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Jennifer Aniston & Demi Moore Sandwich In Ashton Kutcher

Jennifer Aniston & Demi Moore Sandwich In Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher gets sandwiched in his wife Demi Moore and pal Jennifer Aniston at an after-party held at Crest Lounge’s Opera Ballroom on Monday night (November 9) in New York City.

Earlier in the evening, the trio performed at the 9th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway at the American Airlines Theatre. This annual production calls for creative types to write, direct and perform six original short plays in just under a day. The event benefited Urban Arts Partnership, which provides arts programs for New York public schools.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore sandwiching in Ashton Kutcher

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ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 01
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 02
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 03
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 04
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 05
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 06
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 07
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 08
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 09
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 10
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 11
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 12
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 13
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 14
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 15
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 16
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 17
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 18
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 19
ashton kutcher demi moore jennifer aniston 20

Photos: Kevin Mazur/Jamie McCarthy/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • All

    Jen should get someoneyounger like Ashton.

  • ellie’

    Love Ashton & Demi together… beautiful looking couple ..
    Jennifer always looks great love her hair parted to the side..Jen your such a beauty.

  • Triple X

    Jennifer Aniston is so much better looking than Angelina Jolie.

  • Pooter

    Jen and Demi put younger women to shame. They are so much more beautiful than the cheater woman.

  • Just noticed

    Does anyone else think that Jennifer Anniston is starting to look like Barbra Streisand?

  • Pooter

    @Just noticed: Well, you look like Liz Taylor, so maybe you should do lunch!!

  • Greg

    Great cast of people. They are all looking good. It’s nice of them
    to do the fund raiser each year and Jen looks good.

  • quentin carmicheal

    jennifer aniston looks like kathy griffin here

  • shed

    when jen has 6kids(3 of them popped on her own) then we can start comparing AJ and JA. until then AJ has a family, few golden globes, an oscar and her humanitarian work. JA has her 40 year old body and norman. howl baby

  • Ella

    haha…This is ironic. I remember a few years ago, when Ashton would say that Jennifer was his celebrity crush.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    damn, she aint find a man yet? ahahahaha..

  • lola

    Wow, Demi look younger then Jen. Is Jen older than Demi ?
    I bet they must be sharing new tips on plastic surgery .

  • POopoo

    Pooter @ 11/10/2009 at 8:17 am Jen and Demi put younger women to shame.
    Oh well, if you have the time and millions, every middle age woman can look like these two with the help of plastic surgeon, of course.!!!

  • Pooter

    @POopoo: Don’t worry, your skeleton is waiting for you on her thread. Pancake bottom le#zzbo!!!!


    Poor lonely Jen. Why can’t she find FAKE love like Demi. Lonely, lonely, Jen. She’ll never get over Brad.

  • Glenn

    Love Jennifer, she does so much charity work, but doesn’t run around tooting her own horn. Toottoot, Amen!

  • Jennifer Aniston

    I’m fine, I’m happy – Honestly. Be side’s I’ve got a bid secrete. The reason I’m so happy is because Brad has told me he’s leaving Angelina soon.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Beauty and the beast and Ashton and his wife are not the beast….
    Everytime she is picture swith real beauties, her fugliness become even more obvious.
    Oh and she looks like 10 years older than Demi who is 7 years her elder.

  • chris

    Alone again, why can’t Jen find a man and keep him. Something has to be wrong with her besides her ugly face.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    When you look manlier than the man in the picture, you know why you keep on getting dumped

  • Ladyb

    For those of you who thought Demi Moore was photoshopped to look skinny..Wll, look at how thin she is. Demi Moore does not need photoshop..she’s had an awesome body for years. The only thing that looked photoshopped was her skin

  • CJ

    #16, what does this “so much charity work” entail? even if she does, she’s not doing a good job. she should let ppl know what ppl know, so more ppl know about it and maybe get involved. nothing to be shamed of. after all, charities are not about her, are they?

