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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hit Masquerade Ball

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hit Masquerade Ball

Sophia Bush and One Tree Hill co-star (and boyfriend) Austin Nichols visit a friend’s house in West Hollywood on Saturday (November 7).

Last weekend, the couple was spotted at a Halloween masquerade ball in Mafta, Texas as hosted by The Art of Elysium, Gilt Groupe, and Interview Magazine.

Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, enjoyed performances by Heloise and the Savoir Faire, a DJ set by Elijah Wood, and masks by designers like Catherine Malandrino and Rodarte.

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sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 01
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 02
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 03
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 04
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 05
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 06
sophia bush austin nichols masquerade 07

Credit: Christopher Bollen, Patrick Milani; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Ashley

    They make such a cute couple!

  • Cooh

    wow jared,you posted chad and fake barbie and now austin and sophia :))
    they look good toghether,I hope they will be topghether for a long time

  • Terri

    Art of Elysium is the charity Sophia does volunteer work for. She visits hospitals and works with the children. I hope you can get photos of that JJ. Good for her bringing Austin along. Austin is getting exposure because of Sophia. Austin is also tagging along on her USO tour during Thanksgiving. I hope he is a good guy.

  • Dani

    Sophia is awesome.

  • alex

    They are amazing, thanks JJ

  • Cindy

    She was actually married to the Douche CMM. It must be so embarrassing. Thank god she left his douche ass behind and quickly too.

  • Apple

    They look amazing ! Thks for the photos JJ !

  • prettybb

    She looks stunning!

  • Katie

    I think Austin is using Sophia for her contacts. He seems like a leech.

  • Jill

    OMG I can’t believe you so-called Sophia fans actually sent Jared all those pics. She wants to keep her life private but I guess you can’t respect that.

  • Dana

    I think Sophia needs a real man in her life. Not another pretty boy actor. Sophia is so dynamic and lovely. Get away from Wilmy and OTH.

  • Margaux

    I LOVE THEM !!
    Sophia is the most amazing person in the world

  • hil

    LOL Jill, I doubt someone sent it those photos, those photos are EVERYWHERE, anyone could find em.

    Sophia and Austin look great together, it’s so nice to see her happy, compared to the always depressed looking Chad MM. LOL, karma bitch!

  • Anne

    Sophia looks lovely. Dump Austin’s mooching ass.

  • no

    @hil: Please tell me ONE other website (NOT associated w/ One Tree Hill) that illustrated these pics.. bet you cant find it because this is THE ONLY site that posts lame sofia bush . .

  • Pat

    Go post for your Chad, afraid to keep his trash going. If Sophia is so unworthy in your mind why the heck are you here.

  • no

    @Pat: I dislike all those talentless CW nobodys, chad is just as lame as this chick..

  • no

    @Margaux: IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD?!?! lol..god, some ppl are so retarded.

  • Mara

    Sophia looks like she has the most beautiful skin. Even in these crappy photos you can see how lovely it is.

  • kendall

    Who cares where Jared got those pics ? If he wants to post about Sophia , he can do what she wants . She’s actually a great role model , she’s doing charity , directed a OTH episode and she have a stable job instead of CMM who left OTH but who’s doing nothing and who sometimes go to STK only so people won’t forget he’s still in the business !

  • Caro

    Has anyone seen The Narrows? The movie is so good. The interviews are even better. That whole cast was awesome and the director is lovely his comments are awesome and amusing. He talks about Sophia’s skin, weird but he says how beautiful it is.

  • léa

    Are there realy together ???? It’s will be so great =D

  • Allie

    love sophia. thanks for posting JJ!

  • Jan

    Yes Sophia seems to be a busy person. She is always traveling and doing something on her time off. Not mooching off a guy. I think Austin is the loser. He needs Sophia.

  • Nadia

    JJ’s no fool. He posted this on Sophia, which is old news, to get a posting war going with OTH fans over the douche and Sophia. Now all he needs is a pregnant photo of Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and James and Shantel kissing. rotfl

  • hyh

    yes finally its out there- james & shantel = a couple

  • http://twitter robert krawczyk

    Who cares about such silly info? We really need to stop glorifying actors, athletes, & now politicians! I guess folks need to glorify something! To bad they don’t what to worship.

  • funderpants

    LOVE Sophia, my total girl-crush! Austin is quite fine, but isn’t he with Jake Gyllenhal? He even made the Brokeback reference in last week’s episode, I though maybe they were going public. If he IS straight, he and Sophia make a cute couple.

