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Rihanna's Glamour Awards Acceptance Speech -- VIDEO

Rihanna's Glamour Awards Acceptance Speech -- VIDEO

Rihanna is presented with “The Back-On-Top Superstar” award at Glamour Magazine‘s Women of the Year Awards at NYC’s Carnegie Hall on Monday (November 9).

“This year, we saw a different face of Rihanna,” model Iman said as she presented the 21-year-old superstar with her award. “She’s an indelible image of worldly pain and now, more than ever, I am more than impressed with her honesty and courage… She has taken her own scars and used them to create a new story of strength and awareness.”

Watch Rihanna‘s acceptance speech below –

Rihanna’s Glamour Awards Acceptance Speech — VIDEO

Click inside to read Rihanna‘s acceptance speech…

Rihanna’s Glamour Awards Acceptance Speech

(wipes tear from eye) Sorry, I’m PMSing.

As usual, I decided to wear the tightest dress I could find. Shoutout to Amy!

I am shaking right now – I am so nervous – but overwhelmed and honored by this honor to be Glamour’s Woman of the Year.

I didn’t even know I had to speak, I didn’t know what kind of event it was, I didn’t know anything until a few hours ago. I had to say to [poet] Maya Angelou, I love you but you made this terribly more difficult for me. (pulls out piece of paper) So I made a little thank-you so I wouldn’t forget anybody.

First, thank you to Iman – it’s very incredible that you’re presenting me with an award. It was a real honor to be named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, especially because I think of myself as just becoming a woman. I just turned 21 this year.

Just to be mentioned in this group of women is overwhelming. I love being a part of a night where we’re celebrating women and such strong women. Thank you, Glamour, for giving me Woman of the Year. Thank you, [Glamour editor-in-chief] Cindi Leive. [] I also want to thank all the people who helped get me here. Melissa [Forde], my best friend, Krista, Mark, [Roc Nation executive] Jay Brown, Jay-Z, [producer] L.A. Reid, everyone on my label at Def Jam, my girls (stylist) Mariel [Haenn], (makeup artist) Mylah [Morales], (hairdresser) Ursula [Stephen]. They help me look cute! Everyone at Revlon, and my entire family who flew here from Barbados – shout-out to you mommy, hi!

I really look up to my gran-gran and my mom. They are my two women of the year. I love you very much, granny. I love you very much, mom.

They’ve shown me what strong women can accomplish and achieve. Without their unconditional love and guidance, I wouldn’t be here and I hope I can be an example to young girls and women today. Thanks so much.

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty
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  • Lalique


  • Rhonda

    she got a glamour award because her boyfriend beat her up?

  • Oh No She Didn’t

    You’ve made 5 posts about this woman in less than 24 hours. No other celebrity gets that kind of coverage here. Could you try and be a little less obvious about your bias and give us some celebs who can actually sing?

  • Shakera

    Congrats Riri. U deserve it. F Chris brown!

  • twitter

    Who else was at the event? I guess we are getting no other pics besides Rihanna.

  • chewie

    What did she do to deserve this award besides dress up for the past 9 months and go to fashion shows?

  • express

    Looking at further pics of the dress, I really don’t like it.

  • Lilith

    I have to say that I agree with giving her the award, simply because she was courageous during this whole time and it takes a lot to deal with this kind of pain. Once the physical scars heal, the emotional pain stays behind. Abuse is horrific, especially on one’s psyche.

    I also think it was very courageous to come out and talk about the abuse on televsion. Yes, I know it was when she was promoting her album, but the point is she did it and it was a difficult thing to do because most victims want to hide their abuse because they are embarrassed. And that is why it’s good she came out with her story, because stories of abuse should not be hidden, we should not be protecting abusers.

    Is she a role model? I wouldn’t go that far. But she has shown us that abuse can happen to any woman.

    And I have to say it is disgraceful for Chris Brown to issue a statement that she shouldn’t have talked about the abuse. He has nothing to say about it and by saying what he said all that he showed is that he didn’t want to look bad, which he did anyways especially after he issued that stupid statement.

  • mayeee

    Aww she’s so cute :D
    Oh, btw, she said Rebel One, not Revlon, hehe. It’s her management company.

  • Donna

    That dress is hideous. She has no class/talent. She better thank Chris for giving her a ground to stand on and so her pr team could have material for her to use to get the media’s attention. They sure
    can’t count on that music.

  • blue

    Her skin is getting lighter and lighter lol


    I loved her speech and loved the dress. Congrats Rihanna I wish you nothing but the best. Sometimes you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes with someone so you may have seen Rihanna look fly over the past nine months you don’t know if she was working or what going to fashion shows are about. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and make fun of someone’s life but unless your are living it why be the judge and jury..Leave it up to GOD.. I hope ya’ll have a great night.. :)

  • Destined

    I call BS! Rih the real truth about you and your promo whoring will be revealed. Time tells everything.

  • pisces girl

    I hope she lives up to this promise and is an example to young girls and women.

  • Emily

    I think she should not have thrown the first two punches during her fight with Brown. Since when was it ok for women to throw punches at any body. She has anger issuse and she need to women up and get help about.

  • jaxon

    She’s looked horrible over the past 6 months and she had plenty of time to speak on the issue prior to releasing a new CD. She is just using this to promote her album and Glamour is using her to sell magazines.