  • ^^

    You are not Jennifer Aniston. And the way you talk, you still make your idol look pathetic for not getting over Braddy Pitt. Still dreaming for Brad to leave his “all-n-one” woman, Angelina Jolie. haha

  • Glenn

    @CJ: ppl know, ppl don’t get praise, what is done in secret is more profound, ppl,ppl,ppl.

  • Not Impressed by JA
    That picture says it all : A good looking woman and a man with a wig…look at that masculine face and neck and those testosteronic thick masculine HANDS !!!!

  • chris

    Hate her hair. Always covering the face. Now she only see with one eye. Demi is not afraid to show her whole face.

  • Smagla

    Love Jennifer and Ashton! Looking cute, sexy and full of life!

  • Jennifer Aniston

    No. 23 I am too the real Jennifer Aniston. Brad told me he hate Angelina & she is black mailing him to stay with her. By the way are you stupid – you don’t get SARCASM.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Must suck to always be the third wheel when not even a paid gigolo is there to pretend and you have to throw yourself at your buddy’s man arms like a desperate frog holding on a wave for dear life.
    How come other cougars can but Maniston fail ?

  • bet

    love jen and everyone doing great job for charity. All the feaks please move on.

  • bet


    That what the tabloid tell you a woman getting desperate for a man who humiliate her and walk all over her like she never exist and the girl freeind getting desprate of man can not stand her, and a woman trying hard to proof to the world every time there is a news of triangle , desprately trying to proof he is mine. they all look desprate and joke. if you believe the story you are included in the joke.

    and aslo, i never heared of around me a woman getting rediucle and hated ,becuase she is not over her husband. as if she did some kind of evil. Even though that is what ding ding on lunatic brain.

    move on freaks.


    I love to rip up celebs because it makes me feel like a big person.

  • bet

    i love the leather jacket.

  • Loved

    They all look very lovely here. Down to earth people, love them. Love how they are all dressed too :)

  • bet


    you are right they all gorgoues. of course 40 is the new 30 . they all healthy looking , gorgoues people doing a great job.

  • Loved

    I love that 40 is the new 30. Does that mean 30 is the new 20 ;) Lots of time to live life and be happy. These guys all look very happy. Shines from the inside out :) Good work for charity and humankind.

  • Pinkrose

    Triple X @ 11/10/2009 at 8:10 am Jennifer Aniston is so much better looking than Angelina Jolie.

    You are such an idiot!!! Even with her fake colour lenses, fake blonde hair and redone nose, Jen cannot hold a candle to the Jolie. Please, look how great Demi looks with her dark eyes and dark hair. Jen looked even more homely as a brunette, than she does at present. While Angelina is a spectacular beauty – unparalleled. Jen is just not a beauty. She has a lovely body though. Works hard at it.

  • bet

    Here I am agan in my paid psoter spot, pretendg to be a big fan. I have other psots under other names where I petend to hate her. The truth is i get paid either way. Anyone who thinks i am a real Aniston fan ande respond to me is an idoit.

  • teri

    I like Demi and Ashton, good for her to land a good looking young man. Demi is happy and looks fabulous, who cares if she’s had plastic surgery, I don’t. Whatever it takes and makes you feel good about yourself, plus she has three kids. I doubt Man will ever find the happiness Demi has, low self esteem and such a nagger which guys hate. Demi don’t let Man attatch her pathetic self to you and Ashton, she’s such a negative person and you two don’t need that. By the way Demi you are a rockin babe, you look younger than Man, WOOT, WOOT.

  • Cristina Bridal

    Jennifer needs to do a 3 some to spice up her image. We know AJ has had female lovers. Its time for Jenn to raise her profile! No more goody goody stuff

  • jaye

    No knock against Aniston, but when she’s pictured alone she looks attractive, but next to another woman her face seems harsh and manish. Just an observation.
    Don’t know or care if she is over Brad. I don’t know if she’s looking forward to being 50 years old, but I can tell you little will have changed in her life. No, I’m not psychic, but a predictor of future behavior is someone’s past behavior, unless they do something to change. . This woman is not known for taking chances. The biggest chance she took was marrying Brad and she’s not likely to repeat getting married. I’m thinking she’s very much like her fans, she’s living in some fantasy world where y ou’re not allowed to make mistakes; she wants some guarantee in life. Rarely is what someone says as important as what they do. So think of all the things you’ve heard and SAY and compare it to what she’s done. Your life is yours to live, not be analyzed by a psychiatrist on a regular basis. .