  • Katie


    i saw it but online line was really good it i didnt see the movie on dvd do you know how to upload the interviews onto the computer

  • hil

    I also saw The Narrows, it was a terrific movie! Sophia did an amazing job in it. She’s gonna have a long career ahead of her.

    OMG, shut up about the gay comments. Austin is straight. He’s sexy. He’s with Sophia. DEAL WITH IT.

    Just because he’s noticed more now doesn’t mean he’s with Sophia for fame, my gosh. If he were in it for fame, he’d be taking red carpet photos at every event he goes to her with and talking about their relationship constantly, but he doesn’t. He skips the red carpet and tries to keep his private life private, as does Sophia.

  • Meela

    Austin and Sophia are very cute together. I hope they last.

  • Caro

    My computer is messed up it can’t read any discs.

  • claire

    Details aren’t important to JJ. Over on x17 video you clearly see Sophia with the present and Austin walking into a restaurant and not a friend’s house.

  • lol

    @claire: You are spoiling good PR with details like that!

  • Ana

    James and Shantel aren’t together, she’s with Robert now !!

  • Ana

    OMG !! Shantel and James are not together, she’s with Robert Buckley now ! Austin and Sophia are sooo cute!

  • fauxmance x 2

    “LOVE Sophia, my total girl-crush! Austin is quite fine, but isn’t he with Jake Gyllenhal?”
    JJ is pushing both fauxmances:
    Jake and Reese Witherspoon, Austin and Sophia.
    One stone, two fauxmances! lol

  • jen

    I love Sophia but I think she can do so much better than Austin. He seems like a scumbag to me. Even though I loved her with James Lafferty because he’s so nice and such a private person, I would like to see her actually date someone outside of the One Tree Hill cast.

    On a brighter note, I love her outfit in the Halloween pictures.

  • Sheri

    I think Austin is a user and a scumbag.

  • agree

    ^agree. I love Sophia so much but she needs someone better than Austin…she seems to be the one wearing the pants in their relationship and tbh I hate that. She needs someone more successful who will push her into bigger&better things. Also, Im tired of her co-star dating thing, she needs to expand her circle of dating buddies.

  • Brothers

    Austin Nichols is showing Jake how to beard the right way.

  • Brothers

    Sophia seems to like gay men. She is also very close with Zach Quinto.

  • PoP

    Sophia sure does like gay men. She is also friends with Zach Quinto. She has known lovers Jake and Austin for years.

  • yep

    yep, i wouldnt be shocked if it turned out he was just her bff-gay buddy! i mean, girls love gays :)

  • lacey


  • Heather

    THIS! #44
    She needs someone more successful who will push her into bigger&better things.

  • Carrie

    You know, it’s REALLY sad that two men can’t be friends without people assuming that they must be gay.
    The only reason a few freaks starting saying Austin was gay is because he is good friends with Jake. And after “Brokeback Mountain,” people started spreading crap online about Jake being gay just because his character in the film was gay. Whether he really is gay or not, I have no clue.
    But just because Austin is friends with Jake doesn’t mean that he or anyone other male who is friends with Jake is gay as well.
    Why can’t two actors in Hollywood just be friends??
    Its the same thing with Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles. These two are really close friends and live together. But people keep on saying how they’re dating and blah, blah, blah.
    I remember the same thing happening to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Those two have been friends for years and up until they both got married to their girlfriends, people kept saying those two were gay as well and were in love with another.
    I also remember hearing a ridiculous rumor or two about George Clooney and Brad Pitt and how they had “feelings for one another” when they had become really close during the “Ocean’s” movies.
    All of this bullsh*t is getting absolutely ridiculous. Why can’t people just let them all be. If they’re gay, then they’re gay. But until they come out and say they are gay, people should just shut the f*ck up and stop making up rumors.
    I bet none of you would like it if people were calling you gay when you really aren’t either.

  • :)

    Agree with 44! Well said!

  • Skeptic

    Sorry, but really don’t think Austin is straight. And why can’t a man and a woman go to events without the assumption that they’re a couple? Have these two been making out in the streets? Doubt it. Very tired of bearding. It’s much more boring than people being themselves and living their lives.

  • Tina

    Too funny when Chad fans try to bash Sophia.
    Sophia is a strong, independent woman. She definitely needs a real man not a mama’s boy like Austin. He is cheap and a user. Even his brother in law is using Sophia for her connections. For a smart girl she can be very naive.