

    Katie looks like a baglady in these photos (as usual). Does she even care what she looks like anymore?

  • Say it like it is

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#24,25, that is something wild. Wild story by the ex sciencefictiontolay member who is writing the book.
    Is it true? False? Half-true?
    We’ll never know.
    WHAT DO WE KNOW? Human nature always comes to.
    Tom and Nic, boy he was publically crazy in love with Nic.
    They suddendly divorced. Quick,fast,and in a hurry.People were shocked. She was pregnant. You are divorcing your pregnant wife?????
    Odd. Human nature…remember Tom said,”Nic knows why.”
    Wish we knew why.
    They divorced. Tom and his sister has the kids.Isabella and Connor are home schooled by Tom’s sister. Nic doesn’t see them much. The kids don’t live with her. No joint custody. She sees them more now since time has moved on. If they had joint custody,great!!
    Ifhe had custody and Nic got to see them,take them whenever,great, but it was not like that.
    Tom and Nic have made new lives,families. Nic gets to see the kids more of them now.
    Nic never became a sciencefictiontology cult member.
    Kaite went full force.
    Her shopping is legendary. She is well compensated.
    Human nature-with all of that money,all of those designer clothes, why does she always look like crap. Sad. Dishelved.
    Maybe even with all, she is sad.
    She has not been acting in Oscar winners since marrying Tom. She nor Tom really have not been in good roles,etc.
    He is making another movie. She had a good run in the Broadway play.

    Suri is a cute child like any other like the cutiepootitooties Harlow,Nayla, Honor(JessicaAlba’s),Sereaphina and her sister
    ( Jennifer Garner’s), Matilda(Ledger) Seal and Heidi’s kids, but Suri stands out!
    Why? Because she is never dressed properly. She is, of course,never seen wearing the same clothes. She drinks out of a bottle still at 3 and wears diapers. Her hair is never done. She is never with other kids. Her mom is always carrying a secuirty blanket,doll,and whatever items Suri request. odd.

    Fame is fleetingeven forthe very famous.Nicole Kidman’scareer was good with Tom and has been on upswing after Tom. Keith Urban is super hot.
    Tom ‘s career was super hot. Now,it is cold. Katie never caught a spark.

  • Nina

    no sox AGAIN..mean people these Scientologists

  • sammy

    @From an ex-scientologist: VERY INTERESTINING………if it’s all true. Could be!!! I didnt know he had a thing for garner and johannsen. i thought he wanted kate bosworth and she wasnt avail…..

  • sammy

    @Lily: Oh pleez.!! surie looks just like tom and katie. Now this is where the propaganda STOPS!!!

  • Say it like it is

    Also,the pix are from the same day. She has two different dresses on. .Same style.Flats.No support.No Osh’ Kosh’ Bgosh!
    I know her clothes are desinger,but they are plain, cheap looking and not kid like. Jennifer Garner’s little girlis in clothes,cutesy,playful,that looks like Granimals or Sears.
    She needs proper clothes.

  • Annie

    Boring freaks. And that kid looks just like Chris Klein, NOT Crazy Titty man cruise.

  • NUTS!

    Bakery bunch? More like CRAZY bunch! And can’t the woman ONCE wear something descent??

  • dippitydo

    poor little rich autistic brat

  • CJ

    How come Katie Holmes is wearing the same outfit and Suri isn’t? Katie Holmes wore the same thing on Friday and Saturday??!!


    Katie slept around a lot. In just a couple of weeks, we learned through the media that she was screwing Josh H., Chris K., and I believe I heard a couple of other names. I don’t think Cruise is one of them because we all know he likes men for his partner.


    Suri’s father could be anyone except Tom Cruise.

  • Suri is really stimming

    They’ve got to stop this circus! Get Suri help!

  • Suri is really stimming

    Dave Miscavige is Bella’s bio-dad

  • Catalina

    catherine @ 11/08/2009 at 3:05 am Suri doesn’t look like Tom at all. She is cute though. But IMO Tom Cruise is not her biological father. Maybe Joshua Jackson?


    I was thinking Chris Klein. There is a big resemblance there.

  • Flo

    I do not care who fathered it, what I want to know is why does it never have approriate clothing for the weather, where are its socks?
    I do not believe a 3 year old should have a bottle , wear heels or be choosing its own clothes,if f is is cold enough for sweaters and leggings, put socks on it.