  • mimilala

    Wow, both ladies look great, but Jennifer Aniston has a certain glow to her here. She looks better than ever. Although I like her simple and clean style, I wish she would be more daring with her fashion choices once in a while.

    Demi is really skinny but I think it’s affecting her face. She needs a tad bit more weight on her. Still looks great, though!

  • The Bruiser

    This benefit also starred Sam Rockwell, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles. Guess Jared left some things out,

    Jennifer Aniston took to the stage in New York City on Monday night to show off her singing skills in a star-studded theatre event.

    The former Friends actress signed up to appear in The 24-Hour Plays, a series of six short works which are written, rehearsed and performed in just one day. The gruelling task gives actors less than 12 hours to polish their performance before the curtain goes up.

    Aniston appeared in Ramen Noodle alongside Brooke Shields, and showed off her vocal ability with a rendition of Beatles classic Yellow Submarine.

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore also appeared in the evening of short plays, as well as Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Sam Rockwell and Julia Stiles. »

  • The Bruiser

    Why don’t the Jen Haters just succumb to the fact that Jennifer is HERE TO STAY!!! You can spew all the hate you want but Jennifer is busy, busy, busy working and enjoying her work and the limelight and the haters are in their little 1 room apartments spewing crap. The haters are such a pitiful lot! One more time, JENNIFER ANISTON IS HERE TO STAY SO GET USED TO IT!.

    Read more:

  • @39

    Don’t get excited. It’s wishful thinking. We live in an ageist society and if you’re 40, your 40, has Demi has found out. No matter how good you look or how young your husband may be, the movie makers are not interested. The corporate world is not much different.

  • @39

    Forgive my sombre post, it wasn’t meant to be. Regardless of your age, strive to love life & others.

  • Azzhat

    Her skin is fantastic. She will be fine, working and living every girl in Hollywood’s dream. Go Jen, you rock girl. You have everything you need.

  • To Huvane’s Office Girl

    The Bruiser @ 11/10/2009 at 1:16 pm Why don’t the Jen Haters just succumb to the fact that Jennifer is HERE TO STAY!!! You can spew all the hate you want but Jennifer is busy, busy, busy working and enjoying her work and the limelight ….


    Ahhhh looky here. Huvane’s office assistant (how often does Stevie Boy make you change names, anyway) is making sure to paint this as a “Jen event,” although she is the LEAST successful “actor” on that stage. She’s the only one who was in a movie that couldn’t even earn $1 mil in the US. LOL!!!

    So she’s “busy, busy busy????!!!!!!” HA HA!! Doing what, appearing as an UNPAID EXTRA for ONE night in ONE 10-minute play? Being a THIRD WHEEL in her role as “LONELY EMBLEM?” Being too STUPID to know that an EMBLEM is an object, and not a person? Having Huvane create fake stories linking her to men who despise her so much they HUMILATE her by issuing press releases to deny relationships with her? Having Huvane (and you) cold-call all over Hollywood trying to find a young actor desperate enough to agree to be seen in public with her? Yep, that DOES sound like a busy schedule for granny. Has osteoporosis set into her fragile old bones yet? HA!!!!!

  • Go Demi

    Demi looks like she could be the Hag’s daughter. Hagiston’s arms look like hamhocks compared to slim, trim, beautiful Demi. No wonder the Hag’s handler’s can no longer find a man willing to play her fake boyfriend. Its been a LOOOOOOG time since a man was willing to “fake-date” her.

  • The Bruiser

    Video of Jennifer taking bows at the 24 Hr Plays in October 2006.