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Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Check out the new hilarious gag reel starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler from The Ugly Truth DVD, in stores today.

In the flick, Gerry plays a host to a surprisingly popular segment called The Ugly Truth, and Katie‘s character (an uptight morning show producer) definitely is not ready to hear it.

Check it out the gag reel from MTV below!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!
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  • Buzzy

    That certainly made me want to gag. I didn’t think anything could be worse than the actual movie. And yet, something was.

  • @Buzzy

    How many times did you see the movie?

  • Sarah Smiley

    Who knew that Hagl could play up-tight. Wasn’t she up-tight in Knocked up as well…but her character was a stereotype, right? God forbid any person portray a successful, serious career woman, because women should stay home and work, hah.

  • **JAMIE**

    i thought this movie was so boring and overrated, and just jared made it sound so good, but then again just jared wastes time always promoting d list stars and d list movies etc.

  • Bright stripy thong on :)


  • Mia

    The Ugly Truth is one of my all-time favorite comedies. I can’t wait to see the extras on the DVD. Somebody else must like it too, since the worldwide box office is closing in on $200 million.

  • seriously!!

    worldwide box office is closing in on $200 million.
    Shows how f*cked-up this world really is!

  • Elli

    I liked the movie—-
    But loved Gerard Butler more :0)

  • #3

    @Sarah Smiley: Jealous?

  • marla


    You think so? Here’s news for you; NOTHING LAST FOREVER. EVERYTHING HAS IT’S END. WHY WILL WE BE JEALOUS OF SOMETHING THAT IS IMPERMANENT AS KATHERINE HIEGL’S CAREER. She looks older than the the age she claims to be.

  • marla

    by the way if she did not pose for a magazine

    she will never be notice. Because despite her claimed beauty she really don’t have star power

  • eva

    This was a stupid film with base, sophomoric humor. That’s why it was a hit. People buy garbage.

  • comments

    Releasing the DVD ignites another round of bashing? How predictable. Get over it. If it’s not your cupatei, don’t buy it. Why wasting your time on something you don’t care about to begin with. Geeze.

  • Ashley Diamonds

    She was still great in Knocked Up. I wonder why she didn’t like the movie. Maybe she wanted to be the star of it and thought Seth was ugly. The character is very similar to this character, except Gerry is better looking. I think that is the only reason. how superficial of her.

  • Sasha

    You fat b*tches can try to moderate my messages all you want, but hitting the flag this button doesn’t alter his off-the-chart score on the twât-o-meter, I’m afraid.

  • Lucas

    @Buzzy: i have to agree. I haven’t seen the movie and that reel was not inspiring. even as a gag reel. it was really rather lame. i’ve seen teen flicks with more bite in the gag reel than that.

  • alphaba

    It was a great comedy. I loved it. Rather then reading this junk, I’m off to spend my evening watching TUT on the DVD I bought today.

  • This board sucks balls

    You guys ruined it. no one good posts here anymore wtf

  • LAME

    No thanks. I’ll pass on these two uninteresting losers.
    And what is UP with that Gerald Butler. Is he a fairy???

    Heigl is not sexy these two have zerooo sex appeal together.

  • Gabby

    You guy spent money on this DVD?? hahahahahha
    Um, it wasnt even good and Butler looked like he lived on Lucky Charms and sticks of butter the entire year he taped.

  • @sasha

    why is it that you ladies always call his fans “fat”???
    how do youknow this???

  • The Ugly Truth sucked…

    I watched this movie for the first time today and…I didn’t like it. I turned it off half way through and then made myself finish it later. Gerard looked terrible, as in too much Botox or something, and if Ger is like Mike Chadway in real life then gag me with a machete. I actually appreciated Heigl’s character because at least she had class and some shred of decency. Needless to say, I will NOT be buying this on DVD.

  • I’m stupid

    I bought into the garbage and bought TUT and made the mistake of watching. Why is Gerard butler even considered a good actor? Was he at one point? I dont know but IMO he sucked. And I didnt “buy” that he fell in love with heigl. There was no “heat” like mr and mrs smith. you know?
    sucked!!! dont buy it…

  • Mr. Giggles

    New vid —— G in Oslo talking to Norway’s version of Barbara Walters……very emotionally probing…. with nice hair extensions !!!!!
    And he did behave himself —– for a change
    Jam rumors are false……G says he’s growing up (really?) ….Bianca was upset by all the hate she got from fans via the internet…..G’s baby mummy may soon come forward —- NOT…

  • A Gigglesworth?

    @Mr. Giggles: Oh Giggly…you are so cute…and always laying it on ever so thick…kiss kiss…

  • Boo yah

    @I’m stupid: And I didnt “buy” that he fell in love with heigl.

    Read more:

    Agreed. There was no discernible chemistry between Butler and Heigl and the whole movie was just vulgar. I loved The Wedding Crashers, Tropic Thunder, The Stepbrothers and Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby BTW…I do like Gerard Butler just NOT in this particular movie.

