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Taylor Swift Hosting SNL -- VIDEO!

Taylor Swift Hosting SNL -- VIDEO!

Taylor Swift did a phenomenal job hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live yesterday.

In addition to her genius opening monologue, the 19-year-old country superstar poked fun at Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart, Kate Gosselin and Shakira.

Click inside to watch all of Taylor‘s SNL sketches…

Taylor Swift Monologue [3:59]

The View [5:40]

Fox News Election Open [4:48]

SNL Digital Short: Firelight [2:15]
Two worlds collide in this Twilight parody.

Driving PSA [2:43]

Really with Seth and Amy [2:15]

Update: Sarah McLachlan [1:55]

Hollywood Dish [4:25]

Penelope Wedding [4:22]

Nicholas Fehn [2:38]

Carter ‘N Sons BBQ [1:30]

Bunny Business [3:06]

Roomies [4:09]

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Photos: Dana Edelson/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC
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  • katie

    haha kate gosslin.
    love taylor : )

  • coco

    JJ + TSwift = BFF
    That is why he posts the whole SNL footage on his site!

  • blair

    phenomenal…not quite. she was better than i originally expected, and i am a fan of her music, but at the end of the day she still is a 19 year old country singer and she was not half as funny as many have been over the past year. she did an okay job and some parts were funny, but overall it was a bit of an “ehh” performance.

  • Caro

    LOVE HER monologue. haha

  • Liz86000

    The monologue is SO great, lol!!

  • jdub

    i thought she did great! the shakira part was hilarious. i thought SNL shouldve made better skits tho

  • AutumnM

    Not a Taylor Swift fan, but I thought this was one of the best SNL episodes i’ve seen in a while! Taylor is pretty funny and her Shakira impression was great! Much better than I expected her to be. Good job Taylor!

  • Not really genius

    Dude, it wasn’t her “phenomenal opening monologue”, they have writers at SNL (and every other comedy show). She has a pretty and well known face and happens to have a sense of humor (although this might be rare around Hollywood people). What I wanna say is: Don’t forget the people who’s great minds really make that happen.

  • Sierra

    She did great. But the skits kinda sucked.

    The bunny one and the car thing were the only funny ones.

  • hmm

    The new moon/frankenstein skit was pretty funny. Her shakira was the best. might be the first time in a long time that I burst out laughing while watching SNL

  • jen

    I guess i’m the only one that didn’t think she was that great. She was okay but her skits weren’t that funny and her singing, as usual, was not that good.

  • Mel

    hahahahah the opneing monloge was great!! i lover her!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Why are you so up her a** Jared? *congratulates the SNL writers* Good for her for not f*cking up the delivery…? I’ll watch it when I can develop enough interest.

  • jessalyn

    All you genius’s, she wrote the opening monologue herself. So yes, she does deserve the credit.

  • male



  • Ryan

    Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis performed on X Factor tonight!

    Black Eyed Peas:
    Leona Lewis:

  • Jessica Flowers

    She is so amazingly fabulous. I love her to pieces. She is great actress!

  • Amy

    The best part about the show was the monologue. It was clever, funny, not mean-spirited but addressed all the men in Taylors life. And to top it off, it had a ridiculously catchy tune. But then I find out in the morning that Taylor Swift, NOT the writers of SNL wrote that monologue. Figures. SNL’s writing is disgusting, they’re getting worse and worse. Seth Meyers SUCKS!

  • http://http// TY

    You gotta be kidding-right?? her singing was just as bad as usual and all over the place. Whoever told her she could sing should be taken out back and made to listen to her bad vocals for 24 hours—Some of the skits were ok but I’d say the whole thing was just OK!!!!!

  • Sarah

    She was amazing. This was the best SNL episode this season so far. She nailed it. She was cute and funny. I really enjoyed her opening monologue. I don’t get how some people don’t like her. Is it because she’s not a bitch that does bad things all the time? Is it because you can’t call her a bad person to make you feel better? I don’t get it but whatever. She’s amazing and a great person.

  • dee

    i thought it was great!!

  • chelsey

    I hate Taylor Swift, but even I have to admit she did pretty good. The skit with her and her bff had me on the floor laughing! when she was dragging her on the ground LOL

  • Laina

    WHy is she still dissing Joe? WTF

  • mav

    that monologue f’ing rocked. SNL writers did NOT write it, she did! Go Taylor

  • emmy jay

    great job by taylor and i was impressed by her performance…

    really talented young artist

  • luvd80s2

    Luv the twilight skit, just shows anyone could of done a better bella!

  • TaylorNotSoSwift

    I found these pics of Taylor at World of Wonder and they made my eyebrows go WTF.. pretty messed up background..

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Best photo of her in a while. But genius monologue – give me a break!

  • lokomotor

    @Not really genius:

    According to news reports, She wrote the whole monologue herself.So she truly is THAT funny,witty and talented.

  • CJ

    #7, I have to agree. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she was better and funnier than Megan Fox.

  • Beach Lover

    Taylor is far too young, pretty and sweet to play Kate as the mean-spirited, petty, creepy person she is, but she did a good job in showing that Kate doesn’t know anything about anything other than herself. I didn’t watch the real View, so can someone tell me if one of the hosts really fawned over the Khate creature like in the skit? GAG!

  • Evangelina Sundborg

    Information you wrote on this website are fresh. I’m so blissful that someone decided to say something like this matter .