  • AC

    Cute girl but this really makes a mockery of the Woman of the Year Award. The WOTY should be active in causes not just someone who’s been a victim of something. She should be someone who’s empowered other victims to stop being victims.

  • ck_always

    Wow that dress is ugly!

  • what in the world

    @Donna: she has more talent than Chris Brown the Michael jackson wannabe. Chris has an annoying voice and his dancing is not as good as some back ground dancers i’ve seen. he is a wannabe. He will never be as talented as Michael Jackson. MJ had more talent in his wig than CB has in his whole body.

  • VaunTV

    Aww soo touching and cute…Keep It Up Riri

  • getty

    Knock it off with the constant Rihanna posts.
    There were other celebs are the event.
    Give us some photos of them.





  • marissa


  • astro

    @what in the world: I don’t even like Brown but I’ll admit he has talent. For someone to be of Rihanna’s stature and still be opening tours says a lot about her talent.

  • mdc87

    umm this is from a past interview w/ complex from

    “Did you see 300?
    Rihanna: [Deadly serious.] 300 is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The choreography, the fighting, the costumes, the production—phenomenal. I make everybody watch it.
    So you didn’t think it was too violent.
    Rihanna: Oh, not at all. That was the good part. I’m the oldest child with two brothers. We talk all the time now, but we used to fight—and when I say “fight,” I don’t mean arguments, I mean physically fight.
    Who won?
    Rihanna: I hit the older one in his face with a glass bottle.
    Bokkle dem! Whoa. Remind me not to piss you off.
    Rihanna: Yeah, my mom was pretty upset.”

  • Sophia

    Worst dress of the year.

  • Cristobal

    In other news….

  • black beauty

    congrats rihanna keepin doin you

  • Sandi

    Just hideous, her and the dress.

  • u are not perfect

    I am not usually a fan of her dress or hair, but she looks beautiful tonight. very classy. I still don’t think she deserves an award with Mayo A and Michelle Obama because she has not done anything this year. She has not performed or gave to charity. She has not spoken out until now about DV. But, I’m hoping this will change things for her and she will grow into the image she is now trying to portray. Good Luck.

  • Sandi

    @mdc87 @ 11/10/2009 at 12:00 am

    Wow, thanks I never read that interview. She is violent. I feel more sorry for her mom for having to put up with an abuser husband then little abuser who picked up their dad ways. She is disgusting. She needs to get help for her abusive behavior.

  • Melinda

    I hate that dress. The top look sheer. To bad she has to put someone down to lift herself up. Whats with her showing her body all the time.

  • alexanderina

    some of you people on here are sick. I bet you all are the ones that stayed with men who beat your a*rses to a pulp and think it is okay. I feel sorry for you all

    You go RiRi.

  • Chris

    @alexanderina: Well, I’m glad people realize how flimsy Glamour is treating this award by giving it to a woman who hasn’t done much on the issue of domestic violence yet. I hope RiRi does end up walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

  • Stella

    if ppl READ they will see she has done a lot. ESPECIALLY for the children. Look at the dam video then talk.

    Congrats Rihanna!

  • Ronda

    I like Rihanna more and more. She’s a class act imo. I’m proud of her!

  • xfiles

    Sure, she’s done some charity work. Most celebs do. I’m amazed at the amount of attention this has gotten. They give these out every year — usually to some celebrity currently making headlines. It’s not a huge deal though I understand why some are questioning why you don’t see more active stars being given these. Not sure, maybe they are capitalizing on her talking for the first time since the incident with Brown That would definitely get them a fair amount of press.

  • AutumnM

    Love Rihanna. Hate the dress.

  • LuckyL

    She’s all the things I don’t think of when I think of glamour.

  • idruski

    Omfg! Im so proud and happy for you rihanna! haters will be haters. keep your head up!

  • coco

    ohhh ça s’est une vrai blonde qui sais lire…

  • **JAMIE**

    I can’t believe people think Rihanna DOESN’T deserve it?

    She is 21, sold 15 million albums, left her home all alone in barbados, left her family behind. Got into a relationship with a guy she loved and trusted, and what does he do? He beats her up.

    She had the courage to get out of the relationship, be strong, speak out and move on with life.


    Unlike Victoria Beckham who got the award in 2007 and for what??? For being married to David Beckham and moving to America…boo hoo

  • lizzie

    Don’t make us Believe you’re fine again Rihanna lol

  • Celebwatcher

    When is Rihanna going to be seen trolling the streets of NY with a man? I mean she has to sell albums. Anyway…..

    —- is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions!!!

  • lawgirl


  • Gabriela

    Congratulations Rihanna
    the prize for best of the year.
    Why are strong and a fighter
    and managed to get out of this head on
    congratulations to you
    Love you <3

  • tasty

    @**JAMIE**: None of them deserved it. This is the lamest award only given to someone cause they’re famous.

  • enoughalready

    She had the nerve to use her family in this disgrace of a thank you? Rihanna will go down as one of the biggest fakes in history. I guess the label paid her family being here. It’s funny how she is never shown with her mum or granny like she is saying. I hope she flops and they deport this non-deserving, no talent, fake, and who has no shame what so ever and will use anyone for gain liar!! Oh! I thought that fake interview was bad but this here and she had the nerve to wear but pads and turn to the side so everyone could see them. Oh Rihanna! She did all this because Chris got another girl friend. Rihanna you are lower than low..

  • Pete

    She needs to stop dying her hair.
    She’s going bald.