    Happy Marine Corps Birthday and hug a veteran!

  • lizzie
  • Mr. Giggles
  • hhmmm

    Who’s the wink for G ??!!!!!!!
    Fry guy lol

  • Latnoziroh Adabmal

    I was diappointed with TUT. I went into the cinema expecting it to be dirty and raunchy.
    It could have been dirtier and raunchier – It really didn’t need an R18+ rating.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont understand how that was suppose 2 be funny
    it just shows how stupid the movie is imo

  • ????

    What’s wrong with his mouth? Why does he sound spasticated? It’s like watching a bad comedy version of My Left Foot.

  • Stef

    Actually thought this looked interesting, for a date flick. Now I’m afraid to see it. Thanks for the warning!

  • bla85

    TUT is cute – it is a fun date flick. And the restaurant scene is really funny. I think a pair of those undies would be great for my next boring business meeting.

    Mr Giggles you always find the best vids! BTW I’m a civilian! :)

  • liv

    TUT was crap movie and a terrible waste of time. . I’d rather have watched all the Pokemon movies back to back, it was that bad.. I like Gerry, he’s hot, but his movies have zero personality. If In was an actor, I’d rather release one REALLY GREAT movie in a year, than churn out ten UNBELIEVABLY SH|T ones one after the other, and annoy the heck out of the public in the process. I had high hopes for Law Abiding but even that failed to deliver. Game is so bad, it’s not even worth an online download when it’s on dvd. Save your cash. Gerry is a ‘meh’ actor with ‘meh’ movies.



  • ally

    Funny how people see the same film and come away with completely different takes on it. Guess it’s back to “if we all liked the same thing yada yada yada.” I am with those who like it. I thought it was very funny and I’m not big on romcoms. Both Heigl and Butler were great in their roles. Good on-screen chemistry.

    (And why do I get the feeling that some who say they don’t like it are just trying to bash either Heigl or Butler in a roundabout way?)

  • cubedweller

    When I saw this in the theatre, I thought it might be entertaining or possibly awful. I took a chance, and liked it very much. It is raunchy and crude, but it made me laugh out loud. I even laughed at the other people laughing in the audience. That’s half the fun of seeing a comedy – listening to the other folks reacting. I thought Butler did a great job as a foul-mouthed doofus with a heart – not such a stretch for him, maybe? LOL

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Giggles you are the best. I don’t want him to clean up his act too much because I love the naughty boy in him.
    As for the film critics posting here, whatever. Sorry to pick on you LIV, but I would rather have a root canal or listen to you whine for two hours rather than watching 10 seconds of Pokeman.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @cubedweller, ITAWY. Both my hubby and our friends all laughed all the way through it. Not the best comedy I have ever seen in my life, but we enjoyed it and had great fun talking about it afterwards at dinner.

  • curious cat

    What’s wrong here? I can’t get any sound. I have no idea what that gaffe was all about. My computer is getting sound on everything else. Hey, JJ? What gives? No sense watching video I can’t hear.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @curious cat
    Hey gal. Glad to see you are still around.
    So we have part of the gag reel, huh? I have to laugh because even when Gerry is in hiding, Jared can ALWAYS find a way to keep those of interested in Gerry around.

  • Satsuma Bin Liner

    Manless, get off welfare and get a f/ucking job. I am sick of bums like you leeching off the state just so you can surf websites. I know you are fat, ugly and unemployable but surely there some sh/itty job out there even a Mexican wouldn’t do.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    wow I see I have a fan. And a bigot at that. What’s wrong sweetie afraid I stole your welfare check? Get a life moron.

  • a fan

    Stef: I certainly would not let some bitter person posting on JJ keep me from seeing a movie. See it and decide for yourself whether its good or bad. I’ve seen it several times and loved it.

  • fans like anything



  • anon

    It’s really big for someone to tell you to see a film and decide AFTER you’ve spent money on it. How about #46 buys tickets for the undecided filmgoers if she’s so supportive of the film’s entertainment value.

    I didn’t laugh once. It was juvenile humor that was so forced and trying so hard to be funny it was pathetic and, like some here said, an insult to your intelligence if the filmmakers think that’s what you’re willing to accept as comedy, let alone the hilarious entertainment it was billed as.

  • 30monkeys

    It’s not the best comedy and it’s certainly not the worst. It has its own entertaining value, maybe more to some people and less to others. Different people have different taste. It’s not out of the line to say that you should go see it for yourself and decide for yourself bc that’s really the only way to find out the truth.

    On the other hand, if you choose to be led around blindfold, that’s your choice.

  • discernment

    I think most people can look at a trailer or clips of a movie or reviews and know its general appeal to them. I personally have never changed my mind after seeing a movie that did or didn’t appeal to me at first “glance” so to speak. jmo

  • not as bad as game

    Game’s gag reel is the entire bloody movie.